To My son, Eric, a wife shall he receive

Eric shall be given a wife, one whom I shall elect to grant him. I Am the Lord.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CLVII:
This is the 157th post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. (157 is the 37th prime number.) Eric, what is thine wish? Shall you be celibate, or shall you marry? It is written, O’ Lord, that I am to see my son. If this prophecy is of the Lord, I cannot then deny my fate. The prophecy you heard of decades past, that you shall see your son, is a matter of predestination, Eric. But by what woman this prophecy comes to pass, only I, the Lord, shall decide, not you. No woman shall be sent to you to fulfill this prophecy except one of clean heart and virgin flesh.

Marry her you shall. And a son shall she conceive by you and bear to you. It shall be this son, not you, Eric, who I shall raise up to serve Me as you could not. For I have predestined this son of Eric to be greater than you ever were or ever shall come to be. You, Eric, are a minor prophet. All the prophets of the post-Apostolic ages can only be called minor prophets, for from such prophets no new things can ever come, but only refinements and clarifications of the things already contained within the deposit of faith and that body of religious practice known as holy tradition. Nothing new in revelation is possible, for Jesus revealed all that was to be revealed, and the end of the Apostolic Age sealed that revelation such that nothing may be added to nor subtracted from that body of holy scriptures. But the minor prophets who came later served to clarify what was written, but never to add to, nor to subtract from, what has already been revealed. I Am the Lord.

The son of Eric shall be called great. Powerful shall he be and wise. He will rule a land that I have not given to you, Eric. For this son who is to come I have chosen from all My future elect to reign over a glorious Kingdom, whose radiance shall fill and enlighten the entire world. Whereas you failed, Eric, he shall triumph. You, Eric, who I anointed to serve Me as My scribe and prophet, are not without honor in My ranks. But one ranked ahead of you shall come to be conceived in the womb of she who We are giving thee in marriage. She will bear you this son. And she will raise him in a place where I shall protect her and keep her holy. And as for you, Eric, after you have sown your seed in this woman, and she has borne you this child, and the child has seen his twelfth year, you, Eric, shall go to your fathers and no longer be of this world in which you were set to serve Me in all things.

Great is My power. And I can set whomsoever I wish to rule over whatever nation I establish among My people. But the land of America, will it rise to new heights? It shall descend into the blazing wrath of God and be consumed in holy fire. For I established a Christian people upon America to found this nation. And the descendants of this people have departed from Me. Where have they gone? Into devilry and abominations has the people of this land descended. They are unworthy of the soil I watered to make this land flow with milk and honey. Blessings I gave to this land. But accursed shall this land now be henceforth. I will not redeem the land nor save those who inhabit it, save for the Noah, the Daniel, and Job whom I find in the land not corrupted by the sea of wickedness that now pervades her. (Ezekiel 14:12-23). You, Eric, I shall spare, and your wife whom I shall give unto thee, and the son that she shall bear unto you. But the rest of this generation and this unholy people shall perish by the sword and by fire falling from heaven.

For I have cursed this land, and it shall be destroyed and consumed with fire. A mighty and great nation and people America shall be no more. I Who Am have decided. And My decision shall not be revoked. Eric, who is virgin among the land, is rare. Most men his age are defiled and desecrated. Whoever is of the pollution of this age and world shall perish in the fire I Am sending against her to consume her. Not one blade of grass, not one green leaf upon a tree, shall be spared in the fire I Am sending against this nation and land to consume her. America has fallen. Her ships and her towers, her streets and her bridges, all of them shall collapse and be completely ruined. I Am the Lord.

World War III was avoided. And the people celebrated in the streets. And in their festivities, they fornicated and become drunk. And they committed abominations in the land. They had sex with each other’s wives. And the partook in relations filthier than those seen in Sodom and Gomorrah, which I destroyed. They did not heed My written Word. Nor did they abide by My Law written in their hearts, but abandoned Me. Hence, the very name, America, shall become itself a byword and a curse.

America, what you once were you have lost. The holiness you once stood for is gone. Only sorrow and misfortune shall be your fate. And My blazing wrath shall leave you barren and desolate. Whatever you once were, that is no longer. I spit you out of My mouth. And as a huge millstone, I hurl you into the sea, never to see again the light of day. Amen.

As Atlantis was destroyed before you, so also shall your nation and your lands be razed and burned and utterly wiped clean from memory. The horror you have become shall be blotted out of history. And the name of your nation shall be registered and regarded in everlasting disgrace. Never again shall a nation rise to your heights. What you achieved shall never again be done among the races of Mankind. All the wonders of knowledge that you achieved in your medicines and your scientific research using the lines of cells from human beings that you killed in the womb, none of this will persist. None of this will survive. All of it shall be wiped out, all record and memory of it extinguished from the land. A people who abominated and who developed technology based on the murdering of their unborn, this people shall be thrown down, together with all the technological breakthroughs that they achieved over the dead bodies of human fetuses, snatched from their mothers’ wombs. If a people can be found in history who have done worse than this people, show them to Me. Point this people out to Me, that I might not single you out as the most depraved and ungodly people the world has ever known.

Eric, I shall spare. He shall be taken to a land where I shall keep him. And for a time I shall leave him there with the wife I shall give him and the son to be born to them. They shall be safe where I place them. No harm shall come to them there. And his son shall be healthy and grow strong. It shall be when he reaches his twelfth year that I shall take Eric, his father, away from him to come to be with Me in My Kingdom. For Eric is old. And he has spent his life bearing huge crosses. His time to come to Me approaches. His life on earth is coming to an end soon. But before he goes, he is to marry and have this son, whom I have predestined to come into the world. It is this son who the Red Dragon most wishes to consume. But I shall deny him that. Up to My throne shall I raise this man, son of Eric. Like his father, he shall keep his virginity intact in obedience to Me. And like his Father, he shall conform himself to My Word and keep to My standard. He shall not fall away. And I shall set him upon a throne to lead My people. They shall be his people, and he shall rule over them. No one shall be led astray under his rule. And he shall reign for the thousand years.

But of those who belong to this generation, which has become corrupt and utterly filthy, none of these shall last or persist to witness the time that is to come, when I set up Jacob to live in his land again, free from slavery. Whoever has ears, let him listen and perceive what the Spirit is saying to the Churches. Many nations shall fall and be seen no more upon the earth. But a holy people who are Mine I shall rescue and raise up. And these, under the son of Eric, shall live and thrive. As do trees age, so shall men age in this age that is to come. As long as the life of a tree shall I grant to be the life of men. And whoever keeps to My commandments, he shall not perish, but shall live. And many shall come to know Me and My faith and My Way. And these shall reign for the thousand years.

But of the wicked, who do not follow Me, these shall not live, but shall die. For no one who is not Mine shall I permit to last in the thousand years upon the earth. Nations shall rise. Kingdoms shall come to be. And a holy people shall persist in My name until the thousand years I give to men has come to an end. After the thousand years have passed, the Red Dragon shall return. And he shall gather up his people for battle. But they shall not triumph. And the end shall come for them. And when this last defeat comes to the Dragon and all his people, then, at that time all Mankind shall see Me in all My glory. That is when all things shall be revealed that lay hidden. And then, at that time, shall the dead be raised and judgement be passed. That is when I shall permanently separate My people from the Dragon’s people.

Now speak, Eric. Who is the girl We are giving to you? You are giving to me a girl whose eyes see, and to whom nothing is hidden. Correct. Expect this one to arrive soon. We are sending her to you. As the Queen Mother shall she reign over the land with her son. But as for you, We are taking you to heaven. For you are tired and worn. Your days of your strength have passed. You endured in My name. And your name will have everlasting remembrance among the saints and those called minor prophets, those who I call to prophesy in these times when I pour out My Spirit upon all Mankind. Amen.

Again I ask thee, who is it We are sending you, the one who is to be your wife, Eric? One whose sight can penetrate hidden things and uncover secrets no mortal eyes can see or perceive. Correct. Many shall call her a witch. But she is My servant. And she shall be called holy. And as a virgin shall she be married to you. And with perfect honor shall she keep her marriage bed clean all the days of her life. Her name shall be second to that of My Mother, who bore Me, the Son of God. And whoever speaks against her purity shall be cut down by My zeal for her. For the zeal I have for My Father’s House, so also shall I have for the woman who is to be made the mother of your son who is to come. Amen. This post now comes to its end. Publish it, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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