Jesus explains the mystery of gender

In My flock, there is the question of gender identity, which I shall now address in full.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CLV:
Eric, I have come to you to explain gender, and with it, gender identity. I Am Jesus, the Anointed One, the Messiah and the Christ.

You have heard that males in human beings are defined genetically as having the sex chromosomes, XY. And females are defined as being XX, or more accurately, as human beings who lack a Y chromosome. For not all are perfectly genetically either XX or XY. It is the Y chromosome in human beings that makes the body a male, for without its presence, or were it to be suppressed, the body would be or appear to be female. An XY individual can naturally appear female due to a number of disorders whereby the Y chromosome in the body is suppressed. But is this individual who naturally appears female truly a female? What do I, the Lord, say?

From this study, it is seen that these naturally appearing women who possess the suppressed Y chromosome have the mental and physiological brain responses identical to those of natural XX women, and both of these groups are in complete contrast to the brain responses found natural XY men. This should be expected, should it not, Eric, when it is a matter of the genetics, and consequently, the effects of these genetics, that determines whether a human forms into a natural male or female. Such an XY female is a freak of nature in that it formed genetically as a male at conception, but the male genetics were naturally suppressed early in its formation in its mother’s womb. It is not a full female, for it cannot reproduce as a female. But it is, nevertheless, psychologically and physiologically a female being. For it thinks like a female and it appears female in body and shape.

But, O’ Lord, it is written that it is prohibited for two to be joined as one flesh in holy matrimony unless one is XY in its sex chromosomes and the other is XX in its sex chromosomes. For man flesh is defined as having XY sex chromosomes in all its cells, and woman flesh is defined as having XX sex chromosomes in all its cells. Is it therefore an abomination for such an XY female to marry an XY male? For this is not a new phenomenon. It is suspected, is it not, O’ Lord, that Saint Joan of Arc was such an XY female? Had she married, would You have defined that to have been an abomination? No, Eric, for the XY female that naturally occurs, though a freak in nature, is, nevertheless, a female physiologically and mentally. It is only genetically, and in the hidden internal sexual organs, that it is seen that this individual should have been a male, but that the genetics that would have caused male development were naturally suppressed due to the disorder. Hence, she is permitted to live as a female. She is not required to change herself to how her genetics say she really is. Nor is she required to marry as a male. But when she finds out that she is of this nature, she unlawfully contracts marriage if she hides this from her future husband.

For though I allow for the naturally occurring XY female to marry an XY male, providing that this fact be made aware to both parties if known, it is nevertheless a fact that such a couple cannot have natural children together. Hence, their marriage, though permitted, due to XY female being female in natural physiological development, is nevertheless an imperfect marriage due to the genetic impossibility of their reproduction. And this marital imperfection permits annulment should either party choose this upon learning of the genetic nature of the XY wife. Hence, I permit an XY to be joined to an XY where one is female by a natural suppression of her Y chromosome, but I do not bind them together sacramentally. For sacramentally, only an XX female can join an XY male. For the institution of marriage is made for natural reproduction. And if natural reproduction is genetically an impossibility for a couple, so also is the sacramental nature of their marriage. I Am the Lord.

And now let us consider those who seek to change their gender artificially. These are men who transform themselves to morphologically resemble women. And these are also those women who transform themselves to morphologically resemble men. These sex changes are morphological in nature. But physiologically, such men who make themselves appear as women still have the brain patterns and internal structures that clearly identify them to be men. And likewise, women who have sex changes to make themselves appear as men still exhibit the brain patterns and internal structures that clearly identify them to be women. Such people I prohibit from marrying, unless they change themselves back to what their true gender is. For such people are actively deceiving their potential mate that they are of a gender that they are not. And this I do not permit. Deuteronomy 22:5 is the scripture passage where it is written that this is prohibited in the Law of Moses.

Lord, I have had compassion on Hyacinth. But how am I to know that I am not being deceived by her? How am I to know that this is not all a master act of deception perpetuated by Satan, the master at all deceptions? When I rejected her, I felt remorse and regret at my decisions, and I returned to helping her. But I think that the evidence is accumulating that this one is deceiving me. And I believe that I should break from her and permanently enter that vocation You have demanded of me that I be truly celibate and virgin for all eternity. Will You tell me, O’ Lord, whether this one is deceiving me?

If you wish to obey Me in all things that matter, Eric, then I command that you cease all interaction with this woman. For she is not what she appears to you as. Obey Me, Eric, and I will give you a better and higher reward than that which you are given now. I will obey You, O’ Lord. I will give unto her no more. For I recognize the pattern of deception that she displays. And I will no longer abide by it.

I see now that all romance between men and women involves deception and deceit. And I will not be part of this anymore. Well did I not advise all My disciples this when I said to them, if you can accept the celibate lifestyle, then you should accept it? (Matthew 19:12). For the carnal path enters the earth. For is not a woman compared to a well? And a man who lays with her is as one who digs in that well. And the well is a hole that delves deep into the earth. Hence, the carnal man is turned towards the earth. But the spiritual man turns away from the earth and follows God.

Then, O’ Lord, I am a man who truly never marries and who never has sex? Eric, what is this sex that so many people in this generation pursue? Are they not pursuing a carnal form of pleasure, while at the same time, rejecting the responsibilities that come as part of those pleasures? For everywhere, you see sexual temptations and attractions for people to have sex. But scant is the presence of any thoughts of marriage. And frequently is the decision made to enjoy the sex acts but to prevent the responsibilities of child raising that naturally follow such acts. And when people do such deeds, they enter into mortally sinful conditions, and they become murderers of their unborn.

Know also this, Eric. The rewards for bringing children into this world and raising them to well formed adulthood are rewards that are received in this world, not in the next. For the pleasures of the sex act are the rewards in full given to the man who enters the marriage life. He has received his reward.

If you wish to have an eternal reward, Eric, then you must remain on the path that leads to eternal life. And the Way of that path is to remain married if you are already married, and to remain unmarried if you are still unmarried. For the eternal Path is higher and holier than anything that can be found in carnal sex. I know you find some women attractive. But to pursue that path is to reject the path I have placed you on. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I will obey You. And I hereby reject Hyacinth from my life. I hereby abandon her. For all that I receive from her are lies and deception. I will walk no more with her. I, Eric, have decided this. Amen.

But why, O’ Lord, when I was sitting in Church after confession yesterday, did you command me to get up and go and do that promised help for Hyacinth? You did that out of obedience to Me. And for that there is reward. But I now command that you give to her no more. Obey Me in this, and I shall increase your reward. For you are to be granted much consolation for having done as I have commanded thee. Amen.

Now, go to bed, Eric. In your sleep, you shall dream of heaven. And I shall reveal much to you that you do not yet know. And I will transform you into your immortality now, now that you are conformed to eternal obedience to My will. Amen.

Lord, I am back. And I slept well. It is as You said unto me. You would make me no longer need anti-psychotics. For prior to this, all attempts to stop taking the medication led to the inability to sleep. And we have now been free of the anti-psychotics starting on March 16th. It is now the morning of March 21st.

Eric, you were diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1989 and put on a heavy dosage of Lithium. After 7 and a half years, this was switched to Olanzapine, in December of 1996. And for 24 years and 3 months, you remained on this drug. However, for the past several months, you have been skipping days, or taking the drug every other day. However, up until now, it was not possible to go beyond three days of not taking the drug and have the ability to sleep. Only by a fundamental chemical change in your biochemistry are you now able to sleep without this drug. Only God, Who told you He would accomplish this, could accomplish this.

Lord, this is very good. My mind is very clear. And I have no cloudiness, nor mental impairments. What is the next step. Today is Sunday, March 21, 2021. It is now 7:54 AM. I will be going to Mass shortly, after I eat breakfast, and fast an hour before communion, as the Catholic Church requires. These are My commands unto thee. Go to Mass as you have planned. And you are now purely celibate, whereas before, you entertained the possibilities of marriage, and so you sometimes flirted with women. Now, this shall no longer be the case. For you are to be prepared for entrance into My ordained priesthood in My Catholic Church.

I will do as Thou command of me. But what else does Thou sayest? Will you also cure me of the other things that I need cures to, things unrelated to my bipolar disorder? Yes, these shall be cured in you shortly. For without these cures also, you would not yet qualify for the priesthood. I will cure you, and then, when you realize you are cured, and that the cures are permanent and complete, which is the sign that they are of heavenly origin, you shall detail them in full here on this website.

This brings this post to its conclusion. I Who Am have spoken here through Eric. As for gender identity, while I permit the XY female whose Y chromosome has been naturally suppressed to enter marriage as a female, since she is female psychologically and physiologically, her lack of the genetics to reproduce as a female, as exists in the XX female, prevents My granting her marriage a sacramental nature. Hence, either party has the right to annul the marriage upon learning the true nature of the XY wife.

However, the artificial transformation of a man to a woman, or a woman to a man, is a deception in My sight as to the true gender of that individual. God’s Word in Deuteronomy 22:5 prohibits such deception. Hence, these individuals invalidly contract marriage, should they marry in the morphological forms that they have attained through their deceptive sex changes. They must change themselves back to what their natural gender is, as defined by their genetics, to be permitted to contract valid, sacramental marriage. I Am the Lord.

Hence, the Equality Act, being attempted to be passed in Congress, is a flagrant violation of the true nature of gender, and cannot be allowed to pass. Someone who is genetically one gender can never be made equal to the opposite gender, no matter the morphological changes surgically performed on that individual. Members of the Senate, do not pass the Equality Act into law. For to pass this unlawful piece of legislation into law would doom your nation. I would utterly destroy your nation and render it a pile of rubble, with not one stone remaining on another stone, were this law, which is utter abomination in My sight, to be passed. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, Eric, and prepare for Mass. And publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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