The calling of Eric

Eric is called. And the Way to Heaven is opened before him.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXVI:
Behold, Eric, I open the door to heaven before thee. Amen. Today is the last day in which you shall find yourself uncured. I Am the Lord. Do precisely what I command you to do. Everything shall hence proceed according to My command. Amen.

Lord, this Sarah whom You are giving to me, is she not to be touched whatsoever? Or what touches are permissible and what are not, O’ Lord?

As far as she shall go with you, you shall go with her. I Am the Lord. For the nature of the Queen is that no one may touch her, but that she may touch others, as she deems fit. I Am the Lord. So reciprocate with her. But do not do that which is in violation of the Law on Sex, namely:

  1. Thou shalt not commit adultery;
  2. And thou shalt not commit fornication.

For all the Law of God on sex hangs on these two commandments, I AM the Lord. Hence, if she wishes to go the carnal route with you in marriage, you shall go with her that route. But if she prefers to walk the virgin route, keep with her on that virgin route. For We have given it into her power to decide what type of marriage she is to have with thee. Amen.

It is not in my power to decide this, O’ Lord? You We are giving to her, lord Azurite. And you shall obey Us in all that We command thee. Amen. As long as thou obey Us, whether you are to have carnal relations, or retain your virginity, by your obedience to Our commands, you shall retain your office of prophet and oracle. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, am I really to be in a relationship with two women: Hyacinth and Sarah? Hyacinth We are now taking away from you, so that you may have Sarah. Amen. Obey Us in this matter. For you are a monogamous creature. You may not have two women at the same time. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I met a girl at work yesterday. She might be the one. But what do You say, O’ Lord? If she is the one, lord Eric, We shall bring her to you again. I Am the Lord. Do exactly as We command you to do. And everything will proceed according to Our will. Amen.

But know ye this. Before you fully encounter this woman whom We are giving you, you shall have received all the cures We have promised you. Amen. And remember Our oath unto thee. From her womb shall proceed three who are to be your sons. And if We fulfill this oath in a manner that is natural, which is Our intent, as We prophesied unto thee, then you will indeed lay with her, and you will cease to be a virgin. I Am the Lord.

Lord, if I cease to be a virgin, will that incur a great loss to Your Kingdom. Only if the loss of your virginity is with a woman whom We did not intend to be your wife. But if you lay with the woman We intend for you, and within the bonds of holy matrimony, then no loss is incurred by Our Kingdom. Amen. Hence go to her. If she whom you met is her, We shall bring her to you again. Amen.

Furthermore, deaths are now due to come unto your house, the House of Dunstan. Amen. I Am taking two people out of your family and slaying them before My holy angels and before My Father in heaven. These shall be your mother, who blasphemes Me and My Holy Spirit daily, and your brother David, who has done nothing with the riches I have put into his possession. I Am the Lord.

As for your father, when We cure you, so also shall We cure him of his deafness. I Am the Lord. Amen. And as for your extra computers, you shall give them to the woman We put into your life, rather than to your brother Mark from now on. I Am the Lord.

Also, your father will begin to accompany you to Church again, once his deafness is healed. I AM the Lord. Help him regain his practice of Catholicism. And show him the manners in which Confessions and Masses are now conducted. Amen. Hence, your father shall be saved. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

One last thing I wish to speak unto you about, lord Azurite. And it is this. You are now of perfect purity. And it is now impossible for you to fall. Nevertheless, I put it into the power of the woman We marry you to to decide whether you shall have a Josephite marriage or a regular sexual marriage. These are two distinctly different paths that lay before thee. But you no longer have the choice of which it will be. Amen.

If We marry you to the girl and she wishes to enter carnal relations with you, do so, for in doing so, you shall bring forth children into this world who shall be called holy. Amen. But keep yourself holy and clean, carefully observing all My statutes and decrees. And I promise you that you shall have a long live in the land.

But Lord, what about the Kingdom I am to receive? If I have sex with this woman, what happens to that Kingdom, O’ Lord? Nothing is ever taken away from those who obey the Lord. You now know all you need to know. Go now and prepare for today. You are going to Mass today before work. And you are to go pray before the Blessed Sacrament prior to the Mass. Amen. There We shall cure you of all things. Such We have promised you. And such shall We fulfill unto thee. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. Go now, Eric. And produce fruit that will last. Amen.

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