A voice is crying out the desert, Make straight the pathways of the Lord!

No more shall you go out to the desert to listen to any prophet prophesying there. I AM the Lord.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post III:
Eric, tell Me your thoughts. Who do you think you are? And what powers do you think We have bestowed upon you? I thought I was to be a virgin prophet. However, it seems that I am to enter a sexual marriage and have offspring. If that is the case, what then happens to My gift of prophecy, O’ Lord? It is the case, Azurite. You are commanded to marry the girl We give you. And when the appointed time comes, you shall lay with her in accordance to Our command. For a firstborn son is to be born to you and your future wife. This is Our command and Our decree. Amen.

Obey Us in all that is commanded of thee. Never enter defilement with any woman, but keep yourself clean and pure and strictly in accordance to all My laws against both fornication and adultery, and then, when you lay with your wife as We shall command thee, there will be no change to the office of prophet that We have given thee. I AM the Lord. Be holy, therefore, as I AM holy. And I shall never take away from you, but shall only give.

Lord, you have told me the religion of the girl you are giving me. You have said that she is a Jewess. But you have not told me of her race or her colors. But know Ye, O’ Lord, her race and her colors will be accepted by me, whatever they turn out to be. For my trust is in Thee, O’ Lord. And I am obeying You as You command me. I am not the fool that rejects that which is given by God because it does not come gift wrapped in something shiny or beautiful. I, Eric, have spoken. Hence, I am open to her whom You shall give me. But at the same time, I shall nevertheless discern this one who is to come, for the devil also may be sending his women as well. And great disaster would ensue were I to accept a devil as my wife. I, Eric, have spoken.

Eric, were you to accept the Fey Queen as your wife, that one would indeed be a devil unto you. But the Jewess that We are giving thee is holy, for she is a symbol of the virgin daughter of Israel. And you are, by virtue of being the son of Jesus, a symbol of the Christ to her. For do you not also ride a white horse, Eric? I am First Rider of the Apocalypse. (Revelation 6:2). But only Jesus, and no other, is the Final Rider of the Apocalypse. (Revelation 19:11-21). As John the Baptist said, He must increase; I must decrease. (John 3:30).

As you say, Eric, King of Azurite, you shall therefore indeed decrease and Christ’s Kingdom shall therefore indeed continue to increase. I AM the Lord. For such is the only Way possible for anyone to be made worthy in My sight to enter into My Kingdom: it is by their abject self humiliation before Me alone; there is no other way. I Am the Lord. And by your utter humiliation before Me, I now accept you into My eternal armies of heaven, to be numbered among those who are called to ride with Me at the end of the Age, all of whom it is written that they shall accompany Me mounted on white horses (Revelation 19:14), as I return to the earth to put an utter end to the all the wickedness I shall find there, and usher in the complete end to the reign of Satan throughout all the world. (Revelation 20:1-3). And then the age that is to follow this, which is called the thousand years of the sabbath rest on earth, this I shall grant unto all who remain living upon the land after the Red Dragon and all his kind are taken away. (Revelation 20:4-6). Amen.

Lord, I saw a white cat looking at me while on my walk. And I took pictures of him. He was all white, the purest white cat I ever saw. And did you exchange eye contact with it, King Azurite? I did, O’ Lord. He was sitting, looking directly at me. Good, this is the sign that you are about to rise and become glorified before all Mankind. For I Am making you a prophet before all the people. Amen.

Now sleep, King Azurite. When you awaken, your Kingdom shall be defined for you forever. For like Abraham, you too shall be given an everlasting heritage here, both for you and for your descendants. And it will be said of your descendants, that they will outnumber those counted as descendants of Abraham. I Am the Lord. Lord, quick question before I sleep: Would not all my descendants be also counted as Abraham’s descendants, since the wife you shall give unto me is a Jewess, who is very likely therefore to be herself a descendant of Abraham?

Your wife whom We are giving thee, the virgin called Sarah, is indeed a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But as in the manner by which We count you as son of Jesus, the descendants of Eric of whom We speak concern your spiritual descendants, rather than the descendants you shall have by the flesh. For whosoever enters heaven on account of the Word of God that they read written through your hand, these are counted as descendants of Eric. I Am the Lord. Now sleep. Everything shall turn out well. And when you awaken, We shall continue this post. For tomorrow, which is Tuesday, you shall attend Mass at Saint Bruno Catholic Church. Amen. Now sleep. And you shall dream dreams. Amen.

O’ Lord and Master, I have awakened. Please then do tell me of this eternal heritage that You have decided to give unto me and to my descendants, including all those who are to be saved by the Word of God that is to be written through me. All of North America, from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, shall be yours. These lands shall include all the islands of Alaska as far west as the Aleutian Islands extend, and stretch as far east as the islands of Greenland and Iceland extend. As far to the southeast as Florida and the Lucayan Archipelago and the island of Bermuda shall it include. And as far to southwest as the state of California shall in contain. But of the rest of the Americas, all those lands known as Mexico, Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Lesser Antilles, along with all the lands south of these, these dominions are to be granted to other rulers of whose reigns and kingdoms you know not. And the islands of Hawaii are also the dominion of someone else. And so also are the Azores in the Atlantic and all lands to the south and to the east of these, these too belong to others whom I shall judge and deem fit to rule over. Amen. And then all the rest of the continents of the earth, how I divide these spoils, I alone shall know until the time comes for Me to reveal the mysteries of My election. Amen.

This constitutes the Azurite Kingdom, which I shall now formally define for all eternity:

(1) Eternal Kingdom of Azurite, ruled by Eric, the Azurite King. And Sarah shall be his consort by whom he shall have descendants, including a son who shall ascend the throne to become the Second Azurite King of a Two-King Dynasty. And the lands of their eternal Kingdom shall include the following:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Iceland
  5. the Contiguous United States of America
  6. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  7. Burmuda
  8. The Lucayan Archipelago

And the languages to be granted official status in Eric’s Kingdom shall include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Greenlandic
  5. Icelandic

And Lord, what shall be the name of this second Azurite King, the son of Eric, who shall be the second King of the Two-King Dynasty? His name that you shall call him shall be John. And his life and reign shall not end until the thousand years have come to their end and Satan has been released to wage his final battle for human souls. Amen.

And, O’ Lord, for how long do I live upon the land? When your son, whose name shall be John, reaches his twelfth year, your life here shall come to its end, and you shall be taken to heaven to receive the eternal reward that I promise for all those who love Me. Amen.

Your consort, Sarah, shall then reign with her son as Queen Mother. And the two shall reign over the Azurite Kingdom unto the end of time. I Who AM have spoken. And O’ Lord, shall there be any other children to come of our marriage besides John? Five sons are to issue from you. And from these five sons, four are to become mighty nations. But John, who shall be the firstborn, shall reign as a celibate man, free of all attachments to this world. Amen. And by his celibacy and purity, he shall not grow old nor infirm for all the days of his thousand year reign.

For holy shall be the line of Azurite. And they shall rule nations and govern kingdoms upon the earth. Amen. And O’ Lord, shall there also, in that age to come, reign the bishops and the popes, who shall govern over Your Catholic Church? The Catholic Church has an eternal dominion over all the land. It shall continue its masses and its services and its sacraments until the End of Time. I Who Am have spoken. And among its priests shall be John, son of Eric. For though you could not become My priest, My election of you does not fail. Rather, My election of you for My priesthood passes on to the son who is predestined to come from your loins. For My calling is irrevocable. And it never fails. I AM the Lord.

And O’ Lord, how shall the homosexuals and the LGBTQ militants be defeated and destroyed in order to make the land clean and holy for the thousand years that are to come? You as Azurite King over North America are going to put them to flight. I Am the Lord. You shall utter decrees and make rulings. The Equality Act shall fail in the Senate. And this will become the first in a long line of coming defeats for the LGBTQ movement, and it will mark the turning point that ends the rise of the homosexuals, marking that point where they begin to lose.

It shall be the Supreme Court that decides that homosexuals cannot marry, because the definition of marriage requires that the couple be of the opposite sex. And it shall also rule that men do not become women by surgically changing their appearance. Rather, it shall rule that Mankind comes in two distinct genders, and that these genders are genetic in nature, and therefore cannot be changed, just as one cannot change one’s own DNA. But that freak of nature, known as the XY female, which is genetically male, but whose male genetics did not go into effect, since these are physiologically and psychologically females, they will be recognized as females in society and not be forced to be made male. Saint Joan of Arc could well have been one such XY female having this rare genetic condition. And note that this disorder is genetic in nature and not the result of immorality.

But it will not be allowed for a man to make himself into a woman, and thereby have access to women’s private places where they undress and appear naked to other women. This will not be allowed. And the men who do this, when they are discovered, shall be put to death. I AM the Lord.

Note that Antipope Francis, since he was never validly the head of the Church, none of his rulings as pope are in effect. I Am the Lord. Rather, Pope Benedict XVI, who is not an Emeritus, shall be restored to the papacy so that he can correct all the errors promulgated by Antipope Francis. And after he has corrected all these errors, Pope Benedict XVI shall be laid to rest with the holy fathers. And then the cardinals shall elect the next pope chosen by My Holy Spirit. And he shall be Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who shall come to reign as the 266th valid pope in the history of the Roman Catholic Church. And he shall reign as Pope John XXIV. And for the rest of the reign of King Eric shall this pope reign over the Church, until Eric passes from this world, and John, son of Eric, assumes the throne of Azurite as a twelve year old boy king. Amen. These are the Words of God, as revealed through Eric, His servant.

Note that though Joe Biden has a four year term, his reign shall be short, for he shall die in office, similar to how the previous false Catholic President was terminated and cut down. I Am the Lord. For I Am a powerful Lord. And no one who defies Me should expect a long life in the land. And so also shall Kamala Harris’s subsequent assumed command be brought to an end. And after this, so also shall the Speaker of the House fall. And then the power of the Presidency shall fall upon the president pro tempore of the Senate, who shall be a Republican at that time, due to the midterm elections, which shall return power in the Senate back to the GOP. I Am the Lord. Therefore, let no man think that it is not I, the Lord, Who possess all the power. And it is I, the Lord, Who set all to power and Who bring an end to all their reigns. I Am the Lord!

As for that Black man who was killed by White police officers in the line of duty, let the Blacks not make any protest over this before Me until they first put a complete end to all their murders of the unborn. For I do not listen to murderers who accuse others of murder. The hypocrite who points the finger at others who are no more guilty than himself shall not be heard. And the Black race in America has much guilt to bear in both their crimes against My unborn and against the sanctity of marriage. Therefore, they are in no position to complain when I put to death those I choose to kill among their number. For it is I, the Lord, and not the White man, who has these various Black men put to death whose deaths you are endlessly protesting. Therefore, instead of marching the streets with “Black lives matter” signs, march the streets with “Unborn lives matter” signs. And then, if you do that, you shall receive a reward rather than a rebuke from Me for your works. I Am the Lord.

For the lives of the unborn are more precious to Me than are the lives of those who have reached adulthood, but who have rejected following My Way. Black lives not put to serving Me do not matter to Me either when they are put to death. I Am the Lord. For the tree that does not produce its proper fruit is unworthy of the soil it is exhausting by its presence there. Rather, I chop down those trees and cast them into the fire. And thus, it is false, not true, that Black lives matter. Those who do My will, it is their lives that matter to Me. But the color of your skin does not change in any way your value to Me. Therefore, if you are sinning and not doing My will, then you commit an offense in My sight by claiming that your life matters because of the color of your skin. I Who Am have spoken.

Look into your past and do you not see that every time you have sinned, you have been punished by Me for the crimes committed? And the more serious the offenses have been, the more serious the rebukes were you received at the hands of My justice. Therefore, who are you to judge when a White police officer kills a Black man in the line of duty? For all who cast such judgements on others, they do not see any of the hidden merits and demerits by which I ruled that a certain man must die for his sins. Therefore, the wise man refrains from judging either party, but holds his peace. For woe to the one who judges others. He is an offense to Me in My sight, and I shall rebuke harshly and severely for his hypocrisy before Me. I Am the Lord.

This now brings this post to its conclusion. Ask Me three questions that you have King Azurite, and I shall answer them in completion. And then this post shall come to its end. Amen.

(1) Shall I live to see the beginning of the Thousand Years, or am I to be taken away before the Thousand Years are to begin? And then, if that is the case, do I resurrect as part of the First Resurrection to reign as a priest of God and of Christ for the Thousand Years, as an immortal upon the earth?

Eric, the Thousand Years are to begin immediately after you are taken up to heaven. Oracle of the Lord. For right after I take you up, Am I to be seen coming in the clouds with great glory and power. It shall therefore be by your death that I shall decide I Am to come again. I Who Am have spoken.

And when you come to Me, already shall you be fitted to ride with Me to war, as one of My saints mounted on white horses, as We return to the earth to wipe out all transgressors there, and to imprison all the Satanic angels into their prison, where they will stay, unable to deceive men, until the thousands years have passed. I Am the Lord.

And yes, you shall be of the First Resurrection, but just like Me at My resurrection, you shall not be seen permanently upon the earth, but shall instead appear to My people from time to time, as I order you. Amen. For the resurrected flesh of My saints is not a part of this world. And that is why they cannot permanently remain here, but shall only appear here from time to time, to guide those that they are sent to provide guidance to.

Rather, it shall be the mortals who are decreed rule the world in that age. And these mortals shall be granted to live as long as trees, some of them having lives that fully span the entire set of years that cover the Thousand Year Sabbath that is to be given to men.

(2) And O’ Lord, is this Thousand Year Sabbath a literal thousand years in duration? Or does it extend longer than that? And if so, what is the maximum duration it can span? For there are trees that live to be several thousand years old. But no tree seems to live much beyond five thousand years. And yet, the scriptures say that men in that age shall live as long as trees. (Isaiah 65:22). And will this long life be granted to both my wife, who shall reign as Queen Mother, and to my son, who shall reign as King Azurite II? And how long in total years shall men be permitted to live upon the earth in that age? Amen.

King Azurite, the Sabbath I give to Mankind, called the Thousand Years, is in fact a duration that lasts for roughly a thousand years, and no more. For it is to be a Sabbath Millennium to cap the six thousand years of history since My first covenant with Man was made to Noah roughly around 4000 B.C. (about 6000 years ago), when I ruled that men in the ages following were to live to be no more than 120 years. (Genesis 6:3). Everyone who lives to see the Thousand Years will gain unusual longevity. And so also shall this longevity be found in the children born in that age as well. They will indeed be granted to live as long as trees. And there will be those, like your wife and son, who shall live all the way to the end to see the conclusion of the thousand years, and witness the release of Satan and all his demons upon the earth, followed by the ultimate fall of all the unworthy men, followed by the fiery doom of all who fell. And then time itself shall come to its end. And Jesus Christ will then take his seat as Judge. And He will proceed then to separate the sheep from the goats. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

(3) Shall My Pawn come to power over the United States of America after the demise of President Biden? And shall I also have a Pawn ruling over Israel, in addition to Alexei Navalny, who shall be the Azurite Pawn to rule over Russia?

Yes, King Azurite, those three Pawns you mentioned shall be set up to rule. And once again, you will be like an aircraft carrier of the spiritual world, who will have strategic Pawns positioned in key places all across the globe, similar to how you had it when you were Emerald, the first Player of the game called earth. Amen.

Welcome back, King Azurite. For your reign has now come. And you are ruler, once again, over the whole world. But this time, you are under the authority of the Christ, and you do exactly according to His will. This now brings this post to its conclusion. Publish it, King Azurite, for it is complete. It is now 6:43 AM in the morning. Mass is at 8:15 AM. Go, now, and eat your breakfast. You shall then go to Mass, and from there, you shall drive to work. I Who Am have spoken. Now go, King Azurite, or you shall be late. Amen.

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