Eric I command to go forth and conquer.

In perfect purity and splendor shall the virgin daughter of Israel be set on high for all to see.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXIV:
Lord, I am here to do as You command of me. I am here to obey You. What is Thy bidding my Master? Lord Azurite, what is thine will? Dost thou truly wish to comply with all My directives and to never touch the woman whom We are giving thee in perfect sacred, holy, and virgin union? I will it and I wish it, O’ Lord, to be exactly as Thou hast said it. Good, from now on We make you as King over one third of the Kingdom of Christ. Hence, the House of Eric shall govern a third of the earth. And of the House of Eric, there shall reign you, its first King, along with John, son of Eric, the celibate second King of your dynasty, and the virgin Sarah, who shall be called the eternal consort of Eric and the Queen Mother to John, son of Eric. Amen. The three of you shall reign as a holy family forever over the Kingdom of Azurite, which will govern a third of the Kingdom of the Christ on the new earth. Amen. Now We shall detail unto exactly which is this third of the land given over to the House of Eric to rule over forever. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of the Azurite, ruled forever by the House of Eric, of which consists Eric, the first Azurite King, and John, second King of the Azurite Dynasty, and the virgin Sarah, eternal consort to Eric and Queen Mother to John, son of Eric. This ruling family shall rule forever one third of all of the Kingdom of the Christ. Oracle of the Lord!

And why one third, you ask? That is the portion of stars taken away by the Red Dragon, the portion of the Kingdom that was lost to Satan. (Revelation 12:4). For remember that Eric is the Antichrist par Excellence who was redeemed and saved. He did not come to Me empty handed. No, by no means was this the case! Rather, Eric has brought with him one third of the Kingdom restored back to Me. Hence, he is to rule over that third. I Am the Lord. In other Words, Eric takes the place Satan lost as ruler over a third of all the heavens. I Am the Lord.

And not just Eric, but the House of Eric, and all his descendants, shall reign over the Kingdom of Azurite forever. But Lord, the one who is to be called the son of Eric is to be born from a virgin, whose egg is to be fertilized by a miraculous means. Jesus, Who can pass through locked doors (John 20:19), shall take the sperm from Eric, without ejaculation, and insert it into the womb of the virgin Sarah, without penetration into her vagina. And thereby shall John, son of Eric, become miraculously conceived within the virgin womb of Sarah without any form of lust or sexual act. And this John, son of Eric, is to be a virgin, celibate Roman Catholic priest, and he will die a martyr, as it is written in Revelation 11:7, along with the other one who will be like him, but from a different family lineage. How then, O’ Lord, is Eric to have descendants?

The descendants of Eric will be those counted as converts by the testimony of God written by his hand. I Am the Lord. These descendants will also be called the Emeralites, for they will come to follow the Christian teachings by what they read of Christianity within the writings of Emeralogy, the study of the divine through the eyes of Eric. For all holy writings and the words of scriptures are teachings and instructions from God as seen through the eyes of the one who wrote them. I AM the Lord. Hence, We have Matthew, Mark, and Luke known as the Synoptic Gospels, for they have certain sacred authors in common, and thereby, they portray Jesus through the same eyes. The Johannine Gospel and related writings portray Jesus through the eyes of either the Apostle John or the Johannine community. Hence, the author of a holy work writes the Word of God as it is seen through his eyes. And those who read his works receive instructions from God through the same eyes.

Hence, the writings of Emeralogy, which include the fifteen books of The Emerald Trove, of which only the fifteenth has been published (as seen on this website, and The Prophecies of Azurite, of which this is the twenty-fourth post of its first book, are all written through Eric, starting in the year 2000, shortly after he began attending Mass at the Catholic Church with his father. Amen.

But the Emerald Trove did not begin to be written in the year 2000. Rather, that is the year in which Eric began attending the Catholic Church, and his writings became sacred to God. All the writings of Eric prior to that date, that recorded the chronicles of the Emerald Reign, were destroyed by Eric due to the blasphemy that they contained. This is similar to the reason behind the destruction of the Mayan writings when Catholicism came to America, and there were at that time American natives of Mexico and Central America who knew and understood the Mayan written language. I Am the Lord. The Catholic Church destroyed those writings due to the blasphemy that they contained. For the people of those lands were to be converted to Catholicism. And were those writings to be allowed to remain existing, they would be a temptation and a snare from Satan to reenslave the American peoples back into the religious teachings of Satan.

The Mayan languages continue to still exist, but today they use the Latin alphabet, rather than the Maya script. And in some of these Latin based written Mayan languages, the Catholic Holy Bible has been recently fully translated into. And when a written language has the Catholic Holy Bible fully translated into it, it becomes an eternal language, even if all its speakers die away. I Am the Lord.

Lord, am I granted to rule forever these seven regions?:

  1. North America
  2. Northern West Indies
  3. The British Isles
  4. Nordic Europe
  5. Continental Europe and nearby Islands
  6. The Russian Region
  7. The Caucasus

Such is correct, lord Azurite. Those are your seven subkingdoms, over which the House of Eric shall rule forever. And I shall appoint eternal kings, governors, dukes and duchesses to rule the various regions within your Kingdom from the spiritual descendants of Eric, those who are to be called the Emeralites. I Am the Lord.

Lord, for how long must I put up with Hyacinth attempting to reconnect with me? We will take her away when We give you the girl you are to marry. I Am the Lord. But you are doing good. Resist all temptation to answer her. That is a direct command from the Lord. Disobedience will be fatal to you. So do not disobey. Amen.

Now someone asks, if Eric is going to avoid pornography from now on, and if he is not going to lust after his wife, why does he have this picture of this woman above with only her arms covering her breasts? It is, lord Azurite, a fact that it does not do harm to see nudity provided that the nudity is not allowed to become an addiction or a hobby. I Am the Lord. And recognize the distinction between what is pornographic and what is fine art. Fine art does not lead to carnal sin, whereas pornographic material directly leads to it. Amen.

Now, Eric, since We are on this topic of nude women, will thou wish to see your wife, the one We give you in marriage, in the nude, as you have seen many nudes of other women, women who were lesser than her in holiness? I believe that I can look, but I cannot touch. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Yes, you are correct. And so it shall be. But should the day ever come that you touch her sexually, you, I tell you, shall not stop there, but shall go all the way with her, and she will become pregnant by you naturally, and then you shall die. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I have decided not to do that. Good, keep to your resolution. And I hereby grant you another title. You are hereby called the Prince of the Light. You are now what Satan could have become had he never fallen. I Am the Lord. Satan will use his greatest deceptions in his attempts to take you down, lord Azurite. He will pursue you like a legion of terminators. For he has a vendetta against you. For you are taking his place and his seat in the Kingdom of Heaven. I Am the Lord.

Go now and wash your dog and take him for a walk. And publish this post, for it is complete. Amen. And remember that Satan has you as his number one target. He will use all his infernal might and powers to take you down. Go to no girl except the one We tell you is the one. And do not listen to Satan speak. I Who Am have spoken. And the girl will come as prophesied in the previous post. Amen. Now go, lord Azurite. And publish this, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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