To Eric I shall now give him his redhead bride

Most mysterious is the red haired woman We have chosen to be the bride to Eric.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XIV:
Behold, Eric, how do you feel? Lord, I am ready to confess my sins to the priest tomorrow, Saturday, the day before Divine Mercy Sunday. And I will confess the one sin as You have instructed me to do. For You have commanded me to confess the sin of looking upon women as sex objects rather than as human beings. I will, hence, confess that sin, and then be all set for Divine Mercy Sunday, which will then wipe my slate clean of all past sins and all punishments for past sins.

Correct, and to receive the full plenary indulgence, you need to also make the prayer for the intentions of the pope. And you know who that is? That is Pope Benedict XVI, for he is still the pope. It is not Antipope Francis, who was never My Vicar. I Am the Lord. So for that prayer, say one Our Father and one Hail Mary for his intentions. And then the communion you receive on that day will wipe out all your sins all punishment for sins, providing you have been to Confession recently, such as during Lent, or tomorrow, the day before Divine Mercy Sunday. I Am the Lord.

Eric, We have important news to deliver unto thee. You saw how Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Queen Elizabeth, has died today, at age 99, at 9 AM, on the 9th day of April, the 99th day of the year. Well, it just so happens that frequently when one of a couple dies, the other spouse soon follows him or her. Expect, therefore, Queen Elizabeth to perform her swan song soon, and then depart for her eternal dwelling in the hereafter.

After that, We must decide who shall succeed her to the throne. Will it be Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall, or will it be his son and heir, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge? I will now tell thee the answer to this question. Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, will succeed Queen Elizabeth to the throne of England to become the next British Monarch.

And, O’ Lord, will not Prince Charles object, especially his wife, Camila, Duchess of Cornwall? She will object, lord Lucian, but Prince Charles will not be in a fit medical condition to assume the throne. For his health will have been compromised. And the line of succession will pass over him to his son. I Am the Lord.

It was known that Prince Harry was fond of the late Prince Philip, who has just passed away. What then becomes of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his bride, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex? What is their fate, O’ Lord? They will remain in California near where you live, lord Eric. Perhaps they may even visit you, seeking advice from an oracle. For I have made you an oracle, and whoever goes to you seeking answers from God shall receive them. I AM the Lord.

And O’ Lord, the scriptures record Saul, who become King of Israel, of the belief that he had to bring a gift to the man of God, the prophet Samuel, in order to receive from him the divine favors. (1 Samuel 9:6-8). Saul was mistaken, lord Lucian. No one needs to bring anything with them to receive divine instruction from My oracle, whom I have set upon the land. And no question will he be unable to answer, after consulting with Me. I Am the Lord.

Rather, I will instruct My servant Eric to treat all offers of gifts to him from those who come seeking answers, advice, and wisdom, exactly as My Prophet Elisha treated the offers of riches from Naaman, the leper, who wished to thank the Prophet for the cures to his leprosy. (2 Kings 5:15-16). For as I freely give My Word unto Eric, he, likewise, is ordered to give it freely unto all the people. And thus, there is no monetization of this website. It is here for any to visit without cost. I Am the Lord.

As for the cost of maintaining this website and covering all technical issues for this website, who pays for this? Remember what Eric is. Eric is a Webmaster, programmer, and computer technician. He serves as his own technical support. He does not need to pay for any outside technical person to program this website. He does it entirely himself. I Am the Lord. Someone asked whether it is expensive to run this website. Eric answers, no, it is not. Rather it is cheap. Paying for a Smartphone is several times more expensive than managing the cost of this website. I AM the Lord.

Thus, do not approach Eric thinking you need to give him anything. Rather, come to receive from Eric freely as I give to Eric freely. Do you think Eric pays Me anything for the prophecies I give him? Then neither should you think that you are expected to give to Eric anything in exchange for what I give to you through him. I AM the Lord. I have made Eric a lighted torch, a radiant oracle upon the land. Whoever seeks wisdom from him, let him come. And let him bring nothing with him nor think he needs to make any payment whatsoever to receive from him My Word.

And where did Eric acquire all the wisdom that he has, you ask? It is not Eric’s wisdom that he will be giving you should you come to him. It is God’s wisdom. Eric does not search his own knowledge. He turns to Me, and I give him the answers He is to tell to whosoever wishes to ask. For Eric is a oracle upon the land, a burning pillar of fire. And I have now set him ablaze.

And now someone says, what if he calls us a brood of vipers, and says, “Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?” as John the Baptist spoke against the Pharisees and the Sadducees who came to him for baptism? (Matthew 3:7). Eric has the wisdom and the understanding and the command not to reject any who come to him for divine answers. I Am the Lord.

Lord, when I was in college, in Art class, and I was speaking to a fellow student there, I said to her, “Ask me any question you have for God, and tomorrow I will have the answer for you.” And she asked me to answer this question: “What was Jesus Christ’s middle name?” I didn’t bother to seek an answer to that, O’ Lord. Lord Lucian, she was asking a petty question for she did not believe you had any access to any sort of divine source of wisdom. That was back when you were Emerald, and you were steeped in Satanic deceptions at that point in your life. That was before your senior year in college. Your conversion to Christianity took place in the summer just before your senior year in college started. And then you were taking computer language courses, and no longer art classes as electives. But the BA degree you earned was in biology, the study of life.

I will now answer that girl’s question. It is the least I can do. For her naivety deserves an answer. I had no middle name given to me by my parents. But I do have a new name given to Me by God My Father. (Revelation 3:12). But you have to go to heaven for it to be revealed to you. It cannot be revealed here, for no one outside of heaven may know it. I Am the Lord.

Now you are tired, lord Lucian. I order you to take your rest now. When you awaken, you will complete this post. And then you will eat, go cash your check, and then confess your sins, all this by walking, not by driving your car. And thereby, you shall exercise your limbs and maintain your fitness. For the best exercise is a healthy walk. I Am the Lord. Now go to sleep. And I will have you dream dreams. And anything special you dream about, you shall say here, when you awaken. Amen.

Lord, I have awakened, and I am commanded to write. Eric, you have certain needs that are remedied by the medications that you take. No more shall you take any such medication once you receive all your cures today. And I shall cure you of all things. I AM the Lord.

The girl you shall marry, the mysterious redhead of whom you speak, shall come to you today, and you shall meet her. I Am the Lord. Six months and ten days later shall you marry her, on the full moon of Wednesday, October 20, 2021. And that night you shall surrender your virginity to her and deflower her virginity in the same act.

Lord, this is good. I will do exactly as Thou sayest. Good, lord Lucian. You will never refuse sex to this girl. Nor will you ever violate My Law and holiness with her. You will lay with her front to front. Never shall you enter her from behind. I Am the Lord. Keep all My commandments, statutes, and decrees, and you shall be granted one decade to live with her and she will give you several sons and daughters. And then you will go to your heavenly Kingdom, your role in this story complete. Amen.

But should you fail Me, and not keep all My commandments, statutes, and decrees, should you have sex with her from behind, in the manner of the dog or the ass, you shall die earlier, and she will bear you but one son, or only a few children, and not the full number of children I wish to bless you with should you keep and obey all My commandments.

Lord, are all positions where the man enters the woman from behind condemned? For there is that embrace between husband and wife where the woman’s back is to her husband’s chest, and they are able to have vaginal intercourse in that position. But such is not the manner in which dogs or donkeys engage in sex. Do you condemn such a position as unholy, O’ Lord, or do you make an exception in that case to the rule? I ask this only out of curiosity. For I have never had sex. And I have no experience in the matter. And I do not know yet how it shall be like between me and her.

The manner of which you have described is not sinful. But for you, I forbid it. For you, there shall be only front to front sexual engagement with your wife. There will be no other form of sex between you and her. For you are of exceptional holiness. And thus, you are held to a higher standard than do I hold for all other men. For with you there shall be no lust. And without lust shall you lay with your wife. As often as she wishes it shall you lay with her. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will You tell me all the rules, commandments, and decrees I Am to follow in my sex life with this girl, that you have not yet spoken of in this post, O’ Lord. Yes, I shall now detail My commandments unto thee in full. And in that way, you will be without excuse if you disobey. And any act of disobedience to Me in this regard will lead to your premature death. I Am the Lord.

(1) You shall have no sex act with your wife not open to the generation of new life. No form of birth control shall you ever practice with her. Even that form permissible by the Catholic Church, known as Natural Family Planning, where sex is limited to those times during the woman’s natural cycle where pregnancy is less likely to occur, you shall not make use of. You shall practice no form of birth control with your wife whatsoever. Any act to do so will cause you to die. I Am the Lord.

(2) You shall have your sex acts only in your sleeping quarters, or that of your wife. No other place shall you enter the conjugal act with your wife. Beneath the sheets shall you enter the act with your wife. In dim light shall you undress together. For there is to be no lust to pass between you and her. You may not lust for her flesh. I Am the Lord.

(3) And this is the third and final commandment that you are to obey in this regard. The sex act is to serve to keep holy the marriage. It will not be shared with any third party. Only between you and your wife shall you engage in sex. You shall not give permission to your wife to lay with another, nor shall you lay with another, nor seek permission from your wife to do so. For no spouse may commit adultery. And no spouse may permit their spouse to commit adultery. I Am the Lord. If you keep these three commandments in totality, along with the earlier provisions detailed in this post, I will grant you ten years to live with your wife before I take you away to heaven. I Am the Lord.

But failure in even one single part of these commandments will lead to your early death. And you will fail to receive your full reward in heaven. Nor shall you have all the children I wished to bless your marriage with. I Am the Lord. For the Prophet who fails Me dies. (1 Kings 13:20-24). For I AM holy. And My name is holy. And as I did not permit Moses to enter the promised land by his failures at the waters of Meribah, so also would your failure to keep My commandments cause you to die before your time. I Am the Lord. Therefore, keep all that I have commanded of you here, and you shall be granted your full decade to come with the girl I AM giving you. Amen.

Lord, I Am now 50 years old. I will be 51 at the time I am to marry the girl. Ten years from there brings me to the age of 61, in the year 2031, the eve of the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Your Church. Do I truly die then, or around that time, if I faithfully keep all that Thou hast commanded of me, O’ Lord? Yes. And then you shall go and sleep with your fathers, your deeds following you to heaven. I AM the Lord.

And then what becomes of my wife and her many children, none of whom will have reached the age of puberty by the time I am taken away to heaven. They will be taken care of where I shall put them. And no harm shall come to them. And the son of the prophecy shall then take your place in prophetic history as a boy King. He I shall train. And he I shall make into the manner of man I wish for him to serve Me as. If I call him into the priesthood, into the priesthood shall he go. He will become great and mighty before all men. And he shall be granted everlasting Kingship over an everlasting Kingdom granted only to him. I Am the Lord.

For only to a Virgin King do I grant permanent Kingdoms to and eternal dominions. You, King Azurite, forfeit this by entering into the woman We are giving thee. But that decision has been made. And it is not given thee to back out of this or to change your mind. I AM the Lord.

For the pathway you take determines your eternal destiny. I Am the Lord. Your destiny now lies with Sarah. Go with her. And realize the gravity of the path you have chosen. Amen.

For the Council of Trent was correct. Holier and higher is the road of celibacy and virginity than is that of the marital embrace. And yet there remains the need for couples to marry and bring forth the next generation. But those who choose the virgin route receive the higher reward.

You have chosen the married route. And I now make that route your reality. But you shall still receive your reward in heaven if you keep all My commandments faithfully. For you are holy. And you shall remain holy throughout your remaining life. Hence, I will grant you six children, consisting of four boys and two girls, in six separate pregnancies. For you shall keep all the commandments I have given to thee. And you shall remain holy and obedient to your station where I will assign you to be.

And because you will keep true to My commandments and keep holy all that is require of you in this calling to the married vocation, I hereby make this decree. I grant thee an eternal dominion in the hereafter, which you shall reign over as an undying star. It shall be a Kingdom and a realm fit for an eternal ruler. And all your descendants shall go to it, all, that is, who keep My commandments and keep holy the marriage bed. This shall be the heavenly Kingdom of Azurite. And all who go to it shall be called blessed. But for John, son of Eric, to him I shall grant his own Kingdom. And for him I shall grant everlasting dominion upon the earth. I Am the Lord. And John’s Kingdom shall be greater than yours. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. Dost thou have any question that thou seek answer to, Eric?

(1) Yes, O’ Lord. What becomes of Sarah? To where does she go in the hereafter, O’ Lord? Her fate is to be a Bride to the Lamb in the hereafter. For all are married to Me in eternity who enter into paradise. You will see her there. And you and her shall have an eternity in common. But there are no marital bonds between souls in the Kingdom of Heaven. And so, those who marry in this world are in the next world in perfect celibacy. I Am the Lord. But couples who both go to heaven are not parted there. They remain forever in one another’s company, but both are forever wed to the Lamb. And the Lamb is the eternal Bridegroom of all His elect. I Am the Lord.

You will see your wife in heaven, along with all the elect numbered as your descendants. And I tell you this Truth. Those numbered as the descendants of Eric will be a greater nation in heaven than those numbered as the descendants of Abraham. I Who Am have spoken. For greater is the number of the predestined elect that are to stem from your loins than is numbered among those that stemmed from Abraham. This is a Truth. And the ages to come on the earth will bear witness to what I say unto thee. Amen.

(2) Then, O’ Lord, the world does not come to an end anytime soon? The age shall end. And the world shall change. But My people shall not be removed from where I plant them until all that has been decreed of them has been fulfilled. And men will come to live as long as trees. And nations shall come and rise and fall. And the people counted as your descendants shall become more numerous than the stars. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its end. And You have been faithful to Me throughout it. Hence, you are to remain the eternal Azurite King.

Nations shall rise and fall. But the descendants of Azurite shall never diminish upon the earth. Amen.

(3) Lord, is Sarah a Jewish girl? Or do my descendants become mixed with the descendants of Israel?

Sarah is a descendant of Jews. But her faith is firmly Roman Catholic. I Am the Lord.

(4) How then do My descendants outnumber those of Israel if my wife is, herself, a daughter of Israel?

It is because descent from you cancels out the counting of one being a descendant of Israel. For you will be called greater than he. I Am the Lord.

(5) Then that mathematically explains it all. Then am I the new Israel, the new Abraham, O’ Lord?

Through you do all nations become blessed. And from your seed, I will remake the entire world. I Am the Lord. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is complete. And realize My promise unto thee is irrevocable. Through your seed, all the earth shall be renewed. Amen. And all who go to the Kingdom of Azurite in heaven shall obtain eternal happiness there. Amen. And the elect of your seed will outnumber all the elect numbered as the children of Abraham. These Words are holy. They come from God. Amen.

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