A new Party is to be formed under God, to replace the Republican Party that has fallen to fascism.

I propose the formation of a new Party under God, for all who cherish the True Republican values to join it.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLIX:
Behold, Eric is speaking. Let all listen and learn. The Republican Party that once existed is gone. It no longer exists. Consumed has it become by the lies of Trump. For the monster that is Trump has taken it over, and is its doom. I, Eric Robert Dunstan, do propose and suggest that a new Party, one under God, be formed to take the place of the fallen Republican Party, whose members have embraced the monster Trump. And let this new Party be called the Party of the Truth, the Light, and the Way. And let it be open to all races, not just the Whites. And let it seek the votes of all conservatives, not just the White conservatives.

And let this Party be governed and guided by true conservative values. The obscenities introduced to America under Clinton, Obama, and Biden, let them be rejected by the members of this Party. For this Party will stand for the core Truths. Those values that bind all who follow and love the Truth will come to support and vote for the members of this Party.

Let good leaders of Congress, such as Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, now leave the dead and destroyed Republican Party and come, and partake in the formation of this new Conservative Party, founded on the shared conservative and traditional values that have made America strong. Let Trump keep his dying Republican Party to himself. And realize that they will never again win a Presidential election. But in the event of a three way split for a chamber of Congress, it will be permissible for the Party of the Truth, the Light, and the Way to form a coalition with the Trump owned Republican Party, just to keep that chamber of Congress out of the control of the Democrats. But the Party of the Truth, the Light, and the Way will gain seats in the Congress in 2022, and they will win the White House in 2024. For God will be with this new Party. He will make its candidates win.

Lord, let this new Party be formed. And let the true Republicans, all those who love the core conservative values traditionally valued by conservatives, abandon the Republican Party to Trump, and come together to form this new Party to take back Washington from the wicked. Let those who wish to win votes by standing for good things and high moral values come to this Party. Let those who love the Truth come to this Party. And what is the Truth?

(1) The Truth is that a human being comes into existence the moment the egg and sperm of his parents unite, creating the zinc spark that signals the creation of a new human being consisting of a body and an eternal soul. This newly conceived person has the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To deny him his basic rights is to deny every person their rights. Let no philosophy of murdering the unborn guide America to murder its unborn, and bring down blood of the infants on the heads of all America that consents to that evil. For thou shalt not kill. Let this most fundamental commandment to all moral law stand firm for all human life, no matter how small, no matter how fragile.

(2) And what about marriage? Tradition, precedent, religion, and the natural law say that marriage, the rock of society, must retain its eternal definition to be only applicable to one man joined to one woman. Let not America stray from this most noble principle of what a marriage consists of. Let no one try to change this definition to allow for same sexes to marry, or to allow for people to have more than one marriage partner, or for people to unite with animals, or to allow for incest, pedophilia, adultery, fornication, cohabitation, unwed sex, unwed pregnancies, or the like. In marriage, and only in a valid, lawful heterosexual marriage shall any person living in America be permitted to engage in sex.

(3) Education and learning skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) will serve to keep America ahead of the world and on the cutting edge in new developments in advancing this nation forward. The Holy Bible is good, but it must not dictate as factual beliefs things contrary to what scientific data proves to the contrary. Hence, earth sciences will be promoted. The earth will be studied. And the means of maintaining the healthy balance between keeping the earth healthy and biologically diverse in species and habitats, while at the same time permitting the safe usage of raw materials for the clean production of advanced technology and with it, the manufacture of goods for the economy that do not pollute the rivers, the lands, or the air in the process of making them, shall be achieved.

(4) If you were born male, stay male. If you were born female, stay female. Only biologically female athletes are to be permitted to compete in female sports. Transgender females do not belong in female sports, nor in female shower rooms, nor in female locker room, nor in female bathrooms. Because the simple fact is that a transgender female is simply not a female at all. And the claim that they are is a lie. The Party of the Truth, the Light, and the Way stands for what is True, and not the lies that proceed from Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Biden’s forked tongued mouths. Whoever has their child undergo a sex change to be made other than what their birth gender says they are forfeits the right to be a parent. All their children must be taken away from them and be given to heterosexual married couples who wish to adopt and are found to be suitable to rear children.

(5) Insurance is not a right, but an option. And it should remain optional, and going without health insurance must be made a viable choice. No one should be mandated to have health insurance. Nor may insurance providers acquire unfair cheaper access to drugs, doctors, and medical procedures than are available to those who have no insurance. Drug companies, doctors, and hospitals must be mandated to provide their goods and services at the exact same prices with the exact same fees and charges to all their clients, whether insured or uninsured, and no matter what coverage or lack of coverage they have. The only thing insurance policies should do is to pool the risk of those who wish to mitigate risks. Insurance companies should be in the business of serving those who wish to pool their risk in a group. They should not be part of a diabolical scheme of inflating the costs of medical care so that no one can afford medical care except those who buy into an insurance plan. For that is monopolistic and unAmerican. It must be outright banned.

(6) Politicians in this Party will seek to win elections by getting the most votes. They will not seek to win by preventing certain groups they deem less likely to vote for them from having fair access to voting facilities. They will honor the established electoral system, and fix it where it is broken. But they will not seek to make votes appear that do not exist. Nor will they seek to throw out valid votes of any group of the electorate. They will not use technicalities to disenfranchise any voters who have validly cast their vote. For the strategy for gaining victory for the candidates in this Party in winning the elections is to appeal to the greatest number of voters and to win the greatest number of votes. Candidates in this Party will win elections fair and square. And if they lose, they will concede with humility and move on with honor and dignity. Whoever loses an election and claims, without proof or credible evidence, that there was election fraud by which he lost, shall be kicked out of this Party under the founding rules of membership to it. And whoever organizes an insurrection to overthrow a valid election or the certification of its results will be permanently banned from membership to this Party. And whoever seeks to coerce elections officials to change the lawfully counted and confirmed vote counts to say that they won, contrary to the confirmed results, will be permanently banned from this Party.

(7) No one in this Party will engage in secret, unrecorded conversations with diplomats or agents or officials that belong to regimes hostile to the United States of America or her interests. To receive and accept political help from foreign powers hostile to the United States or her interests will be grounds for investigations of possible treason against the United States of America. Note that United States interests will not include the goals of the wicked to promote abortions, gay marriage rights, or the advancement of the LGBTQ. For the interests of the wicked will not be regarded as the interests of America by the members of this Party. For whosoever serves the devil will be recognized as someone who does not belong to this Party.

I, Eric, have spoken on the things will govern and unite the new Political Party that I propose to be formed. And I say, let those who hate the current leaders leading the Republican Party to its ruin now jump ship and come and form this new Party. Eric is merely spiritual guide to the Party. For the Party to take root and establish itself, Republicans must reject the current Republican Party they are now members of, and join those who, like themselves, seek to enter a better Party.

And I, the Lord, do now guarantee that all that you have said, lord Azurite, shall now come to pass. Therefore, let the dissatisfied leaders of the Republican Party rise now, and come together to form this new political Party. Let them come and share the common rules of this Party. And let this Party be open to all God fearing men and to all who seek the Truth, the Light, and the Way.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. And realize that the Party you have suggested shall come to be. For the righteous Republicans no longer have a choice. They must leave the Republican Party as it has become a cult centered around a man who has made himself their god. The only path now to sanity is to leave the Party that has become ruined, and to reform a new Party, one that will be guided by the higher morals and principles that made America great during the time that the people once had a valid moral compass and when they competently knew right from wrong. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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