A girl of Our election shall wed the Azurite King

We, the elect in heaven, shall choose your bride, O’ Larimar King.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLVI:
Lord, I have helped Hyacinth, exactly as Thou hast commanded me. Dost Thou command me to take a wife? Or dost Thou set me to enter the door of eternal virgin celibacy, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, it is written, is it not, that thou shalt marry the girl We give unto thee? It is written so, O’ Lord. But the marriage I am to enter must remain Josephite in nature, or else I forfeit the Kingdom. Should I lose my virginity, the Kingdom shall be taken from me and given to another eternal virgin yet to come.

For remember in that Netflix Series called, Cursed, which was of the Arthurian legends, Merlin lost all his powers when he lay with the priestess, Lenore. And he only gained his powers back years later when the fruit of that love, Nimue, died and the sword of power was restored to him.

Correct, lord Azurite. You may look at women all you desire, But should you reach out your hand to take, you shall die. I Am the Lord. Amen. Nor shall you practice impurity anymore. I Am the Lord. And because you shall not practice impurity anymore, the girl We have promised you, Sarah, shall now be given unto thee. And the girl you care for, Hyacinth, We are taking away. Amen.

Lord, I have heard that this Sarah is a nymphomaniac. Good, you have realized the Truth of your future bride. Yes, she is a nymphomaniac. But she has her lusts under control, unless you lose your control. And if you lose your control with her, the two of you shall fall together and the two of you shall perish, losing all that you have. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Yes, you are being married in a Josephite marriage to a virgin girl who is in fact a nymphomaniac. But she will keep herself under control, lord Azurite. She will not break the barrier I set up not to touch you, unless you break that barrier first. Should you lay with her, even as a married man and wife, you two shall fall. I Am the Lord.

Okay, O’ Lord. I will marry this Sarah whom You shall give me. I will protect her and I will keep both her and myself virgins. Good. Because you have committed yourself to this, and because you are free of all guilt, having confessed all your sins today, We are pleased to announce the decision to grant this girl unto thee. She shall now come to thee. I Am the Lord. And the good that you have done for My servant Hyacinth shall never be forgotten. She, too, has pledged herself to be an eternal virgin. And We are taking her to Us in her pristine state right after her next communion, which shall be this Sunday. I AM the Lord. You will see her ascend. And when you see that revelation in a vision granted to you, realize that Sarah shall now be entrusted unto you.

Realize also this. You are being entrusted with greater goods of more imminent deadliness than was Joseph entrusted with when he was given the Virgin Mary as his wife. Lord, the Virgin Mary was the Ark of the Living Covenant. She was the Mother of God, the Christ Who came into the world to lay down His life for it and then to rise again on the third day. How can this Sarah, who is both a virgin and a nymphomaniac, be made equal, let alone greater, than Mary?

She is a servant to Mary. I did not say that Sarah was greater than her. Rather, I said that you are being entrusted to greater goods of more imminent deadliness than was Joseph, foster father to Jesus. But Lord, what good in Sarah can be greater than God, Who was Jesus, the good Joseph was entrusted to protect, in addition to Mary, the most exalted creature of all eternity?

The good in Sarah is not in her womb, nor is it she herself, but what is to be written through her hand. For she will be inspired to translate whatever I write or speak through you into Hebrew, for all My people Israel to understand. Her translations are to be as holy as scripture itself, as so also shall the writings to be written through you be made equal to scripture, forming a Third Testament of the Holy Bible.

But Lord, it is taught in the Catholic Church that the Age of Prophecy ended with the death of the last Apostle, John, who died of old age, after writing the Book of Revelation. You understand much. But not all prophecy has ended. There is still room for that prophecy that is to come, not to add anything new, nor to take away anything written, but to complete the definition of all that has already been revealed. Such is the nature of the Word I write through you.

Hence, We are talking about the Third Testament of the Holy Bible. And it cannot be written should you and Sarah fall. I Am the Lord. For should you and Sarah fall, great will be the loss. But as for the Third Testament, by another set of virgins shall it be written whom I shall raise up. For Am I not most powerful? If I could produce you, can I not also produce another to take your place.

Realize, Eric, that you were not the first choice to be made Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecy, just as King David was not the first choice to be made King over Israel. But the failure of one choice means the opportunity for another.

And that is why you are in grave peril. For the devil knows how great you will become if you are not taken down by him. And he will use all the tricks he has in his book to take you and Sarah down to his place in the netherworld. You must, therefore, guard against these to primary vices: pride and lust. Guard against them both. And read your Bible daily. I Am the Lord.

Lord, this Third Testament, will there be other inspired authors’ works included in it? Only if through them I prophesy as I prophesy through you. Your works will be unique in that they will come in two versions: A master version written by God through you in English, and a holy translation of it to Hebrew written by your future wife Sarah, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Her translations shall be called holy and recognized as inspired, similar to the Pentateuch, the Torah, translated by seventy-two Jewish scholars in ancient Alexandria from Hebrew to Greek, as the beginning of the Septuagint. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, you must marry her in the location and at the timing that I specify for you. And that timing is that it shall take place next year in June. And its location must be in the port city of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island in the Catholic Church of Saint Katherine of Alexandria. For that saint, Katherine of Alexandria, has been united to you as your soul mate for all eternity. And hence, your marriage to Sarah must be done in the Church anointed with her name. I Am the Lord. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, I am to be associated with three virgin women: Hyacinth, Sarah, and Saint Katherine of Alexandria? Correct. And all three and you are to be called eternal virgins. But this fate is not yet set. For We are in time. And you have the free will to do as you please. You can either keep yourself clean and virgin. Or you can fall and be destroyed. For you, as the captain of your ship, can decide who to follow, and what to do. And that is the reason why I say you are entrusted with greater goods of more imminent deadliness than was Joseph entrusted to. For Saint Joseph was not given the responsibility that Thou art given, lord Azurite. For remember that Saint Joseph lived before Catholicism began. He never had the help that you have. Angels in heaven guided him in dreams as to what he must do. But you have Jesus, Mary, and all the saints in heaven to guide you. And you have Catholicism, the Mass, and the food from heaven made available at it. Infinitely greater goods, therefore, are entrusted to you than were entrusted to Saint Joseph. And infinitely greaser are the consequences should you succeed or fail in Our assignment to you.

Hence, take Sarah as your wife. We shall soon give her to you. But never lay with her. Never give way to impurity. And never violate the perfect continence that you now have, effective since your confession that you have said to My priest this very day. And the priest you confessed to was a holy priest from Ethiopia. He is one of My elect. And I will keep him safe. I Am the Lord.

Now, promise Me this, and then I will grant you to go watch the movie I have commanded you to watch. Promise Me that when you hold your wife, Sarah, that no sexual desires shall you give into. If your promise Me this, I will grant you her as your wife this very day. I Am the Lord. I promise to do exactly as You say, O’ Lord. When I hold my wife, I promise not to give into any sexual urge or thought. Then We have a deal. Sarah shall come to you tomorrow, which is Sunday. There shall be no more delay. And as a sign of it, tonight all the cures you have been promised shall be fulfilled. I Am the Lord. Amen. Now ask you final question for this post, and then you must publish it. Amen.

Lord, you say I am to hold my wife in this Josephite marriage. Do tell me, O’ Lord. all the rules on chastity that must be kept in a Josephite marriage, as You are granting unto me. For I do not wish to be deceived by Satan telling me something is permitted that is not.

Very well, lord Azurite. I will tell you all. Only two things you must avoid in your Josephite marriage to Sarah. You must avoid the kiss on the mouth. And you must avoid the marital embrace, the joining of a man to his wife that leads to entering into her in sexual union. Avoid these two things, and I will see to it that nothing causes your Josephite marriage to fail, nor shall you or her lose control and you lay with one another. For remember that your Kingdoms are only granted to you two because you are both virgins. She will rule forever as Queen of Israel, and as virgin consort to Azurite. And you shall reign forever a King over Northern Christendom. And these Kingdoms are given unto you two under the condition that you both remain virgins.

And remember this, lord Azurite. Despite the virgin purity of your wife Sarah, she is beneath that virgin visage a nymphomaniac. And hence, she will not have control over herself if you lose your control. But as long as you keep to your agreements, and as long as you do not give way to lust or sexual desire one inch, never shall either you or your wife fall from grace.

And the Third Testament begins to be written the moment you and her are married in Avalon. These Words are from God. Oracle of the Lord. Hence, go now, lord Azurite, and watch the movie you are commanded to watch. Sarah will be made to know her fate is with you. And you two shall be brought together in holy, virgin Josephite matrimony at My command in June of 2022. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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