Eric is of eternal union to Saint Katherine of Alexandria

Behold, as clear as this lake is, so also is the reflection of the beauty of Saint Katherine in Eric, her eternal espoused.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post VIII:
Behold, Eric, you are permanently celibate. There shall be no girl sent in this world to become your wife here. For you are of a glory that surpasses the things of this world, and that rises up to the heavens. You are eternally virgin and celibate. And you shall never lose your office of prophet. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I am the Eleventh Player in the game called Earth. That means I must outlast Lucifer-Man, who is the Tenth Player. He is the power behind Joe Biden, who is the Antichrist par Excellence. And his Vice President, Kamala Harris, is the woman in scarlet who rides the beast. I, therefore, must outlast them. But I question You, O’ Lord and Majesty this. Do I outlast the Antichrist and his scarlet witch here where I am currently located in America? Or do you take me elsewhere, where I would reign is a safer, more secret place, O’ Lord? For if America is to be utterly destroyed by fire falling from the sky, due to its abundance of abomination and wickedness, do I get taken from here prior to that event and get planted into a different land? Or do I remain here, and You preserve Me while all around me perish and decline? For I am to have no wife. And I am to raise no offspring.

It is correct to say that you will have no wife and that you shall raise no offspring. For marriage is not possible for one who is already bound eternally to a saint of the past. And you have been bound, and have accepted the eternal binding, to Saint Katherine of Alexandria, who is yours by eternal espousal in heaven. This is a detail that was written on your soul from the moment of your conception in your mother’s womb. I Am the Lord. It is a destiny from which you cannot escape.

Now, Eric, tell Me this Truth. What is the Kingdom that We have ultimately decided to grant you for all eternity? What Kingdom do you rule over forever? Answer Me!

The Kingdom of Azurite is that Kingdom, O’ Lord. And it consists of lands of North America, parts of the northern West Indies, all of Europe, and Russian Asia and all of the Caucasus.

Correct, King Azurite. You have detailed your Kingdom in summary. Now detail it exactly.

(1) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled eternally by Eric, the Azurite King, and Saint Katherine of Alexandria, his consort for all eternity. And the lands of their eternal Kingdom are defined by the following list of states:

North American Subkingdom of Azurite

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. The Contiguous United States of America
  4. Hispaniola
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. the Virgin Islands
  7. The Bahaman Archipelago (The Lucayan Archipelago)
  8. Burmuda
  9. Saint Pierre & Miquelon
  10. Greenland
  11. Iceland

European Subkingdom of Azurite

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Germany
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Belgium
  7. The Netherlands (Holland)
  8. England
  9. Scotland
  10. Wales
  11. The Isle of Man
  12. Northern Ireland
  13. The Republic of Ireland
  14. European France
  15. Andorra
  16. Spain
  17. Portugal
  18. Monaco
  19. Malta
  20. Italy (excluding the Vatican City)
  21. San Marino
  22. Switzerland
  23. Liechtenstein
  24. Austria
  25. Slovenia
  26. Croatia
  27. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  28. Serbia
  29. Montenegro
  30. Kosovo
  31. Albania
  32. North Macedonia
  33. Greece
  34. Thrace (European Turkey)
  35. Bulgaria
  36. Romania
  37. Moldova
  38. Ukraine (with Crimea)
  39. Hungary
  40. Slovakia
  41. Czechia
  42. Poland
  43. Lithuania
  44. Latvia
  45. Estonia

Russia and her Satellites Subkingdom of Azurite

  1. Russia
  2. Finland
  3. Kaliningrad
  4. Belarus
  5. Georgia
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Armenia

And the list of official languages in Eric’s vast Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian

Lord, Hyacinth has said unto me the following, in a text: “I’ve made up my mind. If you don’t talk today I’ll die on your neck and my death will be caused by you and you shall face judgement. Amen.” What do You command me to do, O’ Lord?

This text, King Azurite, comes from a proven Nigerian romance scammer. Have nothing more to do with her. Those are My orders. Failure to obey Me in this matter shall lead to your rejection from My Kingdom. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I was tempted to masturbate today, but I stopped. I did not continue to the point of ejaculation. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord, to my condition?

You were commanded to do this from an evil spirit. Now you have learned. Listen no more to such devils who give you such commands. I Am the Lord. And you have no need to repent any sins, as it is only counted against thee when you go all the way. I Am the Lord.

Furthermore, I now elevate you to a higher rank in My Kingdom. Whereas before, you were ranked as lord of the Earth, I now rank you as Conqueror par Excellence. You are given a crown. And you carry the bow. You are hereby ordered to go forth, bent on conquest. And you are blessed to go from victory to victory. I AM the Lord. Now tell Us, lord Azurite, what lands do you wish to conquer?

Lord, the Catholic Church is besieged in many places upon the earth. If it were my will, I would conquer and destroy all government enemies to the Catholic Church in all parts of the earth where the Church is under siege.

This, lord Azurite, will require a rain of fire from heaven. Hence, this very month of April, the earth will be visited by a rain of fire. And that fire will destroy all the lands and all the crops of the wicked. And the good shall be slain with the bad. So great will be the death count and the desolation of those days that the living will envy the dead. I Am the Lord.

You will command this rainstorm of fire upon the earth from the place I appoint to be your area of mission control. I will give you full access to know all that is happening in the world. And you shall topple nations. Kingdoms shall be crunched under your feet. And leaders shall be deposed and executed. I Am the Lord.

The next pope, who shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, shall ascend to the papacy in June of 2021. And it shall be this April that Pope Benedict XVI shall breathe his last and die. And Antipope Francis shall be caught and cast alive into the lake of fire, where there shall be wailing and grinding of teeth. And all the Cardinals appointed by Antipope Francis shall die or be completely incapacitated by the deadly rain of fire I shall pour down upon all wicked nations. I AM the Lord.

Cardinal Burke shall take the papal name of Pope John XXIV, becoming the 266th valid pope to sit upon the Seat of Peter. And all the papal works done by Antipope Francis shall be declared null and void by Pope John XXIV. I Am the Lord.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Rus’ shall convert to My Catholic religion when he sees the glory of Pope John XXIV reigning. And he shall elect to bring his whole Russian Orthodox Church into the Catholic fold. And so a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church shall be made in Russia, with Patriarch Kirill as its head, in complete communion with the pope in Rome. I Am the Lord. And all members of the Russian Orthodox Church will then become Catholic without leaving their Church. I Am the Lord.

As for China, I will topple the communist government of China. A new leadership will come to rule that nation. And it shall be Catholic and Christian. And the slaughter of the unborn in China will stop. And now someone argues about the overpopulation of human beings in China. But I say this. After My rain of deadly fire upon the whole earth, one tenth of the total human population on earth will have died. That tenth will be My tithe, paid to Me by the world, by whose blood and deaths I shall let the 90% of the human beings who remain in the land of the living to receive another chance to be made worthy of salvation in My sight. Hence, I will take My tithe of humanity by My slaughter of one in every ten people upon the earth. And those who remain will be commanded then to do My will. Also, they will not bury their dead. Instead, My carrion feeders and vultures will be sent to feast on their flesh and to clean up the mess. Hence, their corpses will line every street and every place where Mankind lives upon the planet. And I will prohibit any man from denying My birds of the air from the great feast I will have prepared for them, to gorge themselves on the flesh of wicked men. (Revelation 19:17-18 & 19:21). I Am the Lord.

Hence, a common sight to see in the earth of Millennium will be those of the bones and other human remains from the great feast I will have given to all the carrion birds of the air. It will be the greatest slaughter in history. And so numerous will be the bones of the dead upon the earth, that they will be used to decorate houses and to mark signs with. Common will be the skull and cross bones symbols that use real human bones and skulls. I Am the Lord. And there will be those who collect human remains as a hobby. And they will master the techniques to determine their sex and racial origins by merely analyzing the bones.

Okay, O’ Lord, let us speak about Saint Katherine of Alexandria. You say that she is to be my eternal espoused in heaven. Will Thou give unto me any sign by which I may know that You Who say these things are of heaven, and that what Thou hast said unto me is true?

Yes, lord Azurite. By this sign you shall know that you are eternally espoused to Saint Katherine of Alexandria. Before I place Cardinal Burke on the Seat of Peter as Pope John XXIV, the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church, I will restore the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, with the total wipeout of Antipope Francis and all his cardinals. And Pope Benedict XVI will reign for a single fortnight, time enough to correct the many errors of Pope Francis, and then he will go rest with the holy fathers, and the cardinals that remain will assemble to vote for the next pope in Rome. And they will be of one mind. And that will be to choose Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who is from America, to be the next holy Roman pontiff. I Am the Lord.

When you see all these things take place, then you will know that I Am the Lord. And you will know that you are eternally espoused to Saint Katherine of Alexandria. And I testify unto thee now and forever. This union can never change and can never be destroyed. I Am the Lord.

Lord, in previous posts, there was mention made of another Prophet, one called Lazurite, who is a Catholic Jew. And he was said to be in a similar espousal, one to a Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, who came after Saint Katherine of the same city, and who had a similar fate. And it was said of him that he was to be sent to preach to Your people the Jews, whereas I was sent to preach to your people of the Gentiles. And we were both sent to prepare Your respective peoples for Your Second Coming. Is this the Truth, O’ Lord? And if so, is he, Lazurite, therefore, a Twelfth Player of the game called, Earth?

By this sign you shall know the Truth of what you have just said. A leading Party in Jewish politics will become Hebrew Catholics, that is, Jews who practice Roman Catholicism along with Judaism in perfect harmony, and this will take place over the span of a single night. And after this takes place, no more will the state of Israel reject as apostates any Jew who professes Jesus as Lord. Amen. This will inaugurate the conversion of Israel, and immediately after you see this, you will become aware of the Second Prophet, the one you call Lazurite. And when you see these signs, you shall remember My Words and know that he, too, is eternally espoused to an ancient virgin saint who served Me in Alexandria, where existed the famous ancient library, and where the Torah was first translated to Greek by the original 72 Jewish scholars of whom the Septuagint is named after. I Am the Lord.

Eric, now you wish to know how long does the Biden Antichrist reign? Yes, I shall now tell thee. For a time, times, and half a time, shall he reign upon the land. And then he shall be destroyed, and, like Antipope Francis, be thrown alive into the lake of fire and burning sulfur. I Am the Lord.

And so, where shall you be in all of this, you ask?

I have now decided your fate, lord Azurite. When the fires begin falling in America, realize My cunning and ingenuity. I will have cured you and taken you to another land. I Who Am have spoken. And where will be this other land, you ask? Somewhere where Antichrist par Excellence will never think to look. Now publish this post, lord Azurite. For it is complete. Amen.

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