Eric shall wed a girl in whom dwells the spirit of Saint Katherine of Alexandria

A wife shall be given to Eric, beautiful to behold, but whom he is commanded never to touch.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1, Post IX:
I now reveal unto thee a mystery. Eric shall marry a girl in this world, but not partake in any pleasures of the flesh with her. For in her whom I Am giving to him shall dwell the spirit of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, the one to whom he is eternally wed. And this girl within this world who is to come to Eric in marriage is the one We call Sarah in these posts. This is the Sarah whom We have prophesied of in previous posts as the one We elected to grant to Eric to be his wife. Eric shall marry Sarah in a fully sacramental Josephite marriage in the Roman Catholic Church. And it shall be a purely celibate and spiritual marriage, a union of two virgin souls, but without a union of the flesh. For were Eric to unite in the flesh with her, he would be uniting with someone other than the ancient saint of the Catholic Church to whom he has been eternally wed to. But, nevertheless, the sacred union of these two eternal virgins in this world is to have an eternal nature and eternal endurance. And thus, in the hereafter, Eric will be bonded to both virgins, as a form of heavenly water (H2O). Heavenly water is an eternal union between one virgin male soul to two virgin female souls. Hence, in the Kingdom of Heaven, Eric is to be eternally united to both Saint Katherine of Alexandria, and also to his virgin bride Sarah, with whom Eric will enter into a sacrament marriage with in this world. But of the flesh of a woman, Eric can never know, lest his gift of prophecy be taken away, and he be made a mere man. This union is between these three virgin souls shall be eternal. It shall never come to an end. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, please explain the nature of heavenly water. And please explain all three levels of it. Amen. And also tell me which of these forms of heavenly water are found among your 144,000 virgin first fruits.

As you know, lord Azurite, the gender in heaven is heavily skewed towards the female, as more females enter heaven than males. And why is this, you wonder? It is due to the nature of the male that he does not tend to endure in Me and My Way as long as the female does. And so, in the Churches that belong to Me, you will often see females therein praying to Me, but the sight of males among them is more rare. For males do not tend to last as long in walking My Way as females do. And roughly for every seven females that go to heaven, only five males enter into that Paradise.

Hell, on the other hand, is more heavily skewed toward the male gender. However, heaven is more female than hell is male. And also realize that for every ten males that enter into hell, approximately seven females enter there. And also realize that many more males come into this world than females. For it was revealed unto thee in past posts that of all souls conceived, there is a divinely created ratio in the human race by which for every 110 souls that come to be, 60 are designated to be incarnated as males and 50 to be incarnated as females. I Am the Lord. And note that the XY females, which are freaks of nature, are actually numbered among those called male in this ratio. For the XY female is genetically a male whose male DNA failed to activate, and thus she was born with female appearing flesh and a female mentality. In society the XY female is regarded as female, but in the divine plan, such souls are regarded according to their DNA, by which the gender of all human beings is divinely decided. All true females are XX. All true males are XY. And any freak that contains a Y is called male. And any freak that lacks a Y is called a female. For in the cosmic definitions of Mankind, it has been written: Male and female He created them. (Genesis 1:27). Therefore, all humankind eternally exist as either one or the other gender, in the cosmic definition of Mankind, according to the divine decision that determined their DNA. And this decision is not left up to the will of the created person. And thus, at the Resurrection, all those who were freaks in nature are eternally corrected to be either XX or XY in DNA, in accordance to the divine intent. And all who are XX humans resurrect as female, and all who are XY humans resurrect as male. Hence, realize therefore, that the true gender ratio of those born is of a slightly greater male to female ratio than that which is actually recorded by Man, for in the medical records, the XY females born are recorded born as females, due to their appearance. But by divine election, the XY female is really a male. And also note that there is no such thing as an occurrence of XX male in humankind, for the default gender by DNA in humans is female. Thus, a true male can by genetic error be born a female, but a true female cannot by genetic error be born a male. I Am the Lord.

Hence, the man who believes he should have been born a female is always wrong. And such men, when found violating women’s private places, need to be put to death. I AM the Lord.

Now let’s do the math.

  1. The souls that come into the world are 50/110 or approximately 45% female.
  2. The souls that enter into hell are 7:10 female to male, or 7/17 = approximately 41% female.
  3. The souls that enter heaven are 7:5 female to male, or 7/12 = approximately 58% female.

I Am the Lord. Now, calculate the percentage of humanity that I save.

  1. These are my results: Percent saved = 23.5%. Percent damned = 76.5%.
  2. Of every 100 souls brought into the world, 9.9 of the 55 males and 13.6 of the 45 females are saved.
  3. If one is female, she has a 13.6/45 = 30% probability of going to heaven.
  4. If one is male, he has a 9.9/55 = 18% probability of going to heaven.
  5. (9.9 + 13.6 = 23.5) = of all humans born, 23.5% of them will be saved.

Lord, are these numbers correct? Lord Azurite, you have the approximately correct calculation of the numbers of those I save and those I do not.

And so a little under a quarter of the human race are elected by God to go to heaven. And the rest are thrown away. Am I correct, O’ Lord and Savior? You have an approximate correctness in your calculations, lord Azurite. I AM the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, do You say that nearly one in four souls that have existed as humans born of women have been saved? Yes, lord Azurite. You have answered with understanding. For I Am a God of mercy. And I have not made it difficult for men and women to enter into My Kingdom. Those who love shall enter. But those who harbor hatred will never see My Kingdom. I Am the Lord.

So then, O’ Lord, do explain heavenly water molecules, and their various classes.

A heavenly water molecule can only come to exist only between virgin souls. Those who lose their virginity do not form eternal bonds in heaven, but are as celibate souls there for all eternity. I Am the Lord. Also, not all souls that enter heaven as virgins also enter into such eternal bonding with other virgin souls. Listed below, We can see that saved humanity exists in the hereafter in one of four basic eternal states. And, conversely, there are also four basic states of those who go to hell:

  1. Hydrogen gas (H2) – an eternal bond between two saved virgins: one male and one female. (lightest).
  2. Helium (He) – an eternally single virgin saved soul in heaven. (second lightest).
  3. Heavenly water (H2O) – an enteral union between three saved virgins: one male and two females.
  4. Neon (Ne) – an eternally saved single soul not numbered among the virgins.
  5. Ammonia (NH3) – a union of lesbian souls, all of whom go to hell.
  6. Methane (CH4) – an orgy of the perverse, all of whom go to hell.
  7. Laughing gas (N2O) – a soul bonded to demons, who enters into to hell.
  8. Argon (Ar) – a single soul who sinks into evil, and who goes to hell.

And O’ Lord, what souls belong to the 144,000? Not all virgins belong to the 144,000, but only those I have elected as worthy. And these come from all three classes of virgins: H2, He, and H2O. Now that you are confirmed as a member of My 144,000, I need to instruct you on your future plans.

You are to marry, but you are not to have sex. Any attempt to enter the sex act, even if not carried out to its end, shall disqualify you from being numbered among My 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. I AM the Lord. And as to the exact number, 144,000 is merely symbolic. The actual number is greater by manyfold. And do all of these virgins numbered among the 144,000 live upon the earth at the moment You send your angels to seal them? The sealing of the 144,000 occurs at the moment I activate the Second Prophet, and initiate the conversion of Israel to My religion of Catholicism. Hence, when you see the sign I said earlier, of a major political party in Israel converting en masse to Catholicism, while retaining their Jewish religious practice, that will be the sign that accompanies My sealing of all My 144,000, whose true number I give thee not.

This conversion of Israel is soon. But when it happens, I do not reveal. Lord, that I am to marry Sarah, am I by that act also marrying Saint Katherine of Alexandria, who in spirit shall dwell in her soul? Yes, and such is why it is impermissible for you to enter the carnal relations with this woman. You may only know your wife in spirit, not in the flesh.

And when does this Sarah enter my life, O’ Lord? And do we both get taken to that secret land prior to the rain of fire that is to soon fall upon all America and upon the whole world? Before you meet her whom We are giving you to be your wife, you shall be sealed as one among My 144,000. Hence, you shall enter this union with this girl already as a perfected soul, unblemished and unblemishable. And this now brings this post to its conclusion.

Publish this post, lord Azurite. And to those who object to the sight of a nude women, realize that it is not the sight of nudity that causes sin, but its suggestion and its pursuit. I Who AM have spoken. Publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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