Eric’s destiny is now set. He is taken from these lands in 25 days.

In a secret garden shall I place Eric and his wife, whose location is known only to Me.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXXII:
Behold, the Great Tribulation is now upon thee. And I AM now taking Eric from these lands. His days here are numbered. He has but a scant few weeks left. In May of this year, he shall be taken from here and planted in a garden whose location only I, the Lord, have knowledge of. Amen. And there he shall dwell, together with his virgin wife, with whom he shall have no sex, but to whom I shall have him shall teach all that I assign him to instruct her on. I Am the Lord.

Eric will be taken away in stealth. And it will not be traceable as to where he has been taken. And Eric, do not be concerned with your money or your back accounts. For I Am wiping away the value of the United States Dollar at the moment I take you away. And thus, all dollar based assets from that point onward shall plummet in value to the point that they become worth less than the paper they are printed on. Amen.

Furthermore, it shall be as it is written: No one shall be able to buy or sell except those who bear the mark of the beast. (Revelation 13:16-17). Thus, in this age that is now to come, having money will no longer be of any value to those who keep themselves holy and who resist all attempts by others to make them sealed with the mark of the beast.

Furthermore, this website goes static on that day. And nothing from that day forward can be added to or subtracted from the posts written on this website. Many will be the counterfeiters, but no one having the authority from God to speak shall speak again on this website after that day has come to pass and Eric is taken away. Amen.

Furthermore, Eric will be taking nothing with him when he departs from this world. He is departing from here very soon. And the days left to him are scant. But I will grant him to live for a time, times, and half a time on the earth with the girl he is to teach all that I will have him teach her in the place where I AM putting him and her for the complete duration of the Reign of Antichrist. Amen. There he will go in a flash of light. But all his possessions in this world he shall leave behind. I Who Am have spoken. For no one may take anything with them who are deemed worthy of partaking in the rapture of the saints. They will be taken to their secret sanctuary. But woe to the one who goes back to get his belongings, for that one will be left behind. For he who, upon putting his hand on the plough, looks back at what is left behind, is judged as not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. (Like 9:62). Amen.

And O’ Lord, shall I prophesy to the people during those those years of Great Tribulation? Lord Azurite, We are putting you with the woman so that you may prophesy to and instruct her and her alone. For it is written that there were many widows in Israel in the time of Elijah, when the sky was shut for three and a half years and great famine swept over all the land. Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them, but only to the widow of Zarahath in Sidon. (Luke 4:25-26). Hence, the purpose of your prophesying shall, from that point onward, be directed to the woman whom We are giving to you to live with, in a pure, Josephite, and virgin marriage. I AM the Lord. No one else is privileged to hear My divine instructions through you to that virgin woman, whom you are to teach all I will for that virgin soul to be instructed in. Amen. Hence, you shall no longer prophesy to the people here, nor anywhere else, but only to the woman We give you, during the Great Tribulation, which shall begin the moment of Our taking you away. Amen. Only to this woman, and to no other, shall you speak My Word to from that point onwards. Amen.

Lord, what about her translations of the Words You speak through me to Hebrew? It shall then be the girl, not you, who shall publish what is to be published of your works during those days. And this is to be her intended audience. She will speak to her brethren, the Jews. And she will speak in their language. And she will be regarded as a prophetess by all who hear her or read her writings. But in reality, the Word granted to be spoken and written through her shall come to her through you. For you are the only Oracle upon the earth that I have established or will establish from now on unto the end of the age. Amen.

Then what about the Two Witnesses? Where are they? And how do they prophesy? You and the woman shall serve Me as My two witnesses. I AM the Lord. There shall not be any other two who shall prophesy who will have been sent by Me to do so. I Am the Lord. The woman shall be granted the gift of making inspired translations of My Word to the languages that she knows, similar to that graces that I granted to the seventy two Jewish scholars who started the first full translation the ancient Hebrew scriptures to Koine Greek, completing by themselves all of the Torah, the Pentateuch, and which were followed later by the rest of the Old Testament Bible, completed by later translators, forming, collectively, that ancient and inspired first complete translation of the Old Testament to Koine Greek known as the Septuagint. Amen.

And this girl, whose name you know to be Elizabeth or Isabella, which are two forms of the same name, is a girl who is fluent in the languages of the Jews in Israel, including fluency in Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic. And she knows your language too with fluency, English. And she will be commanded and inspired to translate and publish whatever I teach her through you in all the languages that she knows well enough to translate to. And her principle audience shall be to My people Israel, who are her brethren and kinsmen. I Am the Lord.

As for the Emerald Trove, and the first Book of the Prophecies of Azurite, these will become sealed documents at the moment I take you from this land. She will have no access to them, except those which are recorded somewhere on the internet, which everything published on the internet is. The first book of the Prophecies of Azurite, and the fifteenth Book of the Emerald Trove are recorded there, as they are published on this public website,, but the first fourteen books of the Emerald Trove are held secret in a vault. To access those books, there will need to come future archeologists to discover and unearth them. I Am the Lord. For the neighborhood in which Eric currently lives shall be destroyed. Only various plants, such as the fig trees, the apple tree, and the ginkgo tree in the backyard of Eric’s house shall survive. Everything else will be buried in the rubble. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, I have just done the calculation, based on Your Word that I am to be taken away on Friday, May 21, 2021. And as we know, the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. However, Eric began receiving messages directly from God the day before that date, in a state of rapture, as he sat in the Church all day on that date, passing through several masses and Church services without moving from his seat. Hence, the beginning of Eric’s call to hear the Word of God by God directly speaking to him began on Saturday, July 22, 2017. And the span of tine from that date inclusive to the date that Eric is to be taken away, inclusive, by which his calling to prophesy directly unto the people ultimately ends, consists of exactly 1400 days, or 200 weeks, exactly. Lord, that is very exact. It is prophetic and poetic. Amen. There are now exactly 25 days left from today to that date. Lord, tell me the prophetic message behind the number 1400, and why it was chosen to be the number of days that I was to be given to prophesy unto your people?

14 is 2 times 7. It represents two weeks, or a fortnight. And 1400 is 14 times 100. A hundred represents the minimum number, in years, that a man should live in the Age to Come upon the earth, who dies as a mere youth. (Isaiah 65:20). For in the Age to Come, men on earth shall live as long as trees. (Isaiah 65:22). And thus, 100 years shall be the reckoned the length of a generation in that age, rather than the 20 to 30 years that are currently regarded as the usual length of time during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children of their own. Hence, 1400 years symbolizes 14 such generations within the Age of Millennium. It is to be the average length in years that a man should expect to live in the Age that is to come, provided that he not fall to commit serious transgressions or sins in that age, as the sacrament of confession shall no longer exist for men to be forgiven by. For in that age, it will be impossible to commit sin and keep one’s sins a secret. Amen. I Am the Lord. Thus, whenever anyone sins in that age, everyone will know of it. And considering the fragile weakness in men, few shall be the mortal men in that age that shall be able to survive beyond 14 generations, or 14 centuries from birth to death, during that Age called the Millennium. I Am the Lord. Nevertheless, in the age to come, men shall have full health and age like trees, and so also the women. Women will not start menstruating until they reach puberty at about a hundred years in age. And then they shall remain fertile for roughly the next nine centuries after their periods have begun, capable of bearing a new baby each year. Hence, the age at which a woman who can no longer conceive and bear young shall be reckoned as occurring at the the thousandth year in age. And during her lifetime, if married at age 100, she can expect to conceive and bear roughly 900 children, all of them fully healthy and born without pain, for the curse of pain at childbirth will have been taken away. Also, couple may never uses any form of birth control in the Age that is to come, for that will be strictly prohibited and punished immediately and severely. I Am the Lord. Also, no woman shall ever be infertile in that age, and no women shall ever have miscarriages.

Lord, will that be typical? Will the women of that age truly max out their reproductive abilities have about 900 pregnancies, bringing roughly 900 children into this world, per family? Yes, the women of that age who marry will indeed max out in producing all the children that they possibly can. For it will be purely pleasurable for them to do so, and there will be no pain in it for them, nor risk of death or any disease. So also shall the men of that age who have procreative abilities never lose their ability to impregnate a woman for as long as they live, providing that they remain free of sin. However, by sexual sins, a man’s ability to reproduce may end. And should a man have adulterous relations with a woman, or should he commit fornication, he will die. So shall a woman who seeks another woman’s husband in an adulterous affair also die. For no one who sins mortally in that age will live long upon the land. For judgement and justice shall be swiftly executed in the Age to Come. Whosoever transgresses My law shall die. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, will marriage be strictly enforced to be as purely monogamous relationships between one man and one woman? And if so, what is the meaning of Isaiah 4:1? For seven women will take hold of one man on that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our disgrace!”

Though the ideal indeed is that one man paired to one woman, We shall permit up to seven women to enter into concubinages with one man lawfully. I Am the Lord. For there may be, in certain places upon the earth, from time to time, insufficient suitable male partners to pair up for all the women who wish to have families to legitimately reproduce. And for such women, the institution of concubinage shall be reestablished. A concubine will be permitted to know another woman’s husband as her lover without the commission of sin, so that her children by him may be lawfully recognized as legitimate, but her status in society will be less than that of the primary wife, and she will not be permitted to go from man to man, but must remain with the man she is concubine to for life, just as though she were married to him. For she will be a kind of wife to him, just not his primary wife. Should a man have no wife, but only concubines, then by law, the concubine who has been bound to him the longest shall be made his lawful and primary wife. And the man is not permitted to marry someone else while he already has a wife or a concubine, though he may have up to seven concubines. I Am the Lord. And a man with a concubine will, thus, always have a wife, for should his wife die, his concubine whom he has had the longest shall be made his lawful and primary wife.

But great will be the obligation on the man who accepts concubines. And a man must carefully consider his own abilities prior to accepting a concubine, for it shall effect his longevity in the Age of Millennium. For a man who accepts a concubine enters into a pact with this woman to supply her with all the children she wishes to have, and he becomes obligated to continuously impregnate her by having sexual intercourse with her, for all her years in which she is fertile and able to reproduce. Failure to make her pregnant, as desired by his concubine, will result in that man’s death, provided that the women is still having her monthly periods. This obligation to have sex with her only ends when her monthly periods completely cease to occur. But if it is known that she is still ovulating, the man remains obligated to continue the sex act with her with the goal of producing more children. But also know this, the age of a thousand years is just an approximation of when an average woman in that Age will run out of eggs and become infertile. In fact, the age of fertility in some women may last for several millennia, and even some women will be blessed to ovulate continuously for life, no matter how long the live. For every woman shall be differently endowed. I Am the Lord. But a maximum of seven concubines will a man be permitted to have at any one time. And a concubine, once joined to a man, is to remain that man’s concubine for life, even should her periods end and she is no longer fertile. I Am the Lord.

And in the case where a concubine is infertile, but still able to enjoy the conjugal act with her husband, she is not permitted to deny him entry into her should he wish to enjoy that with her. Nor is he permitted to deny that to her, should she wish it from him. And in the case of several women bound to one man, the man must take turns with each of his women fairly, such that each women has at least one night with him each week. And also, orgies are not permitted. A man may have sex with only one woman at a time. He may not enjoy sexually two women in the same night. Hence, turns must be taken among the women who share the same man. But each concubine must have at least one night per week with her husband. I Am the Lord.

Hence, a concubine in that Age shall be guaranteed to have all the children she desires. But if that pact with that man is ever broken, by a failure on the part of the man to impregnate her, that man shall die by the swift judgement of God, and then that woman shall be free to marry or become a concubine to another man. For concubinage, like marriage, shall only end at the death of one of the two partners to the pact.

But a marriage shall be different to concubinage. A marriage can only be between one man and one woman. And in the marriage, the man and the woman can mutually agree to abstain from sex as often as they mutually agree to it. And they can make their marriage into a Josephite form of marriage as often as they please. But they are obligated to come back together in carnal relations with one another as soon as one of the two partners wishes it. Also, failure to make the wife pregnant on the part of the man, who has only the one wife and no concubines, will not result in his death, for the monogamous married life is the ideal mutual loving relationship between one man and one woman. And failures such as these in the married life are things for the couple to work out together themselves. And such things spouses can make pardons for or deal with as they agree to. However, failure to complete the conjugal act upon marriage to the woman to validly consummate the marriage shall nullify the marriage. I Am the Lord. However, in the case of pure Josephite marriages between virgins, their marriages are treated differently. In such couples, no sex shall be permitted for them. But should they fall from that lofty station to have sex, or to even attempt to have sex, then they shall be reclassified as a carnally married couple and become bound to the same set of laws that all couples are bound to in regular sexual marriages. I Am the Lord.

And remember that not all men are equally endowed. And for some men, achieving the conjugal act is simply not possible for them. And for such men, no marriage shall be permitted to them, not even the Josephite marriage that exists between virgins. For the married life can only be entered into by men and women capable of sexual intercourse. The inability to have intercourse will disqualify any person who wishes to marry.

And O’ Lord, how will a man prove that he is capable of sexual intercourse if he is a virgin and if he wishes to enter a Josephite marriage to another virgin, O’ Lord? His sexual past shall be inspected, lord Azurite. All normal males go through puberty with at least one ejaculation, whether self caused or nocturnal in nature. No secrets will be remain hidden. Hence, the absence of such an ejaculation in a male will prevent him from entering any marriage. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, all will be expected to seek to become sexually chaste, in accordance to the vocation in which they are designated to live. This means continence for celibate men. Men who are impure will face chastisement until they bring their sexual impurities under control. They will not be put to death, unless they deliberately break from God’s law on sexual purity and choose to wallow in the mire of their filth. But the man who struggles with impurity but who seeks to attain to the chastity of his calling, he shall not be put to death, though he may fall from time to time due to his weaknesses in the flesh.

However, the man who has sex with a woman unlawfully, either in adultery or in fornication, shall be put to death. And the man who has sex with another man shall be put to death. So also shall the woman be put to death who has sex unlawfully with a man willingly. But if the act was unwilling on her part, because she was raped, she will go unpunished, for she does not bear the guilt of that act in such cases. As for the woman who has sex with another woman, these shall be chastised and rebuked, but not put to death. For the sins of homosexuality only enter into the mortally sinful state at the point where either semen is ejaculated in the sex act, or else the attempt at such ejaculation is made regarding an XY person in that act. But as for acts between XX lesbians, these lack semen to release, and thus these do not reach the level defined as mortal sin. For the XX woman is incapable of having an ejaculation of semen, and thus, sex acts between two XX women do not, in themselves, lead to death. But as for men who change their sex to appear as women, these do not gain this pass, for an XY person can never make himself XX, nor vice versa. Hence the man who makes himself to appear as a woman, shall still die by any sex act that he has or attempts to have, by his attempt at sexual release alone. For the attempt at sexual ejaculation of semen in a XY person carries with it the same penalty as the achieved act of it, as far as the penalty of death is determined in My judgements of impurity and their consequences. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, since you speak of people living in the Millennium beyond the definition of the word, millennium, which literally means a thousand years, just how long shall this age of Millennium come to last, O’ Lord? And will I and my virgin wife live into it?

It shall span over two thousand years, directly mirroring the Church Age. And popes shall reign through it in papacies that last for centuries. You and your wife, though, shall be of the First Resurrection, those who are raised in imperishable flesh to serve Me as priests in My Kingdom for the entire Age of Millennium. Those of the First Resurrection shall be seen from time to time by the mortals, but not permanently, just as Jesus appeared to His people after the Resurrection, but did not remain with them visibly. So also shall it be that way for those of the First Resurrection. And all those of the First Resurrection shall have incorruptible flesh and be in their full and eternal enjoyment of the Beatific Vision of God.

Hence, your time comes to an end at the end of the Great Tribulation, at which point both you and your wife will be translated to heaven. And no more shall your flesh be seen upon the earth except in transfigured forms. Amen.

Hence, the Age of Millennium is another Age of Mankind upon the earth, one that is provided especially for My Own people, the Jews, to repopulate the earth so that I might obtain elect from Abraham’s seed, as was promised to him. For the Jews were largely excluded from salvation history during the Church Age. The Age of Millennium is designed to correct that flaw.

And I will allow technological breakthroughs to develop to enable human life on earth to continue to multiply. And there is a reason why I put in the Law of Moses the specific permission for My people to eat locusts, katydids, crickets, and grasshoppers. (Leviticus 11:22). This was so that My people would have a viable means of meeting their protein needs in an age where growing beef to feed humans becomes prohibitively expensive and taxing on natural resources. That age will definitely come in an age where the average Jewish woman adds roughly 900 children to her people, born from her womb in her lifetime in 900 separate pregnancies. And also realize that in that age, only those who are many centuries old and those who commit serious sins will be dying.

Lord, if the age to come is for the Jews to repopulate the world, what about the Gentile survivors who live into that age? They too will have families and reproduce, but they will find themselves not as prolific as the Jewish women are. But not all people will be called to the married life. There will still be that calling to celibacy and virginity for those who are able to live to that higher calling. And those that do will receive the higher reward in heaven.

This post now comes to its conclusion. And you have been told many things. I will write again through you tonight. But now you must go home, for there is still a curfew. And you must eat your dinner. Amen. So go home now, Eric. And publish this post as is. for it is complete. And it is God breathed with My Word. Amen.

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