Eric reveals the Truth

Like a sparkling crystal, transparent as glass, shall Eric reveal all hidden things. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXIX:
Lord, is it always sinful to masturbate? If the intent behind it is unclean, then the act itself shall be filthy. But if the intent behind it is without transgression, then it is not wrong to do such. I AM the Lord. Remember, lord Azurite, that the Law of God on sex rests on these two commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  2. And thou shalt not commit fornication.

If the act of masturbation does not violate these two conditions, neither in the mind nor in the actual flesh, then there is no sin in the act. I Am the Lord. For those are the only two commandments and the only two rules upon which the entire Law of God on sex rests.

Lord, is a girl coming to me? And if so, when should I expect her to come?

We are giving you the girl when We are assured that you shall commit no impure sins with her. Amen. And this should be expected soon. For We are purifying your soul. And We are making you perfect. Amen.

Marry the girl We give unto you. And go only to her. That is the command of the Lord. And these will be the signs that will accompany her when she appears in your life. You shall have attained perfect purity, both in your flesh and in your soul. And you shall no longer lust for the passions of the flesh. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Furthermore, when you realize that thou hast been cured, then realize that all other things promised unto thee are now being fulfilled. Amen.

Lord, do I marry and have sex? Or do I marry and remain a virgin? Lord, I am also willing to walk the Way of pure celibacy, to be like Your Apostle John, who was like Helium gas, unbonded to any other being. Amen.

Then walk that Way, lord Azurite. For it is written: Let he who can accept the celibate path accept it. (Matthew 19:12).

Then I do accept it, My Lord. I do walk that Way. Amen.

Behold, the Azurite King has chosen the celibate path, which is the path that leads to the highest Kingdom and to the greatest reward in heaven. Furthermore, it has not been resolved in the mind of God whether Eric is to be called to the priesthood, or whether he is to remain on his current path of the celibate laity.

Lord, I am willing to serve Your Church in whatever form You wish of me.

Eric, We, the elect in heaven, have now decided your fate.

Please do tell me it, O’ Lord.

You shall marry, and We shall provide unto thee the girl. And you shall lay with her to have two children, a son and a daughter. We Who Are have decided this fate for you eternally. Amen.

Furthermore, the girl We are giving unto thee shall serve as the gatekeeper to the Oracle. And you are now made Oracle of the Living God. Through you shall the Divine Presence speak. And whoever approaches you to ask of God anything, through you shall the answer from God be granted to them. Amen.

And you and your bride shall serve Me in My Akashic Kingdom. You shall be seated on the central throne therein. And your wife shall be seated at the doorway to the throne room, controlling all access to the hallowed hall. I Am the Lord. Amen. Note that these are eternal stations and eternal positions in My Kingdom.

All knowledge of the universe and the Kingdom shall come to thee from God speaking within thee. And you are My Oracle upon the land. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I wish to ask thee a question.

Ask me anything and all that Thou wish to ask me, O’ Lord.

Will you marry whomsoever We have chosen for thee?

Yes, O’ Lord. For my love is for Thee. And out of my love for Thee, I will marry whomsoever Thou hast chosen for me. And I will lay with her to produce the prophesied offspring. I, Eric, have spoken.

Then the girl shall be given unto thee today. Oracle of the Lord. And her coming is now imminent to your life. Prepare for your life to be taken over by the girl We are sending to thee. For We have given her both the permission and the mandate that she claim you and make you hers. Accept her whom We give unto you this very day. Amen.

Lord, behold, I am Thy servant. Let it be done to me as Thou hast said. Amen.

Then this shall serve as the sign of her coming. A girl shall enter your life, but do no defilement against thee, nor lead you towards any evil. I Am the Lord. When you see this girl, know ye that that one is the one whom We have chosen to give thee. Amen.

And this shall serve as the second sign that you have chosen the one We sent to you. All your marriage plans with this girl shall flow without hindrance nor upset. Everything shall proceed perfectly according to the plans you make.

And remember where you are commanded to marry her. It must be at Avalon, in Santa Catalina Island. And it shall be at the Catholic Church there, known as Saint Katherine of Alexandria.

Marry her at the date We command for this wedding to take place. And buy her the engagement ring that We shall show thee. Amen.

And this also do We command of thee. Come clean and never fall back to any of the filth of thy past. For you are now a servant of the Lord. And you must remain clean and holy.

And as for Hyacinth, let God take her away from you. And be no more concerned about her or her welfare. For I have others whom I have chosen to look over her.

Lord, I have no wish that my family members should die.

I, the Lord God, do now issue My sentence of death against the following members of your family, to be executed immediately. Your brother David will die by automobile accident. And his car will be completely destroyed in the process. I Am the Lord.

And your mother shall die in the night, killed by a spirit come to claim her for hell, and then she shall be dragged down to her dungeon, never again to see the light of day. I Am the Lord.

And your brother Mark is also now to die. For by his adulterous and sexual sins, he forfeits his life entirely. Both he and his two blood daughters are to die. But his two foster daughters, whose real father is Scott, the Jew who was the original husband of Marlene, these will not die. I Who Am have decided this. And so, Marlene, Mark’s wife by the recognition of the state only, shall awaken and realize that her life will now be as though Mark had never been a part of it. I Am the Lord. Amen.

But as for your father, Robert, he shall live. And I shall cure him of his deafness. And I shall restore him back to the sacramental life of My Roman Catholic Church. Amen.

Furthermore, you have called forth four Pawns to rise, one in Russia, one in South Africa, one in the USA, and one in China. Expect now to see these four Pawns rising. And no one will be able to stop their rise. I AM the Lord. Amen.

The girl is now to come to you. She is a Jewess. And she is fluent in the languages of the Jews. It is she who shall serve as your translator, translating all your works for consumption of My people Israel. And you shall make her like yourself in power and wisdom. And by your training of her, she will call forth and set up the Pawn who is to rule over Israel for thirty years. I Am the Lord.

Now go and prepare for today. For today you shall meet her. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. And publish this post for it is complete. Amen.

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