Jesus speaks

Eric is hereby being prepared to enter My priesthood. The first test: Obedience.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CLIV:
Eric, I Am Jesus, Whom you follow and obey. Time now comes to an end for your soul in your state of probation. Go to confession today. Confess your last acts of impurity. And know that you shall not offend Me in these ways ever again. For you now approach the point where you pass from the mortal life into immortality. It is true that I Am making you a priest, but not as a regular mortal man shall you attend the seminary, but as an immortal, incapable of becoming sick or infirm. I Am transforming you into a man of perfect abilities and perfect health. And in this new state, you can neither merit nor demerit, as neither could I once I rose from the dead.

For the priesthood I Am giving you is of the First Resurrection. And you are to be ordained a priest in My Catholic Church, as an immortal man. Lord, I have a question. Ask, My son. It was said in prophecy that I am the son of Jesus. What is the meaning of this prophecy? And are there others who are also called sons of Jesus?

You are called My son because I have spiritually begotten you. I laid not with any woman to beget you, but rather, you are My spiritual offspring. And I call you “the son of Jesus”, rather than “a son of Jesus” because I have especially begotten you to make you an immortal man while still alive in this world. Amen. Hence, you shall never taste death. The inside of purgatory you shall never know.

I will have you spend hours in Church after the confession. So be sure to cash your check in the bank before coming to confession. And you shall walk, not drive. For the bank and confession time both start at 9 AM sharp. And it is now roughly 5 AM. The woman, Hyacinth, is setting up her new phone. She will soon speak to you from it. She has an American number now, which she got from the American embassy.

Note that We gave Hyacinth to you as a friend to test your love for your friends. And you have demonstrated that this love is true and worthy of Me as your Father. For I Am now Father to you, in addition to God the Father. And I Am pleased that you loved this girl worthy of a true priest whom I assign to love My Church. For you are worthy of a great many things.

And you often asked about your Kingdom, and your rank in My Kingdom, such as, do you have any titles in My Kingdom? Now I shall speak unto thee plainly concerning all these matters. You are one of the 144,000 Virgin First Fruits. So, O’ Lord, then when You transform me into an immortal, do You do the same for 143,999 others in the world who are like me as well? Yes, but I do not tell you their number.

John, through whom I wrote the Book of Revelation, was given symbolic numbers of all the things he saw and heard. The true numbers are not to be known or revealed. But you are correct. You are one of the 144,000. And all the rest of your mystical number are to be made immortal too, just as I shall make you. Amen.

Lord, are these 144,000, whose true number is veiled, all virgin men? Or do you include women, too, among their number? While I have virgin women who are worthy and holy, like you, the 144,000 is a designation that includes only men. For it is written: These are those who were never defiled with women. (Revelation 14:6). How then could women be included in this number? Women defiled with women? Know ye that no lesbian and no homosexual shall ever enter into My Kingdom. I Am the Lord.

My 144,000 can have perfectly chaste friendships with women, as you have with Hyacinth, who is also a perfected virgin girl. But these women are hidden and not revealed. I only reveal my male virgins, for these are to be My publicly visible servants in this world. All 144,000 of these virgin first fruits are already either priests or else they shall become priests. For I have arranged for all 144,000 to partake in full in My sacrament of Holy Orders. All 144,000 are to have the hands that consecrate the Eucharist.

Now, as for your Kingdom and your title in My Kingdom, where shall I begin? Do I give lands to My 144,000 virgin royal priests? Rather, as the Levites in the Law of Moses were not given a heritage among My chosen people, for I, the Lord was to be their heritage, neither are you 144,000 given any lands in this earth, neither in time nor in eternity. For I Am your heritage. And you will serve Me as My royal priests.

Lord, does this select group whom You designate as Your 144,000 include anyone to be raised from the dead? Does it include John, Your beloved Apostle? Those who came to Me as virgins are indeed richly rewarded in My Kingdom of Heaven. But no, only among the living at the time I make you immortal do I elect those who are to belong to this select group. None of them ever die. And none of them are ever raised from the dead. Rather, they all partook with Me in My death at their baptism. And they all rose with Me in their walk in life, carrying their burdens, which I Am now about to completely lift from their shoulders.

These 144,000 are all perfectly made immune to all the plagues I Am sending against humanity. (Revelation 9:4). None of them are, therefore, to ever receive the COVID-19 vaccine, for such would defile them, as they were all made using lines of cells derived from aborted fetuses. Do the women virgins, who are not included in this number, also receive such immunity, O’ Lord? The women of whom you speak are to be all like the woman who flees to her place, out in the desert, where she is to be taken care of, far from the devil, for the remaining 1260 days of this age. (Revelation 12:14). Amen.

And, O’ Lord, when this transformation takes place, whereby I am made an immortal, does there from that point to the End exist a mere 1260 days? Rather, understand that there shall be a year, two years, and a half year. But exactly what this mystery means, I will not reveal. But also realize this. During those 1260 days, whose true number I reveal not, Joe Biden will reign as Antichrist, and Kamala Harris as the woman who rides him, the woman in scarlet who rides the beast. And they will push for their Equality Act, which destroys marriage and the roles I established that distinguish the genders. (Deuteronomy 22:5).

While you are meditating in Church today, after your confession, Joe Biden shall set up his abomination that causes desolation, and set it to stand where it does not belong. I Am the Lord. And then I shall make you immortal. And I will then give you your instructions and call you forth. And you will enter the path to the priesthood then as an immortal man.

Note that Joe Biden is the little horn that sprung up from one of the Four horns, Barack Hussein Obama. (Daniel 8:8-9). These four horns of whom I speak were William Jefferson Clinton, George Walker Bush, Barack Hussein Obama, and Donald John Trump. These were the four Pawns of the four Players, Vesper, Twilight, Pyrite, and Firefly, respectively, who came after the shattering of the Great Horn, the Unicorn King, the Emerald Player, who had been reigning through Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush prior to his conversion to My religion in early July of 1992, and who, during the preceding Greater Emerald Reign, which ended then, and which had begun on February 2, 1989, had set up three Emerald Pawns of Power: Frederick de Klerk, Boris Yeltsin, and Yitzhak Rabin, with the first Emerald Pawn of Power, Mikhail Gorbachev, having been set up by him as a child. Amen.

Emerald was the Great Horn, the Unicorn King, who came out from the far west (California), and who crossed the whole earth without touching the ground. (Daniel 8:5). Eric Robert Dunstan was his full legal name. And he called himself Emerald. And Eric Robert Dunstan, in Greek: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, adds up to 1717 in Greek gematria. And note it has 17 letters. And note that Eric did not choose this name for himself, for he was given it at his birth. Amen.

Eric the Emerald was also the First Rider of the Apocalypse. (Revelation 6:2). Then, O’ Lord, this Eric is not the typical member of Your 144,000 Virgin First Fruits? No, you are not. Rather, you are to be known as a Prince among princes. And a Ruler whose Kingdom shall never be defined in terms of the things of this earth. Amen. Note also this: Eric was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, which is 1113 days, or 159 weeks, from Wednesday, June 7, 1967 when the Jews recaptured Jerusalem.

Eric, also realize that when I make you an immortal, I also wipe out your entire family, except for your father, whom I have elected to save. This post now comes to its conclusion. Go, Eric, and eat your breakfast. And then go to the bank and cash your check. And then walk a few blocks from there to My Church. And there you will confess your sins to My priest. And he will give you absolution. And then you shall sit in My Church. And I will manifest My glory unto thee. And thou I shall make like new. Amen. Now publish this post, Eric, for it is complete. Amen.

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