Eric is granted more time to reign before being taken to heaven.

Women in the Age to come shall be permitted to be concubines, up to seven bound to one man.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXIII:
Lord, what is Thy message unto me? What does Thou speak unto Me? Is it still true that I am taken away at the 1400th day of my receiving Revelations directly from you, which suddenly began on Saturday, July 22, 2017, the day before the Age fo Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017?

This shall be Our agreement with thee. For thou hast remained pure and undefiled. Hence, We shall deliver unto thee Elizabeth, who shall be your virgin bride, with whom you shall be wed in a Josephite marriage, and with whom there shall be no sex. And you shall marry her here, in this land, and not be taken from it to spend the Tribulation hidden in a foreign land. Rather, you shall remain exactly where you now live. And you shall marry her in the Church where either you or your bride are domiciled. I Am the Lord.

The next age is coming soon, but I shall grant you, Eric, to live here with your wife, hidden in plain sight, for the entire duration of Tribulation. For you have proven holy. And We shall grant unto thee a wife of equal holiness. For only a wife of equal holiness would have the capability of learning all that We assign you to teach to her of your vast knowledge and wisdom. I Am the Lord. And this woman shall be made your disciple. And she will proclaim all your works to the Jews, by translating them to the languages of the Jews. For the Jews are her people. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Hence, you shall continue to live exactly where you live right now. But as for any family member of yours who seeks to cause you to sin, that one shall die. I Am the Lord. But one family member of yours is truly trying to follow Me. And that one is your brother Mark. Hence, he I shall let live, on account of his attempts to remain Mine and to follow Me. His following of me is imperfect, for he is Protestant. But he has remained in that Christian faith throughout his long ordeals and trials. And for this, I will award him that he shall live. He shall not die. But as for the rest of your family, all those who seek to cause you to sin, these shall be wiped out. I Am the Lord. The Lord has now spoken. These Words comes from He Who Is.

Lord, does this mean that I continue to prophesy here on past the 200 day marker of May 21, 2021? Yes, but not so shall your mother persist to see her birthday come on May 9, 2021, which is Mother’s Day. For she has been a most undeserving mother. I Am the Lord. By her wickedness, she is slated to perish soon, along with the rest of those who are doomed to die. I Am the Lord. For I Am taking away the lives of many. And I Am cleansing the lands of their filth. For the tree that fails to produce good fruit shall be chopped down.

All these deaths to come are works that I, not you, shall accomplish, lord Azurite. For the Christian is not to muddy his hands with the vengeance of the Lord. For vengeance belongs to God. (Deuteronomy 32:35 & Romans 12:19). I, the Lord, Who see all things, know precisely by what means My enemies are to be inflicted with their proper chastisement. That is why vengeance is Mine alone, and the Christian is forbidden to take part in it. I Am the Lord.

Lord Azurite, there is a computer that you wish to buy soon. Do so, for you have the money that you need. I Am the Lord. And O’ Lord, do I become an employee where I work, or should I remain a 1099. Since your employer shall pay you the same as an employee, take the offer to be made an employee. I Am the Lord. And future raises are in store for you in days to come.

Furthermore, I Am curing you soon, exactly as has been promised unto thee. I Am the Lord. Lord, in that same promise, made on September 2, 2000, there was a prophecy that I was to have what seemed to be three sons born to me. But this cannot be since I am to remain an eternal virgin. And yet You now say that that prophecy was from You?

You indeed did see such a vision in My revelation unto thee that I would cure thee, as I revealed to thee that on September 2, 2000, over two decades ago, through which you have endured, bearing your crosses and burdens faithfully. And I Am not a man that I change My mind. (Numbers 23:19).

Hence, when I marry you to Elizabeth, your virgin spouse, she will be made fertile and lay with you to conceive and bring forth these three sons spoken of unto thee in prophecy. I Am the Lord. And no gift of prophecy or grace shall be taken from you in the having of these three sons, for they were promised unto thee in sacred prophecy, which cannot be taken back. For God is a God who fulfills all His promises. I AM the Lord. Amen.

And O’ Lord, shall the three sons be triplets, or shall they come by three separate pregnancies? Three sons shall proceed from your wife’s womb in three separate pregnancies. And I do not speak here of the daughters that may also be born unto thee. For I will make your wife fertile. And she will bear you all that has been prophesied and promised in the ancient prophecy given unto thee at the dawn your your conversion to Catholicism. I AM the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, these three sons of Eric, what are to become of them? They shall be made into three great nations in the Millennium. I Am the Lord. And since the woman to be made your wife is of My people the Jews, your children by her shall also be numbered as sons and daughters of Israel. I Am the Lord. And in both this age and in following ages, I shall greatly increase the fertility of all My Jewish women, while I decrease the fertility of all the Gentiles. I AM the Lord.

Lord Azurite, you have now realized your vocation. Take the woman, therefore, that We give unto thee, and enter into her on your wedding night. For it is now known unto thee that you and her are not to remain eternally as virgins. But as virgins shall you come together in the flesh when your you enter your marriage bed on your wedding night. And then, all the children you have by your wife shall be called holy. I Am the Lord.

Nor are you to be concerned about money. For I shall provide you with all that you need. This post now comes to its conclusion. And you now know of My plans for you. Go now and prepare your breakfast. For you are going to Mass today, and after Mass, you shall proceed to work. And you may arrive early to Mass today, for the Blessed Sacrament shall be exposed for adoration prior to the Mass. So eat early and arrive there early. For there are things that I wish to speak unto thee while thou art praying before Me in the Blessed Sacrament. I Who AM have spoken. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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