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The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XIII:
Behold the mind of Eric. It it reigns peace, beauty, and love. I Am the Lord. The reason I created the universe was to make for Myself a Bride. The reason why Mankind was created with an eternal soul was because only a creature whose existence was eternal could serve as a suitable Bride to the Lord her God. The reason why I created Mankind male and female was so that My Bride would understand her marriage to Me. For marriage of woman to man is the model and symbol of the marriage of My Bride to Me.

All who I elect to save are My Bride collectively. But the different genders are My Bride differently. A male is My Bride by his obedience to his Lord. A female is My Bride by her love for her Lord. For the man understands obedience. And the woman understands love. How was Abraham proven to be Mine, but by his obedience. And how was the Virgin Mary defined, but by her love, both for God and for her Son born from her womb.

Let it be known and made clear. No one knows what God is. God is undefinable. God is One. And there are no other gods besides God. God is Triune. God has three divine Personalities. God is known to Man in three divine Persons. God the Father is He Who Is. From God the Father proceeds God the Son. From God the Father and from God the Son proceeds the Holy Spirit. God is greater than the Son. Both of these are greater than the Holy Spirit. And yet all three are equally God. All three are of the same divine substance. All three are uncreated beings. All other beings were created.

What is the meaning of omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence? Such are philosophical terms. And the philosophers do not understand what they mean. Nor can anyone understand what or who God is. Nor can anyone explain it free of error.

But what is Christ? Christ is God the Son. And Christ is the Son of Man. Christ is God born of woman, water, and Spirit. Jesus is the name of the Christ. Yeshua is the same name, in a different language. Every spoken and written language in which the gospel has been preached has a name in it for the Christ derived from name of Jesus translated to that vernacular or local tongue.

Jesus came into the world sent by the Father. Satan did not tempt Jesus with a woman for Satan knew Jesus was not subject to such temptation. No woman was ever sent to Jesus to tempt him to sin. And yet, Jesus is the Bridegroom, to whom are married the entire elect of Mankind.

Was Jesus human or divine? Was Jesus fallible or infallible? Could Jesus err, or was Jesus unable to err? Read Matthew 16:28 and then tell Me.

“Amen, I say unto you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of Man coming in His Kingdom.” (Matthew 16:28).

Lord, do please explain this saying. How is it true? How is it God breathed? And yet we know that no one who stood there listening to You say those words has not yet tasted death, and yet, the wait for the Second Coming continues indefinitely. Can we say that Christ, Who was fully human, could also err as a human, but not commit a divine error, for He also had a divine nature? Since Christ did not know the day and the hour, is it not possible then that he could be mistaken as to an estimate or a feeling as to how far away that day and hour were to be?

Lord Eric, I will now answer thee thine question in full. The correct Way to expect and await My Second Coming is to always understand that its coming is imminent. Were I to say that two thousand years or more are going to pass by before any of you lot are going to see Me again, that would instill the wrong way to wait for My Second Coming. Instead, I said and expressed the correct belief that My people must feel in any generation of My Church Age. And that is with the patient hope and expectation of an imminent Second Coming of the Christ at any moment. You are not to quit your life and go up to the mountains to wait for the Second Coming. Rather, you are to continue to do the work I have put you to do faithfully. You are to submit to your cross and bear it manfully, But you are to live each day and each hour as though I could come at any moment. I Am the Lord.

Did I know back then on earth that two thousand years or more would pass by before I was to come again? How could I, for the Father’s plans were hidden from Me. I was made to know what My heavenly Father gave me to know. But I did not know everything. And what was given to Me, I gave to My Disciples. For there was no secret I obtained that I did not reveal to them. And what My Disciples could not be taught during My ministry with them, they were taught by My Holy Spirit, Whom I sent to teach and to remind them of all things that they did not yet understand. Every secret of the universe is revealed in the passion, death, and resurrection of the Lord. And even the two thousand year wait was alluded to by My Words that no sign would be given of Me to the people except for the sign of Jonah (Matthew 16:4). For a day is to God as a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. And was not Jonah in the belly of a fish for three days and three nights? How long was I beneath the earth, but from the evening of Friday to the predawn of Sunday? Therefore, even here, even with the sign of Jonah, no one is able to calculate when I Am coming again.

But I wish to prophesy unto you Eric, so that those who read this post will know that I AM and that My Words here are not from you, but from Me.

Lord, please do tell me this prophecy. And for it to prove that it is of heavenly origin, it must contain knowledge that only God would know, not something that a demon could have access to. So speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening. Amen.

Lord, I have awakened. Dost Thou have a prophecy that Thou shalt say unto Me? Wilt Thou prove that Thou art the Divine One and not the liar by this sign? Yes, lord Azurite. And the prophecy We give unto thee is this. Pope Benedict XVI shall be restored to the papacy by Divine Mercy Sunday, I AM the Lord. Let all therefore be sure to confess your sins so that on that day, by receiving communion, all your sins and all punishment for all your sins may be wiped clean from your record. I Am the Lord.

Lord, did I hear this prophecy from You? Or did it come from a different source? It is from Me. For I Am pleased with My servants who have endured long suffering in My name. And who have resisted Antipope Francis. This is how the events shall proceed. Antipope Francis shall elect to give a speech. And while he is giving it, blood will proceed to flow from his oral and nasal cavities. And he will then die in his own blood. And a voice shall be heard from on High, saying these Words: “Why have you forsaken Me? Restore My rightful Vicar to his Seat. For behold, none of those made cardinal by he who had no authority to do so will ever vote in any conclave. I Am the Lord!” And immediately after this, all the cardinals made by Antipope Francis will be found either dead or severely incapacitated. And pope Benedict XVI will then proceed to correct all the errors of Antipope Francis. And the dubia he has already answered, as you can see here. For the reason why Antipope Francis never answered the dubia was because he, not being the valid pope, had no authority from God to do so. I Am the Lord. Pope Benedict XVI never ceased being the pope, for his resignation was invalid and was not accepted by God. I Am the Lord. And that is why Pope Benedict XVI answered in full the dubia. He had to, as he was in reality the true pope.

For upon Peter, whose faith declared Me to be the Christ, the Son of the Living God, I founded My Church. And the gates of the netherworld shall never prevail against her. (Matthew 16:15-19). I AM the Lord! Let, therefore, all the world rejoice. For I AM putting down a demon who had taken control over My Church. And I AM casting that demon to the ground. Everything he had done, I will undo. Every appointment he had made, I will unmake. And Pope Benedict XVI will see to it that all errors that were promulgated by the Antipope are reversed and set right. For Antipope Francis was evil. He was never the pope. I Am the Lord.

Then what of the those made bishop by Antipope Francis, O’ Lord? Pope Benedict XVI will decide which appointments to cancel and which to keep. Those bishops canceled, all the priests ordained by them need to be reordained. For the one who ordained them lacked the authority to conduct the sacrament of Holy Orders. Those bishops that he keeps will be reappointed, for their appointments under Antipope Francis were without valid authorization. But all the priests those bishops made will be declared validly ordained, and not need reordination.

Two weeks shall I give to Pope Benedict XVI to correct all the errors of Antipope Francis. And then he will be laid to rest, his name redeemed, and him worthy of a place in My Kingdom of the hereafter. For I Am pleased that My faithful ones resisted the Antipope, and did not conform their ways to his sins.

And then the remaining cardinals will gather for the conclave. And they will be of one mind. And that will be to make Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke the next and 266th valid pope of the Roman Catholic Church. And he shall take the papal name of John, and be called Pope John XXIV. Expect this to happen this June. I Am the Lord.

Also, I will add this. No one may trespass on My hallowed grounds unlawfully without serious consequences. Hence the group known as the gay lobby in the Vatican shall be completely wiped out prior to the ascension to the papacy of Pope John XXIV. These Words are True. They come from God.

Now, lord Lucian, ask me any questions you may have, and I will answer them in full.

(1) Lord, are you at this time going to have fire fall from the sky and decimate the human population of America or the whole world?

Yes, for the people of this generation are wicked. And fire killing one tenth of them should instill in them the proper fear for Me to regain their attention so that they do right and do away with all the errors of Obama and Joe Biden, who led them to utter abomination. I Am the Lord.

(2) Lord, how do You rule in the presently being tried case against former policeman Derek Chauvin who killed George Floyd in the line of duty with excessive and unnecessary force?

He will be found guilty of murder. For anyone who sheds the blood of Man, by Man shall his blood be shed. (Genesis 9:6). It does not matter what the race or color is of the one you kill. And it does not even matter if he deserved to die. For whoever sheds the blood of any man, by Man shall that man’s blood be shed. I AM the Lord. For there is no escaping My justice. And no one may hide his crimes behind a badge. For I see all his crimes. And he will not go unpunished. I AM the Lord.

(3) The girl You are giving me in marriage, is her name Sarah, O’ Lord? And is she a redhead? Or is she something else?

The girl We are giving you is called Sarah. And yes, her hair is red. I Am the Lord.

(4) Lord, I now have long positions in the following stocks: NVDA, TSM, TM, GM, and AAPL. Do you have any other recommendations for me to invest in and to further diversify my portfolio?

Yes, We shall reveal your next investments on Monday. I Am the Lord. But of the five long positions you now have, you shall not sell any of them at this time. And expect NVDA to successfully acquire ARM. For the acquisition makes sense and will be approved. I AM the Lord.

(5) Lord, my computer equipment is aging. Should I make a purchase of new equipment soon?

We shall instruct you on doing that soon. And you shall make your purchase, as usual, on Apple’s website: For you are a user also, not just an investor in Apple products. But you are not a die hard Apple fanboy. For you do not fork out money to buy that worthless Apple watch, but instead, wear a cheap $20 Geneva watch with a fancy looking, but cheap, band, which your stupid brother David mistook for something worth $600.

(6) Speaking of David, does he die soon? And what about the rest of my family, O’ Lord? Were the prophecies that they die soon from You?

Of your family, two are now marked with doom: Your brother David and your mother are to die soon. But as for your brother Mark and your father, these We will let live, for they have merited to be given more time to convert and to repent.

(7) Do I remain working at my current place of occupation?

Yes, and you shall receive a second raise soon. And We shall make you quite prosperous.

Now this post now comes to its end. Publish it, for it is complete. Amen.

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