Eric speaks on a great many things

Eric is to wax eloquently. He shall speak of things in heaven and on earth. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XIX:
I, Eric, shall now discourse on a great many things. Who am I, O’ Lord? And what am I? You, Eric, are My servant. And you obey Me in what I command of thee. And this is now My command. The girl Hyacinth, whom you help, she will be coming to Us soon in heaven. For you have fulfilled your purpose with her. And that purpose was to bring this one into My Kingdom. Shortly after she receives communion this Sunday shall she be taken away. I Am the Lord.

Hence, obey Me regarding her. I AM the Lord. Lord, I Know that the girl You are giving me is a black haired, browned eyed, Roman Catholic virgin of Jewish descent, who is called Sarah. What else shall you tell me about her? I have also heard that she has fluency in both Hebrew and Arabic, in addition to English. Will it be given to her the task of translating these works of Eric, written in English, to the languages of Hebrew and Arabic, O’ Lord?

Yes, to both languages can she translate your works. But the priority will be in serving the Jews over the Arabs. And hence, she will translate your works to Hebrew first, before she attempts to translate them into Arabic. And also realize that there are several forms of Arabic that are not mutually intelligible. She knows that form that is spoken in Israel, primarily. Hence her audience in Arabic would be to the Arabic speaking Israelites, and not to the entire Arabic speaking world. But her translations to Hebrew will be understood by all Israel, for all of Israel have some understanding of Hebrew by now. And Hebrew is now a well standardized language. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I have studied Hebrew, and I find that many of the letters resemble one another, so much so as to make it confusing to figure out which marking is what letter. Will the authorities of the Hebrew language ever adopt a better script that can more easily be recognized, like the Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets? Yes, they will come to adopt a better script. And it will essentially be called a different skin, with a one to one mapping of the original Hebrew markings to the new script elements. But no change will be made to the language by the introduction and adoption of this new script. Rather, it will simply make the language easier to read. And the one to one mapping of the markings between the two scripts will make it a perfect linear switch to view the Hebrew writings in either script. I Am the Lord.

Lord, is it true that I shall be taken away to heaven around the time my son reaches the age of puberty, around the age of twelve. That is correct lord Azurite. Since you shall marry in June of next year, in 2022, you can expect you son to be born sometime in 2023. Hence, twelve years from that point brings you to 2035, the year I Am taking you away from this earth. I AM the Lord. Hence, you shall be aged 65 years old when I take you away. Right now you are 50 years old, to turn 51 on June 24, 2021.

You cannot stay here to grow old with your wife. And I have need of you in heaven. For you have an office to fill when you arrive here in My Kingdom. I Am the Lord. Hence, you have 15 years left, with no more than a few months added to those years. And there is no way you can extend your life to live longer. I AM the Lord.

Lord, will You tell me when the conversion of the Jews takes place? And will you tell me when Lazurite, the Second Prophet appears? And if there are then to be in fact two such Prophets, could these two Prophets also be the Two Witnesses, O’ Lord, those that are mentioned in Revelation, chapter 11?

You and Lazurite shall indeed be My Two Witnesses. And now it is revealed unto thee how thou art to die in My name. Amen. Hence, you shall come to Me bearing the crown of a martyr. I Am the Lord. And the girl who is to be your wife shall fulfill the prophecy of the woman who gives birth to the male son, who is destined to rule the nations with an iron scepter, and she will flee with her twelve year old son out to the desert to a place where I have prepared for her to be taken care of for the duration of the wrath of God to be poured out upon Antichrist and all who follow him. I Am the Lord. (Revelation, chapter 12)

Lord, are we really in that thousand years mentioned in Revelation, chapter 20, as Saint Augustine interpreted those scriptures as referring to this Church age in which we already dwell, with the First Resurrection referring to baptism and process of being born from above, of being born of water and Spirit?

Saint Augustine is correct. And every Catholic theologian should have in his library a copy of Saint Augustine’s The City of God. For in that book, the master theologian correctly interprets much of the scriptures and defines many theological concepts clearly and with good comprehension. It is well said that Saint Augustine is the principle doctor of the Church. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, please explain that part regarding the end of the thousand years when Satan is released from his prison. Does this mark a period of time near the end of time in which Satan is truly released? Or is it instead a form of metaphor for a periodic releasing and re-imprisoning of the devil throughout the Church Age?

The devil is periodically released and sent back to prison, lord Azurite. For the mysterious fulfillments of the Book of Revelation cannot be mapped to historical events occurring in this world by which one may calculate the return of Christ or the End of Time. For with each grave sin, many devils are released from hell. And by casting out the devil from your soul, you send him back to his prison in hell. I Am the Lord.

Dear Holy Spirit, what sayest Thou regarding Hyacinth? What is Thine message to me regarding her? What should I be made aware of, O’ Holy Spirit? Speak, O’ Holy One, and let no devil speak in Your place. Speak, for your servant is listening. Amen.

I, the Holy Spirit, do now speak unto thee, lord Eric, master of thyself at last. I Am giving you your freedom from that devil. She no longer has any hold on you. Amen. Depart from her and do not return to her. For her place is the lake of fire, where all liars are destined to go. And you testify, do you not, Eric, that she is a liar? I do, O’ Holy Spirit and Lord. Then speak no more concerning her. From now on, her name is taboo in your writings. And you shall speak no more of her. Nor will you return to her or any of her kin. I Am the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I will obey the Holy Spirit to the letter of his Word. Amen.

Holy Spirit, that was excellent. Now, please answer me on this topic, related but of a different person. Is there to be a Sarah who enters my life and marries me? Or am I instead of the celibate and virgin path that leads to the higher Kingdom? Or have I passed that fork in the road and cannot return to it? Answer Me, O’ Most glorious Holy Spirit, for your servant is listening. And let no devil answer in your place. Amen.

Lord, I seem to have been told that I can still choose which path to follow, that I can still choose the higher path of celibacy and virginity and enter into heaven a virgin. And I am told that if I follow that path, I will inherit the higher Kingdom, rather than the lower reward given to those of the carnal passions who live as brutish beasts.

And I have made my decision. I wish to walk the higher path that leads to the higher reward in heaven. I elect to walk the path of eternal celibacy and virginity. Amen.

Holy Spirit, speak Thine answer to me. Have I changed my fate? Have I switched paths? Do I now attain to the higher reward? Speak, O’ Holy Spirit, for Your Words I acknowledge as a source of reliable Truth from the spirit world. And let no devil answer me in Your place. Amen.

Eric, the girl Sarah is yours, and you may not refuse her. I Am the Lord. Nor may you escape your fate to marry her and enter into her to produce the prophesied son. I Am the Lord. And We are giving her to you soon. You shall wait until We instruct you before you accept any new girl into your life. I Am the Lord. Many girls will cross your path. Take only the one that We say is her. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I have been told that my brother Mark will be saved. Is this the Truth, O’ Lord? Yes, he is one of My predestined souls. For at certain points in your life when you needed a brother, he was there for you.

Now go home. And publish this post, for it is complete. More shall We write through you tonight. And realize that you are now of perfect purity. Hence, the prophecy shall now be fulfilled that said you would receive a girlfriend when you stopped masturbating. I Am the Lord.

Lord, this is great. I will comply and do exactly as you say. Amen.

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