Eric explains how to be a prophet

A true Prophet follows the pathway of Christ, which leads to heaven.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post VII:
Behold, I Who Am have ordered Eric to explain the secrets to his prophethood, so that others whom I shall call may successfully become prophets and prophetesses like Eric. Amen. And behold, this is the 444th extant post on And it is the 7th post of the first book of The Prophecies of Azurite. And note also this: Eric has released all these works on this website to the public domain. I Who AM have spoken.

Greetings, my fellow human beings. I have been ordered to teach all who read this post the secrets to my gift of prophecy. For it is the will of God that new prophets and prophetesses are to be called to prophesy just as He has called Me. For God is now pouring out His Spirit upon all Mankind. (Acts 2:17 & Joel 3:1-2).

The secret of the true Prophet is that he listens to God and obeys Him in all that He commands of him. For God will stop speaking to you if you stop obeying His commands. And no one can prophesy unless God wills to speak to him and through him to the people. Hence, the first task to master in becoming a prophet is utter and complete obedience to God, along with listening to all that He instructs you on.

Note the danger to listening to voices coming from the Spirit world. Most voices that speak from the Spirit world are demonic, that is, they are coming from fallen angels that wish to lead you astray. And these demonic spirits are masters at deception. They will attempt to appear to you as people of the past and saints from heaven, and even as the Virgin Mary and as Jesus Christ. Hence, you cannot blindly follow the spirits that speak unto thee, or you will be led to your destruction. Instead, you must seek to discern the nature of the one speaking unto thee. And once you know it to be Satan, rebuke him and converse with him no more.

Note the danger of conversing with demonic spirits. They will tell you lies, that you may believe them to your folly. Consider the Cure of Ars. He took to heart, to his folly, the devil’s lie to him, who said that if there were three such priests as the Curé of Ars on earth at the same time, then Satan’s kingdom would be broken. Satan was lying to the Cure of Ars to blind him by his pride. First of all, never take praise from a devil. Second, realize that Satan’s Kingdom cannot be broken by any power but God’s and this will be done at the end of the age. Now matter how holy you are, and no matter the number of such holy people you have with you, Satan is not defeated by any of these things. For there are always the wicked among you. And in the hearts of the wicked, Satan is always working.

Also realize that you have no value as a Prophet if your prophecies are coming from Satan, rather than from God. The Prophet Muhammed of Islam was such a prophet. He listened to the words spoken to him from the spirit world. But it was Satan, the Master of Deception, who was speaking unto him and through him. Note that this Master of Deception speaks to all Mankind. And he especially comes to deceive and to lead astray all who seek to listen to God’s voice, or to prophesy in His name.

The Master of Deception will ultimately lead you to reject the Christ, or to exit the Catholic Church, or to enter into a permanent state of separation from God, a permanent state of mortal sin. He may also lead you to set yourself up as a Prophet, starting your own religion, or your own church. See how Satan got Martin Luther to leave the Catholic Church and to found his own. And look carefully in the scriptures and seek therein for the Word of God where it is written anything that gives Martin Luther the right to start his own church. It is not written therein. Nowhere do the scriptures give Martin Luther this right, nor directive. And so, where did Martin Luther get this directive from? Only from Satan, who was guiding him, did Martin Luther get the instructions to found his own church. And by this means alone, it is therefore proven that the Lutheran Church is founded on Satan, along with the rest of all Protestantism that sprung from Luther’s deeds.

Another key component of the Prophet of God is that he is sexually pure. For sexual impurity and sins of the flesh impede your clear communication with God. For the Holy Spirit does not dwell in impure souls. And the source of the True Prophet’s prophecies is the Holy Spirit dwelling in him. Hence, the number one way to tell a false prophet is to look at his sex life. If he is sexually sinful, then you know that all the prophecies being uttered by him are coming from Satan. And you are not to fear him, nor listen to his words.

Hence, you will never see a homosexual prophet of God. For homosexuals are sexual sinners, and God does not dwell in them. Therefore, if you see homosexuality in one who claims to be a prophet, realize that you are looking upon a false prophet, and you must either exit his company or stone him to death. For he who claims to be a Prophet of God, but who commits an homosexual act, this one has committed a capital offense. And such people are never chosen by God to be made prophets. Realize that the directive to stone to death all self claimed prophets who are practicing the filth of the LGBTQ is of divine origin. For they are abominable enemies of God.

Lord, is it not dangerous to give such a directive to the people to take the law into their own hands and to execute someone based on their own judgements as to their guilt? In the case of the the self claimed prophet who commits LGBTQ filth, these may be stoned to death on sight, for they are enemies to Me and to My Church. It is not a crime of murder to kill a practicing homosexual prophet, for that one has committed a crime that cries out to God for justice to be dealt against him. I AM the Lord. No one goes to hell for killing a homosexuals who claim to be My prophets. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, back to the subject, what about masturbation? Can a True Prophet masturbate? King Azurite, the pathway to perfect purity for one who masturbates is that he stops dwelling on sinful thoughts and fantasies. But as for the act of defilement itself, this cannot be stopped by Man, but only by God. I AM the Lord. But ask and you shall receive. And note that it is prohibited for any man to castrate himself or to have himself castrated. For God wishes to have all his saints come to him whole. Rather, it is the will of God that you struggle with the sin of impurity and seek to conquer it while you live in this life. God does not expect from you perfect continence, but only that you never give up on attempting to achieve it. For God does not save those who give up on seeking to be pure and who abandon themselves to the sins of the flesh. I Who Am have spoken.

Finally, to prophesy the Word of the Lord, it is necessary for the Lord to be speaking through you. This is not in your power to control or bring about. Rather, God chooses whom He shall speak to and through. Also, God tests all His prophets. And many prophets only prophesy for a short period of time, and then God ceases to prophesy through them. For consider all the many the Biblical books of the prophets in the Old Testament. The vast majority of these Old Testament Prophets have very short books. And you as a Prophet have no control over how long the Lord God shall elect to prophesy through you.

So, O’ Lord, why dost Thou say that Thou shalt prophesy through me forever? Is it something I will do or have done? Or is is it something I won’t do or have not done?

Go eat your breakfast, King Azurite. When you return, We shall answer thee exactly what thou hast asked Me. Amen. I am back, O’ Lord. And I am listening for to You speak.

We have elected you, King Azurite, among all Mankind, for this role as permanent and perfect Prophet of God so that all that We will to be accomplished through you shall be accomplished. For you have three qualities that make you perfect for Our needs. These are:

  1. You are brave, you have no fear.
  2. You are holy, you have remained in Me and I in thee.
  3. You are of an intellect second to none upon the earth.

You are the Wizard who escaped the captivity of Hyacinth. She still attempts to reacquire you, but you do not return to her. And you have triumphed in this due to your obedience to Me.

Satan indeed did not want to give you up. And that he lost you to Jesus and Mary, he has essentially lost the war in the battle for souls. For though he will capture a majority of all sinners, he can no longer prevent the coming Revival of the Catholic Church. I Who AM have spoken.

But Lord, is it not true that were I to become sexually impure with a woman, that I would lose everything that I have gained, including my office of prophet?

Correct, King Azurite. Any impurity you commit with a woman will cause immediate and permanent loss in you of all your spiritual gifts, including, but not limited to, your gift of prophecy, your gift of your intellect, and your gift of your youthfulness.

That is why We command you to obey Us and not to approach any woman unless it is commanded of you by God. For the woman We are giving you is coming soon. She is almost here. Obey Us in your reception of her. She you will marry on the full moon of October 20, 2021. I Who Am have spoken.

Also, this girl We are giving thee shall be sexually attractive to you and fertile. She will conceive five sons by you in five separate pregnancies, and thus, you shall have five sons. Four of these sons shall become the fathers of four great nations. But one of your sons I have elected for the higher purpose of serving Me as an ordained Roman Catholic priest.

No more shall I speak on this. What you have taught here is sufficient for My training of My servants whom I have elected to serve Me as My new prophets, prophets who will be like you, King Azurite. I will call whom I will call. And the rest of their training they will receive by My Holy Spirit. This post now comes to its end. Ask me anything you may have on your mind, King Azurite?

Of all the things I am currently studying: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, and the programming language of Rust, You say I should focus my studies on mastering Spanish, O’ Lord? Yes, master your Spanish. It shall be of use to you where I Am taking you to. This post now comes to its conclusion, Publish it, King Azurite. And then go and cash your check. And I will then direct you as to what you shall do then and where you are to go today. Amen.

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