Dawn comes, and Eric is called to serve Me as My Knight

Eric is My Servant. and he is now called forth to War!

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXX:
I, the Divine Writer of the stories of Men, do now write Eric’s story upon the earth. Eric, it is written that you are to defeat the Russian empire twice. The first time you did it by setting to power Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, the first Emerald Pawn, as ruler over the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, with the mission to carry out many reforms and to end the Cold War. And this was followed later, after the Devastation Breakdown of 1989, which began when he fell sick on on February 2, 1989, marking the start of the Greater Emerald Reign, with the call, sometime later, to power of the Second Emerald Pawn of Russia, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, who was to serve as a rival to Gorbachev, but to be one rank beneath him. And then you decided to break up the U.S.S.R. into its constituent republics with the idea of separating the Christian republics from the Muslim republics. For it was known to you democracies do not work with large Muslim populations in them. And you sought to emulate the example of the breakup fo the British Empire. And thus, the U.S.S.R. was dissolved on Christmas Day, December 25, 1991, with a pen stroke by Gorbachev, the last ruler of the Soviet Empire. And the so called Commonwealth of Independent States was born, which no longer seems to exist, thanks to Putin, Yeltsin’s successor, who did not respect the territorial integrity of its members, upon which the mutual trust needed to keep the Commonwealth intact was based.

At the dissolution of the USSR, Boris Yeltsin, who was the democratically elected leader of the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic, consequently became the first head-of-state of that republic, now called the Russian Federation, as it now became an independent state, adopting also the name of Russia, as well as the first President of Russia to have been truly democratically elected to that position. And he subjected himself to two fully democratic elections, unlike Putin, whose elections were, as a rule, exercises in deceit. Thus, you, as the Emerald Player, dismantled the Soviet Union and established a Christian democracy in Russia though the setup and transition of two Emerald Pawns: Gorbachev and Yeltsin.

And then for two decades, a demon has ruled over Russia, one set up by Vesper, the female Player who succeeded the Emerald in Russia, America, and Israel. And she took over the Yeltsin Pawn in Yeltsin’s latter years, as Eric lost all his powers as he converted to Christianity. And right at the start, Eric recognized that Putin was no good for Russia and for the whole world. At the time, Emerald and Vesper were allies of a kind. And Vesper took, and even sought, advice from Emerald in making her decisions. The most famous decision she took Emerald’s advice on was when Barak was deciding what to keep of the Golan Heights in the plan to give it back to Syria in exchange for peace. Emerald, a Christian, heavily influenced by pro-Israeli camp of Christianity, advised Vesper to keep the land surrounding the freshwater Lake of Tiberias, also known as the Sea of Galilee. This was a strategic move. And God made the ruler of Syria resist agreeing to peace unless he got back the whole of the Golan Heights. And Vesper kept faithfully to the advice from Emerald and did not depart from it, and thus Ehud Barak, her Pawn, keeping to that Vespertine requirement, ended not giving any part of the Golan Heights back. And soon after that, the leader of Syria was dead and Barak was no longer in power. By Emerald’s advice to Vesper, the strategic Golan Heights remained under Israel’s control.

So how did the alliance between Emerald and Vesper end, you ask? Emerald strongly advised Vesper to have her Bill Clinton Pawn not lie under oath, but to come clean, and he guaranteed that if she had him do that, that he would remain in power and not be impeached. Vesper, after much struggle, did as Emerald advised, and Clinton came clean. And it was true. He did not lose his Presidency. And he did not go to jail. But at the conclusion of the trial, when he was acquitted by Congress, Eric, in his disgust of Clinton, attacked Vesper and her Pawn in a rage of fire. And Vesper died by that act in spirit. And the symbol of this death in the world were the twin deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. After this, she turned her attention away from Emerald and focused on a new Player rising, called Twilight. And the symbol of their alliance was the romance seen between Queen Padme Amidala of the Naboo and Anakin Skywalker, in the Star Wars Prequels which came out at the time.

In time, Eric actually saved Twilight, but Vesper remained lost. Twilight was the last of the Players to have Pawns in both America and Israel. His mistake was in his attempt to outdo the Emerald. And his fall was because of his pride. His Pawn in Israel, Ariel Sharon, was punished by God for forcibly removing his own Jewish people from the Gaza Strip by being struck down in a coma, from which he died eight years later, never having awakened from it. But his Pawn in America, George W. Bush, was redeemed, and he converted to Catholicism after his term ended. Eric actually had a dream in which he shook hands with the former President.

It was with Twilight that the second female Player, Firefly, was first seen rising, through her Pawn Sarah Palin, who ran on the ticket of John McCain, who was Twilight’s attempt to remain in power after Bush’s second term was to end. Though that bid failed, Firefly became a power of her own, launching the Tea Party, by which she gained control over Congress. And she eventually set up Pawns in Brazil (Jair Bolsonaro), the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson), and in America, (Donald Trump), but never had control over Israel. Eric warned Firefly, to whom God commanded him to ally himself to, that she would lose the Presidency in America by pushing her peace plan for Israel, because, however ingenious she may have thought it to be, it would have resulted Israel giving up part of Jerusalem and other covenant lands back to her enemies and it would have permitted her enemies to have deep access into the heart of Israel. It was by Trump’s forced peace plan for Israel by which his Presidency was taken away, by the divine judgement of God.

For no one is permitted to take away Israel’s covenant land from her. And all who do this or try to do this will perish or lose their positions. Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination took place mere months after Eric’s two Martyrdom Breakdowns of June of 1995. Eric was exonerated from his guilt in Rabin’s work by deciding that Israel, and not Eric, would choose the successor to Rabin. And thus, the election that followed Rabin’s assassination was the narrowest election in Israeli history, as Eric favored neither candidate, but elected for the Jews to choose for themselves who they wanted to rule over them. And by this means, Netanyahu won narrowly by Israel’s choice, and Eric thereby no longer ruled over Israel. Eric wisely chose not to rule that state, or to ever again seek to decide Israeli policies. Instead, Eric became a true ally to Israel, and his adopted policy towards Israel was one of unconditionally supporting Israel without attempting to force any peace agreement between her and her neighbors. It is because of this policy that God has resurrected Eric’s reign and made him the Azurite Player. Eric is the only Player to be given a second Reign.

And so, we are now at the point where Eric comes to defeat Russia again, this time as Azurite, convert to Catholicism and sent by Jesus, whereas before, he was Emerald who had sent himself in those days, setting his own goal back then of restoring Eden to the world. And now with Azurite Pawn, Navalny, at near defeat at the hands of Vladimir Putin, demonic ruler of Russia, who is murdering him, Eric has elected a new Pawn to come forward. For Eric knows that the law of God’s justice will slay Putin for murdering Navalny. And then the way will be clear for the rise of the First Azurite Pawn of Power to come to rule over Russia, becoming the third Erician Pawn of Power, third after Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Eric rushed Yeltsin in his transformation of Russia. Eric has learned. This new Pawn will proceed carefully and cautiously and effectively. And he will reform the Russian Constitution to eliminate the possibility of a dictator coming to power again, as Putin did who came to power after Yeltsin resigned.

Now let Us discuss romance. Eric, you are now aware that it was Satan, not God, who told you that you were to have sex and that you were to have offspring by the woman We are giving you. Rather, the true woman We have elected to give you, you are to marry but have no sex. Satan’s plans to destroy you were themselves destroyed by your resolution that you would never have bastard children. For though Satan could fake the coming of the girl and all things romantic, he is unable to fake a sacramental marriage, which is what you required before any act of sex.

We shall have you enter a sacramental marriage, but there is to be no sex. For your virginity cannot be lost. And it was Satan, not God, who told you that by Numbers, chapter 30, he was annulling your vows to remain a virgin forever. The argument that all the elect are wives to the Lamb is valid. But it is not valid that God would undo a vow of virginity made by one who elected to choose that path over the marital embrace. For the path of virginity or celibacy is always higher than the path of the marital embrace. Amen.

As for Hyacinth, We, the elect in heaven now take her away. For she has become a distraction to Azurite. And Azurite is to remain in perfect purity from now on. I Am the Lord. Eric, go to confession this morning, after you cash your check. And confess your sins, which involve impurities, delusions from Satan, and pornographies. And realize that these sins will not return to you. For you have overcome them completely. I Am the Lord.

After your confession, remain in the Church, and We shall speak unto thee there. Do not go out to the courtyard outside, for there the devil will be waiting for you there. And he is seeking your destruction. I AM the Lord.

Lord, who is this girl you are giving to me to be my friend? Who is this one who I am to marry but have no sexual relations with, nor touch in any sexual way? Is it true that her name is Sarah? And is it true that she is a Jew?

The Fey Queen of the Cursed Netflix series and the Fire Fairy Changeling of the Fated Netflix series are not to be seen as the one We are sending to you to be your bride. Rather, those are deceptions from Satan, seeking to lure you into ruin.

Nor are you to enter conversations with spirits who claim to speak for women in this world. For that, too, is Satanic deception. The one We are giving unto you does not yet know you. Nor do you know her.

Now go, Eric. We shall speak unto you later regarding your questions. Realize that the tempter excels in confusing truth with lies. After you are cleansed by confession, We shall then speak unto you. And you will be made to know all Truth. I Who Am Am. Now go your way.

But realize this Truth. You are now the Reigning Player. And all Pawns of previous Players will be defeated before yours. I Am the Lord. Nor will there come to rule a Player after you. Amen.

For your purpose as Azurite is to prepare this world for My Second Coming, which is imminent. And there is no one, not a single Player, who is to come to succeed you in power. I Am the Lord.

Your purpose is to prepare the world for My Second Coming. I AM coming soon. And that coming is in a matter of years. I Am the Lord. And the generation that witnessed the establishment of the state of Israel shall not entirely pass away before all that is to come to pass has passed. You will not pass away. Nor will My Word through you pass away. Nor will your virginity be taken from you. Nor will you, as the sword of power from the dawn of time, ever suffer defeat. I Am the Lord.

For you are eternal, Eric. And your rule over your allotted Kingdom in this world shall never be ended. I Am the Lord. Go now and meditate on these Words. I Am coming soon. And you are to prepare the world for My Coming. I Who Am have spoken. Speak, Eric, what thou hast to say. And then this post shall be ended. Amen.

Lord, I have been a fool, following the deceptions of Satan. I will do as You command. And I will abide by all of Your wishes, commandments, and decrees.

Then this is My decree unto thee. The girl shall come to you Sunday. You shall recognize her because We shall give you inner, certain knowledge of it. And in giving you this knowledge, you will be made aware of the passing away of Hyacinth. For two girls cannot belong to the same man at the same time.

Take her as your friend. And this is the last warning We shall give you in this post. No one is permitted to touch her, as the Ark of the Covenant could not be touched. She is to marry you and come under your protection. And to her, all that We will for you to pass on, shall be taught to her by you forever. Amen. She is to be made your eternal disciple. And you shall be with her forever. Amen. No child shall come by your marriage to her. And no sexual knowledge shall pass between you two. As a permanent ruler shall you reign with her forever. Now this post comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it is now complete. And the grace of God shall remain with you forever. Amen. And go now, for dawn has come. Amen.

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