Eric, your fate is determined

Eric shall live with his wife in a place such as this.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CLVIII:
It is now determined. The decisions have been made. I Who Am have made the decision. Eric and his girlfriend shall be brought to a place where I have predetermined they are to live until the time has passed that they are to have together. As a married couple are they to dwell there. Secure and safe, with no one to find them.

This is where they are to create their destiny together. And this is where all the fruits of their love are to come to be born. All the children that I shall give them shall come to them in the place where I shall establish as this temporary dwelling. Here, for a time, no one will disturb them. No one will find them out. And no one will know that they are there. They have time to love, time to share. And then, they have time to grow together. As My age passes with time, this couple will pass from time to eternity. One will not depart from this earth without the other. Together, they will mount the heights of heaven and enter the heavenly gates.

This is a couple whose union occurred spiritually, before manifesting in the flesh. As virgins, before lovers. Only I have seen them. No one but they have entered the room where all is still and all is spotless. Pure, white, untainted by sin, unbroken by vice. This is the day. This is the finest hour. What happens from now on is irrevocable and unalterable. There are no days to follow this day. No way to repent, if one has not yet repented. No way to undo transgression, if one has not yet confessed.

God made the day. God made this hour. Just as this day can never end, neither can this hour. Whatever entered in, realize, the opportunity to leave has passed. No one leaves. No one unentered enters. Whatever happened in the past, by which you made it here, whatever life change you went through to get here, realize God planned it that way. If you are here, God wanted it that way. There is no going back. They way back is closed. No reverse is possible. No exit from destiny exists.

That you found Me, realize that it is I Who found you. And to become lost again, never more shall that be possible. This is the rapture of the saints. The hour of that day, unknown, unknowable, see, it is here. There is the door. The door cracks open. Light comes out. And all who are gathered to enter, enter. For the banquet has been prepared for you. The Lamb Who has awaited you anxiously, He is now ready. And there is no tomorrow to follow today. I AM.

The lovers lay in golden fields. Sunshine shimmers. Pockets of gold filter across the breeze of pure delight. No one is not content. Everywhere there is love and gladness. Everywhere there is happiness and contentment. For the lover has his beloved. And she has him. Let the rivers flow through the gardens. Let all the lovebirds sing through the trees. All are filled with love. All are filled to the brim.

Never again does night fall. No darkness with the setting of the sun. All the stars are seen. And the sky is blue, the clouds pink and purple. Whoever painted the sky, he left no signature. No one sees from whence this glory came. Pure and simple. Peace and tranquility. You will dwell in love. And love will sustain you. It answers all the questions that you have.

There a tree grows. Upon it is fruit. Let us go and eat the fruit of that tree. And let us not be concerned about fig leaves or wearing them, for we can never know shame. I see no snake. I see no serpent. The one who slivered upon the ground is not found here. He is below. This is above. There is no going below. There is no coming up to the above. Separation exists. No way to traverse the sea to cross from that which is below to here, nor from here to that which is below. They who were below, they are not here. Nor will you see them here. Nor will they ever be seen here. No one comes up who has gone down. No one goes down who has come up. No one can break the spell of this place. Happiness that cannot end. Perfection that cannot lost. Love that can never go away.

And when this time given to Eric and his girlfriend whom I give him has arrived. Know ye this. The sun will not set. The moon will not wane. And no star will disappear. No cloud will not glow. No part of the sky will not shine. All of this is yours, ye who have waited for Me. And I freely give it to you, for you have loved Me. Now come and share Your Master’s joy. Eat and drink the food I set before thee. And lay with Me, as I with thee. I Am the Lord. And I have come for My people. Amen.

Blessed is he who hears and understands what the Spirit says to the Churches. Amen.

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One thought on “Eric, your fate is determined”

  1. Hello there! This article couldn’t be written much better!
    Reading through this article reminds me of my previous
    roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I am going to forward this information to him.

    Pretty sure he will have a great read. Thank you for sharing!


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