Eric sees the temptation of the woman

Beware the beauty and temptation of the woman.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLIV:
Lord, I now see the deceptive, cunning nature of the devil’s temptation. And I see how he intended to lead me into sin. I see also that going the sexual route in life is an act of giving up a greater good than would be given up were I to choose to retain my virginity for eternal life. Amen.

Then lord Azurite, which do you choose? For until the girl is given unto you, you are free to choose whichever way you shall go, whether to retain your virginity forever, or to lay with the one We give you to be your wife and have offspring by her. Do you choose eternal virginity, lord Azurite? Or do you choose to know sex and that pleasure with the one We have elected to give unto you?

Lord, I think the choice is a matter between choosing to marry a saint or choosing to marry a nymphomaniac. I choose to marry a saint, O’ Lord and God. I choose to keep my virginity intact for eternal life. Amen. What sayest Thou to my choice, O’ Lord? And let the True Lord, the True God, answer me and speak to me. Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. Amen.

Good, lord Azurite, you have chosen life over death. You have chosen the Way over the path that leads to destruction. And you have chosen to be pure over entering back into impurity. Because you have made this choice, We, the elect in heaven, will grant you this grace. You will be made to see the interior of every female that approaches you. This is a grace given only to you, lord Azurite. For you are to marry the girl who approaches you with a pure heart, and not one imprisoned in the temptations of the flesh. And when you see this woman, and she comes to you, know that she is the one. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, it is now a certainty that the girl I marry will be an eternal virgin, as also shall I remain, O’ Lord? Yes, and the Holy Virgin Mary wishes to speak unto you this one last time before the girl is given unto you. Amen.

Speak, O’ Mary, Mother of God, fairest and holiest Queen of Heaven, for your servant, he who is sworn to obey all that you command of me, is listening. Amen.

Then Eric, here is the command that cometh from heaven unto thee. Marry the girl We give unto you, but do not lay with her, except as commanded to do so by heaven. Hence, you shall know your wife, but only at the times when it is the will of the Father that you do so. Amen.

Mary, I accept this command as coming from heaven. What, then, is our reward? Do we, therefore, forfeit the rulership over Northern Christendom and Israel, me and Sarah respectively, as neither of us are to remain eternal virgins, O’ Lord? That is correct, lord Azurite. For it is decided in heaven that neither of you two are to remain virgins after being married to each other. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Also, though Sarah is a nymphomaniac, her love will be directed only to you. I Am the Lord. Accept this gift and grace. Her heart is pure by the pure intent to lay only with her husband and with no other man. Hence, Sarah is both a saint and a nymphomaniac. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, she fully satisfies your requirements that you have for a girl to be found acceptable by you to be made your wife. And likewise, so also does she accept thee. Amen. This marriage, hence, will take place next year in June. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, I wish for the Law of God to be completely defined as to what is permissible and what is not permissible for a couple dating and for a couple engaged to marry. For I do not wish to unknowingly transgress your Law. And I do not want to fall for Satan’s lies, who says that the Law of God permits what it does not. So, O’ Lord, will Thou give unto me the entire Law of God on these matters? Amen.

I will define everything that pertains to you and to Sarah. Amen.

Neither of you are married. Hence, you, when brought together, will be under the commandment: Thou shalt not commit fornication. Amen. And now We, the elect in heaven, must define what God views as fornication. Amen.

Fornication is defined by God as the entry of a man into a woman vaginally, while the two of them are unmarried. Amen. Also included in this is any sexual activity between unmarried couples that directly leads to either sexual release or orgasm.

And adultery is defined by God as any deed that may be lawfully only done with one’s spouse that is either done with another person’s spouse, or else is done with one who is not your spouse while you are married.

Now, O’ Lord, what about oral sex and hand jobs? Do these acts also come under the definition of fornication? Or these acts also condemned and acts of transgression against Your Law? Amen?

Understand, lord Azurite, that the entire Law of God on sex hangs on these two commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  2. And thou shalt not commit fornication.

The hand job is permitted between a husband and a wife, but not between an unmarried couple. As for oral sex, this is an unclean act, for the semen is not created by God for oral ingestion. I Am the Lord. Amen. Also, all conjugal acts must ultimately culminate with ejaculation inside the vagina. To intentionally spill the man’s seed upon the ground, or outside the vagina is a mortal sin. I AM the Lord. Amen. I put Onan, son of Judah, to death for spilling his seed outside the vagina intentionally in his conjugal acts with his wife.

Nor are you permitted to be impure, or to shed your seed, lord Azurite, as an unmarried man. If your seed is spilt by an act or deed in which such intent was not present, I do not count that spillage of seed as sinful. But if the intent to release is there, and you are not married, there is no way for you to justify that act. Hence, there is no permission for men to engage in sex outside of the conjugal act with their wife. And if they have no wife, then continence is expected of them. I AM the Lord. Amen.

As for women, since women have no seed to spill, they are not under the same restrictions as men. However, a woman transgresses if she intentionally brings a man to ejaculation who is not her husband. I Am the Lord.

Any sex act between two people who are not lawfully married to each other constitutes either the sin of adultery or fornication, which is mortally sinful for both parties, unless one of the parties was forced to commit the act by the other. But consensual sex is not permissible sex, unless it is within a lawful marriage. For consenting to commit a crime does not make it okay for either party that commits it. Also, adultery is committed by both the man and the woman involved, no matter which party is the married party. Hence, let no man think he is guiltless when he sleeps with another man’s wife because she consents to the act. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Likewise the pizza delivery man who delivers a pizza to a home. If the woman answering the door offers to pay for the pizza with sex, several sins are committed by both parties in the event that this arrangement is agreed to. Not only is fornication or adultery committed, but the usage of sex as a means of payment of debts is also a mortal sin, and both parties receive the same guilt for the same act.

Also, do not think that the sin of your sex act ends when you leave the house you delivered the pizza to. If a child is conceived, great are the consequences that bear down on both the man and the woman. And should that baby be aborted, even in a micro-abortion caused by artificial birth control methods on the part of the women, an eternal debt is incurred against all guilty parties involved, especially the two parents of the aborted child. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Therefore, it is not harmless to have sex with women at homes where you deliver services to, who wish to pay with sex rather than money for the services they ordered. Rather, it is deadly. And the debts to such sins, such as for an aborted child, are beyond the ability for a human being to pay back in this life. Even suffering in purgatory, the guilty party would need to suffer until the end of the world in those hellish fires to make satisfaction for the debts incurred by the crime of a single abortion, even a micro-abortion.

And do not think that abortions and micro-abortions are sins that only women need to be concerned about. The men who sleep with these women are just as guilty as the women are in the crime of the abortion of the unborn child. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. For unless a man takes the responsibility to marry the woman he has sex with, any sins that woman commits against the unborn are his sins also. For he is the father of the unborn child. And by not marrying the woman first, he encouraged, by his act of sex with her outside of wedlock, for the woman to abort any baby that came to be by their act of sex together. Amen.

For I inflict huge penalties on people who transgress My laws in these matters. Well did the Holy Virgin say at Fatima, “More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” Amen.

Lord, in the previous post, You said that should the girl cause the ejaculation, and it is not vaginal, that no transgression of Your commandments is made. But here we see that there is more to it. Will You explain that passage more clearly, O’ Lord? If the girl causes the ejaculation, and it was not intended by either party, then it is not a sin for either you or her. I Am the Lord. But if there is an intent to achieve sexual release in the man, or an intent to give sexual satisfaction to her man on the part of the woman, and there is ejaculation, then sin has been committed. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Eric, what We are discussing is dating men and women who make out or kiss together. And there is a limit that I put as to how far they may go together in their making love to one another. And that limit is defined by intentions and whether they go so far as to cause an ejaculation in the man. Self control is necessary for any couple who are romantically involved not to go so far as to violate the Law of God. Amen. For the consequences of transgressing God’s Law is to end up like Adam and Eve who were kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

Lord, I believe that I have an addiction to porn. How do I get out of this addiction, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, the first step in overcoming porn is to admit that you have an addiction and that you need help to quit it. Then, O’ Lord, I should join one of those help groups that specialize in overcoming porn? If you do, do not join a group that charges money. For such groups are like those fat farms run by fat people who claim to know how to lead people to become thin. And all they do is take your money, and you remain fat. You are not fat, but you know of the scams I am talking about, lord Azurite. Any group leader who charges money to help you is robbing you. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Instead, I will guide you in the simple steps you need to do to stop your porn addiction completely. And I will have you write them here, for all to see this freely, without charge. I Am the Lord.

(1) The first step to take, after admitting your addiction to porn and your need for help, is to come to an understanding on how God rules what is harmful and what is harmless in the viewing of nudes.

  • Understand that viewing the nude body is not harmful, but masturbating to it is.
  • Not every nude is equal. Some nudes are deliberate attempts to lead to sin, while other nudes merely display the natural beauty of the human form.
  • You are being led to sin if in the viewing of the nude, you desire to masturbate.
  • You are also being led to sin if in the viewing of the nude you desire that which would be harmful or sinful to you or to society.
  • Rules are established to prevent chaos. If a nude leads you to break these rules, that nude is harmful and should not be viewed.

(2) The next step is to separate all harmful nudes from harmless nudes. And get rid of all the harmful nudes. If you have movies that have harmful nudity, throw them away. If you have a movie channel subscription that shows harmful nudes, cancel it. If you have paid or bought any harmful nudity, throw it into the garbage. Like the junkie who flushes all his drugs down the toilet in his decision to get off drugs, you must do the same with all harmful nudity in your possession or that you have access to.

(3) And the final step, and this is the big one: Go and spend time with God one on one in the dark silence. Find some place where you can be alone with God, where it is peaceful and quiet. And go there and meditate before God, with no one else around. This is where you make God the substitute for what porn was doing for you before. God must become that being that satisfies you in place of the satisfaction that you were obtaining from porn. And this means dwelling in the silence and listening to the Holy Spirit speak in the pure black peaceful silence.

(4) And then, make this a regular routine in your life to spend this time with God. And whenever you feel the temptation to view porn, go to your place of peaceful silence where you can be alone with God. And let this, then, be the substitute in your life for what porn was doing for you. Amen.

Such are the simple steps you need to do to overcome porn, lord Azurite. Do them faithfully, and no more will that addiction to porn afflict you, for you will have overcome it. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, about the girl you are giving to me? How am I to approach the sex life with this girl since I am a virgin? I have never known a woman. Lord Azurite, each woman is a unique creature. They are not all the same.

But Lord, is it assured that I am not to remain a virgin forever? Has it been determined irrevocably that I am to enter the sex life with the girl You are giving to me? Has this been irrevocably decided and confirmed by God?

For I will do all that you say. Instead of turning to porn, I will turn to the peaceful darkness and commune with God.

Eric, this will be a sign for you, by which you will know it is God’s will. The girl that enters your life will be a girl of perfect peace. And it will be seen that she is content to be in your presence, without leading you to lust or to sin. Amen. Marry this girl. And when God commands it, lay with her to produce the children you are predestined to have. Amen.

Lord, who is this girl of perfect peace who is to come? What is her name?

Understand and know the answer. For this is the last question We will take from you in this post. Sarah is gone. For she led to porn. But you have now overcome the porn. And you have attained to the true peace of a man who knows God. Understand and know this. The girl We are giving you is called Moon, for she is a light in the sky whose illuminance is entirely the reflection of the light shining from God. Amen. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. And you have now completely overcome the girl. A girl will be given to you. But you shall not be possessed by her. Rather, you shall be possessed by God. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its conclusion. Amen.

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