All nations on earth are apartheid nations to a degree

All nations and races have nationalist and racist ways, Whites do not have a monopoly on these traits.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLII:
Lord Azurite, it has come to my attention that some nations call other nations apartheid states. Their error is that they speak as though their own nations are not apartheid states. They speak of the racism they see in other races, as though their own race and nation had no racist tendencies nor guilt. For the hand that points the finger of accusation is in reality pointing three fingers back at himself. I Am the Lord.

Every people on earth has mistreated foreigners and the immigrants to their nation in one way or another. And up until the modern era, every nation on earth had slaves. The institution of slavery did not begin with the forced migration of Africans to the Americas. All cultures and peoples practiced slavery from ancient times. And the Negroes in Africa who sold Black slaves to the European slave traders for export to the Americas in exchange for guns and rum did not see themselves as Blacks and the ones that they sold slaves to as Whites. Rather, they saw themselves as members of their own particular tribe and people, seeking to serve the interests of their own immediate people. They did not view the members of the other Black tribes, whom they raided for slaves and considered their enemies, as their Black brethren. For the concept of the Black race and the Black brotherhood and that all Black people are viewable as one race is a modern development. It did not exist in earlier times, prior to European expansion.

But Lord, what about the discrepancy between the Blacks and the Whites. Some peoples and races are rich, whereas others are poor. Will Thou ever rectify this situation, O’ Lord? Or what is your ruling on these matters, both here and in the hereafter, O’ Lord?

If a people do My will, keeping all My statutes and decrees, they will prosper on the land. But if a people do not do My will, they will be destroyed, and I will take away their lands and give them to another people, who will then be tested as they were tested. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But Lord, what about the Asian nations? They are rich and prosperous, but Christianity is very scarce among them.

And do you not also see, lord Azurite, that so also are democracy and human rights also very scarcely found among the Asian nations? For though they may have a kind of prosperity, due to their great discipline and mastery of mental disciplines, they lack the personal rights and freedoms found in the nations of Christendom in order to enjoy their prosperity. And this is due to their utter rejection of My religion. For most Asian nations are heavy persecutors of Catholicism and Christianity, And likewise, most Asian nations enjoy no freedoms, and the people who live there are basically slaves to the state. I Am the Lord. Amen. For it is not harmless to reject My Church and My Way.

Consider the repressed Asians nations to be a kind of Drow people, or dark elves. And the western, free Christianized people can be viewed as a kind of Eladrin, or high elves. And the ignorant dark peoples to the south, those who rape their baby daughters to cure themselves of AIDS, among many other dark deeds done in their utter ignorance, these ignorant brutish peoples may be viewed as various kinds of Orcs, with the many hybrid populations found in the Americas, who have became mixed breeds, as the Half-Orcs. Amen. Note also that the Drow, the Eladrin, the Orcs, and the Half-Orcs are not necessarily color or race based designations, but rather, designations of what a people are and where they are destined. For remember the rules of Dungeons & Dragons says that all the different kinds of people feature all the different forms of color and race. Amen.

Hence, the South Koreans, a highly advanced and Christian people, can be viewed as Eladrin, or high elves. But their cousins on the other side of the border, the North Koreans, who are imprisoned and in darkness, must be viewed as a form of Drow, or dark elves. But racially, both of these people are of the same form of Mongoloid peoples, or Yellow men.

But Lord, what about the contention that the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis had racial undertones against Black people. For the Orcs of Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the Calormen of C. S. Lewis’s Narnia were both depicted as a kind of black, or dark skinned, evil people.

That is correct, lord Azurite. Both of those authors of fantasy classics were in fact prejudiced against Black people. And note the general assumed irredeemable nature of the wicked in both fantasy classics. For the immature author sees everything in terms of black and white. And he cannot see someone who is evil as repenting and coming back into the Light. In both classics, We see a broad assumption and the general well-settled belief of the goodness of the good guys and the wickedness of the bad guys.

Children often play such games, which they call, “cops and robbers,” or “cowboys and Indians,” or “good guys and bad. guys.” And in the mind of a child, one just simply and automatically falls into either one or the other of the two categories, and that status never changes.

More mature and advanced authors do not deal in such terms as, “the good guys,” or “the bad guys.” For more mature and advanced authors deal, rather, in the redemption and the conversion of lost souls back to the light. And the greatest fictional stories and movies are not about good guys versus bad guys, but of a struggle against evil that ultimately leads to conversions of major bad actors back to the light, and, conversely, of the fall of highly esteemed good actors into darkness. It takes only a child to make up a story of good guys fighting bad guys. But it is a mark of true and great story teller to tell of the redemption of the wicked or of the fall of one once regarded as good and holy. Amen. Stories where the characters never change from beginning to the end are two dimensional and shallow stories, and things that may entertain children.

Hence, Star Wars is greater than Star Trek. For in Star Wars, there is always a struggle of good versus evil, and it involves the redemption and salvation of certain great and evil characters. But Star Trek, in contrast, is a merely the classic story of good guys versus bad guys. And you right away know who is good and who is bad. There is never a fall in that story of one who is good, nor a redemption of one who is evil. However, this changed somewhat with fall of the Berlin Wall in this real world, along with the ending of the Cold War between the Superpowers. And then you had, in the fictional Star Trek world, redeemed Klingons, starting with Commander Worf, who was, lo and behold, played by a Black actor.

Also, in the last book of The Chronicles of Narnia, called, The Last Battle, there is featured a rare Calorman who goes to heaven. And all the people and animals of Narnia in the story marveled over him with disbelief. Very daring, was he not, for C. S. Lewis to suggest the slightest possibility of salvation coming to a Black man?

But Catholic writer, J.R.R. Tolkien, has no such redemptions granted to the black Orcs and swarthy human legions of wicked forces found in his books. Every last one of them is wicked to the core in his stories and may be killed and slaughtered without the slightest stain of guilt on one’s conscience. It is as if Tolkien’s Orcs and goblin men are a kind of mortal incarnated demonic people whose Adam, when he sinned, was permanently damned, and his descendants were never sent a savior to redeem them. It is a fantasy story, for either you have a mortal villain who can be redeemed or slain, or you have an eternally condemned spirit who can neither be redeemed nor killed. But the Orc as it exists in Tolkien’s world is a theological impossibility. It is impossible for there to be a people on the earth who have no chance for redemption. For it is written that God’s people are found in every nation, race, people, and tongue. (Revelation 7:9). And whenever God destroys a people, there is always a remnant that God spares. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, what of the cases in the Holy Scriptures where You commanded the ancient Hebrews to wipe out whole cities and nations, sparing not even the women nor the children, nor even the animals, but killing every living soul in those cities?

Understand, My student of history, that these commands were made in the context of a movement of My people to entirely supplant and replace another, who were wicked. My people had to obey Me on this. And failure to obey Me completely would result in what happened. My people eventually became as corrupt themselves as the people they were sent to supplant. I Am the Lord. Hence, obedience is greater than mercy. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, why was C. S. Lewis open to Black people being saved in his stories, but not J.R.R. Tolkien? For Lewis was Protestant, but Tolkien was Catholic. Shouldn’t the Roman Catholic writer have been the one to display more openness for others not like himself to being saved?

Lord Azurite, Tolkien did not have any Blacks in his world being saved for he had the predisposition that Black people were in fact nothing more than savages that had to be beaten back and subdued so that the stronger White forces could enjoy the opulence and wealth to which they were entitled to enjoy as their birthright. Amen.

Many are the fictional stories that have been written in the past that feature Black masses of peoples having to be beaten back and brought to subjection by superior White forces that possess the more advanced knowledge, wisdom, technologies, and skills. Blacks are often featured as the creatures that must be killed or subdued. And wicked beings are often depicted as black.

And lord Azurite, this did not begin in modern times. For the mythology of the Trolls in ancient Europe were derived from the encounters and reactions of modern humans entering Europe where they met their more primitive and brutish, cave dwelling predecessors, the Neanderthals. And many are the negative stereotypes found in these myths of Trolls that were originally directed toward the native Neanderthal peoples of Europe, who were eventually completely wiped out, leaving only marginal genetic traces in modern human DNA due to a slight mixing of the two subspecies. But notice how Trolls are never called, “Black.” And why is this, do you wonder? It has to do with where the Neanderthal evolved to live and convergent evolution. Life in Europe, due to its distance from the equator, is conducive to favor lighter skinned peoples over darker skinned peoples. And hence, whatever people migrate to live there, they will eventually evolve to have lighter skin and lighter hair. And thus, analysis of recovered Neanderthal DNA from Europe shows that they did indeed have light skin and light hair, often having red hair. The Neanderthals evolved these traits independently to adopt to life living in Europe. And the Black modern humans that entered Europe from Africa to replace them consequently also evolved light skin and hair and eye color by what is called convergent evolution. Convergent evolution means that creatures in similar habitats will evolve similar characteristics to deal with the similar environment.

Does that mean, O’ Lord, that the White populations that live in South Africa, were they to live there long enough, would eventually evolve to have darker or black skin? Correct, lord Azurite. For South Africa is an environment that favors black skin.

Lord Azurite, realize also that much of the cancers found in Black peoples in northern climates, farther from the direct rays of the sun, have to do with the lack of sunlight that they receive, causing a severe deficiency in Vitamin D. And the simple means of protecting against such cancers for Black people in these northern climates is to simply add Vitamin D supplements to their diet. Doing so would cure most of the cancers found disproportionately among African Americans. Black people in Africa, though, do not have these problems due to the intensity of the sunlight there. For it is sunlight hitting the skin that produces Vitamin D within it for human beings. And skin pigmentation evolved to block harmful solar radiation, which has the side effect of also hindering the action of sunlight producing Vitamin D in the skin. Hence, skin color is, as a rule, directly related to the distance one’s original ancestors lived away from the equator, for sunlight most directly hits the earth at the equator, and this adjusts through the year in the changing of the seasons. The reason why doctors do not inform African Americans, who are living farther away from the equator than their ancestors in Africa did, of their need for Vitamin D supplements is simply because more Black people coming down with cancer means more business for them. For they are in the medical business for the purpose of making money, not for the purpose of healing the sick. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, where do Eskimos get their Vitamin D? For they have dark skin, not light skin, but they live far from the equator. Eskimos subsisted on whale, seal, and walrus blubber, which is rich in Vitamin D. But were they to lose that vital source of Vitamin D, then they would need to evolve lighter skin to live in the northern climates that they do. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Hence, skin color is merely a trait that is developed in a population by evolution in accordance to the distance that they live from the equator over a matter of several thousand years. Furthermore, Europe also produces larger brains in the humans who inhabit that land. And thus, the Neanderthal of Europe had larger brains than the modern human beings who replaced them. And modern humans native to Europe have developed larger brains than do the people of Africa from whom they are descended from. I Am the Lord.

Hence, it is the environment and the location of the land that shapes and forms the people who dwell in it. Europe will, hence, always be the land of the fair and beautiful. And Africa will aways be the land of the dark and swarthy. And this will be the case, no matter what people immigrate to it or emigrate from it. For by convergent evolution do all creatures come to resemble their predecessors who lived in that niche before them.

Hence, it is true as stated by certain White men: It is not the fault of the Black man that he is Black. Rather, it is merely an accident of location and environment by which a people evolve to be fit in whatever niche it is that they evolved to fit. Amen.

And that is why Jesus teaches, Love thy neighbor as you love thyself. Do this, and you shall live. Amen. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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