God commands Israel to come forward and live.

In a royal palace shall dwell the virgin daughter of Israel. I AM WHO AM.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XL:
Behold, Eric is commanded to write My Word. I AM WHO AM. Eric, tell Me, what is your prime directive?

I am sent as Your harbinger. I am sent to prepare the whole world for Your imminent return.

And do you have a long time to make these preparations, lord Azurite?

Only a few years do I have. I do not have much time.

Good. You have acknowledged the transient nature of the time you have left. You indeed do not have much time left. And all your days are numbered. Even the hours of each day given to you are allotted and decreed as to what is to be accomplished in them. Indeed, your time here is dwindling. You have years, but not that many. I Am the Lord.

Lord, it is said that I am to marry the girl You give me. And it is also said that I will not know who she is before You give her. Do I, therefore, know anything at all about the one You are sending to be my wife?

All you know, lord Azurite, is that the one I Am sending to you can speak to the Jews in their own languages. But you do not know who she is, or what she looks like. Let it be sufficient for Me to say that the one We are sending to you is not of an unhealthy weight. I Am the Lord. For it is known of Eric that the biggest turn off in a girl for him is overweightness.

Being overweight will guarantee a rejection in Eric’s mind. But another thing that will get a girl rejected by Eric is any indication that the girl is not of My elect. I Am the Lord. For Eric’s number one requirement of a girl for marriage is that she be of My elect. Eric is adamant that he will absolutely refuse to marry someone that he knows or suspects is going to go to hell. I Am the Lord.

Hence, if a girl says she does not believe in God, such is a permanent turn off in Eric’s mind regarding that girl for consideration for marriage. Satan learned this the hard way. And Satan’s plans on destroying Eric were derailed by this miscalculation. The FaithFinder Breakdown was ended by this miscalculation on the part of Satan. Originally, Eric was going to call that period the Falsifier Breakdown, as Satan falsified and misrepresented many things, creating an alternative reality to destroy Eric and lead him astray. But he overplayed his hand. Satan should not have had the girl say that she did not believe in God, and his delusions would have lasted longer.

We renamed that period to be called the FaithFinder breakdown because in it, Eric found his faith. And he came to believe in Me solidly. This was the fourth and final nervous breakdown in Eric’s life bearing the cross of bi-polar disorder. And it took place in late December, 1996, shortly before Christmas. I Am the Lord.

But Lord, Satan is constantly seeking to deceive me. And he is constantly seeking to destroy me through a woman. Correct, lord Azurite. But does he succeed? Unless he can get you to depart from the straight and narrow path upon which you travel, Satan will fail in all his attempts to destroy you. I Am the Lord.

Mark, your brother, departed from that path and never found it again. He had sex with all sorts of women, but he never found Me again. Sure, he found Me in Protestantism, but that is a false image of Me. For I Am misrepresented in the Protestant churches. The Protestants put a false gospel in My mouth. And the Protestants make it so that I teach false things.

And let us examine your brother David. Your brother David elected not to follow Me at all. And I let him go his way. He is now permanently estranged from Me. I will not accept him nor allow him to come back to Me. Our rejection of each other is mutual and permanent. I AM the Lord.

For understand this. When you are rejecting the Lord, realize that in the same process, the Lord is rejecting you. Amen. So do not ever permanently or completely reject Me, or else you will permanently shut yourself out of My Kingdom. I AM the Lord. And if you are permanently shut out from My Kingdom, what good is this life in this world for you. Remember how Judas Iscariot had thirty pieces of silver in his hands in exchange for his act of betraying the Lord? And he found that having this silver was of no value to him. Rather, the blood guilt on it was burning his hands, so that he was forced to throw it back into the Temple. And even the priests could not put the money into their treasury, and they could not hold onto it, due to the blood guilt on it, and so they bought a field with it to bury foreigners in. And that field is called the Field of Blood. (Matthew 27:3-10).

Lord, why did Judas Iscariot commit suicide? Was his life and soul really so permanently lost that committing suicide was his only option left for him to do? Judas Iscariot was a coward, lord Azurite. Were he to have been man enough to continue to live and to face the consequences of his actions in this life, then I would have given him a second chance to be saved. Oracle of the Lord. But as for cowards, they choose suicide, because they are too afraid to live. And I never save cowards. I Am the Lord.

Do you remember King Saul, what he did on the battlefield at the moment of his defeat? He committed suicide, didn’t he? (1 Samuel 31:4). Had he had been man enough to face his attackers and not seek to escape by suicide, I would have given him a chance for eternal life. But he died by suicide. And no one who commits suicide do I save. No one!

The folly of suicide should become immediately evident to a reader of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy play of Romeo and Juliet. Had they not chosen to commit suicide, the two lovers would have had a happily ever after ending, just as it is in the fairy tales. It is never a good decision to decide to take life, either your own life or that of a loved one. It is always a terrible decision. And those who do so are haunted for the rest of their lives by the dire and eternal consequences of that decision. For choosing that decision has the consequences of determining the eternal fate of the victim.

Pain is a good. It is not a bad thing. Pain brings a man closer to Me. And at the moment of death, pain enables a man who has not followed Me to find Me at the last gasping moments of his life, and enter with Me to a secret Mass being held somewhere in the world, where he might gain the necessary graces to be saved before he dies. I AM the Lord. But if you kill him, all of that then becomes simply not possible. You cannot have a painless death and also go to heaven. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

For how do you think that the man on the cross next to Me at My crucifixion was saved? Was he saved because I said to him, “Today you will be with Me in paradise.”? Rather, it was because of the graces he received there, at that first Mass ever held. For the first Mass ever held began on Thursday evening, with the Last Supper, and culminated with My death on the Cross, to expiate sins. That man hanging on the cross experienced My first Mass and was saved because of it, and by his participation in it, saying unto Me, “Jesus, remember me when You come into Your Kingdom.” For his Words are said at My Mass in some of the songs and liturgies.

For without that pain wracking his body on the cross next to Mine, that man would not have acquired sufficient graces by My first Mass to be saved. He died for Me, then, on his cross, and received a baptism with Me in blood. Amen. Pain, therefore, should not be fled from. For the coward flees from pain. But the man who belongs to Me holds his ground and faces his attackers.

Lord, what was the Apostle Peter’s sin? Peter sinned by being a coward at My arrest and conviction. But he redeemed himself in his later life by dying for My name on the cross. And in his humility, not considering himself worthy to die as I did, he requested to be crucified upside down, which is no less painful a way to die. I can assure you that. Amen.

Many people, when first called to serve Me, are cowards at first, for they are not trained in My Way yet. But after developing in Me and in My religion, they find themselves worthy of Me, for they are ready to lay down their lives for My name. And I will call some to die as martyrs, but not all. John, My Beloved Disciple, I called to lay down his life for My name many times, but I never took his life from him when he did. Rather, like you, I had him live out his life to an older age.

But Lord, you are still going to have me die soon. Am I correct? Your death, lord Azurite, must take place before I Come again. I Am the Lord. For you were sent to prepare this world for My Second Coming. But you are destined to be among My armies, mounted on white horses, riding with Me at My return. (Revelation 19:14). I AM the Lord. Your wife and children will remain on the earth and live into the Millennium, where they will be granted very long lives to live. But you are to be taken from this world before I Come again. I Am the Lord.

Understand your position in My Kingdom. You are the pale white moon beneath the Holy Virgin’s feet, the woman clothed with the sun, who bears the Christ, the Son of the Living God. (Revelation 12:1). Amen. For remember your visitation from Mary and how she touched you, with her foot upon your head, to heal and cure you of your antichrist pride. Amen. Mary humbled you, and you submitted to the touch of her foot upon your head, an event that occurred in early December of 1996. I Am the Lord.

Lord, it is written that the girl who is to be my bride was conceived in that month, December of 1996, at the time I triumphed during the FaithFinder breakdown. Correct, lord Azurite. Hence, go forward ten lunar months, about 280 days, to see the approximate time of the year your future wife was born in the year 1997. Or, I can go in reverse, and go back from late December by (52 – 40 = 12 weeks) 12 weeks, and then jump one year ahead. Assuming she was conceived on Christmas Eve, and going back exactly twelve weeks, and then jumping one year ahead, brings us to October 1, 1997 as the possible and approximate birthdate of the girl I am to marry. And that happens to be the feast day of Saint Therese of Lisieux (Saint Therese of the Child Jesus). She is the Doctor of the Church who wrote, The Story of a Soul, which is her autobiography.

Lord, it is likely that the zodiac birth sign of this girl is Libra, though it could also be Virgo or Scorpio in this calculation. I, myself was born on June 24, 1970, making me of the zodiac sign of Cancer, and this girl is some 27 years my junior. What sayest thou to this? She will be young enough to be my daughter. But lord Azurite, if she is to bear you children, then she must most likely be young enough to be your daughter. I Am the Lord. Your guess as to her zodiac sign is accurate. But do not study astrology, for that is a fake science. And that study of the fates of souls is inaccurate. Rather, realize that your fate is determined by My decrees of predestination, and by your cooperation with the graces given to you in life.

For how many people have been born on the birthdate that Judas Iscariot was born on? But only one of them betrayed the Lord. And how many people have had Adolf Hitler’s birthdate? But only he was the madman that led Nazi Germany into World War II, and brought about the great attempted genocide of the Jewish race. The very wicked must have some day of the year on which they are born into the world. But the rest of those who share with him that same birthdate do not share with him the same deadly fate.

And so also is it with you. I had you be born on the Feast Day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist because it was predestined of you that you would serve a similar role. That is when the Church celebrates the birthday of John the Baptist. But as to the actual birthdate in which he was born, only by consulting the Akashic Records can this date ever be recovered by Man on the earth. Amen.

Lord, I am made the Ruler and Oracle who sits on the central throne of the Akashic Kingdom, where I will have full access to the Akashic Records. That is correct, lord Azurite. And you shall not rule there alone. Your wife will be seated at the entrance to that throne room, and it shall be she who controls all entrance and access to you. All who wish to approach you must go through her. There shall be no other way. I Am the Lord.

Lord, you make me an Oracle. And I am to teach my wife all that I know. But does my wife then become Oracle upon my being taken from this world? She will have a means of communicating with you after you are taken to heaven. And thereby, she too, will be made Oracle of the Lord. And she will pass this skill and wisdom on to her daughter, who shall be the Oracle after her. And she will have daughters, among whom shall be chosen the next Oracle. I Who Am have spoken. Hence, the female line, descended from your wife by you, shall always have one of its living members as an Oracle of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. And such will be the nature of this female lineage. And just as the unbroken male lineage of descendants of Aaron were made priests by heredity, the unbroken female line descended from your wife by you shall be called a lineage of priestesses. And they will always have among their number on earth one who serves as Oracle of the Lord. Amen.

But as for your son, his lineage ends with him, for he shall be called to serve Me as My ordained Roman Catholic priest. And he shall remain virgin, serving faithfully his calling to the celibate priesthood. Amen. Your son shall be great in My Church. And he shall live for many centuries in the Millennium.

Lord, tell me how the Catholic Church will be changed as it enters into the Millennium. The Millennium mirrors the Church Age in that it lasts for over two thousand years. But the Church continues in it, but the difference is that it becomes very Jewish in nature and culture. For the Jews shall rule the Catholic Church in the Age to Come, just as it was in the early Church. For remember that Peter, the first pope, and the Apostles, the first bishops, and the Lord Jesus Christ Himself were all Jews.

Lord, do the sacraments remain in effect in the Millennium? And what about marriage? Does marriage remain monogamous? Or does it then permit concubines, as was alluded to in Isaiah 4:1?

The Catholic Church, led by the Jews, will permit men to have up to seven concubines. Seven will be the maximum, as written in Isaiah 4:1, as it is necessary for the husband to grant to each wife the right to the conjugal act at least once a week. And it is impermissible for a man to sleep with two women on the same night. I Am the Lord. For no return will there be to Kings amassing great numbers of wives, who wither away in their solitude as their husbands have too many wives to service them all. Such was the meaning of Deuteronomy 17:17, where it is written that the Kings must not take for themselves a great number of wives. They may take a maximum of seven at any one time, and no more. And each concubine taken enters the line of succession to being made the primary wife. The concubine who has been with her husband the longest shall always be the primary wife, among all a man’s living legal female lovers. I Am the Lord. Other than that, no distinction shall be made between a wife and a concubine. Amen.

But should a man choose to have only one wife, his marriage shall be declared monogamous. And he and his wife shall enjoy more rights. Among those rights shall be the right to live, under mutual agreement, a Josephite marriage at times, abstaining from sex for a time for the sake of higher spiritual development. Amen.

Also, a wife in a monogamous marriage to her husband, who entered the marriage to him in a monogamous union, has the right to force her husband to keep their marriage monogamous. Hence, in the marriage contract, there will be the stated intent on the part of the wife to accept or reject her husband taking concubines. And she will have the right to reject this if she marries him as his only wife. I Am the Lord.

Such shall be the way of marriage law in the Age of Millennium. I Am the Lord. Lord, what about the other sacraments? Will there be baptisms, confirmations, confessions, the holy eucharist, holy orders, and the sacrament of the sick? Yes, all those sacraments will continue unchanged. And the priesthood will continue to be composed of celibate men. And people will continue to confess their sins to a priest and thereby be forgiven of mortal offenses against the Lord.

Lord, what about the priestesses of the Order of the Witch King child, those descendants of Eric in an unbroken female lineage from his wife? What will be their status in the Roman Catholic Church, O’ Lord? These priestesses will not be of the sacrament of Holy Orders, but will be a rank and position within an order of female adherents to the wisdom of Azurite, under the rulership of the Virgin Mary, to whom the Azurite King pledged his allegiance to. Amen. Their ministry in the Catholic Church will be to serve as Prophetess Queens and Oracles of the Lord. They will rule nations and govern Kingdoms. And they will set to power Pawns and depose despots. I Am the Lord.

And all of these priestesses shall be descended from Jews, as the wife of Eric is to be a Jewess. And she will know the languages of the Jews, especially Hebrew, to which she will translate the works of Eric. Amen. Lord, will only females of unbroken female lineage to my wife be eligible to enter this priestesshood? Or will it also be open to females whose mothers marry a son of a priestess and to their female descendants as well? By the decree of the Virgin Mary, once Eric passes the office of Oracle to his wife, the gift of being the Oracle cannot pass again through a male. And the purpose of the priestesshood is to perpetuate the lineage of women who may serve as this Oracle of the Lord. For once the office of Oracle is passed onto Eric’s wife, forever shall it remain a female possession. I Am the Lord. Hence, only those females of an unbroken female line to Eric’s wife, who shall be trained in all of Eric’s knowledge and wisdom, will be admitted to the priestesshood. I Am the Lord. Amen.

And this is not without Biblical precedent. For God designated that the priesthood in the Law of Moses was to be open only to Aaron and his sons and descendants by direct unbroken male lineage. The priesthood founded by Jesus was based on the power and authority of the Messiah, the Son of David, who was not of the priesthood of Aaron, but of the Davidic Dynasty. Jesus, being the new Adam, had the power and authority to make all things new. And He did away with the priesthood of Aaron and began the priesthood that He founded on Peter, the first pope. And this doing away with the priesthood of Aaron was made clear by the ripping of the veil of the sanctuary in the Temple, being torn in two from top to bottom, at the moment of His death and passing away on the cross. (Matthew 27:51). For the priesthood of Aaron effectively ended at the moment the Christ died. And from that moment onward, the priesthood founded on Peter was in effect, and he was called the leader of the Apostles and was made the first pope. Amen.

The priesthood of Aaron was concerned with the sacrifices of animals to atone for sins and to make offerings to God. No longer shall such sacrifices be acceptable. For God has, through His Son, provided the sacrifice of God to God, a sacrifice so sublime and efficacious as to remove the separation that came to be between Man and God by the sins of Adam and Eve. And the priesthood founded by Jesus on Peter was instituted to administer the renewal of this sacrifice daily, in the Mass, as an everlasting sacrifice to take away sins and to make a people fit for marriage to the Lamb. And in these last days, in the fulfillment of all scriptures, the people of Israel are now called back to come forth and enter into everlasting life. For the times for the conversion of the Jews has come. And the people of Israel are commanded to come forward and to take their places at the banquet in heaven.

For the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-31) now refers to fallen Israel, who is to come back and return to the Father and be saved. And more ecstatic and joyful celebration will be found in heaven due to Israel’s conversion back to God than that which came from the salvation of all the Gentiles during the Age of the Church. Amen. And this is the reason for the Millennium and why it must mirror the Church Age in length. For God wills to give to His Bride Israel all the time He gave to His Gentile wives.

Lord, please explain the fall of Adam and Eve in the context of the evolution of Mankind from the lower primates. And explain how Mankind gained a soul and how Mankind lost his state of grace, all within the scientific context of the evolution of Mankind from the animal hominids, O’ Lord.

Lord Azurite, it is true that Mankind did evolve from animal kind, but their evolutionary change from animal kind to humankind occurred in a single evolutionary jump by a single generation. Adam and Eve were brother and sister, born from the same mutation from the same animal parents in two successive pregnancies. When they reached the age of reason, Adam and Eve realized that they were different from their animal relatives and that they had in common the unique human ability to reason and to speak, and thus they left their family together and formed a new family by themselves.

And thus, I planted Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and Eden refers to the childhood innocence that belonged to Adam and Eve as they grew up together in that garden, too innocent yet to commit a sin.

Then, O’ Lord, what was the sin of Adam and Eve? How did they fall? Adam and Eve fell by disobeying the command of God, which was a simple test of their fealty to their Master God. What the test was is not important. What is important is that they disobeyed their Lord and sought to become like God in the same temptation by which Satan led one third of angel kind to damnation. For I have many ways of testing My servants. And no one is admitted into My Kingdom except he who enters through the door that I establish for that one to enter. Every other way is the way of the thief. And no one may have My Kingdom who attempts to obtain it by unlawful means.

Adam and Eve fell, but not all Mankind fell. For I reserved within the descendants of Adam and Eve a people who would become Mine. And through much suffering and hardship, I perfected My people and made them fit to serve as a Bride to My Son, Jesus, the Lamb of God, Who was sent into the world to gather them for My Kingdom. And He is sent to gather until all My Kingdom, every seat in it, is filled. Amen.

Lord, there are now many people in this world, but many are the nations that do not follow You. And many are the nations that have never heard of You. Yes, lord Azurite. And I will save those who come to Me and are found worthy. But as for those who do not come, these will be thrown into the unquenchable fires, where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched.

Lord, COVID-19 is now raging in India. Lord Azurite, the people of the world should never grow lax that the COVID-19 pandemic is over. For I am sending newer strains that are resistant to the vaccines. In fact the vaccines that have been made from using aborted fetuses will be found to have made the people who received them more predisposed to coming down with the disease. For the new strains to come will prove deadly to those who were infected before. I Am the Lord.

Also, expect COVID-19 in India to be as the Black Death was to Europe during the Middle Ages. Expect it to wipe out people in the tens of millions. And when that tragedy is passed, expect another to follow. For by this means, I will communicate to My people that I Am displeased with them.

Lord, there is spoken a passage in the Holy Bible where it says that an hour comes where one third of the human population on the earth is killed. (Revelation 9:15). This has never happened upon the earth during the Age of the Church, though a third of Europe died from the Bubonic Plague (the Black Death). Does this ever come to pass, O’ Lord, in the time remaining prior to Your Second Coming? Yes, your generation will witness it. And yes, one third of the world will pass away in the span of one hour. I Am the Lord.

Lord, You say I am the Oracle. But You also say that I am not one of the Two Witnesses of Revelation, chapter 11? Correct, for you cannot be everything, Eric. Then, who are the Two Witnesses? And when do they appear, O’ Lord?

The Two Witnesses are the Church and the Christ upon whom all must trust to enter into heaven. But Lord, Christ has already died and been raised. Precisely. But My people are still in the world. And they are becoming like Me, dying in My name and for My Kingdom. And they are entering My Church and partaking in the cup of My martyrdom that I drank. Also, it is valid to view the Two Witnesses as repentance and lamentation for sins. Whoever seeks any two upon the earth that fulfills that prophecy will find nothing. And whosoever seeks to map events in Revelation to events in the world seeks an impossibility, and is being made a monkey out of by the devil. All those who make lengthy and detailed predictions of world events based on things they read in Revelation and other Biblical prophecies are utter fools, and their works are utterly worthless. I Am the Lord,

Now, lord Eric, is there any question you wish to ask Me before We conclude this post? Yes, O’ Lord. I am not clear regarding the girl who is to come, whether the girl to come is to bear children to me, or whether we are both to remain as eternal virgins. For there has been contradiction on this in the prior posts. Will Thou clear up the confusion and say unto Me the answer coming from God. I know that I am to marry the girl You give to me. But do I remain a virgin with her? Or do we have sex together and children? Answer Me, O’ Most High God. And let it be the God Divine Who answers these questions authoritatively and definitively. Amen.

I WHO AM shall answer your question definitively and authoritatively and with a definite sign. Indeed, you shall marry the girl We have destined to marry you, lord Azurite. And this girl to come to you is indeed a Hebrew Catholic. Amen. But as to whether you have sex with her and children, We have put this decision entirely in her power to decide. Amen. Submit, therefore, to this will of God. And do as you are commanded to do from heaven. Amen.

And O’ Lord, therefore, tell me the consequences to this decision, whichever way she may choose.

Should the girl choose to have sex and children by you, a son shall be born to her, followed later by a daughter. And the two will have the fates as described earlier in this post. And your descendants shall be seen proceeding down through all ages that are to come, to the very end of the Age of Millennium. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, should the girl elect to remain a virgin with me, what transpires then, O’ Lord? What then are our fates and the fate that befalls the entire world, O’ Lord?

Should the girl elect to keep her virginity intact, consequently making you also an eternal virgin, for you will marry her and no other, then you both will be raptured together from the earth prior to the Second Coming of the Christ. And in heaven, you will both sit on two thrones, second only to the two thrones upon which sit the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. And You both will be regarded as an eternal royal couple, clothed in the eternal raiment given only to eternal virgins of the Lord.

Furthermore, should you and your wife retain your virginity together for life, you shall be both made eternal dual rulers of a third of the Kingdom of the Christ. And these are the nations over which you two shall rule forever: All of North America, Europe, and Russia. The Kingdom of North America includes all the lands north of Mexico and all of the Greater Antilles east of Cuba and east of Jamaica. And this also includes the Virgin Islands of the Lesser Antilles, and all of the West Indies north of the Greater Antilles. And in Europe, all the lands of the continent will be yours. And all the major islands of the Mediterranean will be yours, with the exception of Cyprus, which is handed over to Israel, and the islands near the African coast, which belong to Kingdoms of Africa. All the archipelagos and islands of Europe shall belong to you. And all the islands of the North Atlantic between North America and Europe and all Europe owned islands the North Pacific north of Cape Verde are yours. And all of Russia, from Eastern Europe to the coast of the Pacific is yours, including all islands owned by Russia. And all of the Caucasus is also yours. And the entire Arctic Ocean and all its lands are yours. And of the deep Pacific, all the islands of Alaska and Hawaii are your eternal possessions. This Kingdom is called the Kingdom of Northern Christendom. And you and your wife are granted eternal rulership over that land as its eternal dual rulers forever, should your bride elect to keep herself a virgin, consequently causing eternal virginity in you as well. Amen.

Let Me also tell you this, between you and Me. Your wife will struggle at the choice. But she will ultimately choose the fate that brings a higher reward and a greater destiny for you both. But just out of curiosity, which choice would you have your future wife elect to choose, O’ Larimar King?

I would have her choose the higher path over the lower path, the path of the greater glory over the path that leads into the earth. Then, lord Azurite, you have chosen. But your fate is dependent on her choice. For you are fated to marry this woman We shall give thee. Amen. Pray, therefore, that the girl, when she comes, looks not at you, but at Me, upon making the ultimate decision that decides your fate, her fate, and the ultimate fate of the entire world. Marry you she shall. But the nature of this marriage, We have entirely put into her power to decide. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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