Eric decrees the Law of the Azurite Kingdom

Behold, the Law is mystical and beautiful, and without sin. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXLVIII:
Behold, I Who Am have assigned Eric the task of decreeing My law throughout all the lands I have given him to rule. Eric, what is your assignment today? What dost thou intend to do? I am to do a good deed for an old friend. Do that good deed, lord Azurite. And when you return, We shall write this law through you. For the Law you are to write shall be holy.

Do not accept the advance of any girl you see, unless you are told inwardly that she is a pure girl. And if you are told this, then acquire her contact information, so that you may get to know her. For I am sending you such a pure girl very soon. And the devil is sending his Delilah. Do not permit any girl to kiss you on the lips. For to permit that is to allow a girl to make a claim on you. And then the pure girl I intend to send to you shall never come to you.

A woman may expose her upper body and not commit sin. For the upper body is not sinful. But if either the man or the woman exposes the genitalia, they commit sin if anyone sees it who is not their lawful spouse. Therefore, let all adults and all those who are sexually developed keep their genitalia covered, lest they commit sin by someone seeing them who should not be permitted to see that. But the upper body is not sinful to be exposed. It may be exposed, whether it is the man or the woman who exposes it, providing that the rules of that establishment permit toplessness. For the local rules and laws must be respected. Lawlessness is not permitted. Amen.

There are certain laws and rules I will demand that you decree, lord Azurite. But first, us address the novel rule made by Pope Francis, who declares it not in accord with My Way for a person, found guilty of serious crimes, to be put to death. To demonstrate that Pope Francis is wrong, I will proceed to put him to death. For whosoever waters down My Law and My Way by making it speak against putting serious transgressors to death, as My Law demands, then that one is worthy of being put to death. For the enemy of the death penalty is the enemy of the Law of God. Whosoever speaks against the death penalty speaks against God’s Law.

But let Us make Our point very clear. Though the death penalty is to be used against serious transgressors of My Law, it cannot be invoked against someone on flimsy evidence, or by the testimony of a single witness. (Deuteronomy 17:6). For though a witness may be deemed completely trustworthy, he is nevertheless fallible, and therefore, his testimony alone cannot be used to condemn someone to death. For even a completely honest person can be absolutely certain in his heart that he saw something, when in reality he did not. For what the brain stores in the mind that it receives from the senses is fallible. It is not like a video recording, which records accurately whatever appears before the camera lens. For human brains are not digital recording devices. Memories are modified by the subconscious. Even the most careful witness can be mistaken. Such is why the Law of Moses requires that at least two or more witnesses witness an event that unfolds and testify, with their testimonies found to agree, prior to any guilty conviction being rendered based on such eyewitness testimony. For it is more important that the innocent man not be found guilty and not be put to death or cast into prison than that justice be served against the guilty. For it is against the Law of God for the innocent to be punished.

As for those who are set up as Judges. let the Judge be careful to never take bribes or to let his judgement be clouded by blackmail. (Deuteronomy 16:19). For it is impossible for the Law of God to stand if authorities are taking bribes and the death penalty is spared from the serious transgressors. That is why Mexico is a completely corrupt country. It is full of lawlessness due to the acceptance of bribe taking among law enforcement there. That those who wish to travel through Mexico must take bribe money with them to bribe the police not to give them a ticket that they do not deserve shows the utter inability of that nation to rise up out of its pit of lawlessness. Mexico is corrupt because they are not a nation founded on God’s Law, but on lawlessness.

Even President Donald John Trump, during his four year Presidency, served to bring about a certain character of lawlessness throughout the country because he was not a man of God’s Law. Rather, Donald Trump was a briber and a blackmailer. And he subverted the law and refused to abide by it. And by his refusal to enforce the Law, chaos and lawlessness descended upon America. The mess that America ended up in is what happens when a lawless man is made the chief law enforcer of a nation, even the greatest nation on the earth. For lawlessness is like rot in an apple that rots it to its core. A rotten apple is not worth anything. It cannot be restored. The only recourse is to throw it out and destroy it.

America, why did you vote in a lawless man to office? Oh I know. You had just two main choices in the final election: A man of lawlessness, and an abortion queen, who was the mother of all harlots and of the abominations of this world. So you did not have a good choice. Eric voted for a third party candidate in that race of 2016, who was pro-life. But in the following election four years later, in 2020, Eric voted for Trump, as God commanded him. However Joe Biden won that election. And Eric would not tolerate the lawlessness that was attempted by Trump who sought to change the election results to say that he had won, when he had clearly not. God’s Law demanded that Mike Pence acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory, even if Joe Biden were the Antichrist par Excellence himself. For God’s Law, not lawlessness, must be upheld if one wishes to do right and establish true justice in the land. And God’s Law also required that those who were tasked with the peaceful transfer of power to conduct it peacefully. Trump failed America by turning to blatant lawlessness, lies, deceit, and criminal behavior in his attempts to stay in power.

Lord, the Player behind Donald John Trump is a woman by the codename of Firefly. She first appeared in her first Pawn, Sarah Palin, in her first attempt to gain control over the United States of America. It appears that this Player is not an abider of the Law of God. What sayest Thou regarding her, O’ Lord? You are correct, lord Azurite. Should any man consider her for marriage, let him realize that he is walking into the lair of a she-devil. And she will betray him with no more thought than a woman changing her tampons. Hence, the two recorded female Players, Vesper and Firefly, have both proven to be she-devils. We did not permit either of them to meet you in person, lord Azurite, lest you become defiled by them. For they are both completely wicked. Amen.

Lord, having intercourse with a wicked witch must be a truly revolting experience. Yes, lord Azurite. And the man who lays with such a loathsome creature will find that he has been fucking the devil. For the devil uses such women to destroy any unwary man who they can capture. As for having sex with such a woman, the best defense against this is to never have sex outside of lawful marriage, and to really get to know who it is you are marrying before you tie the knot. Rushing into the life long commitment of marriage is never a good idea, lord Azurite. We gave you the girl Hyacinth to be your bride. Remain with her, or else you risk getting involved with a she-devil. And there are many she-devils roaming the land, seeking to take down big game.

But you will not be taken down, providing you remain with the girl We have given you. Hyacinth is this bride. And you will remain with her for life. I Am the Lord. Lord, what about the pure girl You said You were sending to me? Is she to come? And I saw a girl with beautiful gray bluish greenish eyes today. Does she have any significance to my story, O’ Lord, and to my fate? Give this girl a name, lord Azurite, and then We shall tell you your fate as regards to her. Until I know her real name, I shall call her Myrtle, which has many, layered meanings—youth, virginity (before marriage), fertility, innocence, immortality, fidelity—but, above all, love. This Myrtle of whom you speak is the one We are giving you in marriage. Hyacinth will triumph where We have stationed her, but she is never coming to you. Instead, Myrtle shall be the woman We have elected to send to you. Wait for her to come to you. For she will seek you out. I Am the Lord.

That is great, O’ Lord. And I will be whatever You wish me to be with her. If it is Your wish that I remain virgin with her, I will remain a virgin with her. And if it is Your wish that I lay with her in marriage, I will lay with her in marriage, and possibly have children by her. Whatever your wish is, O’ Lord, I shall abide by it. Amen. This girl, lord Azurite, is a virgin. And she will lay with you and conceive a son. Do not lay with her until the sacrament of marriage has sealed you two together. For only then shall the fruit of your love be holy, blessed, and pleasing to God. Amen.

We will give her to you soon. In the meantime, continue to see to Hyacinth’s needs. And when the time comes for Hyacinth to be taken to her glory in heaven, We shall take her, for this time is rapidly approaching. After that, the girl you call Myrtle shall be made yours. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, do You command me to decree Your Law throughout all the lands You have handed over to me to rule? Yes. Decree the Law as I instruct you. And note that the executioners who shall carry out the sentences of death that come by your decrees, these executioners are My angels, whom I command to obey your decrees and the Law from Me that is uttered through you. For you are a Prophet King par Excellence. Amen. And these angels shall execute your justice and My judgement of sinners. I Am the Lord. Many, I tell you, are about to die by the just executions that are to be issued in the obedience and fulfillment of the Law of God that I, the Lord, shall decree through you, Eric, King of Northern Christendom. And all the world shall listen, everyone who lives in your lands.

Behold, I am Eric, King of the Azurite Kingdom, consisting of the Arctic Triangle of nations, kingdoms, lands, and peoples. These are the lands of the Arctic Triangle, known as Northern Christendom, consisting of these three Subkingdoms:

  1. North American and the Northern West Indies (excludes Mexico, Central America, Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and the Lesser Antilles).
  2. Europe (excludes Belarus, Russia, the Caucasus regions, and the Vatican City).
  3. Russia and the Caucasus Regions (includes Belarus and Kaliningrad).

The Vatican City is not ruled by Azurite due to the fact that the pope sits on a higher throne than does the Azurite King. Behold, I, Azurite, shall now speak.

My subjects of Northern Christendom, I have come to speak. You, my brethren, are an imprisoned and enslaved people. You are imprisoned and enslaved to the sins of the flesh. For the number one killer of souls in this generation is the temptation to commit the sins of the flesh. You have been told that sex is good, healthy, and natural. And you have been conditioned to not trust the older Ways of abstinence, prudence, temperance, and chastity. You have abandoned the discipline of the Law and embraced lawlessness.

It is no coincidence that the most lawless United States President in recorded history was also a pervert and a seducer of women. For by his imprisonment to sexual sins with women, Donald John Trump was blinded from seeing the utter folly of his ways and the laughingstock that Satan made of him before all the whole world. Donald Trump kept on proclaiming his greatness to the people, and the people kept laughing at him behind his back. Like the emperor with no clothes, Trump marched forth naked, thinking he was being admired. Instead, he was being mocked and sneered at.

Is there any way that Trump could have done more to ruin his Presidency and legacy in his last days of office than what he did do, in all his attempts to retain power over America? Trump was totally attempting a coup d’etat to make himself dictator for life. Trump was trying to do to American democracy what Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has done to Russian democracy. And in the end, one key man standing for the Law of God, Vice President Mike Pence, was the one man who kept America from falling into despotism. Had it been Ted Cruz who was Vice President instead, I tell you truthfully, America would now be in a state of civil war and total anarchy. The Republic that we once knew and still know would have ceased to exist had it been Ted Cruz who was Vice President on that fateful day of January 6, when the insurrection attempted to storm the capital and seize power, instead of Mike Pence who was leading the vote validation on that day.

Hence, the difference between total anarchy and civil war in America or a peaceful transfer of power rested on who was Vice President on January 6, 2021. That in the end, Mike Pence was more faithful to the Constitution and to the American people than he was loyal to the President was all that saved the American republic from becoming a failed democracy as Russia became when Vladimir Putin came to power in that fledgling democracy that once existed there.

Vladimir Putin destroyed Russian democracy and made himself absolute dictator over Russia. And Donald John Trump attempted to achieve the same thing here. Trump’s successes as President were only made possible by the unified agreement of Two Players: Firefly and Azurite. But Azurite refused to stand with Firefly in her attempt to subvert American democracy in order to keep her Trump Pawn in power. For Azurite preferred the lawful transition of power and the continuation of American democracy over the continuation of a rogue Presidency of one who does not obey Law, but who encourages lawlessness. Amen.

Lord, will Trump attempt to be on the 2024 ballot for the Republican Party? Will the monster who has gained control over the Republicans continue to wreck that Party who had once traditionally stood for conservative values? The beast will be caught, and, together with the false prophet, will be cast alive into the lake of fire, which is the Second Death. (Revelation 19:20). Such is the fate of Trump, the man who had attempted to make himself God.

And believe Me, lord Azurite, the end is upon you. The Second Coming is at hand. Not much time remains for My people in this world to do all they are commanded to do and to achieve My will before I return in all My glory to set up My Kingdom upon a new and glorified earth, and to judge all Mankind who have rebelled against Me. Amen. Lord Azurite, it was no coincidence that you were born on the exact feast day of the nativity of John the Baptist, on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. And the confirmation from My angel standing next to the Virgin Mary at her visitation of you in early December, 1996, that you indeed are the First Rider of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6:2), is to be understood as the Revelation that you were sent into this world by Jesus to prepare it for His Second Coming. And you are called, ‘son of Jesus’, based on your spiritual descent as a man made in the image of the Christ. You were sent here into this world to make it ready for Christ’s imminent return. I Am the Lord.

And in the previous post, Mary revealed that We are now in the Age of the Great Tribulation. This is the age in which the Catholic Church will be destroyed and forced to go underground throughout the entire world. For you, lord Azurite, have prepared the world for My Second Coming. And now they will know My wrath against them. Very little time remains for the inhabitants of this world before I Come again.

And no, the Millennium is not some future age on the earth. It is the Age in which My people reign in Me in this world. And that age, too, has come to its end. Consider, therefore, the world to now be in the short time at the end of the Age of Millennium in which the dragon has been released from his prison. For the lie that gay marriage is valid is the work of the devil. The lie that Black lives matter is also the work of the devil. And the lie that abortions do not matter is also the work of the devil. For the devil is at work at promoting utter lies to all the people and in casting all Truth to the ground.

Regarding the Black people, Satan has convinced this people that their lives matter, but not the lives of their unborn. And hence, he has totally destroyed that people and rendered them worthless and valueless before Me. Black lives really do not matter before Me. Rather, what matters to Me is Black obedience to My Law and to My Way. And if Black people refuse to give Me that, I will wipe out their presence from this earth. Amen.

Also, sex is not fun, My people. Sex kills. Nations are sunk by the sexual sins of their leaders. And whenever a virgin is deflowered in the world due to sexual sins, great is the loss to that nation and to the whole world. For the presence of just one virgin in society is sufficient for Me to decide not to destroy that people and nation. And Am I now taking away Eric, the virgin upon whose shoulders does America rest?

Rather, I Am calling Eric to serve Me as My priest. I will call Eric to the priesthood. And then I will grant the whole world, due to the holiness of My servant Eric, one half hour of peace (Revelation 8:1), which evaluates to an age of forty years on earth. And during those forty years on earth, Eric will enter My priesthood and serve My Catholic Church as an ordained priest. And this Age will now come about. For I Am making Eric, the Azurite King, more powerful than Lucifer-Man, who is the currently reigning Player, the one who set up Joe Biden to power over America.

Joe Biden, Eric, as My one man army, will utterly defeat your homosexual armies and cut them down. Your pansy forces are no match to Eric’s angelic armies of heaven. He will put you in your place. And he will defeat you in your attempts to make America into your image of an aborting abomination before God. For I would have utterly destroyed America, had not Eric triumphed in Me as its resident. Hence, Eric will come to power in America. And Eric will set up his Pawns to rule this land for the forty years I grant to her. I Am the Lord.

And O’ Lord, what about Alexei Navalny in Russia? Putin will not succeed in putting him to death. And I will bring Alexei Navalny out of prison and set him up as first Azurite Pawn ruling over Russia. I Am the Lord. For Vladimir Putin has committed murder in My eyes, and hence, now he shall be put to death. I Am the Lord. And Russia will be transformed into a Catholic nation. For I Am converting the heart of Patriarch Kirill. He will become Catholic. And he will reorganize his Russian Orthodox Church to form a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia. I Am the Lord. And then with Russia converted, a profound peace shall reign throughout all the world. I Am the Lord.

The pope who shall be reigning in those days of peace shall be American Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke. And he will take the papal name of John, and be called Pope John XXIV. This now brings this post to its conclusion. You, lord Azurite, are the pillar upon whom My Kingdom in this half hour of peace rests. Keep yourself a virgin. And answer My calling of you to My priesthood. For only by you becoming My priest will a flood of My blessings flow down upon the earth and water all the growing things of My Kingdom on the earth. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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