Eric is Azurite, whom I assign to play the game called earth.

Awaken My Jewish brethren, for the Prophet has come. And he is speaking to you. Amen.

The Prophecies of Azurite, Book 1: Post I:
You, Eric, are Azurite. And you are now assigned to rule and to reign. For the Emerald Era is over. And the Azurite Era has begun. Amen.

Lord, am I then a ruler and a king somehow in this world? And if so, how? I send you now to prophesy to My people, Israel, Eric. But Lord, I do not know Hebrew. They won’t understand me, except for those who speak English. Wouldn’t it have been more effective to select a Hebrew speaking Jew to prophesy to Your people Israel? The girl We are giving you to wed, she speaks excellent Hebrew and English. You shall write My Word in English, and she will translate your works to Hebrew. And whatever she does not understand, she will directly ask you to explain to her. Amen. Hence, by this celibate marriage I make between you and the Jewess, I shall have My Word written in both English and Hebrew. I AM the Lord.

Lord, then command me and I shall do exactly as Thou sayest. This is your first test, Azurite. Obey Me and I shall grant you all the promises you have been awaiting. Speak the test, O’ Lord. I am willing to obey. Marry the girl We are giving thee. Lord, I have been impure and sinful. But I repent my sins and will seek to sin no more the ways I have fallen to impurity. It was Satan who said to you that you are to marry the Fey Queen. The girl We are giving you is no Fey Queen. For a Fey cannot be a Jew. I Am the Lord.

What are the Fey, O’ Lord? Please explain this mystery to me. The Fey are a people who inhabit the woodlands and the wild places, and who speak to the Elves and the Fairies. Their god is Satan. They do not follow Me. Their magic arts consist of witchcraft and sorceries. And they consult demons and conjure up the dead, seeking advice and wisdom, which they cannot provide to them in any valuable manner. Were you to marry any girl of their world, they would seduce you and destroy you. Amen.

A Fey cannot be a Jew because the Jews have the One God as their God, whereas the Fey follow Satan. I AM the Lord. Lord, that Netflix movie series I was watching, called Cursed, should I no longer watch it? For I see Satan in it through and through. You may watch it, but learn from it. The reason why Merlin lost all his powers was not because Lenore removed the sword of power from his flesh, but rather, because Merlin had sex with her. I AM the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, what are we to make of that character Nimue, daughter of Merlin and Lenore, who now assumes the title, Fey Queen? Look, Eric, at the source of her power. It is the sword of power. She is using something accursed to make herself a Queen of the Fey. And like the Ring of Power in The Lord of the Rings, these accursed sources of power completely corrupt the one who wields it, unless they are willing to cast it away. I Am the Lord. So continue to watch that series, and learn from it.

And what are we to make of that Arthur character, who has some Black ancestry? Disregard the ancestry issue, for it is not a part of the story. Rather, focus on what he does and on his failures as a leader. He seems infatuated with Nimue, who seems to not have the same level of affection back for him. And this makes him off balance. And so, you see him basically losing in his battles. For the man who puts his heart into a girl he cannot really possess, that man is a fool and he will destroy himself by that desire. And already, we see the corruption enter into Morgana le Fay, his sister.

The plots in Cursed are completely different from how the plots are in Excalibur. But this is fine, for none of these Arthurian stories are true, though there may be an ancient set of characters upon which they are based. In Excalibur, you see how all the men, Uther, Arthur, Lancelot, and Merlin, become enslaved and destroyed by a weakness they have for women. For through a woman, Satan most effectively takes down a man. And you have been told, Azurite, that you will retain your office of Prophet for life, unless you lay with a woman. For if you do that, you lose everything.

Consider the parents of Saint Therese of Lisieaux, Louis and Zelie Martin. Her father, Louis Martin, attempted to do what We have assigned you to do: To live a pure, virgin, celibate Josephite married life with Zelie, whom agreed to it before they married. But he did not remain in his assigned station as a virgin, and instead, entered sexual relations with his wife. And then you see the consequences, Eric?

Yes, O’ Lord. He attempted to learn Latin, but found himself totally unable to learn it. For that intellectual capacity necessary for that was taken away. And later in his life, we see that he slipped into madness. You have analyzed him well, Azurite. Yes, and remember how you memorized all the mysteries of the Rosary, but when you were sitting in the restaurant with those people of whom I did not approve you to accompany, what happened when you attempted to tell them what you had memorized? I was completely unable to recall any of the mysteries. But once I was away from them, the memory came back. Then you know that the power of the intellect is not something that you possess, but rather, it is something that We give, and that We can and do take away due in the event of certain transgressions. The people you were with at the restaurant were unholy. And I took away your memory of holy things while you were in their company to communicate this to you.

And remember your brother Mark, who got a scholarship to USC. And he was majoring in Aerospace Engineering. That was good. But when he entered into his freshman year there, a girl he met, and they had all kinds of sex together, in every position. This is something Mark confided to you once, when he was telling you of the girls with whom he slept with. And O’ Lord, I see that it was in his freshman year that Mark got behind in his studies and could no longer keep up with his major in Aerospace Engineering. And by his consequent low grades, he lost his scholarship. His only hope to graduate then came to be to change majors to an easier discipline, and so he changed his major to Industrial Engineering, and his undergraduate degree took more than the usual four years to complete.

Correct, Eric. Your brother Mark’s decision to lay with that girl in his freshman year, to whom he had no intention of marrying, cost him his career and totally ruined him. And many curses did he receive for his immoral sex life. Even today, I do not count him as moral, but immoral and living in sin. For he is married to a divorced woman, and as someone who was baptized Catholic as a baby, he married outside the Catholic Church, and never returned to her. This, Eric, is the portrait of a failure. Curses, not blessings, shall come to him in his marriage. And you obeyed Me by not dancing at his wedding. For I permitted you to eat the food there, but not to dance, for his marriage to Marlene was not to be celebrated by you. I Am the Lord.

You, Eric, were imprisoned by that Nigerian romance scammer, Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom you called Hyacinth. And for a long time you were under Satan’s spell. But you overcame and escaped from her grasp by your obedience to Me. For only by obedience can My people escape and be made free from Satan’s deceptions.

For it is by obedience to Me that My faithful do not fall into the trap of believing false Marian Apparitions. For when My bishop of that diocese utters his condemnation of that apparition, those who obey him do not fall into that trap. But all who disobey the bishop go into the dragon’s lair, where they are eaten. I Am the Lord. For whoever does not obey Me or Church authority set over them, they will be blinded by their sins and lost.

Okay, O’ Lord. You say it is my first test to marry the girl You are giving me. Here then is my resolution. When the girl comes, and I see the signs that say she is the one, which are my immediate cures to all the afflictions You have promised to cure, I guarantee You, O’ Lord, that I shall marry her, provided there are these three things:

  1. It is lawfully permissible for me to marry this girl in the Catholic Church.
  2. She is willing to marry me.
  3. She is seen as a sister, for only she who is a true sister to me shall I trust.

Excellent, Eric. Keep to these requirements that you have and Satan will not deceive you. Now, go Eric, and walk the dog. It is now cool and in the evening. And publish this post, for it is complete. And you are now Azurite, prophet to My people Israel. And the girl We are giving you, whose name is Sarah, shall serve Me as translator of your works to Hebrew. And then all My people will know that I Am speaking to them through My prophet Azurite. For the time has now come for salvation to return to the Jews. I Who AM have spoken. Go now, and walk your dog. When you come back, you shall eat. Amen.

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