To the Azurite Player a girl he is destined to receive.

With great beauty there is also great danger. I Who Am have spoken.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXVIII:
Eric, the Azurite Player, is now destined to receive a girlfriend, who shall become his wife and bear him a son and a daughter. The son is claimed by the Father for the priesthood, and he shall be called to enter Holy Orders and be ordained a Roman Catholic priest. And the girl is destined to become the Matriarch of a lineage of priestesses within the Order of the Witch King child, whose priestesses are direct descendants, through her, of the Witch King child himself.

Now let Us speak of your destiny, lord Azurite. You are to marry, in this world, a Jewess by the name of Sarah, who is a Witch, and who shall bear you these two children. And to this witch, you are to train and teach her to become a master of all that you know. She is the Twelfth Player of the game called earth. And she is the Player Lazurite who was to come, the Jewish Prophetess who sets up the Pawn to rule over Israel for thirty years. And she is to master everything Eric knows and comes to know. And Eric is to teach her for fifteen years, and then be taken away to heaven.

And change then comes to the world with the removal of Eric from it. And it so occurs that men from that point onward gain the longevity of trees. And so, Sarah will live for centuries. And her two children will live even longer than her. And Sarah will found the Order of the Witch King child. And in it, she will teach women only the Way and wisdom and understanding she gained under Eric’s training. Consider this a kind of Jedi Order and Knighthood open only to women. Women admitted to this Order will come to rule the world.

When Eric enters into heaven, he meets Saint Katherine of Alexandria, who is his eternal soul mate. And the two form a binary star system in heaven. Not all souls have soul mates in heaven, but only those to whom it is granted. Lord, have I left anything out in this wonderful narrative?

Excellent, lord Azurite, you retain knowledge granted unto thee excellently. Now We shall speak of the things of this world, such as the twin defeats of Lucifer-Man’s Joe Biden Pawn of the USA and Vesper’s Vladimir Putin Pawn of the Russia. Both of these entities are slated for defeat and overthrow. Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin will not complete their terms in office. Both are destined to have untimely meetings with their Creator, and then to be escorted to their respective dungeons in hell, where they burn and suffer for all eternity, never knowing the daylight of the earth ever again. I AM the Lord. For the Azurite Player is now the Player of Power. And he is in command. And his Pawns will now come to power to rule over the whole world. I Am the Lord.

Also, the day has come for Israel to know that her Lord is Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. And he is coming to reveal Himself to them. And He is coming to retake the virgin daughter of Israel as His Bride again. Israel is to be made a Roman Catholic Jewish Christian Kingdom. And Judaism shall find its fulfillment in Christ, Who is Messiah Come in the flesh and Resurrected from the dead on the third day.

Lord, I believe that the conversion of the Jews will be much more conducive if the one seated on the throne of Peter is a genuine servant of the Christ, and not the antipope who currently sits there. Correct, lord Azurite. I will now take that abomination that stands where it clearly does not belong down from its place upon chair of Peter and I will cast it into the pit of the fiery lake alive. I Am the Lord.

Hence, Antipope Francis is now to be disposed of and cast to his place in hell. I Am the Lord. And then, for a fortnight, I will grant Pope Benedict XVI to restore the Church back its correct state as it was prior to the ascendancy of the antipope to the throne of Peter. And Pope Benedict XVI will make all the necessary corrections. And then he will depart from this world and go to rest with the holy fathers, his place in heaven secured.

And then, the conclave will be formed from what is left of the cardinals. For I Who Am will have wiped out entirely every cardinal appointed by Antipope Francis. And these remaining cardinals will be of one mind, and it will be to vote in the one I have chosen to be the next pope. And that will be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall take the papal name of Pope John XXIV. I Who Am have spoken.

And then, O’ Lord, Thou shalt convert the Russian bear to Catholicism? Indeed, Patriarch Kirill shall then be converted to Catholicism, and he shall bring his Russian Orthodox Church into communion with the pope in Rome, forming a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church of Russia, with himself as its patriarch. And thus will Russia be transformed from an Orthodox nation to a Catholic nation in the span of one hour. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, how is this all made possible? Who are you, lord Azurite? Are you not a defector from the ranks of Satan? By your conversion to My religion, the forces of Satan have been thrown into disarray. It was not expected that you would convert and enter My Kingdom. For who would have expected the prime Antichrist par Excellence to convert and to follow Me? This period was meant to be the time of Great Tribulation, over which would rule the Antichrist par Excellence. However, that one is you, and you are now Mine, and you are proceeding to destroy the entire ranks of Satan arrayed against My people.

You are the prime battleship of the chessboard, and you are wiping out every enemy of Mine on the chessboard. Furthermore, Satan has no clue as to how to defeat you. For you have proven impervious to all his usual means of destroying My people. For you were designed to have no obvious weakness or vulnerability. You were designed not to be defeated, nor to be defeatable. You are Satan’s most potent weapon turned against him and his forces with the vengeance of God.

Now, Eric, you are ordered to go home. You have written enough for today. You are a warship upon the water. And you are currently blowing every enemy of Mine out of the water. For you were designed to be a one man army. And you were designed to destroy with the fury of unquenchable wrath all the enemies that you were set against to destroy. Satan just did not anticipate that you could be redirected to fight against him and his own forces.

Note that this is a one time event. For Satan is a learning computer. He does not make the same mistake twice. But neither does Satan get another shot at this. For Eric is a one time occurrence. His kind also does not reoccur in the future either. Note that Eric was the one who was mentioned in Revelation 6:2. And this is now permitted to be revealed to the whole world.

And note that Eric, while fully heterosexual, has no weakness regarding women. For if he had a weakness there, Satan would have destroyed him long ago through the means of a woman. Eric, tell Us your thoughts on women.

I will obey the Lord and marry the one God gives me, in accordance to the commands of the Lord.

Thus, you see that Eric has no weakness by which Satan can destroy him through a woman. Now Eric, tell Us, shall you lose your virginity, or will you keep it forever?

As the One Who Is that He Is writes My fate, so shall My fate be. As God has written My fate, so as it has been written, so shall it be. Amen.

Lord Azurite, I Who Am shall now tell you your fate plainly. A girl who was conceived at the moment you overcame in your FaithFinder Breakdown of late December, 1996, this girl was conceived and created by God to serve as your bride, as it was seen, irrevocably at that moment onward, this this weapon, the one called Eric, was eternally turned to serve the Lord and against the forces fo Satan. The girl conceived at that moment was made to bear you your children, a son and a daughter, who were to serve for the divine purpose of God. Amen.

Hence, you are destined to enter this port city that was established for you, O’ Storm Dancer, ship that crossed the endless ocean, never ending her maiden voyage.

Legendary shall be your ship upon the high seas forever. A ship that could never be sunk. A ship that danced its way through the storms.

Speak, O’ lord Emerald, your last words for this post, you who broke the Iron Curtain and tore down the Berlin Wall.

It seems that my life has passed by as a dream. But who I was in the past, no longer am I like that one now.

Correct, lord Azurite. We have transformed you into something useful for Our Kingdom. And now you shall receive the one We shall give unto thee to marry. Go home now, Eric. And meditate on what you have been told in this post. Amen. You are the most formidable force ever contained in an unarmed man.

This post now comes to its end. Publish it now, lord Azurite, and go home. You shall cash your check tomorrow. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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