Eric’s Revelation

Eric is to be ordained to My priesthood. I Am the Lord. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XV:
Eric, with you I AM pleased. For you did as I instructed you. And you confessed your sins, all your impurities and your viewing of pornography. You are ready for today. And you have prayed for the intentions of Pope Benedict XVI. Today, at communion, I will forgive and wipe clean your record of both all your sins and all punishments for them.

Lord, I know You are the Lord. Will You do as was written, and today restore the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI and cast down Antipope Francis? Yes, Eric. I shall do what I have promised exactly according to the letter.

Now let us get this clear unto you, Eric. Your name is Eric Robert Dunstan. I address you by the name of Eric, and while on earth, I will address you by no other name. Dispense, therefore, with the names Azurite, Larimar, Lucian, and Emerald. For these names I will not address you by.

And when you come to heaven, you will be given your new name there, and you will then also know My new name.

Eric, I know your past. And I know your future. It was Satan, not God, who said you were predestined to have a son. And it serves Satan, not God, for you to seek the fulfillment of your soul in the flesh of women. For that is not the Way to paradise.

The institution of marriage, the sacrament, is made for men and women who cannot follow Me on the path that leads to a Kingdom. Instead, these men and women chase after the flesh. And the sacrament of marriage is intended to guide them and keep them from going to hell. For the pathway to My Kingdom exists in marriage, but the pathway on that road is harder to walk. For sex has its way of sapping the strength of My people, and it clouds their vision, making it hard to discern how to come to Me. The married route does not lead to a Kingdom. Rather, it leads to the grave. And all who walk that path will eventually die. Salvation as a married man is much harder to find than it is for he who chooses not to enter marriage.

So Eric, what is your choice? Do you choose marriage? Or do you choose celibacy? Lord, I elect to make myself celibate. And I elect to keep my virginity. And I elect to remain celibate and virgin forever. Amen.

And to prove that you are both celibate and virgin forever, I order you to never again look long upon the flesh or image of a nude woman.

Lord, I agree to Your command. And I will comply with it to the letter. Amen.

Then on this day, Divine Mercy Sunday, I declare you to be eternally cleansed and fit for service in My Kingdom. You will not serve Me as a layman. I Am calling you to serve Me in Holy Orders. You I shall make My priest. You shall be ordained to the priesthood. Amen.

Lord, I accept Your calling. I will comply with it. But I have been instructed to not approach the priest to announce my calling until I receive all the cures.

Today the cures of which you speak shall be yours. I Am your Lord. I Am Jesus.

Jesus, I am Your servant forever, O’ Master and God Almighty. I will do all that You command and obey all that You say. I commit myself to do Your will forever, O’ Lord.

Good. Cut your hair and shower today before going to Mass this morning. For I wish to receive you clean and fresh. Today you shall appear before My priest. And he will be flabbergasted. But I will speak to him interiorly. And he will do as I instruct him.

For by you entering My priesthood, I thereby gain complete power over your soul. And no, you are nothing unless I make you something. And I have the power to make anyone on the planet whatever I will for him to be. Your brother David was clay I rejected. You are clay I have fashioned into something that will directly serve My Kingdom forever. Mark is clay I have not abandoned. I can make something from that clay. If he merits for My Kingdom, I will bring him into it and save him. For despite all his faults and failures, I can still save your brother Mark. But as for your brother David, him I have rejected and cast away from My sight.

You merit for Me and My Kingdom. You do good deeds for Me and for My neighbor. And you are patient and loving and giving to Me and to My children. And you are generous to those you find homeless and hungry, and to the poor and destitute. That elderly woman you gave to for three straight Sundays in succession, she went to heaven prior to the fourth Sunday. And by your obedience to Me, she went there knowing that I loved her. Hence, you have become an angel of My divine love. I Am Jesus, your Lord and Savior. Amen.

Now I will instruct the priests, bishops, and popes who read this, both now and in future times. Consider the posts written by Eric to demonstrate the power of God to save souls. For Eric has come from the blindness of Satan and has been made a servant to the Lord. He will be made a diocesan priest in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. His Spanish is improving. And he will become accomplished in it, along with firm working knowledge of Latin and Greek. All three languages he will acquire a competency in.

Eric for his secular career was a programmer, webmaster, and computer technician. And he is very skilled in technology and many of those fields. He is well skilled in computers and in their maintenance and operation. Use Eric for his talents, and you will have no regrets in doing so.

Furthermore, I can cure all manner of things pertaining to the flesh, and in Eric, you shall observe that his flesh will have been completely healed. But as for the soul, to cure this, only he who willingly obeys Me in all things can I cleanse. And Eric willingly obeys Me. I have assurance to this. I know that this man, Eric, is well worthy to be known as My son. And today I have begotten him. Amen.

Eric, remain working in your current job. For though I shall call you to My priesthood, it is good to have this extra income. And you shall keep your job in the seminary, working at it on a part time basis, through your laptop. Do I require 100% commitment from you to serve Me as My priest? I do. And I have that from you.

As to your purity and your continence, of these two things you shall find perfection in by remaining in Me and I in thee.

As for the electric or hybrid car you shall buy, let it be as this. Buy something inexpensive and economical. Do not use your money to buy a status symbol. For to do so is to insult and neglect My poor. I will, hence, lead you on what you are to buy. Amen.

And today, Sunday, when you come home from Church, We shall complete your taxes and submit them. They are mostly done and only need a few tweaks and slight modifications.

And Eric, today is the first day of your freedom from Satan. For up until today, you have been Satan’s prisoner. Now you are set free. And you shall now join Me as a worker in My vineyard, where you shall help Me to also free your brethren.

And when I cure you today, you are instructed to never look back at any of the things you are leaving behind. For you have a new commission, which I shall grant to you today.

And this now brings this post to its conclusion. And from now on, on this website, nothing from Satan will ever be written again. Rather, you shall write from now on only what I instruct you to write. You are Eric, prophet, oracle, and servant to the Lord. Amen.

Now publish this post. I shall write through you again starting this evening and you shall complete that next post and publish it Monday morning. But for now, this post will suffice to show that you are now purified and set free from from Satan’s prison. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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