The status of this world

The Prophet now speaks of the status of the nations of this world. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post LI:
The United States of America, mightiest nation on the planet, ruler of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and staunch ally to Israel, how shalt thou be judged by Me, the Lord of Hosts? Will thou prosper? Will thou continue to thrive? Because you support Joe Biden on the one side, and Donald Trump on the other side, you have so few left among you who truly follow Me. You are, hence, oscillating between two different devils, both of whom are leading you to your ruin. How then can you prosper? How then can you thrive? Rather, you shall now collapse. Your doom is now pronounced to you. Fire is your fate. And your destruction is at hand. I AM the Lord.

Israel, you who have only one ally, now you must depend on Me alone. For against you shall come all the world, and all the wicked will approach you and surround you, calling for your destruction. Have you converted? Have you found your Lord? Or do you still await the Coming of your Messiah? Though you still await the Coming of your Messiah, those among you who have found Him in Jesus will be saved. But those among you who still await His first coming, who have not found him in Jesus, these will be slain as I lay siege to your city once again, and destroy the land upon which you live. I Am the Lord. And the rest of the people in Israel, those who do not belong to any religion, these will be driven like cattle across a dry field, where there is no rain. And they will die there, starving and malnourished. For rain will not fall on Israel again until the people say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Amen.

And Russia, what is your fate, you wonder? You from the far north, have you found what you seek? You have gathered up much land. An empire you have created. A nation that is unrivaled in area of land you have become. And your people have long suffered. And a ruler over them has long oppressed them. Time and time again he has offered them the choice of who to elect as their leader. And time after time, he has shown them that it is he, not they, who decides who wins in the elections that they vote in. They may vote. But all their voting does is to give Vladimir Putin the knowledge of who is loyal to him and who is not. But their voting never changes who rules what. For Vladimir Putin decides how all the votes go. The elections he holds are but a sham, a scam, and a con job. Vladimir Putin has been fooling the Russian people that they have a democracy for the past two decades, when in reality they have been living under a dictatorship, and are only going through the motions of a people who vote in their leaders. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what do you plan to do about this? Will you topple the Russian leader, O’ Lord? Will you give new leadership to the Russian people? Will you restore democracy to that nation, O’ Lord?

I have a different fate for the people of Russia, lord Azurite. I will not topple the Russian leader. I will leave him in place. But I will gradually reduce the people of Russia to poverty. For the people of Russia do not follow Me faithfully. Hence, they will be reduced to poverty. And they will be made dirt poor. And I will starve the people of Russia and hollow out their nation. And they will find themselves impoverished and famished. And their babies will die of want. And their old men will freeze in the cold. For they did not follow Me nor keep My commandments when they were given them. Hence, they will now be abandoned and left to slowly die, as their crops wither and all that they value gradually diminishes and turns to dust. I AM the Lord. Amen.

The people of Germany, how shall they fare, do you wonder? Most prosperous nation of Europe, how shalt thou fare under My just scrutiny, do you think? Do I bless you, do you think? Do I promise you good things? Rather, a rain of blood and fire shall now pour down upon your cities and your fields. For you did not follow Me. And you abandoned My Churches and forsook My Law. Now you shall swim in a sea of blood. Your people shall now suffer great tribulation. As it was for the Jews during World War II in your nation, so shall it now be for you, the people of Germany, from this point onward unto the end of the world. I Who AM have spoken.

To the people of Sweden, most populous country of the Nordic nations. Land of freedom and enlightenment. Will you rise and prosper? Will you prove to the world that sexual freedom is the Way, the Truth, and the Light? Rather, I Am sending perverse men to overrun your nation and your lands. Your young men will be sodomized and your young women will be raped. And blood shall cover all your lands, with ash falling from the sky. You thought you could disobey My Law on sex. Now you shall be ravaged by sexual monsters. And you will be filled with perverse filth and abominable peoples. You were permissive when it came to sex. Now there shall be no protections among you from sexual crimes and sexual predation. Whoever wants to rape a woman among you shall rape her. And there will be none to stop him. I Am the Lord.

Ireland, Emerald of the Sea, great Catholic Bastion of the West. How far have you fallen! What happened to your Catholicism? Where is it? Where has it disappeared to? Since Ireland has forgotten her Catholicism, I will forget her. The land of the green will become the land of the brown. What was once verdant and lush will become dry, barren, and parched. Deserts will replace the once green pastures of Ireland. And throughout the land, instead of the Catholic crucifix, you will see the Muslim crescent. And those who followed no religion will be made Muslim by the point of the sword. I Am the Lord.

Spain, once leader of the world in Catholic conquest, now you have become poor and dilapidated. Once a very strongly Catholic nation, you have abandoned Me. And so, I will now abandon you. Prepare to be invaded from the south. And prepare to be made Islamic. And from this conversion to Islam, do not expect to be reconverted back to Christianity. For I Am abandoning you and your land. And I am feeding you to the dogs. Your children will grow up in the gutter. And your wives will have many lovers. And you, yourselves, will be penniless and broke all the days of your life. I Am the Lord.

And Italy, the land in whose bosom rests the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Within your nation is rising Matteo Salvini, the new Italian version of Adolf Hitler. And you are voting for him and supporting him, even those of you who call yourselves Catholic. You are turning to him and away from Me. He and his League, therefore, will take Europe by storm and bring about similar ruin to her as the Nazis under Hitler brought to Europe of generations past. Do you not see your peril? Is not this man the most vocal supporter of America’s Donald J. Trump in all of Italy? Eric would call this one, too, a Firefly Pawn.

Lord, what is to become of all this mess that is happening with Europe? European Christendom has died, lord Azurite. And I Am letting the monster eat the carcasses that they have become. Europe in one generation will become a fascist totalitarian state. I Am the Lord. And the most prevailing religion that will then be found in this new Europe will be Islam, and aside from that, Satanism. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, do You say that the next pope shall be from the Americas? Yes, lord Azurite. And the Vatican will be heavily persecuted, similar how it fared under Nazi controlled Europe. The next pope shall come from the Americas. And he shall speak both Spanish and English. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I must go home, to avoid curfew. Should I go and continue writing this when I get home? Go, lord Azurite. I will conclude this post through you when you arrive home. Amen.

Lord, I have awakened. Eric, Christianity is like a wave. It starts up somewhere and it grows, it surges, and then it wanes and collapses. Like bacteria in a petri dish, once the Christians of a certain land have been extracted from it, that land then falls away into decadence, and Christianity within her dies. I Am the Lord. I told My Disciples that they were to move from town to town. When one town did not welcome them, they were to move to another. And I told them that they would not run out of towns before I came again.

But in Europe and throughout the holy lands, there are no more towns to convert. All of them have spoken. All of them have made their decision. And all of them are now fading and falling into decadence and dementia. For they have forgotten Me. And I have forgotten them. I Am the Lord.

Where, then, are Your people found, O’ Lord? Where does your Catholic Church thrive? Where is it not dying, O’ Lord? It is dying everywhere, lord Azurite. Nowhere on earth is the Catholic Church not dying. I Am the Lord. Lord is this caused by a pope who works against Thee, a pope who uses his power to lead the Catholic world to its ruin?

Yes! Pope Francis is a forked tongued red devil. And he has been leading My world to its ruin. And he has been giving up My Catholic faithful to destruction all over the world. He has been instrumental in the destruction of the underground Catholic Church in China. China was once a place where Catholicism thrived in secret. Now it is a hollowed out dead beast. Its Catholics have been destroyed. And its spirit has completely died. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what then will become of China, O’ Lord? Will any hope come to that people? Or are they entirely lost forever?

The Chinese will find that they have become as animals used for experimentation. And they will find themselves contaminated with radioactive nuclear fallout. Their race will become, once numbering over a billion souls, to become overrun and dying of various contagions and disease. With a severe shortage of females, she will find herself simply refusing to reproduce. And then the collapse will come. The Chinese language will be replaced. The Chinese culture will be forgotten. All who knew how to write Chinese characters in China will have forgotten that art. And what was once China will be no more. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For nation will conquer nation. And kingdom will defeat kingdom. And whoever abandons Me, I will abandon him. The loss of souls will become so great darkness will pervade everywhere. And no one will know Me or know where I Am found. Catholic churches will be ransacked. And convents and monasteries will be pillaged and destroyed. For the people of this generation have forsaken Me. They have left Me and have not returned. Great ruin will befall the entire world. And all the world will come under the power of the serpent. And he will cause them all to drink his Kool-Aid. And they will all drink, and all of them will then begin to fall into spiritual death. And all of them will find that they have nothing, for they have given up Me, and I will have given up them. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, is there no hope for Your people? Will there not be those who keep to Your Way? Are there not those seven thousand you keep in reserve who have not bowed their knee to Baal? Lord Azurite, then where are they? Under what rock are they hiding? Do you yourself know of one person other than yourself who is Mine? Is not Hyacinth, Yours, O’ Lord? Eric, you know of no one. No one there is among the people you live with who follow Me. And thus, even where you live, I Am turning that land into to a barren wasteland and that people to a destroyed and impoverished nation. For no one in the land follows Me anymore. And thus, I will now proceed to destroy this world by fire. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, have I followed You, or have I not followed You? Yes, you have remained Mine. And thus, you shall be kept safe in this hour of trial that I Am going to rain down and afflict the whole world with. You will be spared. And you will be preserved. I Am the Lord. But no one will be preserved with you. No one will be saved with you. And no one will remain with you as I scourge the whole world and wipe its bloody carcass from the land. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I to have no companion, and no one who walks with me in this journey through this world? There is no one for you here. And if you think there is you are mistaken. Then I have been deceived by the great deceiver. I have been misled by the tempter to sin. O’ Lord, I repent my impurities and my filth. Forgive me, and let me no longer walk with that one who leads all nations astray.

You are not filthy, Eric. And you have not been led astray. That which you are referring to, keep it secret. Do not disclose it here, but only to Me. I Am the Lord. Amen. What has been revealed unto thee shall come to pass for you. And you shall have an abundance where I place you. But those around you, who are not of your party, shall starve. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But you are not permitted to speak or make mention of the things I have revealed to you that are to happen with you. I Am the Lord. But as for this world, it shall slowly decay and be rendered unto ruin. For whoever follows Me not shall be destroyed. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what about the Great Revival prophesied by Our Lady of Good Hope? Will that come to pass, O’ Lord, in my generation? No hope remains left for America, lord Azurite. But in secret sanctuaries I will keep those, like you, who I find and wish to preserve. A remnant shall I save. And that remnant I shall preserve. But as to the masses of people in the land, they will now know want and desolation. And they will not know Me, for I have forsaken them. And I have abandoned them. And neither they nor their children will ever come to possess Me again. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, it is written that the gates of the netherworld shall never prevail against Thy Church, which You founded upon Saint Peter, the one You called the Rock! And so, lord Azurite, where is My Church? What has become of it? What has prevailed against her? Lord, if you command Pope Francis to step down, a new pope shall be chosen, the one You spoke of who is to arise from America. Surely he will lead Your Church better than Pope Francis has? He shall come. Pope Francis will be ordered by Me to surrender his post. And he will obey. For no one has the power to disobey My command of him. And so this pope from America will rise to power, the one I spoke of who knows Spanish and English. And he will reform My curia. He will topple the gay leaders who reign in My Vatican. And he will overturn all rebels within My Catholic Church. And he will breathe Spirit into My Church. And what is left of it shall slowly come back to life again. I Am the Lord. Amen.

The Catholic presence will seep back into China again. And China will once again have a soul. And in Jerusalem, there shall come to pass that a people who were lost will be found. Israel will find Me. She will awaken. And her dead tree will bud and bring forth both green leaves and ripe fruit. And I will have satisfaction with My people Israel. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And thus it will come to pass that of all the world, Israel will be the most Catholic nation on earth. I Am the Lord. And wherever in the world there exists someone who sees Me, the Catholic Church will revive in him, and Catholicism will flourish within him and wherever he goes. I AM the Lord. Amen.

This now concludes this post, lord Azurite. You are commanded to publish it. And realize, you are My Prophet and My Witness. And the one who prophesies with you shall be revealed. And whoever listens not to Eric, nor to the other I set up with him, he shall perish in the land. But the one who listens to these Prophets of Mine, these who are the Two Witnesses, he shall live. He shall not die. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Azurite. For it is complete. Amen.

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