I AM do now speak

Vast is the Knowledge I provide to My Larimar Scribe

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CLVI:
I AM do now come to speak through Larimar, scribe and prophet of the Lord. Amen. Larimar, to whom dost thou believe that thou write to? Perhaps to future generations, and to those who will read these Words and who will acknowledge that they are from God. Let Us address Joe Biden. For We are sure that he is listening.

Dear Joe Biden, Antichrist par Excellence, I AM do now speak directly to you. Listen to Me! My servant, Eric, I now place before you. Behold him and burn. I have sent him on a mission to destroy your agenda and to tear down everything you attempt to do. You have one master and one father who sent you: Lucifer, the Red Dragon. Dost thou wish to devour this male offspring of Mine? It is now too late for that. I hereby crown Eric. He is now Dragon Slayer. And he will slay the Dragon.

You are a racist pig, Joe Biden. You claim to stand for Black rights, and yet you advocate for the slaughter of their unborn. You lie when you claim to stand for women in the workplace! Your Equality Act that you seek passage for actively does away with all protections for pregnant women seeking to keep their jobs. Rather, it gives employers the power to force pregnant woman to abort their babies or else lose their positions. And you make men, perverts like yourself, who don a woman’s dress, now equal to women, with the rights to enter places exclusive to women, so that they can intimidate them, overpower them, outcompete them, and rape them.

You wallow in the mire like a hog, fat and depraved, sick and corrupt. Why do you go to Sunday Mass, Joe Biden? Why do you sit in Church and assume the position as if you were offering up worship to God? Profane is the worship that you offer to Me. Deadly are the communions that you receive. The priest who denies you communion does you a great service. For he is sparing you from the eternal punishment for that one sacrilege that you would have added to your already sky high list of sacrileges and offenses that you have already offended Me with. Do not think that there is a limit to the torture that you can be tormented with in hell. Every sinner receives his full punishment for each and every sin there. Infinite punishments are granted for infinite sins. But the infinite offender does not have a maximum that he can be made to suffer there in those fires. Every sacrilege you commit you shall be made to pay for in full. And you cannot die there in hell. You cannot pass out there from the pain.

It is often thought that the worst torture that one can inflict upon a human being is akin to a form of dentistry against him. He is strapped to his chair, and the doctor drills away at his teeth, piercing him in pain in his every nerve. If that is how you think hell is, Joe Biden, you have underestimated Me. I will have you there in My power. And I will torture your every nerve and your every sense. And you will be unable to pass out from the torture I inflict upon you. The reason for the resurrection of the damned at the end of the world is so that this torture can be done against their flesh also, not just to their soul. You think the pain of a sore tooth is bad! That is mild to the pain I inflict upon the damned in hell. It is said that torture makes a man agree to do anything. I won’t be asking you to agree to anything when I Am torturing you in hell. You will be My subject there. And I will torture you. And I will not stop. You will be tortured there forever. And the pain you will suffer there will never lessen. The intensity will never die. And you will never become numb to that pain. Because the debts you owe Me are infinite, you will never complete the payment of them in hell.

Purgatory is the only place where such torments come to an end. Only in purgatory do those who pay for their sins in the hereafter complete the payment, by their torment, to My justice. For those in purgatory have finite sentences and finite debts to pay to Me. Their sins come to an end. My justice against them finds completion. Their nightmare in the dentist chair does not last forever. It has an end. They are tortured there in purgatory, but they know their sentence there is not eternal. Suffering in purgatory has an end.

Blessed is the sinner who makes it to purgatory. Him I will not be torturing forever. I set up a sign on earth, a symbol by which men who wished it, may cure themselves of everlasting sin prior to their coming to Me. As Moses lifted up the bronze serpent in the desert, so have I lifted up My Son, Jesus the Christ, that whosoever enters in through that door can have their sins taken away.

But woe to that man who strikes the Rock twice! Woe to the man who enters My religion and then turns his heel against Me! That man in My Church worships Me in vain. His gifts and good deeds done for Me are worthless to Me in My sight. Do you think I pardoned the traitor who betrayed innocent blood, he who handed over My Son to murderers in exchange for thirty pieces of metal? He threw back those thirty pieces. He hanged himself. But he could not pay back with those acts the debts he owed to My justice for the crimes of deicide. He is there in hell. His torments now are just as fresh, just as painful, just as sorrowful and without end as the day he entered hell nearly two thousand years ago.

I did not create anyone for hell. No soul was predestined to go there from all eternity. No soul was designed and fitted for hell as part of the predestination I wrote for souls. I did not reprobate souls for hell in advance of knowing their transgressions. I did not predetermine who would sin and who would transgress My Law. No one came into this world already numbered among the damned.

For I love each soul that I create. Each soul is a creation made by Me. Each such creation made by Me I intended for glory. I did not make the Law I set up impossible to fulfill. I did not make My demands of My people impossible to satisfy. For no one did I close off all possibility to enter My Kingdom, who enter in and do not leave. I did not make the Way to My Paradise a wall that had no Way to pass through.

Satan knew this. Satan knew that any of those he had in his possession, while in this state of probation, could be turned and brought into My Kingdom. He had no power to keep anything, unless they consented to his place as their father instead of Me. Whosoever made Satan his father, he made Me his enemy. Whoever turned to Satan turned away from Me. Whoever followed him, I abandoned. And I departed from him. And he was damned. Every damnation is a crushing heartbreak to Me. For I AM love. My heart is love itself. I do not enjoy damning the condemned. Those I torture in hell My heart cannot bear to be with. For the lover I have lost to the devil is one who I grieved for immensely before consigning that soul to his eternal fate.

Eric is not your enemy. But Eric is not your prey either. He will stand and he will speak whatever I command him to say. But whoever comes against Eric, they will know the wrath of a God with a wounded heart.

Now, do I make Eric My priest? For he would be most effective in that role? Or do I hand him over to a woman, a human lover, with whom he might have sex? What is My will for this one, whom I have claimed, and whose salvation is made permanent?

Human lovers, the hearts of women are easily broken. To grant Eric a human lover is to make the statement that My ultimate weapon is weak to the powers of female love. A human lover who could seduce this son of Mine would have, between her legs, a means of enslaving a mighty and most powerful ruler. Many women have tried. None have come close. I have no plans to make My virgin servant the sexual partner to one in this world. Even were I to possess the perfect woman for him, that would not serve My interests nor the purpose for which I have set him in this world to serve.

Eric will remain a virgin. Eric will remain unmarried. And Eric will remain unattached and free of any human lover in this world. Only to Me will he made to marry and to know the love that I, the most powerful lover of all lovers, have for him. Eric will know My love. But the love of women he will never know. I Am the Lord.

Let not anyone think he should try to send a seductress to test My servant Eric. All who try that, I will take from him all the lovers he ever had in his life, and turn them utterly against him. I Am the Lord. Let not anyone send a temptress to My servant Eric. Any who try that, he will wish he had never loved. For all the acts of love he has had will be thenceforth darkened with stiff regret and undying remorse. He who uses love to attack My servant Eric will never know love again. I AM the Lord.

Since Eric will not marry and will not have sex with any girl, and let no fool ever think that he is gay, for the homosexual who advances on him will be destroyed and utterly incinerated, what fate do I intend for him? What are My plans for this one, you ask? I plan to use him to destroy whole armies arrayed against Me. To the center square will I advance My servant. And then I will let all My enemies advance against him and watch their slaughter. They will attack him from every angle, and from every angle they will meet Me and die. Whole nations will drain their armies and their weaponry against him, and they will see no effect. But the battle field around him will be filled with the stench of rotting human corpses and their horses, all who marched against him. Everyone who marches against him will die and be left to rot before him. The stench of their rotting flesh will fill the air, but this one whom I have sent against thee will not turn from even that stench by which your flesh rots before him. He is the Dragon Slayer. He will slay the Red Dragon. He is the doom of those who stand against God in this final showdown. And after He has won and killed all My enemies, and none left dare to offer him battle, I will seat him with Me upon My throne. And he will be set to serve Me as the King who could never be killed.

Now, let the battle begin. My servant is ready for war. He is armed and he will not be taken down. He bows to no one but God. I AM the Lord. Whoever wishes to make an example of him, let him come forward. And I will make an example of that one that will never be forgotten in the history of the earth. Eric has one mission. It is to slay the Red Dragon. He will slay the Red Dragon. And then time will end. And I will judge My people. Amen.

This post now comes to its end. War has now begun. It is a war that will not end until the Red Dragon’s corpse lies dead and destroyed on the battlefield. Your father and your master is the Red Dragon, Joe Biden. You will not stand in the face of the one I have sent to slay him. I Who Am have spoken. Whoever wishes to die, let him come forth. Let him demonstrate that he is no match to the Dragon Slayer. But whoever wishes to stand with God, let him stand with Me. And let him get out of the way. Let him not come between the Dragon Slayer and his prey. That is all I will say in this post. Now publish this post, My son. War has begun. No one shall defeat you. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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