Eric, a question We have for thee.

Eric, who is symbolized by the moon, shall reign forever over one third of the Kingdom of the Christ. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXV:
Eric, We, the Triune God, wish to ask thee a simple question. Wilt thou keep to thy virgin state, or will thou lay with the woman We give thee if commanded to do so by God? If God commanded it, I would obey, but only after careful discernment by which I knew that it is God, and not Satan, who uttered the command, O’ Lord.

Then it is by obedience by which you have remained a virgin for all these fifty years you have lived. And it shall be by obedience that you shall enter into the girl We give you at the appointed time that she is predestined to conceive and bear John, son of Eric, who We will to come to be by this union. I AM the Lord.

Eric, thus, shall obey his Lord. Eric is not like Esau who traded away his birthright for a single meal. Rather, Eric is like Abraham, who went forth to sacrifice his son because God had commanded it of him. He who kept himself a virgin for fifty years out of obedience to his Lord shall give up this virginity when commanded to do so, so that the one who is to come from his loins may come from him by natural means. I Am the Lord. Eric, the coming of this girl is very soon. And just as it was permitted for the High Priest to, once a year, enter into the Holy of Holies to where the Ark of the Covenant was kept, at a time I designate, you shall be permitted to come to your wife and to know her, entering the marital embrace with her so that she will conceive a son by you, and this son you shall name John. Amen.

By your obedience to Us, the Triune God, in this matter, none of the gifts, titles, rulerships, knowledge, or access to Me shall you lose or forfeit when you have this act of sex with the one We give you in marriage exactly as and when We command this of you. We Who Are have spoken.

Eric, We Who Are shall command you when you are to lay with this woman to beget the prophesied son. Furthermore, for your son to have a companion, growing up, We shall command you again, after he is born, to lay with your wife again, and she will then conceive again, and produce a girl child, who shall serve as a sister to your son, John. And the name given to this girl shall be Hyacinth.

Lord, why call this girl Hyacinth? For was not the one Eric called Hyacinth a Nigerian romance scammer? I Who Am have elected to take that name away from her and apply it to your daughter. For the name of Hyacinth is good, and it is not to be wasted on one who deceived you. Hence, the name of your daughter shall be Hyacinth. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, by Your decision that I am to have a daughter called Hyacinth, You have opened up the possibility for the bloodline of Eric to continue through her, should she marry and have children of her own. For John, son of Eric, is to remain a celibate virgin, and he is to become a Roman Catholic priest. You are correct, lord Azurite. Your bloodline shall continue though your daughter Hyacinth, but not your male lineage, which is to end with John. I Who Am have spoken.

Note that these two children, John and Hyacinth, are to come to be born to you and your wife Sarah by your obedience to Me, and not by any lustful desires for the flesh on your part, lord Azurite. And because it will be out of obedience that these two children come to be born, by two separate pregnancies, these two children shall grow up holy and devout to Me, their Lord. And they will not sin nor transgress any of My laws, but will be holy all the days of their life. Amen.

Eric, your computers are aging. After We conclude this post, We shall direct you on buying a new computer. I AM the Lord. And the computers you buy now are all Mac computers. Do as We command of thee. Amen. We shall lead you in deciding what to get. Amen.

Furthermore, you are going to be made an employee of the company you work for very soon. And in the process, you shall receive your second raise. I Am the Lord. For you are the brains of the company where you work. All their technology that they sell is based on the work that you do for them. But as it is how I made the world, no man is ever entirely self sufficient. Everyone needs other people to do things that they themselves cannot do. And this leads to having good neighbors, living in a community, and working as a team. For the man who works alone accomplishes nothing. All men need others. Even Adam in the Garden of Eden was not left there by himself, but was given Eve to be his helper. (Genesis 2:18). I Am the Lord.

This is My promise unto thee. As long as you keep all My statutes and decrees faithfully, you shall live forever upon the land that I Am giving to you and your wife. And the two of you shall retain your youthful appearances and health forever. For you and your wife shall be as two immortals upon the earth, living together as I command of thee. Amen. But as for sexual union, this shall be done only to beget your son John, followed soon afterwards by your daughter Hyacinth. And after these two are born, you shall cease all sexual activity with your wife, and regard her as holy. And never shall it come to pass that you use any form of birth control or contraceptive with your wife. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I fully agree to do all that Thou command of me. Good, now let Us change the subject. We wish to discuss your first Azurite Pawn in Russia, Alexei Navalny, who doctors now say may die within days, and at any moment now he might die. Lord, he showed great promise. Are you going to let him die? And what then shall become of Vladimir Putin, the demonic being who has been in possession of Russia now for over two decades? Alexei Navalny was a good man, but We shall raise up a better man to serve as the first Azurite Pawn who is to rule over Russia. And as for Vladimir Putin, who will be the one who took the life of Navalny, there shall be therefore a life for a life. Putin will thus pay with his own life the debt he owes to God for taking the life of Navalny. I AM the Lord. For no man gets away with murder. I AM the Lord.

I Am raising up a new Pawn to come and rule over the Russian state. And he shall be good and not corrupt. For Eric is coming to rule over Russia again, as he once ruled through his Emerald Pawns, Gorbachev and Yeltsin. But this time, Eric shall be ruling with the wisdom of a seasoned Roman Catholic. In his previous rulership over Russia, Eric ruled as Emerald, who was not yet with Me, but heavily deceived by Satan, and not yet a Christian. Now Eric is saved.

What folly have you become, Vladimir Putin? For you thought you could defeat the Azurite King by murdering his first Pawn? All you did was to merely justify God in taking away your life in the process. Now you shall die for your murder of Navalny. God is your judge, and He shall be your executioner. And you shall die because you took the life of another. Did you really think Eric was only capable of calling forth one Pawn? Rather, Eric can call forth all the Pawns he pleases. I AM the Lord.

Lord, let there come to rise to power in Russia one who will bring peace and Catholicism to all of Russia. And let it be through this one’s hand that Russia enjoys the conversion of Russia prophesied by Our Lady of Fatima, along with the period of peace that this conversion is to bring to the whole world. And let this ruler reform Russian law and the Russian constitution, making it so that there are three branches of government established, an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch, and that no one man can ever come again to control all of Russia. And let it be the case that the chief executive can be elected only two times, to serve at most, only two terms as ruler of Russia. And let those two terms consist of but four years each. And let this be written in the new Constitution of Russia. And let this new Constitution, once ratified, become hard to change, and that one man does not have the power to change it.

It will be done exactly as you have requested. And let the reader understand, Eric has now called forth a new Pawn of Russia to rise and become the third Erician Pawn to rule over Russia, the first two having been Gorbachev of the U.S.S.R. and Yeltsin, who brought true democracy to Russia for the first time in history. Amen. And this will also be the first Azurite Pawn to come to power. I Am the Lord. Little men, like Vladimir Putin, should realize that they cannot defeat Eric by wiping out his Pawn. For Eric will simply call forth another. And then divine justice shall be carried out against the one who committed the murder. For did not Herod who killed the Holy Innocents in his attempts to destroy the baby Jesus also himself die not too long after he had committed that act? So also shall it be the case for anyone who gets in Eric’s way. I Am the Lord.

Lord, what about South Africa? Do I do anything for the people there? For back in 1989, when the Whites ruled over South Africa, a Black man came to me in Spirit and asked me to do something about South Africa. And I later called that Black man Ebony, who was the power behind the rise of Nelson Mandela. And I then called forth Frederick de Klerk with the mission that he was to end Apartheid. But I rushed him too fast, and democracy came to all the Black people of South Africa without the necessary protections of a good Constitution and clear separations of power. And the result is that a form of Black demonic control has taken possession over South Africa similar to how Vladimir Putin has taken over Russia. What do I do for that people, O’ Lord? Or do I do anything for them, as South Africa is not a part of the Azurite Kingdom, which consists only of Northern Christendom?

Issue your decree for a Pawn to rise up in South Africa, lord Azurite.

Let a ruler rise up in South Africa who will be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who will put a final end to all corruption throughout all of South Africa. And let this ruler bring peace and cooperation and the fair sharing of resources in Africa between all the various Black, White, and colored peoples. And let him bring an end to rhino poaching and elephant poaching, and serve to protect the natural wildlife, which serves to attract tourists to come to visit Africa, and thereby, to bring prosperity to those who serve in that industry. And let this one leader lead the rest of Africa to bring about the end of its bloody wars and to bring about a policy of sharing the earth’s natural resources among all Mankind in a fair and equal basis. And let this leader bring about an end to slavery in all its forms, for it is written in the Holy Scriptures, “Do not be called, ‘Master’, for you have but one Master, the Messiah.” (Matthew 23:10).

As you have commanded Me, so shall it be. Thus shall an Azurite Pawn rise up in South Africa, becoming the second Erician Pawn to rule that land, the first one having been Frederick de Klerk. I Am the Lord. Amen. Now, O’ Lord, I wish to have a Pawn rise in America to reclaim America from the abominable LGBTQ and their wicked and evil agenda. Speak, lord Azurite. Call forth your Pawn for America.

Let there rise up in the United States of America, a leader in the Republican Party who shall unite the conservative and holy base of all races and nations within America to unite and take back their nation from the wicked who have lied to them, saying that two men can marry, when that is clearly impossible, but a dagger stabbed into the back of the religious by those who defy God and who have no religion. Let this ruler be President for the Blacks, for the Whites, for the Asians, for the Hispanics, for the native Americans, and for all peoples of America, whether full citizens or people seeking to lawfully become citizens of this one nation under God.

As you have commanded Me, so shall it be done. This shall be the first called forth Erician Pawn of the USA. For the leaders, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, were used as Pawns, but Eric never called them forth. I AM the Lord. And Eric, We notice how you call forth no ruler to rise up in Israel, where ruled the fourth called forth Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin. Lord, I cannot enter Israel again, for it is written, whosoever tries to lift that stone will severely hurt himself. (Zechariah 12:3).

You are correct, lord Azurite. For only a Jew is permitted to rule in that nation. I Am the Lord. You will not touch it nor go near it, except for that union I will have you have with your wife, for she is to be a Catholic of Jewish descent. You are wise, therefore, lord Azurite, not to mess with My covenant people and their covenant land. Instead, I AM raising up another Prophet like you, who shall be Jewish. He shall be the Twelfth Player of the game called Earth. And he shall be the one you call Lazurite. It shall be this Lazurite who shall call forth the Lazurite Pawn who is to rule Israel for the next thirty years. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I wish to set to power a ruler over China. for China must be dealt with. And the policy of abortion and infanticide in that nation must be brought to an end. Good, lord Azurite. Issue now your decree, and realize that this shall be the fourth Azurite Pawn who shall come to power and rule. Amen.

Let a Christian and Catholic ruler rise up in China, putting an end to the reign of Satan over that nation. And let this ruler correct its state policy toward the Catholic Church, letting the Catholic Church, not the Chinese government, decide all matters that regard the Catholic Church in China, including who are appointed to be bishops and cardinals in that nation. And let this ruler end the mandate that all Chinese learn Mandarin, and return to allow all Chinese to speak whatever Chinese dialect it is that they speak. For lingual diversity is a strength, not a weakness. And under this ruler’s leadership, let China be permitted to join their space technology in full cooperation with NASA. And let, then, this era become then known as the Age of the Floating Cities, as many space stations are set up in orbit around the earth, serving the needs of scientific research, the manufacturing of products in space, and the space tourist industry, for those rich tourists who have deep pockets.

And by this means, Eric, you will accomplish your mission to bring the gospel to be preached throughout all the world. (Matthew 24:14). And I shall grant you to reign as Azurite for a single generation. After that generation is passed, I Am taking you to enter your eternal position in My Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. This is a decree of the Lord. It cannot be undone. And on earth, after you are taken away, Mankind shall be subjected to the final trial. And at an unknown day and hour, it will be seen in the heavens that I shall be coming back, together with all My armies, riding on white horses, and with Eric also with Me, riding on his white horse.

For Eric is the Prophet whom I Am sending ahead of Me to prepare the world for My Second Coming. And through Eric shall I restore all things before I come again. (Matthew 17:10-11). Such is all that I will say in this post. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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