Birth of an immortal

Redhead on a red horse. Mysterious is the plan of God.

The Chronicles of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXII:
As you realize, the God who speaks through a Prophet a prophecy but is unable to fulfill it, that God is not God but Satan. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen. Holy Spirit, I ask You to speak unto me. Concerning the God Who said I was to be made an immortal tonight, was that God truly God, or was he Satan? And let the Holy Spirit alone speak. Let no devil speak in his place. Lord, speak, for Your servant is listening.

I, God the Holy Spirit, shall now speak. Eric, you are immortal, as We speak. No longer is it possible for you to sin or commit any demerit. For only meritorious acts can you now do, just as Jesus, throughout His entire life, was unable to demerit, but was able to merit. For the goal of all who follow Him is to gain immortality as He is immortal.

Also, immortals cannot mate. So there can be no sexual lover for you. But there will, nevertheless, be a bride. But this bride is to be strictly celibate in nature. For the day you lay with her you shall die. Nor may you kiss her. Rather, she must be regarded as a possession to you as the Ark of the Covenant was to the Jews. No man may lay a hand on her. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Now, you speak, Eric. Have you masturbated in the night? Have you defiled yourself by impurity? No, O’ Lord, I have not done that. Good. Realize from now on, the test you received yesterday, you are no longer under that spell. The time in which you have been under the power of an impure spirit has come to its end. I, the Holy Spirit, declare that the devil of impurity will never come to reclaim your soul. For you are now an immortal. And immortals cannot fall to sins of lust. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, the prophecy that you were to have a son is now like this. You will never have a son unless you lay with your wife. But if you ever do that, it will be your son, not you, who shall the the one We make eternal immortal king. And if you lay with your wife, she will become pregnant, and then you shall die. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Very well, Lord, I have no desire to enter into a woman. Somehow all this pent up desire, was taken away, in a process that began with the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. And Mary, back then, gave me the mandate that I am to marry a certain girl, whom I was to teach everything I know.

Eric, such is the true reason why you die if you lay with her. For you are gifted with great knowledge because you are a virgin. But if you lay with a woman, that gift We would take away from you. And then you would have nothing to teach this woman, whom Mary mandated you to teach all that you know. And that is why you would die. For the purpose of you being with this woman would then be defeated.

Lord, who is this woman? Is she the redhead I dreamt of some time ago? Or is she the dark haired girl whom you say is Sarah, the Jewess who is to translate all my works to Hebrew? Or who do You say is this woman who is yet to come? The redhead, lord Azurite, was a temptation to sin. Do not follow her. There will be many such women that you will see cross your path, like that blonde woman who you saw at Church yesterday. That was not the one. Do not go to any woman unless We, the elect in heaven, say unto you that that is the one. I Am the Lord.

Based on your current trajectory, you shall receive this girl soon. And this will be the sign of her impending entrance into your life. Everything that you asked of Us to be cured of, you shall receive the cures to. Amen. For the girl We give unto thee is to never know you in your uncured state. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Lord, then do I remain in this world, even as an immortal? When the time comes that We cure you, We will also take you from where you live and plant you in a different dwelling, where you shall live with those who knew you not. For no one who knows you now is to know that you have been cured. Amen.

And what about where I work? Do I continue to work there when You have cured me, O’ Lord? No one where you work knows of the infirmities that you have that are to be cured. Hence, they will not be aware of the cures you shall receive either. Tell them nothing. But continue to work there after I cure you. Your residence will change, but not the place where you work. I AM the Lord.

Also, when We move you to your new location, all the books that belong to you shall you take with you to where I AM planting you. Amen. Lord, in this new dwelling, do I live with others, or by myself? It shall be in an apartment complex, and you shall have your own apartment. You shall not live with another person until the sacramental marriage takes place between you and the girl. Then she will live with you, but in her own room, for this marriage between you and her is to be celibate, after the manner of the marriage by which Joseph was wed to Mary. I Am the Lord.

Eric, are you in complete agreement with this arrangement? Yes, O’ Lord. And I look forward to it. Good, for in six days time, you shall receive the girl We are giving unto thee. Amen. This is a prophecy of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. Do as We have commanded thee. And look not at any of those things that you are leaving behind.

Furthermore, the girl you are receiving is called Sarah. And she is a Roman Catholic of Jewish descent. And her Hebrew is excellent. She will indeed translate all that you teach her to Hebrew and publish it. I AM the Lord. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. And remember this most important thing. More deadly than the Ark of the Covenant was to the peoples of ancient Israel is the girl We are about to give unto thee. Touch her not. And do not even fantasize any unlawful act with her. And then you shall live with her forever. For to both you and her, We are giving the gift of immortality. And neither of you shall ever age. Amen. This post comes to its conclusion. Take the girl We give unto thee, but revere her as the ancient Israelis revered the Ark of the Covenant, and then you and her shall live together forever upon the earth We plant you in. Amen.

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