Eric is celibate forever. He now takes the higher path to heaven.

Let he who can accept celibacy accept it. (Matthew 19:12)

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXVII:
Behold, Eric has found the Way, and the Way he has found is the celibate way, which leads to a Kingdom in heaven. Eric will remain a virgin forever. For the virgin and celibate way lead to the greater reward, and to walk that path is to walk the path of everlasting Life. I Am the Lord.

Lord, how might I serve Your Kingdom? What would You have me do to be made worthy of eternal life in Your Kingdom? What must I do to be truly made Your servant, O’ Lord and Almighty God? For it seems to me, O’ Lord, that I am not yet incorporated into Your Kingdom and made a part of it. I do not yet have a role to play in serving Your people or Your Church. Was I ever given a mission or a directive to follow, O’ Lord?

This is what you shall do, My servant Eric. Prophesy whatever is given unto thee to say. And write whatever is commanded of you. And serve Me in the job that you have been given to serve as your livelihood. And I will come swiftly on an unknown day and hour and take you away. For your time is come. And you may no longer live here, except for the short time provided for you to fulfill My will for you. Amen.

For I Am taking you away. You are no longer imprisoned, but are free. And whatever it was that you were meant to learn in this life, no further purpose on earth do you serve. And what you have accomplished has gained you treasure in heaven. If you wish it, you may meet with any person you wish to meet from your past before We take you away to heaven.

Lord, I know nobody. There is no one special in my past that I wish to meet again. For you, Eric, are as a ship that has passed through this life without ever docking at any port. And so, to you, no one in this world has any real existence. Only God, Mary, and a few others in heaven exist for you. But as for the people in this world, they might as well have been just decorations or robots, as far as you ever really knew.

Lord, did Thou expect me to get to know any human being in my life upon the planet? No, lord Azurite, for only I, the Lord God in heaven, were you expected to find and to come to know and to serve. And you have found Me, completing the purpose for which you were placed in this world. I Who Am have spoken.

Furthermore, it is now your destiny to rule one third of the Lord’s Kingdom under Him. And why one third, you ask? It is because the Red Dragon swept a third of the stars from heaven, a third of the Kingdom was lost to Satan. (Revelation 12:4). And you, who were once Antichrist and who converted and became saved, have restored that third back to Me. Therefore, King Azurite, Emerald King, you are to rule one third of all the lands upon the earth. And now I shall define that third that is handed over to you to rule.

(1) Kingdom of Emerald, ruled eternally by Eric, the Emerald King, the Azurite King. And his eternal dominion consists of the following lands.

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Quebec (which shall leave Canada)
  4. Greenland (which shall leave Denmark)
  5. Haiti
  6. The Dominican Republic
  7. The Bahamas
  8. The European Union (26 of the 27 members as of 2021) consisting of:
    (1. Austria, 2. Belgium, 3. Bulgaria, 4. Croatia, 5. Czech Republic, 6. Denmark, 7. Estonia, 8. Finland, 9. France, 10. Germany, 11. Greece, 12. Hungary, 13. Ireland, 14. Italy, 15. Latvia, 16. Lithuania, 17. Luxembourg, 18. Malta, 19. Netherlands (Holland), 20. Poland, 21. Portugal, 22. Romania, 23. Slovakia, 24. Slovenia, 25. Spain, 26. Sweden)*
  9. Albania
  10. Andorra
  11. Armenia
  12. Azerbaijan
  13. Belarus
  14. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  15. Georgia
  16. Iceland
  17. Kosovo
  18. Liechtenstein
  19. Moldova
  20. Monaco
  21. Montenegro
  22. North Macedonia
  23. Norway
  24. The Russian Federation (Russia)
  25. San Marino
  26. Serbia
  27. Switzerland
  28. Thrace (European Turkey)
  29. Ukraine
  30. United Kingdom
  • Cyprus, though a member of the European Union, is not a member of the Emerald Kingdom, as it is handed over to Israel to be eternally part of the dominion of the Israeli Kingdom. Amen
  • Note also that the Vatican City is not a part of the Kingdom of Emerald, as its rulers surpass the authority of the Emerald, and to the pope in Rome does the Emerald yield to in all matters of faith and morals. I Am the Lord.

And the list of official languages to the Emerald Kingdom shall consist of the following main languages to serve as lingua francas:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Ukrainian
  8. Polish
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch

Lord, will Thou cure me of all my afflictions? Or will Thou take me to heaven in my uncured state?

We are taking you away to heaven soon, lord Azurite, for you cease to have a purpose here. You no longer need to be in this world. Amen.

Lord, by soon, do you mean days, weeks, months, years, or more? After the next pope in installed, the one to take the papal name of John, and to be called Pope John XXIV, We are taking you to heaven. And then you shall no longer be seen in the land. I Am the Lord. Now go and prepare your breakfast, lord Azurite, for you have completed this post. I Who Am have spoken. And publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

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