Only Pope Benedict XVI is the reigning pontiff

I have a Question for the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church concerning the Ark of the Covenant.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CLIX:
I Am speak now through Eric, My servant. Only the Holy Spirit chooses who shall be the pope. Satan has no power to decide that. And thus, never will there ever be elected to the Seat of Peter one who is servant to Satan. The one who currently sits on that Seat is serving Satan. He, therefore, was not set there by God. Why then did the Holy Spirit allow the cardinals to vote him in, you ask? The cardinals should not have been voting. For the pope who had resigned, Pope Benedict XVI, invalidly did so. Rather, the Seat of Peter has never been vacated since Pope Benedict XVI assumed the papacy. This status shall be restored. The papacy shall be returned to be recognized as under his leadership. His title of Emeritus shall be removed. And the number of valid popes to have served on the Seat of Peter shall be returned to be recognized as 265.

And how shall this be accomplished, you ask Me? Am I incapable of restoring My Roman Catholic Church? Rather, My breath shall descend upon My Church. And all the cardinals appointed by Antipope Francis shall be wiped out and die. For they were unlawfully appointed. They should not be wearing the red biretta, for they unlawfully took their seats. And the Antipope himself, he shall be cast alive into the lake of fire, where there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

And every bishop made bishop by Antipope Francis, his bishopric shall be revoked. For only a valid pope can approve the making of a bishop. I AM the Lord. It shall be the task of Pope Benedict XVI to correct and reset all the errors done under the false leadership of Antipope Francis. I Who Am have decided to act. I Who Am have decided to restore My Catholic Church. And those who have done evil shall be severely rebuked. I AM the Lord.

Lord, this is great. Will Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke then succeed Pope Benedict XVI as the next valid pope, after Pope Benedict XVI, who is old, goes to rest with the holy fathers? For surely the cardinals who are left alive shall all vote for him? And he is the most qualified cardinal among the cardinals worthy of the papacy. And he would make a most excellent pope, O’ Lord. Will you not set him to the papacy after the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI comes to its end? For it was Cardinal Burke alone who stood up against the wickedness of Antipope Francis. And I so desire to live in a Church under the papacy of so holy a pope as he would make, O’ Lord.

When the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, which I shall restore, comes to an end, then I shall set to the Seat of Peter a man well worthy of the papacy. He shall be a man who his holy and who serves Me alone. This man shall restore My ancient Church, reviving all the ancient ways by which My Church was known for its holiness. Yes, Cardinal Burke shall be this pope. His papal name shall be John. I Who AM have spoken.

And now, Eric, ask your question that you have for the stewards of the Ark of the Covenant, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. O’ Patriarch Abune Mathias, Patriarch and Catholicos of Ethiopia, Archbishop of Axum and Ichege of the See of Saint Taklahaimanot, I have a most important question that you can enlighten the whole world with, and at the same time, prove that the Ark of the Covenant is in your safekeeping. Tell me this simple answer that only you can know: In what written language is the law of Moses written in that is on the scroll and on the stone tablets that are contained within the Ark? For the scroll written by Moses should still be there, perfectly intact and without decay. (Deuteronomy 31:24-26). For surely in all the centuries that the Ark has been in the possession of your people, your people have looked inside it and recorded the ancient words written therein, the original written language of the Word of God? So tell me, in what written language is the Law of God written in, as recorded on the tablets of stone and on the scroll as found in the Ark? I charge you under oath of God to answer publicly me this question. I, Eric, have spoken. Answer Me, and I promise you good things, both for you and your people and your Church.

Lord, the reason why Antipope Francis failed to answer the dubia proposed to him by Cardinal Burke and three other cardinals was because he was not the pope, and therefore, had no authority to answer them. Rather, it was Pope Benedict XVI, who is in truth, not an Emeritus, who answered in full the five dubia proposed by Cardinal Burke and the three other cardinals. Correct, Eric. And let it be known in full. Antipope Francis shall be cast into the lake of fire alive, for he is the false prophet who, together with the beast, has deceived the whole world. (Revelation 19:20). I AM the Lord.

Lord, the Putin regime in Russia is torturing Alexei Navalny, subjecting him to sleep deprivation, among other evil things. What shall You do to rectify this situation in Russia, O’ Lord? He shall not die. He shall live. I AM the Lord. Rather, it is you, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who shall now be put to death. You shall die, and your seed shall be wiped from the earth. I AM the Lord.

Alexei Navalny shall prove strong and resilient. I shall free him from his prison. And I shall set him as ruler over Russia. And a new Constitution shall be made, one that does not allow a wicked man to assume all power to himself over the nation. And Alexei Anatolievich Navalny shall prove righteous and holy, well worthy of honor and distinction among the rulers of the Russian state. But as for Putin, his name shall be figured with Hitler and Mussolini, and his body shall be similarly ravaged. I AM the Lord.

Lord, the Antichrist par Excellence, Joseph Robinette Biden Junior, has been attempting to pass the Equality Act, attempting to make rapist men who wear women’s clothing equal to women so that they can enter their public bathrooms and rape them. And he wishes to force Churches to relinquish their religious beliefs and adopt the ways and practices of Sodom and Gomorrah. And he wishes to take away the protections of pregnant women in the work place, so that they must choose between keeping their job or keeping their unborn baby.

Eric, it is not fully explicit to use the term “abortion” to describe the murder of unborn children. Rather, the term, “unborn murder”, shall be henceforth used to refer to the procedure used as a solution to the problem of there being too many people on the planet that is meant to be shared by all. It is selfish and self seeking to decide to kill other human beings so that you will have more of the earth’s resources for yourselves. You cannot cull the human population and end up with a moral and blessed society. Little Johnny and little Sally should not be put to death in the womb so that you have more spending money for yourself to enjoy your married life with. There can be no right to put to death the unborn. I AM the Lord.

As for men making themselves women, did I not say this is an abomination? (Deuteronomy 22:5). Why should this filth be protected? Rather, it must be punished, for it violates My Law. And I destroy nations who do not punish their wicked. I AM the Lord. Punish the LGBTQ transgressors, do not protect them, America, and I shall not destroy your nation. I AM the Lord.

As for Joe Biden, he is trash. And I shall step on him. I AM the Lord! Yes. Joseph Robinette Biden Junior is the Antichrist par Excellence, the one that was written about in the Book. And his Vice President, Kamala Harris, is the woman who rides the beast, that woman dressed in scarlet who drinks the blood of the saints. (Revelation 17:3-6). The two of them are wicked, a brood of vipers. I AM the Lord.

Kamala Harris, who claims to be Black, is in reality the daughter of a Hindu Indian woman and a Jamaican man whose family owned slaves. And that qualifies as Black in the eyes of those African Americans who voted the bitch into office? This is the Black Joe Biden chose to represent Black America, whom he told, “If you don’t vote for me, then you just ain’t Black!”? What kind of Black trash did Biden pull out of his ass to pose as something representative of the Black community? A Black who puts niggers behind bars and keeps them there to fight forest fires, even when the parole board says they should be released. That is your first Black woman Vice President, African America! And she is not Black enough to give a damn about you.

Lord, is Joe Biden going to institute that system of credit where it becomes law that no one may buy or sell except he who bears the mark of the beast? (Revelation 13:16-17). Such is indeed his master plan, Eric. And he intends to take over all the world. But his plans shall fail him, and he shall die, consumed by worms. (Acts 12:23).

Lord, am I to marry? Or do I remain celibate and virgin for life? Both are your fate, Eric. As a celibate virgin man you shall remain forever. And a girl shall be your virgin bride, with whom you shall not have sex. And this girl, O’ Lord, what is her name? Her name is Sarah. And she is coming soon into your life. I AM the Lord.

Lord, that girl Hyacinth, she was just a Nigerian romance scammer and nothing more! I shall have nothing more to do with her deceptions. Great were Satan’s deceptions against you, Eric. But you overcame by your obedience to Me. I AM the Lord.

Lord, it may be true that Satan greatly fears the Virgin Mary, but he has no fear in impersonating the holy Queen to deceive all he can with utter lies proclaimed in her name. Correct, Eric. For many Marian apparitions are in fact deceptions from Satan. That filth going on in Medjugorje is a prime and ongoing example. It should be shut down. All who go there are deceived and led to their ruin. I AM the Lord.

Lord, I have decided not to receive any COVID-19 vaccine. For I do not wish to take benefit from the slaughter of the unborn by which all these vaccines were developed. Good, neither shall you come down with COVID-19, for you are immune. Why seek a remedy for that which you will never have? COVID-19 shall wipe out many. And all the vaccines being made shall prove worthless. I AM the Lord.

Lord, there seem to be new variants of the disease resistant to the vaccines. Yes, the scientists who thought themselves clever will prove to be no more clever than monkeys playing in a laboratory. There is no cure for this disease. And it shall wipe out millions. I AM the Lord.

Lord, my bipolar disorder was never cured. I had to take the Olanzapine last night so that My brain could sleep. For the chemical inbalance persists in my brain, unless I take the medication. Will I be cured of this disorder and my other ailments, O’ Lord. For I now know that it was Satan, not God, who told me I was cured.

This will be the sign that you are cured. Do not give up your crutches until you see this sign. I Am giving you a wife. And when this wife appears to you in your life, you shall immediately receive all that I have promised unto you. And then you shall write in this website all that I will have done for you. I AM the Lord.

Lord, when will the Jews be converted to see that You are their Messiah? When will they enter Catholicism and Christianity? Though I hid My face from My people for two thousand years, now I shall reveal Myself to them again. And this time they shall believe. I AM the Lord. And the woman We are giving to you as your wife is a Jewess. I AM the Lord.

Lord, will my family live or die? What is their fate, O’ Lord? Only your father shall survive. All the rest of your family shall perish. I AM the Lord. For death has not stopped in your nation. Rather, it has only just begun. I Am wiping out millions where you live. And when I AM done, the streets shall be barren and the cities unpopulated. I AM the Lord. For all who are wicked I shall destroy.

Lord, do I pay my income taxes this year? For Biden’s COVID-19 Relief Package now makes all taxpayers funders of abortion. Well have you asked this last question for the night, Eric. No, you shall not pay your taxes this year. Rather, I Am taking you somewhere. And no one will see where I Am taking you to. Then rain of fire and brimstone shall fall from the heavens upon all this world. And all who are not Mine shall perish. I AM the Lord. But you shall be kept safe, for you are holy. And I shall never allow you to perish. I AM the Lord.

This brings this post to its conclusion. Note that all the prophecies contained herein are about to come to pass. And when they do, all who read this post shall know that I AM the Lord, and that through Eric I have elected to speak. Consider Eric as a minor prophet, which is what I call the prophets called to prophesy during the Age of the Church after the Apostolic Age came to its conclusion. For no public prophecies nor public prophets can come again to the people. For Christ was the last public prophecy. And when that last of His Apostles passed away, so too did the Apostolic Age. Hence, whoever prophecies something new in this age, consider him to be a false prophet. For prophecy from Me from now on can only refine and clarify already revealed Truths, but never announce any new thing.

Eric is My minor prophet in this last Age of prophecy. He shall write My Word until I take him up to heaven. And when he is taken away, so too shall his wife follow him. For I shall not permit My servant Eric to be parted from his wife. His wife is a Jewish girl called Sarah. She he has not yet met, but will meet her soon. Their marriage shall be Josephite in nature. And Eric will practice perfect continence in it. Both shall remain virgins, and both shall be pure, just as Joseph and Mary were both pure virgins for all of their life. As Joseph was to Mary, so shall Eric be to Sarah.

And as for those who wish to find Paradise, only in Catholicism can this be found. And only by confession to a priest can a baptized person find forgiveness for mortal sin. And only by receiving communion can anyone who is worthy find eternal life. And every sin has its punishment. No one who sins and does not repent shall be saved. Whoever makes themselves brother or sister to Me and neighbor, and who comes to Me, I shall save. But those who serve only themselves, these shall perish, and never be found again upon the earth. For only she who makes herself sister to Eric shall enter into his heart and he love her. I AM the Lord. For no one is born a brother or sister to Me and neighbor. They become a brother or a sister by their deeds and acts. This post now comes to its end. You shall publish it, Eric, for it is complete. And then prepare to be taken to the place I will take you to. Amen.

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