Eric’s Reign shall last forever.

Sarah shall reign with Eric as his virgin consort. And they shall remain virgins forever.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post V:
Eric, what have you decided? Lord, I have decided that I shall not have sex. For a true brother does not have sex with any sister. And at the same time, I cannot trust myself to any girl who is not a sister to me. A sister is not born a sister. Rather a sister becomes someone’s sister by their deeds and acts to him. Only a sister can I marry. But I can never have sex with her. I, Eric, have spoken. Amen.

And if you wish it, I am willing to enter the priesthood, if by that vocation I serve you better. Good, Eric, We are pleased with this outcome. For We never really wished for you to enter the sex life with any woman. And now you wish to know Our decisions? We have decided your fate. And Our decisions are final. For We are not a man that We change Our minds.

Marry Sarah, whom We have described unto thee in the previous post, but do not have any sex with her. Let it be that the both of you remain in perpetual virginity. I AM the Lord. Yes, my Master. I will do exactly as you say. Amen.

And now, Eric, I have a new announcement I wish to make unto thee. Your reign never comes to an end. And neither do you ever die. Rather, you and your wife will remain as a Josephite couple forever upon the earth. I Am the Lord.

Today is Holy Thursday, April 1, 2021, April Fool’s Day. And it is precisely 5:47 AM in the morning right now. You are instructed to attend the 7:00 PM Mass of the Lord’s Supper at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. And note that as it is being held outside, no registration is necessary and there are no limits on attendance. Receive communion there, and then listen for Our voice unto thee. For We will then be speaking unto thee. And you are about to receive both your consort, with whom you shall remain virgin with, and all the cures We have promised thee. And these cures that We give unto thee shall be eternal. I Am the Lord.

Now, speak, King Azurite, what Kingdom do We make yours? You have granted me rulership over North America. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Correct, King Azurite. We have made you eternal ruler of all that land. But We also wish to add more to your eternal dominion, an eternal dominion possessed by only you, for you shall sire no heir and have no descendants, but will remain pure and virgin forever, a King in the order of Melchizedek, one who has neither ancestors nor descendants. I Am the Lord.

This, then, is the new definition of your Kingdom, Eric, Azurite King. Listen to Me and write it carefully. For what I Am having you write is an eternal definition of the lands over which you shall rule as Monarch forever. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled eternally by Eric, virgin Azurite King, along with Sarah, his eternally virgin consort given to him by God. And the lands over which these two shall reign consist of the following lands:

  1. Canada
  2. Continental United States of America
  3. Hispaniola
  4. Puerto Rico
  5. the Virgin Islands
  6. The Bahama Archipelago (the Lucayan Archipelago)
  7. Bermuda
  8. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  9. Greenland
  10. Iceland
  11. Svalbard
  12. Jan Mayen
  13. The Faroe Islands
  14. the Shetland Islands
  15. the Orkney Islands
  16. the British Isles Archipelago
  17. the Azores Islands
  18. the Canary Islands
  19. the Madeira Islands
  20. Continental Europe
  21. the Balearic Islands
  22. Corsica
  23. Sardinia
  24. Sicily
  25. Malta
  26. Crete
  27. the Islands of Greece
  28. Russia
  29. the Caucasus

We have now detailed unto thee, King Azurite, your eternal dominion, over which you shall reign and rule forever. And I permit there to be but these languages that follow to serve as official languages in your vast Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian

Yes, my Master. I shall do exactly as You command. Lord, I will do precisely all that Thou sayest. Now tell me, since my reign never comes to an and, and since I am never to die, do I receive the Beatific Vision when you cure me of all things? Yes, Eric. For when you are cured and made perfect, no possibility will exist for you to die. And hence, you will be then of resurrected flesh, similar to the flesh Jesus has now. For when I give unto thee the girl, no more shall you be permitted to merit nor demerit, for you shall see and behold God. Amen.

These Words are from God. They are trustworthy and true. You have hereby graduated from this world. And to the world you no longer belong. I Who Am have spoken. Let it also be known this. Your Kingship is an everlasting Kingship. It shall never be taken away from you. I Am the Lord. And you have the right and power to govern all your lands, and to cast down the wicked rulers, who sin against their people. I Am the Lord.

This post now comes to its end. Your virginity is now perfect. And I declare you to be eternally pure. I Who Am have spoken. Go now and eat your breakfast. From there you shall go to work. And on the way home from work, you shall go to Saint Bruno Catholic Church to attend the 7:00 PM Mass of the Last Supper. This now concludes this post. And contrary to the thoughts of some, nothing written herein is an April Fool’s joke. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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