Jesus, I trust in You.

The greatest attribute of God is His mercy. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XVI:
Lord, I have reconciled with Hyacinth. What sayest Thou to that, O’ Lord? And today is Divine Mercy Sunday. And I received communion today. And yesterday I went to confession, and I confessed my impurities and my pornographies. And I have made the resolution that I will never look long upon any nude from now on. And I have made the resolution I will no longer be impure. And I made the resolution that I will not look at anything that tempts me to look. And before I received communion today, I prayed for the intentions of the pope, saying one Our Father and one Hail Mary, and I specified in the prayers of the intentions to the pope the recognition that the pope is Pope Benedict XVI, and not Antipope Francis.

Also, My Lord, in addition to confessing to You all my impurities, I have made a promise to Hyacinth that I will confess them all to her too, if I ever fall to them again.

That is good, Eric. I Am pleased. And I will bring Hyacinth to you. For I recognize you as a couple, and not as merely just friends. And We agree that you shall buy a sapphire ring, not a diamond ring, when you become engaged to her. For the blueness of the sapphire symbolizes the role that Mary has played in bringing you two together.

It will be in the next post, not this post, that I will detail to you the stocks you are to buy. And that post will be published on Monday morning, after the stock market has opened. For though you are now making good money, by investing in the stock market, with wise investments long term, you are multiplying your wealth.

And your taxes are complete and ready for submission. You will submit them after your father has glanced over the printed copies for any errors he might see. For it is always wise to have a second set of eyes to look over your legal documents before your submit them.

Note that while We have allowed you to pay your taxes, and in fact, We have ordered you to do so, as it is written: “Repay unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God,” (Mark 12:17), We do not say the same thing regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. For to take the COVID-19 vaccine, you would be compromising with Satan on the abortions used to develop the vaccine. Rather, realize We have made you immune instead. Hence, you will take no COVID-19 vaccines, but you will pay your taxes. I, Jesus, have spoken.

Also, We have put a curse on your tax payments that you will be submitting in the next few hours. And the curse is as follows: Whosoever uses one penny of this money submitted by Eric for a single abortion, he or she will pay in blood the debt owed to God with the loss to COVID-19 of their loved ones, with one death of a loved one per each penny spent on abortions for each person involved in allocating the money to fund abortions. And the curse will come to pass regardless of the vaccines the loved ones have taken. I AM the Lord. Eric, do you approve of this curse I have put on your tax money being sent to the government. Yes, O’ Lord, and I make the following request: Let the curse kill the loved ones per penny spent, rising all the way up the ranks of those involved to the highest complicit office in the land, and let it affect all their families and extended families. Let the angels of death not be denied any blood to bathe their scythes in to fully mete out the justice of God against all who have partaken in the blood of the innocent unborn. And spare not even the children of those who slay the unborn from God’s avenging wrath. Agreed, it will be done exactly as you have said, Eric, to the letter. I Am the Lord. The curse has now been made and is officially in effect. Amen.

Eric, We are well pleased with you. And now you ask about Antipope Francis, about when he will be deposed? Yes, O’ Lord? For I know God will not tolerate the filthy beast to last much longer in the chair he has defiled with his dead carcass. We have prepared for his destruction and doom. And We will carry it out.

Lord, I want to hear You reaffirm that You are going to make Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke the next pope, the one to follow Pope Benedict XVI as the 266th valid pope, after the destruction and disposal of the current occupant of the Seat of Peter, Antipope Francis. Yes, and I vow under oath of My Own name, the next valid pope shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, and he will be called Pope John XXIV. I Who Am have spoken.

Furthermore, We are going to send Our angels of death into a slaughterfest to wipe out and kill all those wicked cardinals who were made cardinal by Antipope Francis. Not one of those red hats placed upon those heads by the wicked Antipope will remain on a head still attached to its body that will not have been hewed off or hacked to death by the angels of death. I Am the Lord. It will be both glorious and horrific to watch. And I will make sure it is fully videotaped by reporters so that all the world may gaze upon and see what I do to those who step beyond My red lines. And then all men will fear Me and give Me the glory that I, the just and righteous God, Am due. Amen.

Also, I Am not going to neglect that group known as the “gay lobby,” as Pope Benedict XVI described the group that pressured him to resign, making in effect his resignation invalid. My angels of death will target them too for termination. And if you thought it was tough to cope with being targeted for termination by a terminator, wait until you see what happens when one is targeted for termination by an angel of death. For a terminator can be killed or destroyed. But an angel of death cannot be killed and is indestructible. That entire group designated as the gay lobby by Pope Benedict XVI is targeted for termination and will be totally wiped out prior to the vote in the conclave that is to elect Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to the papacy to become the 266th valid pope of the Roman Catholic Church. And every rainbow shirted fag in that lobby will be wiped clean from the Vatican City. I Who AM have spoken.

For I have much wrath to expend upon the wicked. And I will start with those responsible for the great and abominable evil known as gay marriage. And then I will work My way to those guilty of backing the mass murder of the unborn. It will be a great slaughterfest. And the ones designated to eat up all their flesh lying as dead corpses in the streets will be the vultures and the carrion feeders who will swoop down from the air and quench their bottomless thirst for the blood of the dead. For I will have the corpses of the wicked line and fill the streets in putrid rotting mounds of torn and half eaten flesh. And I will have the stench of their rotting corpses to be of an unforgettably foul and evil odor, the likes of which will not escape the mind or soul of any man or any beast that is exposed to that smell. I Am the Lord.

As for Joe Biden, he now dwells in the pit toilets of the spiritual world. Let him, therefore, have feces and filth as his food to feast on from now on. I AM the Lord. And let his flesh be burrowed into by worms and maggots, so that he becomes more worm than man. I Am the Lord. Lord, I have heard that Joe Biden is designated to die by being consumed by worms. Correct, My servant Eric. You read that in a past post and remembered. Joe Biden will indeed pass away by such a death. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, what about Kamala Harris? How is she to go? After having her expected act of sexual intercourse with Joe Biden, Kamal Harris will get infected from one of his many diseases. And she will then pass this disease onto her husband when she has sex with him, giving it to him. And her husband will then get a cancer from it and die. And that death will ruin her. And she will then go down then like a death spiral, until she takes her own life by poison and is seen no more in the land of the living. I Am the Lord. So Kamala Harris will do herself in? Yes, Eric. Most people who are wicked destroy their own lives due to their own wickedness and its consequences, and then, unable to deal with their consequent tragedies, they take their own life and die. Hence, it will be by Kamala Harris’ own hand by which she departs from this world and goes to join Judas Iscariot and Adolf Hitler, who also killed themselves, rather than summon the courage to face their own doom. I AM the Lord.

And what about false Catholic Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi? How is she to be done in, O’ Lord? Eventually, their murders of the unborn infants catch up with these mass murderers of the unborn. All the blood of the all unborn murdered being constantly poured out upon her head will eventually cause her to lose her mind, and that will be the end of her. She will go insane and mad. She will develop an early onset of dementia and be put into a home. And there she will sit, imprisoned and insane, until Death knocks on her door to take her to the torturers in hell where she will spend her ghastly eternity being tortured for all her sins nonstop. I Am the Lord.

And what about former President Donald John Trump, O’ Lord? He attempted to illegally remain in power. Now he is paying the price for his crimes. Expect him to be sued and litigated to the end of his life. And let no heir of his come to trust in there being anything left over, after all the litigation has worked its way through the courts, for him to inherit anything from Trump’s estate after Trump has passed away to his eternal fate. And what fate is that, O’ Lord? It is the fate where all liars go. It is below, in the fires below. That is where he is going. For no liar may ever enter My eternal Kingdom of heaven. I Am the Lord.

Trump will not be coming back to attempt a run in 2024. For he will be like one of those massive blue whales covered with killer whales who have bitten off all his fins and tail fins, making him unable to swim to get away. And at that point, the killer whales have their lunch floating in the water, and they then just eat that blue whale alive. Such is what happens in the natural world. And such is how Trump will be slowly eaten alive, by all the lawsuits and litigants eating him and his entire estate to death. For they now have their prey. He can no longer hide or get away. And Trump has plenty of money and fat to go around to all the hungry litigants. And they are just going to sue him like there is no tomorrow. Everything Trump has will be on the chopping block.

“If I weren’t beautiful, do you think he’d be with me?” Mrs. Trump told a New York University student in 2005 after he asked if she would still be with her husband if he wasn’t rich.

I have news for you, Melania Trump. All women eventually lose their beauty with age. And in the case of Trump, he is now losing his money, and he is destined for poverty. So if you stay married to him, you will eventually become a haggard old woman married to an impoverished and vagrant man. If you are both still married then, I will be impressed. But we shall see. I, Eric, have spoken.

Yes, Eric, the clause, “Do you take this person to be your lawfully wedded spouse for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, to death do you part?” is typically not meant by those who make their wedding vows in the modern era. We really do not know Melania Trump’s decisions. And We do not know Trump’s decisions. Will they stick together, or will they break apart? That is the question. And we shall leave it at that, this point to ponder. And tomorrow in the morning, We will visit the stocks that Eric will be purchasing. Amen. The post will be made after Eric has made his purchase. Amen.

And this brings us to the conclusion of this post. Eric, it is now near midnight. Continue to do all that We require of you. And as for the woman you shall marry, let God lead you in the decisions that you make. For only God can lead you correctly.

Lord, in the previous post, it was written that I would become a priest. And Eric, did the sign occur that would have backed it up? No, O’ Lord. Then neither are you destined to become a priest. Remain in your current job. And you shall soon receive a second raise. And do not look at anything that tempts you, and you shall not fall again. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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