Eric is given his commission

The sun now dawns on a new Era. In this new Era, the Truth shall be vindicated and the Law shall be upheld.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post L:
Lord, am I following the True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? O’ Holy Spirit and O’ Mary, Mother of God, please answer me, your servant. Am I following You, O’ Lord, or am I following the devil disguised as You and leading me astray? Please, O’ Lord, lead me. Let me not be led into error or sin. Lead me to follow Your Way. For I wish to conform my ways to Your Ways, and to align my decrees to perfectly agree with Your decrees, Your statutes, and Your commands. Amen.

These are My decrees, lord Eric. Keep to them, and you shall not fail.

(1) Whoever says to you that there is another Way than what My Catholic Church preaches, realize he is a devil, and do not follow or listen to him. Amen.

(2) Whoever tells you to do something contrary to what My Church teaches is right and good, realize he is a devil, and do not follow or listen to him. Amen.

(3) Whoever leads you away from the standard that I taught and preached and demonstrated by My life and example, and by the gospel that I preached, realize that he is a devil, and do not follow or listen to him. Amen.

Lord, I have followed the pathway of impurity. And it has led Me away from Your true standard. What shall I do?

Come back to Mass tomorrow, Eric. And realize your forgiveness for your transgressions. And I will lead you to follow Me correctly in all My Ways. For there is no way to follow Me except by walking the straight and narrow path that I have laid down. That My Way is hard does not make it permissible for someone to relax My standard for themselves, and to preach to others to do the same. For a man will either fully practice My Law, My Way, and abide by My standard, or I will not acknowledge that one as Mine. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For remember how King Henry VIII remade the Church to permit his transgressions, and then attempted to present his new Anglican Church as an acceptable alternative to the Catholic Church. But none of the people who worship in the Anglican Church do I acknowledge as My Own. For whoever rejects one bit of My Law and My standard is as one who has rejected My entire Law and My entire standard. And I reject that one.

Hence, were you to persist in your teaching that impurity is permissible in certain cases, and were you not to repent and return to the correct worship of My fold, you, too, despite all your gifts and graces and knowledge and understanding, would be rejected from My Kingdom. I Am the Lord.

Eric, I have accepted your repentance and your return to My fold. You are received back into My Kingdom and restored to My grace. But let Me correct your misunderstanding of certain things you may have been told by Satan in recent days.

There is no girl that We intend to give unto you to be your wife. Rather, We would prefer if you would agree to your vows that you have made to live out the celibate and virgin life that you have been called to live.

Nor do We intend to send any personal translator to you to translate your works to any other language. Whosoever wishes to translate your works may do so freely, for you have fully released the Word I speak through you here to the public domain. Hence, there are no restrictions on copying and translating and publishing these works that I write through you. All I ask of the translator or publisher is that you seek to serve God, and not Mammon, in your endeavors to spread the Word of God found on this site. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, You are the Lord God Almighty, the Everlasting and eternal King of kings and Lord of lords. I now know that I am being spoken to by the True God, and not by the deceiver.

Command me, therefore, what to do regarding Hyacinth, and I shall obey You, O’ Lord. Amen. And I promise from this day forward, I am celibate and virgin forever. I know that I am unfit for the priesthood. Hence, I will remain as a celibate, virgin layman, serving You, O’ Lord, in all that You command me to do. Amen. And so command me, O’ Lord. And if Thou wish to give me a commission, I will see to it that it is fulfilled and carried out to the end of my days. Amen.

These are My commands for you, lord Eric. Obey Me in these simple instructions, and you will receive more and greater instructions in days to come. I Am the Lord.

Believe in these Words that I Am about to tell you, for they are from God and they are holy.

You are a minor prophet in My Kingdom. I speak Words through you, and you write whatever I command you to say. You have no authority apart from the preaching and writing of My Word spoken through you. Your past is in the past. Nothing you did in the past before you entered full communion with My pope in Rome matters to Me anymore. What matters is what you do now and how you comply with My teachings and the standard that I will for you to live by.

I will give you the grace to achieve and maintain yourself in perfect purity. But it will not be for you to boast or to inflate yourself above your readers or the rest of My flock in My Church. Rather, the perfect purity I give you to live out your life in is for My Word to be more clearly expressed through you as My servant and prophet. I Am the Lord.

Hyacinth is someone you help. Continue to help that one, but realize that you will never meet her in this life. I Am the Lord. And realize that I Am taking her away from this world soon. For she is sick. And she is dying. And nothing will stop the death that I have decreed to come to her. But that you have shown her Christian love and charity, We will remember you when We take her away. You will not be abandoned, because you remained a true brother to this one who is My friend. Amen.

And realize that no good deed, however well concealed, will remain hidden. The good you have done for her, and through her to My other servants, I will broadcast from rooftops and have proclaimed from mountaintops. It will be made known to My people and to all who I wish to reveal it, what you have done for My servants who were in need of help and who had no one else to help them. I Am the Lord.

If you wish to follow Me and abide by My commands, then follow Me in this manner that I now outline to you. Do not accumulate large amounts of wealth. For you are given all that you need by My heavenly Father. You do not need to save up to keep yourself fed in the times of want. For My heavenly Father will provide for you in all that you need. Hence, dispense with any attempt on your part to grow your wealth or to become rich. Amen.

Lord I will do as You say. I will follow all Your Word.

Furthermore, lord Eric, I say this. Do not flirt any further with any woman. Do not entertain romance with any woman. And no longer seek to view a woman in the nude. That you have many nudes on this website, let them be. But add no more to their number. For from now on, I will directly guide you to the image that you shall place to head each and every post you write here from now on. Amen.

Lord I will comply with all You say. No more shall I seek romance. No more shall I stray from My vocation of celibacy and virginity. Amen.

Furthermore, lord Eric, many times you have been misled that you were to be cured, when you were not. And you were led to go here or there, seeking that condition or event by which you were promised to be cured, but the ones who promised you that were deceiving you. Now I shall tell you the Truth. Amen.

I Am about to cure you of all that you have asked of Me, not because you are good or holy, but because you believed in My Word and complied with My wishes. You will be cured. But as for the others, let them come to Me. And if they refuse to come to Me, do not concern yourself about them being cured or not.

For unless a man comes to Me and seeks his salvation from Me, none of your prayers, fastings, sacrifices, or penances can do a thing to change his status in My Book. No one belongs to Me unless they seek Me in this life. And if they refuse, nothing that you do can make up for that in My judgement against them. I Am the Lord.

As for your health, your diet, and your medical conditions, let Me, not you, concern Myself about these things. You do what you think is right and good. And I will take care of all the rest. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And so, you shall walk your dog, according to your regular schedule. Help your parents as you can. Do all the work that is expected of you around the house. Keep your room and your living space clean and tidy. Also, do not expect to move out of your parents’ house. For it better suits My purposes that you remain where you are.

Any raises you are to have, let them come when they come. But do the work you are given to do faithfully. And I will see to it that everything you need you shall be provided for. Look at Mark, he submitted hundreds of job applications. He got one job. And now he no longer has it. You submitted no job applications and yet I gave you the job you now have. And I have not taken it away from you. The lesson in this parable is that it is always I, the Lord, Who determine the fate and fortune of all Mankind. And hence, the one who does My will shall be provided for, whether he seeks it or not. But the one who does not do My will, though he may seek endlessly, he shall receive only sparingly, in accordance to the measure by which he measures out. For though he may catch a whopper, it shall pass, and he will return to have nothing. But the one who follows Me shall always have My consolation. I Am the Lord.

Now, Eric, tell Me this. Do you agree to all that I have commanded you here to do?

Yes, O’ Lord. Every Word You have said I shall comply with in completion.

Good. Then realize this, lord Eric. You will remain here for another three and a half years. And at the conclusion of those years, with all their trials, My angels will be sent to collect you to take you to My Kingdom of Heaven. For you are only to live here until your purpose has been fulfilled. And then you are to be taken to Me.

And no, you are nobody in the Holy Bible other than one of many fulfillments of the First Rider of the Apocalypse. But you are only one such fulfillment. For that prophecy has been fulfilled over and over again throughout the End Times, which began as soon as I founded My Church on Saint Peter and gave him the Keys to the Kingdom. Amen.

You are loved in My Kingdom because you have kept My Word and done My will. And I will keep you safe in the hour of trial that is to try the whole world. Amen. And no, there shall be no foreign invasion of the United States. Neither the Chinese nor the North Koreans nor the Russians have a viable plan for invasion, and they will not elect to invade America. Nor will Joe Biden institute the fictitious belief of the mark of the beast, where a brand or chip in the flesh is necessary for buying or selling, that upon receiving it, one becomes rejected by Me. For such is Protestant fiction. It may be believed by them, but it will not come to pass, for they have been misled by the devil on how to interpret the prophecies in the scriptures.

None of the things predicted by those who read the Biblical prophecies to anticipate the future are going to come to pass. There is a consensus that thinks that the sign of the fig tree coming back to life indicates that My Second Coming can be counted down from the day that that sign occurs. But all of that is nonsense and hopeless thinking. I Am coming again. And I Am coming soon. But let no one deceive you to tell you that he has any knowledge as to when I Am coming again.

That Israel converts prior to My Second Coming has already occurred. So also has the conversion of Russia occurred. For I do not require massive numbers to enter My Catholic Church, but only a small remnant, to meet the prophetic fulfillment of a conversion of a people back to Me.

You say you are Azurite. And you say you were once Emerald. And in between you say there reigned nine like yourself, though inferior to you in power and achievement. And you say that one comes after you, perhaps to start a whole new cycle. But I say this.

Earth is not a game, but a classroom. You have learned from Me. Others also tried and attempted to do as you did. But though you succeeded and found Me, many who tried to emulate you were lost. Emerald is a nobody. The deeds of Emerald were as nothing to Me. For no deed, not even the moving of a mountain by the faith I taught My people to use, has any importance to Me. You are Mine for one reason only. You came to Me for salvation and you abided by My will for you to receive it. Many come to Me, but do not abide by My will for them, and hence go away from Me unsaved and without merit or gain. For not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will be saved, but only he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Earth and heaven will pass away, but My Words shall never pass away. I Am the Lord.

I had you make this website so that I may speak to you, and so that the whole world could watch this conversation and witness it. You will continue to write. And I will continue to speak My Word through you here. And if Satan comes and speaks here, he will be denounced and his works laid bare. Should he fool you, and you realize it, you shall confess to the whole affair here before all the world. For I Am making your life publicly seen by all. And all are to know everything about you. You are not to remain a secret anymore. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for the rulers you call forth to rule, realize the fleeting nature of your remaining presence here in this world. You do not have time to see the end of Joe Biden’s first term. So do not expect to set or determine who reigns where. As for Navalny in Russia, he is not going anywhere. But neither is he linked to you. If I wish for him to rise up, he will rise. And when I decide to take away Putin, he will be taken away.

Also, do not mess with My pope or who I decide to seat in Saint Peter’s throne. It is I, and I alone, Who decides who shall be My pope. You say Pope Francis is actually Antipope Francis, and that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is still the reigning pope. But what do I say about this argument of yours?

Pope Francis is the valid pope, lord Azurite. When Pope Benedict XVI resigned, he truly stepped down, and he is not coming back to power. He will not be coming back to set anything to right.

And then why did Pope Francis refuse to answer the dubia, but Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did answer them, you ask? Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was giving his opinion. He was not making a papal statement, for he no longer has papal authority to do so. Pope Francis refused to answer the dubia, but he does not have to answer it. For the pope is unchallengeable. No one has the authority to dethrone him or to ask him to step down. He will step down when I command him to. And then he will be the second pope to become an emeritus pope.

But woe to that Catholic who refuses to submit to My Vicar. You have not refused to submit. But you were wrong in your belief about the status of My pope in Rome. Pope Francis is the reigning pope. And he will continue to reign until I command him to step down. I Am the Lord.

Lord, was I also wrong to believe that Pope John Paul II was unfaithful in his service as pope in the Catholic Church, and that he did great evil during his papacy?

You were not wrong to believe that, for none of the recent popes have been serving Me faithfully as I expect them to. The last great pope who did My will perfectly was Pope Leo XIII, who was the 256th valid pope to sit on the Seat of Peter. He served Me faithfully, and much good came from his papacy.

Now, do I plan to sit Cardinal Burke as pope over My Catholic Church, you ask? Do you think he has a chance to be elected by the current composition of cardinals who can be expected to be seated in the next conclave? There is no chance for him to be chosen, Eric. And he will, hence, not be chosen as the next pope.

But a new pope is coming. For the prophecies of Saint Malachy of the popes is not of divine origin, nor were they written by Saint Malachy. I will have another pope seated in the papacy coming from the Americas. And he will be worthy of the task he will be appointed to serve. He will take his seat. And he will reform the curia and depose the pro-gay lobby and all who rebel against authority in the Catholic world.

Now, will Patriarch Kirill come to his senses and enter communion with the pope in Rome, for both his sake and the sake of his Russian flock? Patriarch Kirill will come to an agreement with the Catholic Church to allow interdialog and the free flow of people between the two churches, but he will refuse to accept the primacy of the Seat of Peter. Hence, the only way a Russian Orthodox Christian is going to enter into My flock and be saved will be if he leaves his Church and converts to Catholicism. There shall be no other way for him. Hence, there is to be no future mass conversion of the Russian Church to Catholicism. There will be Russian Orthodox Christians who convert. But the Orthodox Church will remain outside of communion with Rome. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, what of the prophecies of the Great Monarch and of the Holy pope, who were to come around the end of the world? This prophecy was fulfilled by Charlemagne and the pope who crowned him, Pope Leo III. No further fulfillment shall come by which this prophecy is fulfilled. I Am the Lord.

Now, are the states that exist today the fulfillment of the prophecy of the statue in Daniel where the feet were made of a mix of iron and clay? (Daniel 2:33 & 2:41-42). And then, going backwards, the legs of iron were therefore the Roman Empire. The waist and thighs of bronze were the Greek Empire. The arms and chest of silver were the Medes and Persians. And the head of gold was the ancient Babylonian Empire. Does all of this follow correctly? Is this the correct way of interpreting the ancient End Times prophecy of Daniel?

Rather, interpret that the statue of Daniel has already been demolished by the Rock that is the Christ. (Daniel 2:34-35 & 2:44-45). Consider that the Kingdom of the Christ has come. But only those who enter Catholicism will realize it and partake in it via the sacraments. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, I have told you that you only have three and a half years left to live, Eric. You also know that you have been receiving My Spirit being poured out upon your soul since Saturday, July 22, 2017, which is a little over three and a half years ago. What does this make you, you wonder? Are you My Witness, or one those known as the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11:3-13, do you wonder?

For if I say you are, who do I say is the other one, the one who is to prophesy with you, lord Eric? O’ Lord, You have said that I am but a minor prophet.

Nevertheless, I hereby announce and declare you to be one of them. I have chosen you, and through you shall I make My Word known to all Mankind. Be aware of this. And let the whole world now come to realize and understand. Through Eric I AM speaking. And through Eric I will not stop speaking until My Word has been fully spoken. And then he will come to Me. But as for this world, I will judge the whole world. But let no one count down any days to any date. For no length of days or reliable countdown shall be given to this world. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Also, there is another whom I have called to prophesy. He also shall be speaking. And I will reveal him in his time. But where in this world he will appear, in what city, in what land, I will reveal these things when I begin speaking through him.

For let all the world now come to realize their fate. This age is ending. And when this age finally comes to its end, I AM shall rule all things. And all shall know that I AM. Popes are yet to come and go upon the Seat of Peter. Nations are yet to rise and fall. And Kingdoms are yet to turn against Kingdoms. Wars shall be fought. And millions shall die by various things that ravage the whole world.

For weeks of years are yet to play out upon the earth before the final hour draws to its end. Many will seek knowledge here and there. Many will find Me. And many will be refined like gold in the fire.

Some will come to repentance. And some will come to see Me before I return. But until the end there shall be war, the desolation that is decreed.

And the last sign to occur in the sky before the end of the ages shall be the sign of the cross, and of Me coming in the clouds with great glory and power.

Men will then weep and mourn. For the time for repentance will then have passed. And the time of judgement will then have come. And woe to that man who delayed his repentance and was found not ready at My return.

Eric, My Coming is soon. And you shall prophesy from here until the time of prophecy comes to its end. And when My Word is completed in you, and in the other I assign to speak with you, no more shall My Spirit speak anywhere upon the land or in this world until I come again and Am seen coming in the clouds with great glory and splendor before all the world. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Eric, this post now comes to its conclusion. Congratulations, Eric. For you have been chosen to prophesy for 1260 days. And then shall come judgement and the end like a flood. Whoever has ears, let him hear what the Spirit is speaking to the Churches. Amen. Now go home, Eric. For you are now anointed as Prophet and Witness of the Last Times. Whoever seeks to harm you, he shall be slain by fire that comes from your mouth. And should any seek to stop this Word being promulgated, let him humble himself now. For I will not hesitate to destroy and incinerate the one who defies My Word as spoken through Eric who is now decreed to be Prophet and Witness of the Last Times. Amen.

Let this serve as a warning to all nations. Whosoever seeks to harm a hair on Eric’s head shall himself be cast headlong into a boiling vat of burning fire, from which there will be no relief day or night forever and ever. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its conclusion. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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