To Eric, I assign his wife

The mystery woman We shall wed to Eric is about to be revealed. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XXI:
Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant, whatever you wish to know? Despite my intention to remain of perfect virgin purity forever, is it still a matter of predestination that John, son of Eric, must still somehow come to be born into this world by my future wife, Sarah, whom I am yet to meet and to see? Correct. Hence, though you are now of My eternal virgin elect, when it is commanded of you, that is when you shall lay with your wife to produce this son. For the command of the Lord is irresistible. No one can not fail to carry out the commands of the Lord by which I ensure that those who are to be conceived and born are conceived and born. I AM the Lord.

And O’ Lord, then this son, John, the son of Eric, shall be the only child to be born to me and Sarah? Am I correct, O’ Sovereign and Lord and Majesty? Correct, Eric. You lay with your wife to produce this son. And once he is born, you will lay with her no more. I AM the Lord.

For it is a destiny from which you cannot escape. You will marry the girl We give unto thee, and you shall lay with her to produce the prophesied son. And this son is a man whom We have predestined to inherit in Our Kingdom a greater glory and renown than that which We shall grant unto thee, O’ Azurite King. And he shall be celibate, and serve Me as My Roman Catholic priest. And he shall be holy upon the land. And all shall acknowledge him as a saint, whose holiness shall be higher than that of many who dwell in heaven. It is he, not you, lord Azurite, who shall truly serve Me as the true First Witness of Revelation, chapter 11. And with him I will raise up the other Prophet, who shall serve as the Second Witness of Revelation, chapter 11. I Am the Lord. Hence, it shall be these two who are yet to come, not Azurite and Lazurite, who shall truly fulfill the prophecies spoken of the Two Witnesses in the eleventh chapter of the Book of Revelation. I AM the Lord.

For the End Times are a long, drawn out process, by which I fully refine all the gold that I shall purify and bring into My Kingdom. I AM the Lord. Hence, let no man think that he can ever count down the days to My Second Coming by observing the signs of the times. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Eric, this John, son of Eric, shall inherit from you your vast library of books, many of them rare and irreplaceable. For you are a collector of books. And your libraries are vast. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, the prophet John, son of Eric, shall be a greater prophet than Eric the Azurite King ever was and ever shall be. Correct. And now I shall detail your fate, lord Azurite. For it is a fate that is now yours to know. Amen.

I save your soul today. Today, you pass from your current state of probation into the ranks of the permanently saved. And from that point onward, no longer is it permitted for you to freely elect to commit any sin. For you will have become sinless, as I made Joseph to never commit a sin. Amen.

And in that state of eternal blessedness, I will make known to you the vastness and the details of your reward in heaven. And I will detail unto thee how your life on earth shall proceed from that point to the Second Coming of the Christ. For you shall neither die nor pass away. For it was sealed upon your soul that, whether you would go to heaven or hell, that you would not die until the Christ was seen coming in the heavens in great glory and power, together with all his armies, riding on white horses. Amen.

The girl, Sarah, was made by God after it was seen in your life that you were going to obey Christ Jesus, and not fall to the way of Antichrist. Amen. For that the Antichrist would convert to Christianity and be saved was merely made possible; it was not irresistibly willed by the Father. For you had the free will, lord Eric, to choose which destiny was to be yours. And We grant this free will to all Mankind who reach the age of reason, which is about seven years in age. Amen.

We did not force you to be saved. Rather, you are saved because you cooperated with the graces We gave you. And We gave you graces by which you could choose meritoriously the path that you are now firmly established on. Amen. For Satan fought to keep his throne, but Mary fought with love alone. Amen.

Lord, I believe the major milestone that I passed by which it was made certain I would be saved was at the Second Martyrdom Breakdown of June of 1995, that which occurred on my 25th birthday, June 24, 1995. Am I correct, O’ Lord? For on that day, I died for You. On that day, I walked off the cliff for you, but did not fall to my death. Amen. You indeed did die for Me on that day, Eric. And on that day, it was decided by God that a girl was to be made to serve as your consort. Amen. For on that day, you lost everything, including your own life, for My sake and for the sake of My Kingdom in Heaven. Amen.

Behold, your throne has already been made, upon which you will sit, together with your wife and your son, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. For I have made the House of Eric legendary. And this House of Eric will rival that of the House of Jacob. Amen. And the woman who is to be given to Eric to conceive and bear the son of Eric, shall be a virgin daughter of the House of Jacob. For the Sarah who is to come is a direct descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Amen. And it shall be through her excellent fluency in Hebrew that all the writings of Eric are to be translated into the language of the Jews. And her translations will be exquisite, for she will have the prophet himself in her presence, through whom the writings were written by God, to question as to whatever confuses her in her work to translate all that was ever written by Eric into Hebrew. Amen.

Lord, I thank Thee, and I glorify Thee. For You are truly God the Almighty. And I know that it is God, not Satan, who speaks through me from now on. Amen. Eric, you have served Me for many years. And many are the years left to you that you must continue to serve Me on the earth. But from this day forward, you will only be able to merit rewards. For the ability to demerit punishments shall be today taken away from you. And you shall be forever confirmed as a member of My eternal elect. Amen. For with you I Am well pleased. And the transgressions by which you had frequently fallen, are hereby taken away from you forever. I AM the Lord.

Lord Azurite, accept the raise you are about to receive from your employer, along with the switch by which you are made an employee, and no longer an outsourced independent contractor. This is coming and is now made inevitable.

And the Toyota that We shall have you buy shall be a 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited. I Am the Lord. For We have determined that you shall use a car powered by hydrogen, rather than by electricity or a hybrid vehicle. I Who Am have spoken. For the Mirai comes with six years of complimentary hydrogen fuel purchases, and by the time those six years have passed, the cost of hydrogen fuel will equal that of gas. Also, the hydrogen fuel cells solve the problem posed by the electric vehicles in that it only takes five minutes to fully fuel up a hydrogen vehicle, whereas fueling up an electric vehicle takes much more time. You, Eric, shall purchase the Mirai in the color of hydro blue. And you shall use your car mainly in California, where you live, for in California where you live there are sufficient numbers of hydrogen charging stations to make owning a Mirai viable. Amen. Also, the energy in 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) of hydrogen gas is about the same as the energy in 1 gallon (6.2 pounds, 2.8 kilograms) of gasoline. Hence, hydrogen gas stores much more energy than gasoline per unit of mass. I AM the Lord. Thus, the Mirai has an estimated 402 mile range, when fully fueled.

And I shall provide you with all the money you need to make this purchase. I Am the Lord. For you shall not take out a car loan to make this purchase, but rather, you shall, in typical Erician fashion, make your purchase of your new car with full cash paid. For you go by the maxim that a loan should only be taken out for something that appreciates in value though time, rather than for something that depreciates in value. I AM the Lord. Amen.

Eric, this is good. And realize that airplanes and ships will also eventually all run on hydrogen fuel cells. For the path away from the internal combustion engine will go to the hydrogen fuel cell over the electric vehicle, as it is preferred to have the shorter refueling time and the much farther range that the hydrogen fuel cell cars achieve over the electric battery powered vehicles. Also, less rare earth elements are necessary to make hydrogen fuel cell cars than are necessary to make the all electric vehicle batteries. And Researchers have also figured out how to turn methane into H2 with near zero energy loss. And in a power plant that uses this process to make the hydrogen gas to serve as fuel, it would be feasible to capture and store the generated CO2 underground, as it’s completely separated from the hydrogen. This would provide a way to continue to use fossil fuels in power plants, generating hydrogen gas, without adding more carbon emissions to the atmosphere. I Who Am have spoken.

Eric, the fear people have with using hydrogen as a fuel is the image of the exploding passenger carrying zeppelin known as the Hindenburg. They are afraid that the hydrogen could explode in their vehicles. For were not the Space Shuttles that exploded also caused by hydrogen leaks? How then, the people ask, can hydrogen fuel technology be deemed as safe? Consider the chemical reaction that takes place in the hydrogen fuel cell to produce energy:

2H2 + O2 = 2H2O + energy.

As you can see here, only water and energy are emitted in the process of burning this fuel. It is, therefore, not possible to achieve a cleaner fuel than that of hydrogen gas burning in oxygen. I AM the Lord.

Lord, what more shalt Thou say of my fate? And this girl, will she be perfect like me, or will she still be in her state of probation, seeking to become perfect, as I will have attained to by today? She will be your pupil, Eric. And you shall teach her all that you know. For it is the wish of the Virgin Mary that a woman who belongs to her should come to acquire every last bit of knowledge that is contained in the Witch King’s mind. I Am the Lord. Hence, all the knowledge in your mind shall you train your wife on. And she will be willing and able to learn and master all that you teach her, having a young and fresh mind, for she is half your age in years. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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