Eric dreams of a redhead bride

Of haunting beauty is the redhead bride that God has put in Eric’s dreams.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post XII:
Lord, I dreamt last night of a redhead girl. And the dream said she would be my wife. What is Thine Word, O’ Lord, regarding this revelation? Lord Lucian, here We present you with a choice. You may enter a carnal marriage with the redhead of your destiny. Or you may remain of the celibate path that leads to Me and to My Kingdom. Lord, the call to enter the carnal path is strong. The call of love, is it the most powerful force on earth? Then go with her. You cannot walk My path if your heart is in the woman.

Hence, listen to My prophecy, O’ Azurite King. You will indeed have a son by the woman who We give unto thee. And he will be the Second King of a Two-King Dynasty. Only two kings are in that dynasty, O’ Lord? Only two generations? That is correct, lord Azurite, for My Coming is soon. And you have little time left. But it is as you say. You must stay and outlast Lucifer-Man, who is the power behind Joe Biden, Antichrist par Excellence. For you are the Eleventh Player, whereas he is the Tenth.

Hence, marry the girl We are giving unto thee. And enter into her on your wedding night. She will conceive and bear you a son. And you are to name him John. And he will be mighty and powerful. I AM the Lord.

Lord, what then happens to my status as Oracle and Prophet. Keep to My commandments. Commit no acts of adultery or fornication, and you will lose nothing that I have given unto thee. I Am the Lord.

How you make love with this girl is of utmost importance. No form of perverse union may you have with this girl. For I have made you holy. And I Am giving you a holy wife. And you are designated to have holy children. Hence, all the unions you have with your wife must also be holy.

All holy unions must always be open to the possibility of generating new life. There is to be no act or attempt at preventing a pregnancy in any act by which you make love with her. Hence that form of contraception permitted by the Catholic Church, called Natural Family Planning, I do not permit you to make use of. For you are holy. And all your acts with her must be holy.

You may neither sleep with her nor kiss her on the lips prior to marriage. For the kiss on the lips is the property of the married couple, not of the dating couple, nor of the engaged couple. I AM the Lord. All who violate this covenant are guilty of transgression of My holy institution of marriage. I Am the Lord. For it was never permissible for a couple to make out with one another outside of wedlock.

And when you enter into the marital embrace with your wife, you may only enter the conjugal act in a position where front is to front, that is, face to face, breasts to breasts, and genitalia to genitalia, Entry from behind is the practice of dogs and asses, and you may not have sex as they do.

Eric, when you look upon a picture of a nude woman, what do you feel? I feel a kind of mental pleasure, some good feeling within my mind by the sight of a nude woman’s breasts. Good, that shows that you are normal. But do not visit such things in any form of habit or hobby, for it then becomes an addiction to you. That pleasure in your mind that comes from viewing nudity or pornographic content comes from chemicals released in the brain. And the purpose of this release is to prepare the man for intercourse with his wife on sight of her flesh. But you, by viewing nudity on the internet, short circuit this apparatus to obtain a cheap thrill without your future wife present to partake with you in the conjugal act.

By this explanation, you must now see the harm that porn does to society. You, Azurite, once ruled that women should have the right as men do to go topless. But what do I, I the Lord, say about this ruling of Eric’s? A woman is most sexually attractive during her fertile years. And to arouse her husband, she needs to provide for him something in marriage that he did not receive before marriage. And this should be the knowledge of her flesh. Hence, it is foolish and of great folly for a woman to display her flesh to all who wish to see it. For after that, what does she have left to show her husband when he marries her? And what if her parents see the pictures?

The reason why a woman cringes at the thought of her parents viewing her nude photos is by the simple reason that if you are viewing the someone’s nudity as beautiful, you are, in effect, engaging in sex with that one in your heart. And that, therefore, brings the guilt of incest, or adultery, or fornication.

Given this, it becomes evident that if women do go topless, they do disservice to their community by doing two things: (1) They cause all men who see her exposed flesh to have sex with her in their heart, by the mere pleasure it causes them. And this brings them the guilt of incest, adultery, or fornication in the heart. And there is (2). They weaken their future marital bonds by having much less to give to her husband when she does marry.

Hence, toplessness in women, whether is it a right or not, does not do good service to the community, nor to the woman’s future, nor to the woman’s future marriage. Hence, because a woman going topless serves to arouse lust in men, it is therefore to be considered an act of harlotry on the part of the woman. And harlotry cannot be allowed. I AM the Lord.

Note to viewers who have not seen Cursed, season 1, this paragraph contains spoilers. Lord, at the end of the movie series, Cursed, Season 1, we see the Weeping Monk, a most powerful fey killer, redeemed by an act of saving a fey child. And thus, he, having burned his bridges with the Red Paladins, is seen riding with the fey child away from the battle. And he then reveals his name is Lancelot, and the child reveals his name is Perceval. And also, Arthur meets his future wife on the Battlefield, who identifies herself as Red Spear, not knowing about the death of his lover, Nimue, who died at around the same time, slain by arrows from the female villain, Sister Iris. And Merlin, who had lost all his powers by the act of sex he had with Lenore and by the loss of the sword she took from him, now regains his powers in full, with the fruit of that love having died, and the sword of power restored to his possession. And Season 2 is destined to be released this July. Lord, I have this to say. Interesting as it may be, I do not look forward to seeing the Weeping Monk, having been redeemed, fall again due to adultery with Arthur’s future wife. If I could write the story, I would have it that Lancelot, after this fall to adultery, is again redeemed and restored back to Arthur’s friendship, as it happened in the movie, Excalibur. I would not have the Weeping Monk permanently lost.

Good, King Azurite. And you are correct. The best stories are not about perfect people who never sin, but of those who fall to sin and then come back by repentance and are redeemed by the end of the movie. Hence, the Star Wars movies succeed by having this element play out of a great fall, followed by a repentance and a redemption of a main central evil character by the end of that trilogy, and this turns the tide of the war to victory for the good. Hence, Star Wars movies become classics by having this feature run through them: a great fall followed by a repentance and a redemption by the end of that series.

Even your story, King Azurite, is one of conversion and redemption. And you had a most meritorious conversion to My religion in July of 1992. Prior to that day, you yourself were Antichrist par Excellence, a most powerful Player, the one called Emerald, having control of both Super Powers, having ended the Cold War between the two, having ended Apartheid in South Africa via the Pawn, de Klerk, and having triumphed in Israel through the election victory of your fourth called forth Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, and being on the verge of gaining control of that nation. But you did not gain control of Israel as Antichrist. For between the election victory of Rabin and the time the Shas Party joined his coalition, giving him a majority in the Knesset, by which Rabin became head-of-state, Eric converted to My religion of Christianity, confessing that he was Antichrist, and turning to follow Me.

The conversion of Antichrist to Christianity, and ten years later to Catholicism, is the most powerful conversion story in the history of the Church. Greater is this than that of Saul who became Paul. For Saul, though a powerful enemy of the followers of Jesus, was never of the magnitude of power that was seen in Emerald. It was said of Eric, “Whoever possessed the Witch King child would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.” And also, “War was waged within his mind, with battles fierce, but love is kind.” Hence, the battle for the soul of Eric, and his triumph, was the most guarded of secrets of the Father. He did not reveal His plan of redeeming the Antichrist to any prophet. Hence, when it occurred, it took the spiritual world by utter shock and surprise, and the fallen angels who had magnified the power of the Emerald fled in terror from him when he confessed to Jesus that he was Antichrist.

Lord Azurite, your confession of being Antichrist to Jesus, followed by your conversion and taking up the cross and following Jesus to salvation, made you truly cease to be Antichrist, but you did not cease to be First Rider of the Apocalypse. (Revelation 6:2). For the crowns you were given of greater than diamond, laced with greater than gold, that you received in visions in 1989 on two consecutive days, were never taken away from you. Rather, by Mary placing her foot upon your head in early December of 1996, to humble your proud boasting of a then believed destiny to marry the most beautiful woman of all creation, that act cleansed you from the head down, because you submitted and repented, and did not rebel to that touch of Mary’s foot upon your head. And the symbol of this act of cleansing Eric is seen in Revelation 12:1 where the woman is depicted clothed in the sun and with the moon beneath her feet. For Eric, being of the zodiac sign of Cancer, is associated with the moon.

Lord, I have a most pressing question, one that I need answer to. Is it from God or from Satan the belief that there is to be a future age called the Millennium that is like a thousand year Sabbath, that follows the six thousand years of work that started with the Covenant of Noah around 4000 B.C., according to the geological records of the flood that occurred in Mesopotamia that was recorded as Noah’s flood? Is this the correct way to understand Revelation, chapter 20? Or are we to interpret those passages in accordance to the teachings of Saint Augustine, as he taught in his book, The City of God? And Saint Augustine taught that the Millennium spoken of in Revelation, chapter 20, is not to be taken literally, but rather, is really a mystical story of the Church Age. And the First Resurrection is therefore a reference to baptism and being born from above. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord?

As Saint Augustine has interpreted Revelation, chapter 20, so do I reveal it to have been correctly interpreted by him. As for those who look for a literal fulfillment of the things they read in Revelation, these will be disappointed and confused, as what they see playing out in this world does not match what they had predicted by their literal interpretations of prophecies not meant to be literally interpreted. I AM the Lord.

Eric, therefore, do you wish to know then what is to come to pass before I come again? Yes, O’ Master, yes! Do not believe anyone who tells you that he has any sign by which the Second Coming can be predicted, or that the days to it can be counted down. For whoever tells you that is a false prophet. I Am the Lord. I AM coming soon. But I do not say unto thee whether My soon coming is a matter of days, years, decades, or centuries away. I really do not make any such revelation unto any soul. Nations will rise and nations will fall. But no one can wait out the Coming of the Son of Man. I Who Am have now spoken sufficiently for this post.

But O’ Lord, then what is the nature of the Two-King Dynasty of Azurite? For it is written that there is not a third king in that dynasty due to the timing of the Second Coming making that not possible. As far as you will witness in your life, your Dynasty will consist of but two Kings. But I do not rule out there being a third King to come. I have not ruled out the possibility of John having a descendant who reigns after him. For remember that even I, Jesus Christ, upon My throne in heaven, do not know all the plans that the Father has made, including the day and hour of My return. And because I do not know this, I cannot promise you a third King in your Dynasty, but neither is this ruled out as possible. I Am the Lord. Hence, it is true as I said. I Am coming soon, but whether that soon coming is a matter of days, years, decades, or centuries, such is not revealed. I Am the Lord.

But as for the sign of the budding of the fig tree, this is not to be interpreted as to have begun with the return to statehood of Israel on May 14, 1948, but rather, the correct interpretation of that passage is that the budding of the fig tree occurs with the conversion of Israel to Catholicism. I AM the Lord. And it is also true that I AM sending another Prophet to Israel to inaugurate this conversion when it does take place. And you are granted to call this Prophet to come Lazurite. This now concludes this post. It is now complete. Publish it. And realize that the girl you are to marry will come soon. And you must obey Me in all things regarding her. And then you will remain My prophet forever. I AM the Lord. Now publish this post, eat, and go to Mass. Amen.

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