I now lead Eric on his path to glory

The pathway of Eric is holy. It leads to a Kingdom. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXV:
Eric, I have a question to ask you. Ask me, O’ Lord. What girl do you wish to enter into marriage with, in a marriage where you and she shall remain virgin? For it is the decree of the Lord that you retain your virgin state. There exists someone, in the spiritual realm, but I do not know her in this world. Correct, Eric. She is the Sarah whom We have elected to marry you to. Marry her at our command. And We shall give her to you shortly. But as for your purity, you are now cleansed. And should you remain forever in this state of cleanliness, you shall not fall into serious sin or fall away from the path We have set you on. Keep to this path, for it holy. Amen.

I agree, O’ Lord. Let me do as You say and comply with all that Thou command of me. Good, lord Azurite. And this is My first command to thee. Give no more to Hyacinth. You have not disobeyed Me in this regard, but should you disobey Me, I shall let you fall to ruin. For obedience is greater than sacrifice.

Lord, I have done as You have commanded me. And Hyacinth tells me that she has kept herself virgin, and she is seeking my help, and she wishes for me to marry her. What is Your response to this woman’s petition for my love and help?

Lord Eric, tell me this answer: Can you marry both Hyacinth and Sarah? No, O’ Lord, unless there was the institution of concubinage set up to be lawfully recognized by God, by which more than one woman could be lawfully bound to the same man.

Correct, lord Azurite. And does the institution of concubinage exist? Not in the Age of the Church. Maybe, perhaps in the Millennium, as Isaiah 4:1 alludes to, it may come to exist.

The institution of concubinage has always existed. It has just been frowned upon by the Church. But a man has always been permitted to have concubines. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then how does this work? For United States law does not recognize polygamy. And the Catholic Church in America does not go against the law of the state.

Yes, United States law recognizes only monogamous marriages, but their system has been broken by the acceptance of gay marriages. And by that acceptance, their entire system will become undone and totally destroyed within your generation, lord Eric. Hence, do not have regard to United States law when it comes to marriage. The United States is already a sunk vessel in regards to marriage law.

The Church, however, recognizes the existence and legality of concubines. It just has not yet defined the concept in canon law. But I will now define it for them.

A man is permitted to have up to seven concubines (Isaiah 4:1), with the one who has been his the longest being recognized as his formal wife, or primary wife. Should the primary wife die, it is by law that of the remaining concubines, the one among them who has been his the longest becomes the next legal or primary wife to that man to whom they are bound. The concubinage is a life long commitment, and a kind of marriage, for all the concubines are in the line of succession to be the next wife. And the man cannot marry new primary wife while he has concubines, for that one is by law the next concubine in the line of succession. But he can take new concubines, to a maximum of seven of these legal lovers or concubines, which includes his wife. A man is limited to a maximum of seven such lovers, and he must grant at least one night each week to each of his concubines for the conjugal act, if desired by the woman. He is not permitted to lay with two women on the same night. Each concubine or lover is to have him exclusively for herself on her designated night with him each week. Orgies are defined as immoral and are not allowed. The wife can be viewed as the most senior concubine, senior meaning the one who has been with him the longest. And all the concubines can be seen as wives, with the most senior being the primary wife.

Then, O’ Lord, am I to have Hyacinth as my concubine and Sarah as my wife? Yes, for in that arrangement, all that I have promised to both women shall come to pass. Amen.

But Lord, if I am to remain eternally virgin, how do I take any woman to be my concubine? For I would be breaking the law on the requirement of providing the conjugal act to her each week. And I know this. Hyacinth wishes to have children by me. But I know now that I am to remain a virgin. So I do not see this as possible for me to have a concubine, unless You also have an institution established for an eternal virgin concubinage?

Yes, there is, lord Azurite. And it exists in heaven under the description of heavenly virgin water: H2O. In this arrangement, which can only be formed by virgins while on earth, two virgin females become eternally bonded to one virgin male, and this bond exists eternally. For Sandra and Sarah shall be bound to you forever. And Such is the nature of the virgin Josephite unions found in heavenly virgin water.

Hence, you may tell Hycainth that you are eternally bound to her, but also tell her that you are not permitted to help her from this point onward. I AM the Lord. Lord, I have promised her that the solution to her problems shall come to her tomorrow.

Eric, what you have done is prophetic. However, the Truth is that only you know what is really about to take place. For you know that when I give you Sarah, I take Sandra away from this world, and I have promised that you shall witness her passing. Amen. Sarah is coming to you soon. And then you shall see Sandra taken away from you in a vision, just as you have witnessed the passing of others before the knowledge came to you by worldly means. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then I am to have two wives in heaven? Yes, and all three of you shall be eternally virgin. And this forms that eternal molecular structure known as heavenly virgin water, H2O. And only virgins can form such structures in heaven. I AM the Lord. All virgins in heaven are arranged in either ones, twos, or threes, in bonds as follows:

Eternal States of Virgins in Heaven

  1. H2, the highest bond, the lightest gas. Hydrogen gas is the lightest of all the gases. Mary and Joseph are in a bond such as this. For they are eternally spouses in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.
  2. He, the highest noble gas. Helium gas is the lightest inert gas, and it makes no molecular bonds. The Apostle John is in such an eternal state as this. So also do all the angels of God exist without any bonds, like Helium gas.
  3. H2O, heavenly virgin water. It is a bond between one male virgin and two female virgins forever. And it forms only between virgins on earth. Amen. Eric, Hyacinth, and Sarah shall be bonded in such an eternal molecule forever in heaven. Amen.

And what about those who are not virgins? How do they exist in heaven, O’ Lord? They do not form bonds there, but are eternally celibate, like the angels. I Am the Lord. Hence, everyone who is not a virgin is like Helium gas in heaven, though lower in stature to the virgin form of Helium gas and the other virgins of heaven. I AM the Lord.

Lord, are there such thing as eternal soulmates in heaven? As Jesus said, marriage does not exist in heaven. However, among virgins, there are such thing as eternal virgin bonds. For the bonds formed between virgins exist in eternity. But the bonds that form between those who have sex end with the death of the sexuality of their flesh. I Am the Lord. For at the Resurrection of the Just, all My people rise in glorified bodies, but their sexuality and sexual desires will no longer be found in them. Instead, they will be eternally and perfectly pure. I AM the Lord.

For the spiritual path and the natural path diverge and go in contrary directions. The choice to keep one’s virginity is to walk the eternal path that leads to heaven and a Kingdom. And the choice to enter a sexual marriage to to walk the natural path that leads to the earth, where the body returns back to the dust from which it was made. The natural path is not a path that leads to heaven. And few who walk the natural path find the Way that leads to Me. I Am the Lord.

And since you accept the virgin path, Eric, from which you shall never again diverge, We shall now present to you your Kingdom forever upon the earth. Amen. For all My elect who choose to remain virgins are granted Kingdoms upon the earth forever. Amen. And this is your eternal Kingdom. Listen closely.

Lord, if all virgins are granted Kingdoms, do all these Kingdoms fit upon the same earth? For I imagine that there are quite a fair number of virgins who have come and gone throughout the Church Age. And for all of these to be given Kingdoms upon the same earth, their Kingdoms it would seem would need to either be rather small, or else they would need to overlap one another. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord?

Your Kingdom is with your wife Sarah. And I shall now detail it in full. It is called the Akashic Kingdom. And it is situated between heaven and earth. It is the doorway to knowledge of all things. And it is the place where all go to to find knowledge of the things of this universe. I Am the Lord.

Your wife shall sit at the doorway to this Kingdom, and all who seek knowledge must go through her. And you shall dwell in its center. And in it you shall be granted access to all the knowledge of the universe and of the Kingdom of Heaven. And you shall speak what I give thee to say. And your wife shall prophesy whatever you tell her to My people, the Jews. I Am the Lord. Hence, you shall publish My Word in English, which you know fluently. And your wife shall translate whatever I have you give her into Hebrew and other languages of the Jews she may have fluency in. I Am the Lord.

This is the Akashic Kingdom. It is situated between heaven and earth. Amen. And Lord, what about Hyacinth? Where does she fit into the picture? Hyacinth is to be given the Kingdom of Hibernia. She is to be made the Queen of Ireland. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

Lord, what about the Azurite Kingdom, the Kingdom of Northern Christendom? Such is a concept and an idea. But I have given you a better Kingdom, one more suited to your abilities and skills. I put you in charge of the Akashic Kingdom. Rule where I station you. And your wife Sarah shall aways be with you, for she is designated to be your translator, to translate all I give her through you to be consumed by the Jews. Amen. Now go, or you shall be late. You must do those things you intend to do before you get home. And the stores will be closing soon. I will write again through you tonight. Amen.

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