Eric speaks on the Law of God.

Lord Eric speaks on the Law of God

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLVII:
I AM Who Am. Through Eric Am I speaking. And I have much to say. Eric, ask thy question unto me that thou have.

Lord, I have masturbated, but have not felt that I have sinned. Have I sinned, O’ Lord? Or is what I have done not a sin?

You have not transgressed, lord Eric. For it is not transgression to merely masturbate. Rather, the sin defined as gravely disordered regarding masturbation by Catholicism is that which concerns attempting to simulate the conjugal act when such is forbidden you. But the act of merely masturbating without entertaining unlawfulness in either one’s heart or one’s mind is not seen as transgression in the sight of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken.

Realize, lord Eric, that the Law was given roughly. It has not been fully defined. I Who Am shall fully define it through you.

Lord, I have not received Sarah. Instead, I have consented to marriage to Hyacinth. Am I a fool, O’ Lord? Or am I wise? As long as you remain in your state of virginity, you will not be a fool in what you decide to do. Yes, marry Hyacinth. And We shall have this marriage take place in the autumn of next year. But remember you are to walk the eternal virgin path. You may not enter into sexual union with any woman. For you are a virgin numbered among My 144,000. And so also shall Hyacinth be so numbered with you. For she will retain her virginity too. And she has accepted the Josephite marriage with you. Hence, marry her next year in the autumn. And We shall arrange for all the details.

Also, do not be concerned about which Catholic Church you are to marry in. It does not matter. What matters is that the marriage be validly and sacramentally done. Now, O’ Lord, is the sacramental marriage incomplete if not consummated? If it was meant to be consummated, then it must be consummated to avoid automatic annulment. But in the case of the Josephite marriage, this is done between a man and a woman who have mutually married without the intention of having sex.

And the purest Josephite marriages are done between virgins. A Josephite marriage is fully valid in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Hence, the couple lawfully have the right to have sex with one another. But if they do so, then their marriage ceases to be Josephite in nature and becomes a regular carnal one. Such was the case between the parents of Saint Therese of Lisieux. Saints Louis and Zelie Martin attempted the Josephite marriage, but their confessor advised them to have normal marital relations. And so they did. And several daughters were born, all of whom entered Religious life.

Lord, who can be saved in my family? If I save your father, you must promise Me this. Yes, my Lord? Say it and I will promise it. You cannot leave him or abandon him in his old age. I promise You, O’ Lord, I will not leave my father or abandon him in his old age. Good. He shall indeed be saved.

As for your two brothers, let Me deal with them. If they will choose life, they will become Mine. But if they remain rejecting Me, I will let them perish in their sins. For no one can be Mine who refuses to walk with Me in My Catholic Church.

You, Eric, have walked with Me. And I have accepted your worship of Me as valid. And I have accepted your purity as true. Now listen to Me, lord Eric. Hyacinth shall not be given to you as your wife. For this very night, We are taking her away from you. And by your obedience to Me, you have merited to know your fate. Tomorrow, a girl shall enter your life who I shall make your Josephite life long marriage partner. She will take over where Hyacinth left off.

Realize that Hyacinth was truly given to you by God. But she was not meant to be your wife sacramentally. I Am the Lord. Rather, she was the transition to it. If a girl passes through your life but makes no permanent entry into it, she is not from God. And if a girl enters your life, but the fruit of your relationship with her is bad, she is not from God. But such was not the case between you and Hyacinth. She was from God, but she was not intended to be made yours sacramentally.

For We in heaven decide all who marry and all who have sex. We decide this both in the lawful cases and in the unlawful cases. Hence, no sperm can approach any egg unless We in the beginning intended it to be so. And that is why all conceptions are to be regarded as holy. And all intentional killing of conceptions is deadly sin. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, you ask, will you lay with the woman We are giving thee? Or will your marriage retain its perfect Josephite nature? If We have you lay with her, or if you lose control and lay with her, the child conceived is to be born. It cannot be put to death. Neither you nor your wife may ever practice any form of birth control. If a child comes to be, it must be born. I Who Am have spoken.

It is heaven that decides when and where a child is to come to be. Also, you will go to Mass tomorrow. I know it is at 6:30 AM. But you will hike to the Church, attend the Mass, then hike home, and then eat and get ready for work. If you fail to do this, I will reject you from My Kingdom. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I will do exactly as You have commanded. And I have taken my Zyprexa (Olanzapine), which will put me to sleep. So I will awaken in time for this. Good, and you should know that when We cure you of the things We promised, so also shall this need for Zyprexa be cured as well.

Lord, the woman You are giving to me, will You tell me about her? Yes, for it is in your interest to know these things. She is beautiful, but deadly. Hence, do not touch her, lest you die. You may not touch her, but she may touch you. And then you may reciprocate. But you may not lay with her unless the bonds of holy matrimony have been sealed. Lord, a long time ago, I vowed to God that I would not accept marriage to a girl unless it was officiated by someone not less than a priest. But that was before I was aware that deacons, who are less than a priest, have the authority to conduct marriages. Am I hence bound to my vow to only accept a priest as the presider at our marriage? Correct. That vow I hold you to. You may not break it.

Lord, Richard, a former employer and one I sometimes do work for, has invited me to his wedding party in the Catholic Church, where he plans to get his civil marriage to a Catholic Filipina woman blessed by the Church and made sacramental. And you know those Asian Catholics are not fully in accord with Rome in making their marriages complaint with Catholic Law. Richard has invited me to this party, whose date shall be decided next year, as to when it is to occur. But he has said to me, “Only come if you bring with you a date, a fiancee, or a wife. If you do not bring such with you, then do not come.” What do you command me to do, O’ Lord, regarding this requirement?

Lord Azurite, his invitation is valid. Go, therefore, with the wife We are giving thee. And understand this. You will be as guests at that party as Jesus was to the wedding party He was invited to attend with His disciples in Cana. Go, as you are invited. Eat the food there. But do not dance. For by dancing, you would be making the statement of approval of Richard’s misconduct. And you may make no such approval. For it is impermissible for a couple to enter a civil marriage prior to that which is officiated by the Catholic Church. I Am the Lord. And all who do so are scandalizing the Church and society by their misconduct. Hence, you may not dance at his wedding, nor make any other statement of approval. But by all means, eat the food that is offered there, and chat with the people you shall meet there. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For remember that you also attended your brother Mark’s wedding in Hawaii. And he married a divorced woman and it was ministered by a Protestant minister. And remember how We instructed you then also, that you were to eat the food offered there, but you were not to dance at the wedding. For to dance would be to make a statement of approval. And I forbade you from making any such approval. I Am the Lord.

Lord, you say the girl I am to be given is beautiful and deadly? How so shall this be, O’ Lord? For should we have sex, we will both cease to be virgins. And that would change the nature of our marriage and of our role in this world, would it not? We would cease to be immortal. We would be a carnal, petty couple, would We not thus become, O’ Lord?

She will be deadly because of the temptation to sin that she will be to you, lord Azurite. For should you fall to sin with her, she will reciprocate, and the two of you shall become irretrievably ruined. Remember how Tamar gave way to her half brother Amnon (2 Samuel 13:1-22) in his rape of her, thinking that good could be possible for it. But Amnon, who had previously strongly desired her, decided he wanted her no more after he had raped her. And she departed from him, her life ruined. Such is what happens in sex acts done unlawfully. Good never comes from them.

Lord, why did King David not uphold the Law of Moses against his son Amnon, where the Law of Moses says he must be put to death for his deed? Though he failed to put him to death, I still took away his life for the wickedness of his deed. But as for King David, consider his failure to do justice for his daughter Tamar against his son Amnon to be the second major sin recorded of David’s deeds since his killing of Uriah the Hittite, with the sword of his enemies so that he may take his wife, Bathsheba, as his own.

For King David was sloppy in following My Laws, My statutes, and My decrees. He seems to have thought that one law governed him and another governed the people, that he was above the Law. There is little different between King David using Israel’s enemies to kill Uriah, the rightful husband of Bathsheba, and chief priests and elders using the Romans’ persecution of Israel to kill their Messiah, the Christ Jesus. And the sword of the enemy that they use to slay the innocent never again departs, after such usage, from being used by God against their own house.

Lord, I understand now why African Americans do not wish to be resubjected to slavery again. For I have analyzed the photo of the slave, called the Whipped Peter, and I have thought of all the inhumanity done by White slave masters to their slaves. Blacks too owned Negro slaves, and they also whipped their slaves just as badly as did the Whites. And I have looked at the genetic evidence, and have seen that unlawful White men did in fact lay with whatever Black Negresses they so desired to lay with in the window of time in which the institution of Negro slavery was law. The genetic evidence shows this about the African American community. And I now see my hypocrisy in judging the Black man.

Lord, it is now 5:53 AM. I must go to Mass. It takes me nearly half an hour hike to get there. I Am going to publish this post and go, O’ Lord. Good, and one last thing I shall tell thee, lord Azurite. You are only great so long as I speak through you. If I cease to speak through you, you cease to be great. And thus, if you wish to keep this grace, this office of prophet, do not lay with the girl We give thee, nor kiss her on the lips. Should We command you to lay with her in your marriage to her, that is different, for no one loses by obedience. This post is concluded. You may publish it. We will continue this discussion in a new post you make later today. Amen.

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