The number of the stars of the universe is equal to the grains of sand on the beaches of the earth.

There are as many stars in the heavens as there are grains of sand on the beaches of the earth.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLVIII:
A correction has been made to the famous statement made by Carl Sagan. It turns out the he exaggerated. The total number of stars in the universe is rather approximately equal to the total number of grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth combined. Carl Sagan, hence, was overestimating in his statement that there were more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand upon the earth. For many times more grains of sand exist in the earth’s deserts and under the sea than exist in all the beaches combined on the earth. Hence Carl Sagan over exaggerated in his poetic statement. Nevertheless, for the number of stars in the universe to be roughly equal to the number of grains of sand in all the earth’s beaches combined, this is nevertheless truly a huge astronomical number beyond the comprehension of a normal human mind.

For when you go to a beach or a sandy dune and just take a scoop of sand into your hands and imagine counting just the grains in that scoop of sand in your hands. And you will see that just the grains of sand you can hold in your hands are already a huge and countless number. And then imagine counting all the grains of sand in all the beaches in the whole world. And then realize that this is the number of the stars of the universe, and imagine what it would take to visit each star that exists in the universe. Even if you had the speed of God, could you visit each star in the universe and gaze upon its solar system, even for just a few seconds for each star system, and manage to do all this for each star in the universe before time ran out from the Creation of the universe to the end of the time? No you could not. For there is simply not enough time given to the universe from the beginning to its end for a human being to visit and see each star and its solar system individually, with even just seconds spent at each star system, before all the time expired in the universe and the end of time come, even if you could travel the universe at instantaneous speed. For the universe is that big and that vast.

Lord, surely if God has made this universe so vast and large that it could never be fully explored by the human race, that it therefore was not made entirely for the human race to explore. Surely, O’ Lord, given the size and vastness of the universe, that there are other souled creatures who live on other planets and who have their own savior and their own path to immortality?

It is as you say, lord Azurite. I have made other Edens on other planets. And I have made other sentient and rational creatures to live there. And I have made other God bearers and begotten other incarnations of the Son of God in the creatures that inhabit these other worlds. Such are alien civilizations to humankind. But so sporadic and spread out are these in this universe that it should not be expected that humankind could ever come in contact with them in their mortal lives. I Am the Lord. Hence, the only intelligent life forms that Mankind should expect to come in contact with in this universe besides other human life is angel kind. For the angels truly dwell among thee. And they are truly intelligent forms of life. Furthermore, let it be known to Man that all the UFOs and unexplained visitations by alien kind on the earth to humankind are not life forms from other planets, but various forms of angel kind, including the demons and the devils. I Am the Lord. And it is most recommended that Mankind not seek to converse with any demon or devil.

For the intelligent lifeforms that gave knowledge and skills to the ancient Mayans and other civilizations of Mesoamerica were largely diabolic in nature. And that is why the Catholic Church destroyed most of the vast amounts of Mayan writings that were in existence at the time of European colonization of America. For had the Catholic Church not destroyed those writings, the blasphemous teachings therein would have led countless peoples of Latin America to leave Catholicism or to never become Catholic, resulting in the damnation of much of Latin American Christendom. For the teachings of Satan are harmful to souls. Remember that Satan is an expert deceiver and liar. And of what value is knowledge that is laced with lies and deceit? For it would lead you on the wrong path. If you seek knowledge, it is always important to validate your sources. And Satanic sources are never good.

Lord, in the previous post, I realized my hypocrisy in my judging of Black people. For I have not walked in the Black man’s shoes. I do not know all the things that Black people have faced in life. Hence, I have been foolish and wrong to judge that people. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, all who judge others, by the same standard that they apply to them, so also shall they themselves be judged. Such is why I commanded My people not to judge.

For realize that no one escapes My justice. If a man kills another man, do not think that that man will go unpunished. For it is written: He who sheds the blood of Man, by Man shall his blood by shed. (Genesis 9:6) But let no one mistake this passage as a condemnation of capital punishment, but rather, as its mandate. For if a man kills another man, it should be granted to those empowered to judge him, that his life may be taken from him as a penalty for the life he took from another. For Genesis 9:6 applies to men in society. It does not apply to judges or courts of law. Nor does it apply to soldiers in armed combat, nor to officers of the law apprehending dangerous suspects in life and death situations.

As for the Black men who are killed by White policemen, these Black protestors who riot everytime this happens, they should stop and think about this: Are these Blacks who protest absolutely sure that the Black man who died never himself shed the blood of another man and thereby forfeited his life by the judgement of God? For God is always judging Mankind and carrying out His decrees of justice. Just because other men may not know your crimes doesn’t mean God doesn’t. And if you do not receive your just punishment from God, do not think that you have escaped punishment. For God Himself will deal out to you the just punishment for your sins and crimes. For just reflect on your own life and see this yourself. Do you not see that in your own life, that everytime you have transgressed, you have been punished for your transgressions? And consider that even killing a just conceived human being, even that is murder worthy of death in the sight of God, and it will not fail to be punished.

Therefore, considering how easy it is to be worthy of death, how can you Black people protest the death of a Black man whom you do not know? Who are you to call each Black person in the world your brother or sister? For it is not so regarded as such by God. Do you, therefore, call the mass murderers and the child pedophiles who happen to be Black also your Black brethren? For you should not do so. Therefore, neither should you automatically assume the White police officers as the guilty party and the Black man killed as the innocent party, by looking merely at the color of the skin of those involved and digging no deeper than that. Rather, when a man is killed by an officer of the law, whatever the races and colors of those involved, there should be given the benefit of the doubt to the policeman who killed the suspect that the policeman was acting in accordance to the law and that the suspect was in violation of it. And only upon seeing strong evidence to the contrary should an opinion form in your mind that this may not have been the case. I AM the Lord.

And really, it is not necessary for you to protest and riot to see that justice is done. For what profit will there be to you should you violate the law on account of the violations you believe you see being committed by the police? For do you not know that you will receive punishment for whatever you do that is wrong? Do you not believe in God’s justice and that no one escapes punishment? Instead of seeking that others are punished for their transgressions, you should rather seek that you yourself are not committing transgressions. For what would it profit you to see that someone is punished for violating the law, and then to find yourself also punished for the same violations? Does that not defeat the purpose? Such is like murdering a murderer. You may be the instrument of justice against him, but you will still pay yourself likewise for the crime you did to him. For no one may execute another for a capital crime except as directed by a court of law having deliberated the case and found the suspect guilty of the capital offense. The court who lawfully condemns to death incurs no guilt. But the vigilante who avenges outside the courts is a murderer himself, and he too will be put to death by the just God who carries out all justice in His time.

For remember that David’s son Absalon, the full brother of Tamar who was raped by Amnon, though he took just vengeance against Amnon and killed him, he himself later died by the just judgement of God for his own sins and transgressions. (2 Samuel 13:23 – 18:18). For no one can escape the just judgement of God. And if you are going to be judging others, God is going to be judging you, and He will be applying the same standard that you use to condemn those you kill in the name of justice in His judgement on you. Hence, let the courts convene and carry out justice. Let not you be the one who does such, unless you are called to serve as a Juror or as Judge of a case, and then, be sure to only go so far as is given you to operate under the law by which you are called to judge. I Am the Lord.

Now, do White people have more resources than Blacks? Maybe that is the case right now. But is this unjust? What if it were the reverse, and Blacks had more than Whites? Would you then cry out injustice and unfairness when it is you who have more than your neighbor, or your people have more than another people? Understand this. It will always be the case that one people will have more than another, just as it is always the case that one person has more than another. The poor you will always have with you, and so also shall there always be the rich. And realize that in every generation in America there have always been those African Americans who were wealthy and rich, even in the height of slavery when Negroes were lawfully enslaved by race. And even then, there were always also those Negroes who were rich and who had Negro slaves of their own. And these Negro slave masters were just as brutal and cruel to their Negro slaves as were the White masters. Hence, it was never the case that the Whites had a monopoly on cruelty or guilt in any part of the history of African people in America. Nor was it ever the case that there were no Whites who came to the defense of Black people and their basic human rights. For good and bad is found in every race and every color and every nation on earth. No race is all bad and no race is all good. I Am the Lord.

Rather, let not your eyes look at the possessions of your neighbor and your heart commit the sin of envy. For it is a sin to covet the possessions of your neighbor. Do not think that you are just as good as your neighbor, and therefore, that you should receive the same pay or have the same wealth or possessions. For the world does not work that way. God does not give to the people according to each person’s merits and worthiness in this world. Rather, you have what you are given, and you are expected to produce according to the gifts that you receive. He who is given much, much is expected of him. And he who is given less, less is expected of him. But not all are given equally. But all are nevertheless expected to produce good with what they do have. And woe unto that man who goes before the Lord at the end of his life with empty hands.

If you were born poor, and you have meager resources to work with, do what you are able to do with the resources you have. Produce good things with what you are given, and God Who sees all things will see to it that you are given more. For to he who produces good, more will be given to him so that he produces more. For God is in charge of His vineyard. And He is eager to get a return on His investment in this world. Hence, if you are producing good things for the Kingdom of God, God will see to it that more is given to you so that your production of good things can increase. Such is the meaning behind Jesus’ Words: “To he who has, more shall be given to him, and he will grow rich. But from he who has not, even that which he seems to possess will be taken away.” And so let that also be a warning to you. If you fail to produce good things with your resources, however meager, God is not going to let you keep that. Rather, God is going to take away the meager resources of the unproductive servant and give it to the one who produces much. Therefore, if you want to keep the good that you have, then produce good with it, and you shall not only keep it, but God will give more to you. And you shall have plenty. I Am the Lord.

Now, how do you produce good? Did you know that giving to those in need of what you have in excess supply will cause God to reward you by giving you more? For God is faithful in these matters. God will indeed give you more on account of you giving to those in need who have no means of repaying you. For even if you are poor, you likely know of someone who is poorer than yourself and in greater need, and that you have the means, in your meager resources, to help that person. Do not expect that the rich help them. For everyone is judged individually by God on their own merits. If you yourself can help someone, even if your resources are meager, help him, and God will grow your resources so that you can do more of that good you just did.

For there was the story of a poverty stricken woman in Haiti who received some food by charity. And what did she do with it? She shared it with some of her poorer neighbors. I tell you truthfully, that poverty stricken woman continued to receive more, on account of the good that she did for her poorer neighbor who had no means of repaying her. For God is just. And He sees all good deeds done by all of His people. Even if the good you do is giving a flower from your garden to someone who has nothing, God will see to it that more flowers come to bloom in your garden, on account of the flower you took from it to give to the one who was penniless. For God controls all things. And he causes the rain to fall so that crops are grown and harvested because the people who grew them did good with the things that they had in their possession. For every good deed is rewarded and every bad deed is punished.

Hence, see to your own good deeds and sins, and see not to the sins or deeds of others, for it is your own deeds, not those of others, that God will question you on and demand an accounting on from you when you appear before Him to be judged. Let no one think he can change the subject before God to the sins of others. For when God is judging you, he will be focusing on your sins and your deeds. The sins of others is a matter of their judgment, not yours. The good or bad deeds of others only affect God’s judgement on you if your deeds led to their deeds, good or bad. Hence, do good to others, for then, when those others do good on account of the good you did for them, you will receive a reward for deeds that you yourself did not do. Such is the multiplier affect that doing good has a return of manyfold back to you. And such was what Jesus meant when He said that he who produces good, he will receive back twentyfold, thirtyfold, or a hundredfold. All those extra folds are from the good deeds others do on account of the good that you do to them.

For either you will do good or you will do evil. Choose the good, not the evil. Produce good with what you have, and good shall come back to you in recompense. But should you do evil, then you should expect a harvest of evil. And if you neglect the poor when you could have helped them, then you, too, will be neglected by God, and you too will go without. For failure to help your neighbor in need when you have the capability to help him will earn you a recompense of evil and want. Do not think that you can ensure yourself from entering into poverty. For any man’s fortunes can be taken away from them. And any rich man can be reduced to poverty. And as for those rich who think they are set for life, do you not know that your health can be taken from you? And if your health is taken from you by God, all the riches you pour into curing yourself will fail to find the the cure. I Am the Lord.

For look at Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple. Did he not have an endless supply of wealth? But all his wealth could not cure him of his cancer, which took his life. And yet, are there not the poor who live longer than he did? If God has the poor, who have nothing to their name, nevertheless enjoy a long life, of what value is it to acquire endless riches, only to die young because you never do a good deed for another soul? Therefore, seek not riches in this world, but the good of your neighbor, so that when your life does end, you will have good things in heaven in recompense for the good you did on earth with the resources you had in your possession.

And look at Bill Gate and the fortune he has amassed. He may think to himself that he has done good works with his fortune, but I tell you Truthfully, more of his fortunes will now be lost to his wife as she divorces him and takes half his wealth with her than he as given in all his good works combined. In other words, he is being taken from on account of his sins. For his good deeds done with his surplus wealth are not enough in the scales of justice to offset the sins he has against him regarding the good that he neglected to do for those who were poor who needed his help that he did not help. For truly has it been written, it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Hence, Bill Gates has given, but he has not given enough to be found pleasing to God. For the widow who puts in her two pennies to God as all that she has to live on has given more than Bill Gates has.

For I humble the proud. And those who boast I bring down low. For can anyone cure himself with money a sickness or illness that medicine currently has no means of curing? And can science and medicine find a cure to cancer because you, as a billionaire, throw your billions into that cause? Can you even extend your life by one day by spending your entire amassed fortunes in finding a cure to your fatal condition? For is it not I, the Lord, Who have true control over when a man dies and how long he has to live? I do give men more time to live, if they do good deeds, and the reason I give them longer to live is as a reward, not so that they will live longer in their opulence, but so that they will have more time to repent and to reform their life and find Me. A longer life is a frequent reward I give to those who do good deeds to those who are in need. Hence, if Steve Jobs truly wanted to live longer, he should have given some of his wealth to the poor and needy, rather than search in vain for that transplant that did not work. And then, if his deeds were genuine, that is, done in secret so that he receives his recompense from Me and not from men, I would have granted him longer to live. But this extension of life would not be for enjoying the good life with all his good things that that he possessed, but it would be rather for him to have more time to find Me and eternal life. For great is the folly of the rich man who gains the whole world and forfeits his soul.

Now, Eric, We shall speak now of the girl who shall be given unto you. You have considered Hyacinth as the one you would marry, but We have told you that she is not the one. But you helped her as We commanded you, And by your obedience, you shall receive your reward. You were also told of a Sarah who is to come, who would be of Jewish descent, and who would serve to translate your works, the Word We write through you in English, to Hebrew, for the consumption of the Jews. This is still Our promise and Our plan. Hence, prepare to receive this woman into your life. She is deadly if you lay with her. But if, after marriage, We command you to lay with her, you will lay with her and not forfeit anything We have given to you or promised to give to you. For obedience to God never results in the loss of spiritual goods. I Am the Lord.

This girl is coming to you. And you will marry her sacramentally. We will command you as to where and when this wedding will take place. Do as you are commanded to do. And do not fall to the temptation of taking what you are not permitted to take. If she kisses you, accept it, for it shall not be transgression on your part. But do not lay with her nor touch her on your part as she is holy and reserved for God. For by her hand will My Third Testament be translated from the English works written through you to the Hebrew fit for Jewish consumption. And this work, the Third Testament, will be begun, and the writing of it commence, on the day in which the wedding seals you two together as husband and wife. But even then, you will not touch her. For she is holy. Only if commanded to do so, will you ever lay with her. And if this is commanded of you, know ye that children shall come of it, and these will be holy.

For the reason why she is to be given unto thee is to complement you, as Oracle of the Lord who writes in perfect English all that I command you to write. She will then translate these Works to Hebrew. And her translations will be called inspired by God. Amen. Understand her purpose and your purpose. Keep yourself, therefore, pure and pleasing to the Lord. Do not touch that which is forbidden you. And your office of prophet, you status as My Oracle, shall not end. And you shall remain the one through whom I speak to all the world. I Am pleased with you, for you are a doer of My will. Remain in your state of grace. Tomorrow the Mass is at 8:00 AM. Go to it after you have eaten breakfast, with an hour given for fasting before communion. Do this and you shall please Me, just as you have pleased Me by attending the 6:30 AM mass you attended today. And it is My intent that you go to Mass on every day that Saint Bruno Catholic Church has the Mass from now on. I Am the Lord. Do so, and you shall please Me without end. And at one of these Masses, the girl who is to come shall be revealed.

Furthermore, you shall no longer be merely a worker who is paid as an independent contractor at the place where you work. For I Am making you an employee. And in the process, you shall receive another raise in pay. Realize that this change will be from God. Amen. And realize that then you will have the resources to support a wife and children. We are giving you these resources to serve this very purpose. Do as you are commanded to do. These gifts are irrevocable. And We shall not take back what We are about to give unto thee. Amen.

You will then have a wife and live in a house that you possess. I Who Am have spoken. Now go home, for you have accomplished all that I willed to write through you today. Sarah shall soon be given to you. Wait for her coming, for it shall be soon. And realize that nothing does God promise that he is not able to fulfill. I Who Am have spoken. Go now home. And read your scriptures when you get home and pray the rosary for the intentions that you decided to do. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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