Eric is commanded to write

Peace I give unto the, King Azurite. And thee I now make immortal lord of the earth. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post VI:
I AM Am now speaking. Eric, speak unto Me. With what sort of woman would you be willing to procreate with? I prefer them to be of a healthy weight, not overweight. And I prefer them to be of either my race, the European White, or the Middle Eastern or North African caucasian, or of mestiza or native American race.

Good, King Azurite. The woman We have chosen to be your wife is one of those ethnicities that thou hast given. Marry her, and when We command it of you, you are to lay with her to produce your predestined offspring. I Am the Lord.

By this, you are to know that We are taking away your virginity by joining you in holy matrimony to the virgin maid of Our choosing. You are known for your obedience. You shall carry out Our orders of you with perfection. I AM the Lord.

Lord, the girl You are giving to me, is her name Sarah? Or is the one you have chosen for me someone else? Eric, you have not been misled. What has been revealed previously still remains the Truth. And the girl, whose name is Sarah, shall bear you five sons, as was prophesied in an earlier post. I Am the Lord. One of those sons I have elected to be made a priest, ordained in the sacrament of Holy Orders to the Roman Catholic priesthood. He shall enter the priesthood of that Church a virgin. And his continence will be in accordance to Church law and requirements for those who are to be admitted to the priesthood. I Am the Lord.

This Saturday, the girl, Sarah, shall enter your life. I Am the Lord. You shall marry her when the moon is full, on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. And that night, you shall enter into your wife and consummate the marriage. These Words are true. They come from God. Amen.

Lord, since I am to marry and have sex, do I now forfeit the eternal reign I was to have over the land? And do I thus therefore pass away when my son reaches his twelfth year, rather than remain on the earth with my wife to the end of time?

Eric, Our decree for you is now irreversible. You and your wife may never die. Nor will either of you age any further once you pass the phase transition that is about to consume the whole earth. I Am the Lord. For the earth is about to be changed. And at the moment of that change, all the wicked will die by the breath of the Lord. (Revelation 19:21). And then those who live in that new earth will come to have the longevity found in trees. (Isaiah 65:22). And people will be granted to live as long as trees, with some living a life that spans the entire thousand years that are to be granted unto men as a kind of Sabbath Rest, a millennium of rest to follow the six millennia of work that began with the covenant God gave to Noah, some approximately six thousand years ago (around 4000 B.C.).

And now someone objects, geology shows that no worldwide flood occurred at that point, 4000 B.C., nor at any other time that Mankind has inhabited the earth. How, then, can there have been a Noah? And furthermore, how then can there have been a flood? The Epic of Gilgamesh speaks of Noah by another name, and it speaks also of the flood and the ark. This is an ancient writing parallel to the Holy Bible, but written by a different people in Mesopotamia. Hence, the flood did occur. And it occurred in Mesopotamia, not literally the whole world. Understand, My people, that not every Word of the scriptures is literally true, but all My Word is breathed by God. Amen. And the flood that occurred in Mesopotamia happened around 4000 B.C., according to the geological record. Amen.

For My first covenant made to Mankind I made the rainbow to serve as its symbol. Hence the rainbow is the sign of My covenant with Noah. (Genesis 9:8-17). It is not to be associated with the filth and evildoing known as the LGBTQ. I Am the Lord. That the flood was local to Mesopotamia, and not worldwide, is one of the mysteries found in Biblical stories. For the writers of the scriptures did not merely write as God dictated to them. Rather, they were inspired to write, and in their writings, how they understood the world and its history was also written. Amen.

And according to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the human passengers of the ark of Noah included more than Noah and his three sons and their wives. It also included the artisans and skilled laborers and their wives. For the ark was to preserve not only the livestock and beasts of the field, but also the talents and skills of the people who serve God. Amen.

Eric, do you wish to know when you shall buy that Avalon Hybrid We have promised you? Yes, O’ Lord. When shall I obtain the money for that? This shall be the sign by which you shall know you are about to obtain it. Deaths shall increase throughout the land. And those who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine shall find no protection in it from a new strain of COVID-19 that I Am sending against the people. And let that serve as a lesson to those who compromise with the devil and who partake in the works of iniquity to save their lives. For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was made using the cell lines of aborted fetal tissue. I Am the Lord.

For I Am a punisher of all those who transgress My Law and My Way. Lord, what is your decree of punishment against homosexual or bisexual men who make sexual advances on your saints, such as me? Whoever makes an advance on My servant Eric, and he is of the same gender as Eric, he shall die. I make no exceptions to this rule. For he has violated a fundamental principle that cannot be forgiven. Hence, whosoever makes a homosexual or bisexual advance on Eric, he shall perish within seven full moons. I Am the Lord. Therefore, let no one who wishes to live ever make an advance on Eric, unless that one is of the opposite gender, in which case I do not punish, but only reprove. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, Alexei Navalny in Russia is desperate where he has been imprisoned. He has now started a hunger strike. What shall You do to rectify this situation, O’ Lord? For I do not want Alexei Navalny to die. Rather, I want him to survive and to reign over Russia, serving two terms as the fifth Russian President since Boris Yeltsin made Russia democratic.

King Azurite, your wish is My command. I will not let Alexei Navanly die. He will survive. And he will come to reign over Russia as the fifth Russian President of a democratic Russia. Nor will I allow his hunger strike to continue. Rather, I will see to it that he gets the medical treatment that he has demanded.

As for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, know ye, O’ Putin, master at deception, I Am about to kill you. You shall see the one who shall put you to death face fo face. And you shall see him pull the trigger, with his gun pointed at your face. And you shall feel the impact as your skull is blown apart by the impact of the bullets into your face. I Am the Lord. Also, your body shall not be buried. Rather, it will be held up for public scorn and mockery, similar to what was done to Mussolini and his body, which was hung up and set before all the people for all to dishonor and disgrace. For I Am displeased with you, Vladimir Putin. And I Am going to make My displeasure known and felt. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then how will Russia, under Alexei Navalny, make peace with Ukraine and Georgia, from which Russia has unlawfully taken and annexed land? The borders established by the treaty signed by Russian President Boris Yeltsin at the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics shall be returned to and restored. All the gains made by Putin will be completely erased under Navalny. I Am the Lord. Furthermore, Russia will return to Japan the islands taken from her at the end of World War II, and then Japan shall reciprocate by investing into Russia. And an alliance shall be forged between the two states. I Am the Lord.

King Azurite, I AM very pleased with your performance and by your obedience to My directives and decrees. Now hear Me and be glad. This very day I am making you more powerful than any other ruler has been since the British Empire, of which it was said that the sun never set upon her. I Am the Lord. Your rulership shall extend the complete breadth of the lands of the north, across the globe. Amen. And now We shall detail your Kingdom in full. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled forever by Eric, Azurite King, together with his eternal consort, Sarah, who is to bear him five sons. And the lands of Eric’s Kingdom shall consist of the following lands:

  1. Canada
  2. Continental United States of America
  3. Hispaniola
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. the Virgin Islands
  6. the Bahaman Archipelago (the Lucayan Archipelago)
  7. Burmuda
  8. Saint Pierre & Miquelon
  9. Greenland
  10. Iceland
  11. Svalbard
  12. Jan Mayen
  13. The Faroe Islands
  14. the Shetland Islands
  15. the Orkney Islands
  16. the British Isles Archipelago
  17. the Azores Islands
  18. the Canary Islands
  19. the Madeira Islands
  20. Continental Europe
  21. the Balearic Islands
  22. Corsica
  23. Sardinia
  24. Sicily
  25. Malta
  26. Crete
  27. the Islands of Greece
  28. Russia
  29. the Caucasus

And the following five languages will serve as official languages throughout your vast Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian

And now, We shall have you detail the Eleven Players of the Game called earth.

The Eleven Players of the Game called Earth, with all known Pawns Listed

  1. Emerald (used: Reagan, Bush Senior; called forth: Gorbachev, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Yitzhak Rabin) Fall of Berlin Wall, End of Communism in Eastern Europe, breakup of the USSR, Persian Gulf War, end of Apartheid, Peace Process in Middle East. — Pope John Paul II.
  2. Ebony (Mandela) Black democratic control of South Africa.
  3. Crimson (Amadinejad) god of war. (wars in triangle of regions around Israel).
  4. Vesper (Clinton, Ehud Barak, Putin, others) Failed peace process. (a female). 
  5. African Death Grip (Laurent-Désiré Kabila) Death across Africa.
  6. Twilight (Bush Junior, Ariel Sharon, others) 9-11, Iraq War. — Pope Benedict XVI.
  7. Pyrite (Obama) Homosexual revolution. The right to kill the unborn. — Antipope Francis.
  8. Firefly (Sarah Palin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, others) ultra ego tripping. (a female).
  9. Mercury (al-Baghdadi) Arab Spring and ISIS.
  10. Lucifer-Man (Biden, perhaps others) Abortion funded by taxpayers. LGBTQ abominations.
  11. Azurite (Navalny, others to come) Restoration of the Catholic Church. — Pope John XXIV.

Such is the list of all the Players of the game called earth. Amen. And now We shall list of these Eleven, those Seven who form the seven heads of the Beast.

The Seven Players that are the Seven Heads of the Beast

  1. Ebony
  2. Crimson
  3. Vesper
  4. African Death Grip
  5. Pyrite
  6. Mercury
  7. Lucifer-Man

Next, We list the three whom I count as Mine. These are the three Elven Kings who bear the Three Elven Rings.

The Three Elven Kings claimed by God, and their Rings

  1. Emerald, who became Azurite: (Elrond) Vilya (Blue Ring) Ring of Air.
  2. Twilight (Gandalf) Narya (Red Ring) Ring of Fire.
  3. Firefly (Galadriel) Nenya (White Ring) Ring of Water.

And now, King Azurite, I command you to write again the poem of the Witch King child, which was given to you from above. Amen.

The Poem of the Witch King child

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above;

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break

And with a story she did outpour
Such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all kingdoms far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne,
But Mary fought with love alone.

This Witch King child, an adult man,
Was now where Satan took his last stand.

And war was waged within his mind,
With battles fierce, but love is kind.

The man who was the Witch King child
Did turn from sin and Satan died.

And Mary took this man and made
Perfection where before sin stayed;

It was in him where Satan lost
And Mary won beyond all cost.

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win.

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore.

And by that final decisive deed,
The war was won, the world was freed.

Written by Eric Robert Dunstan, under the inspiration of God.

Lord, since I am to marry and have sex with my wife, please explain your laws on sex. What is moral and what is immoral for couples to do with one another, O’ Lord?

A couple must approach the conjugal act out of love and as an expression of the intimacy between two people called to come together to form a family. Therefore, they must face one another, front to front, to have the union of sex. They cannot do this by rear entry, as the animals are seen having sex, for such positions are positions of lust, rather than love. Instead, humans are made for front to front sexual intercourse. Face must be to face, breasts to breasts, and genitalia to genitalia. I Am the Lord.

No form of sex do I permit that does not lead to the ejaculation of the man’s semen within the woman’s vagina. Hence, the hand job is not permitted. Nor is the blow job permitted. And definitely no sodomy is permitted. The couple who commit sodomy are as guilty as the perverse homosexuals, whom I condemn.

No sexual pleasures may a man or his wife take with a third party. For such is adultery. And adultery is not permitted. Nor may unmarried people partake in sexual pleasures, for this the dominion of marriage. And only in lawful marriage is anyone permitted to have sex or partake in sexual pleasure.

Any act of impurity done only by oneself, if it involves dirty thoughts and the act of defilement, this is of grave matter and must be confessed to a priest if done with full knowledge and deliberate consent. But having dirty thoughts alone, or defilement without dirty thoughts, this is a matter of uncleanliness, rather than mortal sinfulness. And therefore, only the mind or flesh, respectively, needs to be cleansed. I Am the Lord. But as for mortal sins, this requires confession to a priest for the cleansing of one’s soul. I Am the Lord.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It cannot be exited because the couple do not believe that their marriage can work. But in the event of adultery, a spouse may elect to separate from the adulterous spouse upon learning of the adultery, but the spouses are not permitted to marry again while their spouse lives. For a valid consummated marriage between two baptized people cannot be ended by any power except for death. Amen. And remarriage to another while their spouse lives is adultery.

Any Catholic who is in a marriage that is not recognized as valid by the Catholic Church may not partake in communion, for to do so would be to receive unworthily, that is, to receive while in a state of separation from God. For being in an invalid marriage makes one separated from God. I Am the Lord.

Sacramental marriage is permissible only between an XX female and an XY male. Though the XY female, which is a freak in nature, is permitted to marry as a female, her marriage will not be considered sacramental in nature. For to be sacramental in nature, the couple must have the potential to genetically procreate. And in humans, this is only possible between an XX female and an XY male. I Am the Lord.

It is not permissible for men or women to seek to appear to be opposite their natural gender. (Deuteronomy 22:5). Sex changes are not permitted, except to restore one to one’s natural gender, as one’s DNA says one is. I Am the Lord. A man who makes himself appear to be a woman remains in reality a man, and thus, cannot be granted the rights and privileges granted to women. But the XY female is in fact a female mentally as well as in natural outward appearance. Hence, the XY female may continue her life as a female, as it was God who made her that way, for she was not made that way artificially by men. And she is permitted to seek to appear as a normal female, but must inform her husband or fiancé of her condition upon learning of the matter. Her husband then has the right to annul their marriage, upon learning of the XY nature of his wife, unless he sleeps with her again, at which point it becomes unlawful for him to separate from her. For to knowingly have sex with your XY wife is to acknowledge the validity of your non sacramental marriage. And I permit neither adultery nor fornication among My people. Hence not even a valid non sacramental marriage may be violated, once both parties agree to it and consummate it. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Marriage is never permitted between two people of the same natural gender. It is never permissible for two men or two women to enter a marital union. I Am the Lord. The gay marriage is contrary to natural law and can never be permitted. I Am the Lord. Nor is is permissible for homosexual couples to enter domestic partnerships. For the domestic partnership is an institution that permits unwed couples to live together with the rights of married couples. And this I do not allow. Unwed couples may not live together as married couples. And just as girlfriends and boyfriends are not permitted to have sex, neither may homosexual couples have sex. But the punishment for these crimes is distinct. Unmarried heterosexual couples who have sex are to be chastised. And any unborn child conceived by that act the two must take care of until adulthood of the child, even if the two never marry. They must never resort to abortion, as that would make them murderers, to be punished for that crime according to the laws. But as for the homosexuals who have sex, these must be stoned to death. I Am the Lord. This is in the Low of Moses. (Leviticus 18:22). For all abominations that arise among My people must be dealt with harshly. It cannot be watered down. I Am the Lord.

Eric, both of your brothers are about to die. I Am the Lord. For I have decreed the end of life for both of them. Neither of them chose to follow Me in life. Now they shall enter into eternal condemnation. And in hell, they will be made constantly aware of all the ways that they have offended Me. I Am the Lord.

Eric, this now brings this post to its conclusion. Do you have any questions? Yes, O’ Lord. What would you have me study? What skill should I acquire to most please You, O’ Lord? Study your Spanish, King Azurite. For by knowing Spanish, you will come to serve Me excellently. Now publish this post and take your rest, King Azurite. For I have many things I will to be accomplished through you. And you will serve Me most excellently in the position I make for thee. Amen. This post now comes to its end. Publish this now, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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