A girl Eric admires

Something about this picture bewitches Eric and puts him into a spell

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXIX:
Many are the images of girls Eric has seen and viewed, but one certain image bewitches him and puts him into a spell. What it is about her, Eric does not know. But he finds her absolutely beautiful. As the Mona Lisa was to Leonardo da Vinci, consider this image to have the same effect on Eric.

Lord, do You think I should get out and date women? I know what Your answer will be, but I am just throwing out that question so that the audience can hear Your answer. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening.

We are in the process of sending you the girl whom you are assigned to marry. When she arrives, then you may date that one, the one We have elected to grant you. But to no other shall We permit you to go out with. I AM the Lord.

And O’ Lord, just for clarification, not that it really matters. But does the girl you are sending me to marry have even a passing resemblance to the image of the girl that bewitches me at the top of this post? We shall let you be the judge of that when you see her, lord Eric. Remember that We Who Are never give out clues as to who the girl is or where one might look to find her. For if We did that We would endanger Our plans. For many, I tell you, would seek her out, if they had enough clues to find her with. Amen.

Lord, I have been impure. What is My situation? How do I move forward? No, Eric, you have not been impure. Nor have you transgressed. And We have now assigned the girl who is to be yours and when she is to come to you. And her coming is now imminent. Be prepared, Eric, to receive a girl who almost fits the description and image of the one who so enraptured you that you put her picture at the top of this post. I Am the Lord.

Lord, this is good. Then what follows this? And by what sign am I to know that the girl has come, and that she is from You? By this sign, you will know she is from heaven. The heavenly light that illuminates your life by her presence and entrance into it shall cast out all deceptions from your life. And you shall then see with perfect clarity. I Am the Lord.

Lord, am I to rule over a Kingdom here or hereafter? And does my son rule or inherit my throne, as a second King of a Two King Dynasty?

Your rulership, O’ Larimar King, shall consist of the power you exert through your Pawns. And you have now called forth four new ones to rise:

The Four Azurite Pawns of Power that are now to Rise

  1. One in Russia to replace Navalny, and to rule over that nation and reform the Constitution.
  2. One in South Africa to rule over that nation and bring peace and the fair sharing of resources throughout Africa.
  3. One in America, to restore the Republican Party, and to make it a party for all races and to put an end to the LGBTQ movement.
  4. One in China to end the persecution of the Catholic Church, and to bring China back into the community of nations, ushering in global cooperation and the Age of the Floating Cities, referring to the many space stations that are to come to be to orbit the earth. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, the Azurite Kingdom was myth. And the only real Kingdom upon the earth was the exercise of setting up Pawns and ruling through them?

Correct, lord Azurite. For no one ever truly owns any land. Instead, men are briefly given authority over lands and peoples. But none of this lasts forever.

But in the hereafter, I shall give you a divine appointment. And to that appointment I assign you in the hereafter, from that you shall never depart. And you shall reign with Me in heaven for all eternity. And all My elect are equal before Me. None is greater than the other. For all My elect I equally love. And this now brings My message here in this post to its conclusion.

And realize that you, Eric, are loved. I have loved you from all eternity. And I have set you where you are now destined to go. Go as you are commanded. Lay with the wife We give unto thee. And have the prophesied offspring that you are to have by her. And before you enter into your retirement, you shall see all that I have prophesied through you fulfilled.

Furthermore, the girl We are giving you shall be fertile to produce but two children by two pregnancies. And though you may continue to know her and enjoy her sexually, after the second child is born to her, no further shall she conceive or bear children. I Am the Lord.

Now, go and do as I have commanded thee. And realize that before you go and fulfill whatever it was that you promised Hyacinth, We are taking her away and giving you Sarah in her place. This post now comes to is conclusion. Do you have any questions to ask Me, lord Azurite?

(1) Yes, Lord. Do I still buy that Avalon Hybrid?

Yes, by this Christmas, you shall have the money, and I recommend that you do in fact buy that Avalon Hybrid, and get the 2022 model. I Am the Lord.

(2) Is the COVID-19 epidemic to come to an end, O’ Lord? And if so, when?

When I take away Joe Biden from this world, all the deaths that are being caused by COVID-19 shall also come to an end. For Joe Biden is the beast. And his being taken away will signal that the End of the Great Tribulation has finally come. And then the Great Restoration will be in full gear. And you shall see that both Russia and Israel will have converted to Catholicism. And the world shall then enter into its glory state. Amen.

(3) Will I have a long line of descendants, O’ Lord?

Through your daughter, a line of descendants of Eric shall persist unto the end of time. As for your son, he shall serve Me as a celibate, virgin priest. And he shall lead, like you, the world to its glory state.

(4) And will the Second Prophet, the one called Lazurite, now call forth his Pawn to rule over Israel? And shall Lazurite, therefore, become a Twelfth Player of the game called, Earth?

Indeed, lord Azurite, Lazurite has already risen and begun to rule. And Israel is already on the verge of converting en masse to Catholicism. And when you see this sign, realize that the days of the deliverance of Israel are come. And that the Age of the Great Restoration is at hand.

Behold, the Age of the Floating Cities is upon Us. It is now time that Mankind realizes his place before God. And all who do so will live long and prosper in the Age that is now to come upon the land.

When you see the rise of Pope John XXIV, who shall be Cardinal Burke, realize that winter has passed, and that the summer has now come. Amen.

Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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