Eric is the rarest of trees

Ginkgo biloba, a single ancient species of an entire order that has survived to this day. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XLI:
Behold, in My garden, Eric is the rarest of trees. My garden if full of trees of every kind, color, fruit, and flower. But Eric is a tree whose fruit is unlike those of any other. Behold, I declare Eric as among the rarest of trees in My garden. Amen.

Lord, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Lord Azurite, what it means is that to find the right mate for you, only an act of God could achieve it. Were you to marry someone you choose from among the women of this world, you would very likely end up with someone grossly incompatible with you. For no one can be good for you unless We are the Ones who have chosen her for you.

Lord, about this hypothetical girl, I hear that she shall elect to choose the virgin route with me. I have heard that she will elect to remain a virgin with me, and therefore, that we together shall reap great rewards together, those designated for eternally virgin couples. And I hear that we will be therefore seated on two thrones in heaven, as a virgin couple second only to the Immaculate Queen and her most chaste spouse, Saint Joseph.

Then you have heard accurately. Yes, the girl We are giving thee has in fact chosen to remain a virgin with you for all eternity. And thus, the two of you shall be recognized as an eternal, royal, virgin couple. Amen. And you two shall be seated on the highest thrones ever given to those who have sinned and been saved.

Furthermore, you two are given an eternal joint rulership over the great Kingdom of Northern Christendom. And since you two shall rule over it forever, it shall now be defined here as thus.

And Lord Jesus, what is the name of this girl You are giving to me? Is it Sarah? Or Elizabeth? Or Isabella? You are correct, We have not yet told you the name of this girl whom We have ultimately elected to be made your wife. Understand Us and know. Her name is …

Lord, I have not heard the name of this girl? Has the prophecy died? Rather, Eric, you have chosen a different path, that of eternal celibacy. And thus, We have recognized this path for you. And We hereby make you an eternally celibate man. Amen. You will neither marry nor have sex. I Am the Lord.

And who then is Hyacinth to me, O’ Lord? She is that girl who prays for you. For every priest should have some girl somewhere in the world who prays for him. And she will serve in that role. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, I am to be made a priest? Yes, it has always been your destiny. But only now, now that you have vowed yourself eternally celibate, do We make it known to thee explicitly that you shall be made Our priest. Amen. This weekend you shall receive all your cures. And then you shall approach the priest We point out to you to tell him of your vocation. Amen.

Lord, do I receive a Kingdom in this world? And am I still an Oracle? Yes to both questions, lord Azurite. And We now shall detail the Kingdom over which We grant you eternal rulership over. Lord, do I eternally rule over the Kingdom of Northern Christendom, consisting of one third of the Kingdom of the Christ? Yes, We hereby grant unto thee, lord Azurite, such a Kingdom. For you are the Antichrist who defected from the ranks of Satan, and came to follow the Christ. And now your act of fealty is complete. For you have given up all marriage for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. And only a true follower of Jesus would do such a thing. I Am the Lord. Hence, this is the definition of your eternal Kingdom. Behold, I now define the Kingdom of Azurite, the Kingdom of Northern Christendom. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Azurite, the Kingdom of Northern Christendom, ruled eternally by Eric, celibate virgin Azurite King. And the lands handed over to Eric to make up that part of his eternal Kingdom existing on the earth includes the following lands:

Subkingdom of North America

  1. Alaska
  2. Hawaii
  3. Canada
  4. The Contiguous United States of America
  5. Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. The Virgin Islands (both U.S. and British)
  8. The Lucayan Archipelago (The Bahamas and Turks & Caicos Islands)
  9. Bermuda
  10. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  11. Greenland
  12. Iceland

Subkingdom of Europe

  1. Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. Wales
  5. England
  6. Scotland
  7. Denmark
  8. Norway
  9. Sweden
  10. Estonia
  11. Latvia
  12. Lithuania
  13. Poland
  14. Germany
  15. The Netherlands (Holland)
  16. Belgium
  17. Luxembourg
  18. France (of Europe)
  19. Monaco
  20. Andorra
  21. Spain
  22. Portugal
  23. Gibraltar
  24. Malta
  25. Italy *
  26. San Marino
  27. Switzerland
  28. Liechtenstein
  29. Austria
  30. Slovenia
  31. Croatia
  32. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  33. Montenegro
  34. Serbia
  35. Kosovo
  36. Albania
  37. North Macedonia
  38. Greece
  39. Thrace (European Turkey)
  40. Bulgaria
  41. Romania
  42. Moldova
  43. Ukraine (with Crimea)
  44. Hungary
  45. Slovakia
  46. Czechia (The Czech Republic)

Subkingdom of Russia

  1. The Russian Federation (Russia)
  2. Kaliningrad
  3. Finland
  4. Belarus
  5. Georgia
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Armenia
  • Note that the Vatican City is not included in the Kingdom of Azurite, as the rulers of the Vatican City are superior and rule over the Azurite King in all matters of faith and morals. I AM the Lord. Amen.

And these are the official twelve languages of the Azurite Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Ukrainian
  8. Polish
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch
  11. Swedish
  12. Catalan

Lord, I accept Your will and will do exactly as Thou sayest. And what about the Kingdom to be granted to Hyacinth? She shall rule the Kingdom of Hibernia for all eternity, which is a subkingdom of your eternal Kingdom. Amen.

(2) Kingdom of Hibernia, ruled eternally by Hyacinth, eternal virgin Queen of Ireland. And the lands of her Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And her list of eternal official languages include the following:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

And note that the Kingdom of Hibernia is contained within the Kingdom of Azurite. Amen. And Queen Hyacinth is a vassal Queen to the Azurite King. Amen.

Lord, this is great. And what about the ruler over Israel? Does there come such a Player to rule Israel? And what about the Player called Sarah? Does the Player called Sarah exist? Is there such a Twelfth Player who is to come, O’ Lord? And does this Twelfth Player rule over Israel? And I think she is female, as it fits the pattern where every fourth Player in the game is a female. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord?

And O’ Lord, I also have another question that You can answer clearly and put to rest all doubt. Are Black African people inferior to White people? What are Your answers to these many questions, O’ Lord?

Lord Azurite, if by inferior you mean less evolutionary fit, then yes, Black people are being selected against in the evolutionary processes that are determining the future of Mankind on the planet. For evolution is heading towards increased mental development. And those races that excel in mental development will thrive in the new Age. But those races that are users and not makers of technology will fall behind, and eventually they will go extinct. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For the nation that makes weaponry will always, as a rule, outgun the nation that merely purchases weaponry from other vendors. I AM the Lord. Amen. Remember how when the Portuguese traded with the Negroes of Africa. And they gave them guns and rum in exchange for slaves. Well the African nations, despite the guns they bought, were outgunned by the Europeans, who were the makers of the guns. And the moral of the story is that the nations that make weaponry will, as a rule, always outgun the nations that buy weaponry from other vendors. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And remember the American Indians, how they used guns in their battles with the White men. And realize that the American Indians were purchasers, not makers, of the firearms that they used. But the White men who were taking their land from them were the makers of the guns they used. And who won the war? The White men handedly defeated the American Indians and completely took their lands from them, moving them to unwanted wastelands to live, which they called Reservations. The American Indians were defeated because they were buyers instead of makers of the guns they used. And it was the ones who conquered them that made the advanced weaponry by which the defeated them.

And notice the Black rebels in Nigeria. They are constantly at war against the Nigerian government, seeking to take back the nation’s natural resources wealth for Black people, but they are never winning. Why is that, do you wonder? Where do they get their weaponry that they use? Do they make it themselves, or do they buy it from others vendors? They buy their weapons from other vendors. And the ones they are fighting, where to do they get their weaponry. They are battling the government backed by European powers who make the advanced weaponry. Hence, they are destined to never win their conflict. They are, hence, fighting in vain. Amen.

And look at Haiti. Why do they never succeed as a nation? Look at what they make? Do they make advanced technology and weaponry? No, they import all the technology and weapons that they use. Hence, they will forever be at a disadvantage. And those nations who make the weapons will be the ones to exploit them. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And now look at Israel. What makes Israel distinct from all her Arab neighbors? All her Arab neighbors buy the advanced weapons and technology that they use. But Israel is a maker of advanced technology and weapons. Hence, Israel has the distinct advantage over her Arab enemies. And she will eventually utterly defeat them all and take from them all their prized lands. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Hence, now I shall define the Kingdom of Israel, and the Player designated to rule those lands. Wise were you to no longer touch that nation. You were almost destroyed because of the Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, whom you set to power over Israel in your attempt to bring peace to the Middle East. And you wisely chose no successor to Rabin after he was assassinated, declaring that Israel, not you, would choose the next leader to be elected after Rabin. And in that closest election in Israeli history, Netanyahu emerged as Israel’s choice, and Emerald no longer ruled over Israel. Amen.

The Twelfth Player of the game called earth is a celibate, virgin woman, whose name is Sarah. And she will rule all of Israel. And she will govern that nation for the next thirty years. I Am the Lord. Amen. She is, therefore, called the Israeli Queen. And she will set up the Pawn who comes to power now over that state. Amen.

Lord, then this Sarah, therefore, does not need to be trained? Correct, lord Azurite, for My Holy Spirit is the teacher of all who I wish teach to master whatever I wish My servants to master. Sarah exists, and she will be taught by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Lord, by what sign will you show that this Player exists? This shall be the sign. With the rise of the four called forth Azurite Pawns in Russia, South Africa, the USA, and in China, so also, at the same time, shall rise in Israel the Pawn of Sarah who is to rule over that nation for the next thirty years. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, this Player in Israel, it is good that she is celibate and virgin. But to whom shall she be allied with? She will exist in an alliance with you, lord Azurite, as you shall control the United States of America, Israel’s most important ally, and your adopted policy toward Israel is that you are a complete ally to Israel, in full support of the Biblical claim that God’s people Israel have on all the Holy Lands and the Levant. Amen. Hence, let Us now define the Kingdom of Israel, as You are in full agreement to, as to all the lands she is to possess forever. Amen. For it is written that God promised to Abraham all the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates, to both him and to his descendants forever. (Genesis 15:18). Amen. But Lord, what about the lands in between, such as the Arabian Peninsula? For there is active debate among Jewish Bible scholars as to whether God’s promise to Abraham included the entire Arabian Peninsula. But what do You say regarding this question, O’ Lord? Does Israel’s covenant lands also include the entire Arabian Peninsula?

To Israel, the Kingdom of eternity, I give make the following definition. I Am the Lord.

(3) Kingdom of Israel, ruled by Queen Sarah, Twelfth Player of the game called Earth. And the lands of her eternal Kingdom include the following lands in full.

  1. All of Jerusalem (the indivisible, eternal capital of Israel)
  2. Israel Proper
  3. The Gaza Strip
  4. The West Bank
  5. The Golan Heights
  6. Lebanon
  7. Cyprus
  8. Syria
  9. Iraq
  10. Kuwait
  11. Saudi Arabia
  12. Bahrain
  13. Qatar
  14. United Arab Emirates
  15. Oman
  16. Yemen
  17. Djibouti
  18. Ethiopia
  19. Eritrea
  20. Sudan
  21. Egypt
  22. Jordan

Good, this list fully defines the full intended covenant lands God promised to His people Israel. And the list of official languages in this Kingdom shall include the following:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. Aramaic
  4. English
  5. Amharic
  6. Tigrinya
  7. French

Lord, this is great. Queen Sarah will make a most excellent Player to add to the list of Players.

Yes, lord Azurite, and it is the decision of God that you and her shall be a virgin couple, married in a Josephite marriage. We, hence, do not call you to the priesthood, but to marriage to this girl. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, specify in full all Twelve Players of the game called Earth, now lord Azurite.

The Pantheon of the Twelve Players

  1. Emerald (used: Reagan, Bush Senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Yitzhak Rabin) Fall of Berlin Wall, End of Communism in Eastern Europe, breakup of the USSR, Persian Gulf War, end of Apartheid, Peace Process in Middle East. — Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony (Nelson Mandela) Black democratic control of South Africa.
  3. Crimson (Ahmadinejad) god of war. (wars in triangle of regions around Israel – in Caucasus, Balkans, Horn of Africa). (a Muslim).
  4. Vesper (Clinton, Ehud Barak, Putin, others) Failed peace process. Rise of the homosexuals. promulgated abortions. (a female).
  5. African Death Grip (Laurent-Désiré Kabila) Failed in bid for African wide Empire. Caused widespread death, famine, war across Africa.
  6. Twilight (Bush Junior, Ariel Sharon, others) 9-11, Iraq War. — Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite (Obama) Homosexual revolution. Promoted abortions and legalized homosexual marriage. — Antipope Francis.
  8. Firefly (Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, others) – The Tea Party – Appointed many conservative judges and Supreme Court Justices. (a female).
  9. Mercury (al-Baghdadi) Arab Spring (a failed Islamic movement) and ISIS. (a Muslim).
  10. Lucifer-Man (Contradiction) (Biden, perhaps others) Abortion funded by taxpayers. LGBTQ abominations.
  11. Azurite (Emerald converted and reborn Catholic) (Navalny, plus four others who have been called forth) Restoration of the Catholic Church. — Pope John XXIV.
  12. Sarah (Queen of Israel and Consort to Azurite) Yet to come. To call forth a Pawn to rule Israel for thirty years. (a female).

Lord, this is great. And so, I am to marry Sarah, but she is to be trained by the Holy Spirit?

You, lord Azurite, will serve as Oracle to her. And she will serve as the one who translates the works of Azurite to Hebrew for Jewish consumption. Now, go, lord Azurite. And do as you have promised to Hyacinth. She will remain upon the earth. But she will no longer need you as much as before.

Furthermore, the Josephite marriage between you and Sarah is to take place in June of next year. In the meantime, I will see to it that Hyacinth becomes completely independent of you. Amen.

This post now comes to its conclusion, Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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