Mary speaks to Eric

Mary, the Mother of God, has come to speak to Eric, her servant.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXLVII:
Lord Eric, the Virgin Mary has come to speak unto thee. And thou must listen to her. O’ Mary, Mother of God, speak, for your servant is listening.

It has been said, O’ Mary, holy Virgin Queen, that I am to be taken away from here very soon. And it is said that my being taken away is when my cures take place. And it is said that then, from that point onward, I will no longer be in a state of probation, but will have become an eternal creature, enjoying the thousand year reign of the Christ in the First Resurrection. But you, O’ holy Virgin Queen, can clarify my many misunderstandings.

Your days left to you here are few.

Then, O’ Mary, holy Virgin Queen, am I coming to heaven soon, to live there with you and Jesus?

Yes, for the Father has set the day that you are to come to Him. And that day is soon arriving. You will be cured then and enter into your glory.

And no, Saint Bernadette is not the one who we will send to meet you here when you arrive. Rather the one sent to meet you shall be Jesus, the Bridegroom, the Lamb of God. For you are of His chosen first fruits. And you are numbered among His 144,000.

Prepare, therefore, to be taken away. For your time left on the planet is short.

O’ Mary, Mother of God, do I marry Hyacinth in a Josephite marriage in that time remaining? Or is this marriage to be of the eternity to come? Or is it not to occur at all, O’ most holy Virgin Queen?

Yes, you marry her in the hereafter, not here in this world. I am the holy Virgin Queen.

But, O’ Mary, by what means does this marriage then exist? For are not all in the hereafter married to the Lamb of God, your Son, the Christ?

By royal decree, you are to have a consort eternally bonded to you forever. For you are to be like me and Joseph, who is my eternally bonded consort in the hereafter. Only pure virgins who enter pure marital agreements on the earth, and who never know the flesh or carnal love of the other, may be granted this arrangement. Such is the mystery of how you and Hyacinth shall be seated with me and Joseph in heavenly heights where none can be seated but such eternally wedded virgin couples. Amen.

And furthermore, I will add this. The Age of the Rosary has ended, as of Sunday, March 7, 2021. No more is praying the Rosary effective in combatting the devil. Instead, my servants are called to contemplate and to pray to me and God in silence, listening for my instructions, and instructions coming from heaven. For the days to the Coming of the Christ and of His glorious Parousia are rapidly approaching. And the time given to Mankind to repent of his sins has expired.

Whoever wishes to enter my Son’s Church, if he does so by this Easter Sunday, he will be saved. But if he seeks to enter after that point, the time he needs to enter he will find that he does not have. For the sacraments by which men are saved are going to diminish now, and be hard to find. And my Son’s Churches shall be scattered and seen no more upon the land. For the Age of Catholicism is coming to an end.

That promise made to Peter, that Jesus would build His Church on that Rock, and that the gates of the Netherworld will never prevail against His Church is true. But the allotted number who were to enter my Son’s Church are counted and sealed. Those scheduled to enter this Easter Sunday shall be the last. And from that point onward, those who have not entered will be like the men who waited too long to enter into the Ark with Noah and all those who were to live and to be spared.

Everyone who has not entered my Son’s Church by this Easter Sunday, they will have missed the last boat to heaven. And from that point to the Second Coming, darkness will envelop the whole world. And Eric will no longer be among you. For he will have been removed. His time will have come. And he will have escaped the flood, which will devastate the entire world. Amen.

So, O’ Mary, I do not pay my income taxes to the IRS?

You know, lord Azurite, that income taxes are due April 15, 2021, but Easter Sunday is April 4, 2021. Hence, you will not be here to pay your taxes when they come due. And we do this for a reason. The Biden COVID-19 relief package makes all who pay their income taxes to directly partake in the funding of abortions. Because of this, we are removing all my people from America before their taxes are due so that they do not become participants in any such taxpayer funded abortions.

And where are they to be moved to, you ask, O’ Larimar King? Their days on earth have come to their conclusion. Their time of probation has come to its end. And the days of the wrath of God that they have endured all these years is finally ending. Hence, they are coming to me in heaven. They will not remain upon the earth to suffer want and distress anymore. Amen.

We made you a leader and a ruler on the earth. But the days in which you prophesy have ended. Come, therefore, and enjoy and partake in your Master’s pleasure. For you have borne the cross all these years. Now has come the time for you to receive your reward.

You, lord Azurite, along with your wife, Hyacinth, are to be taken away early. And the rest of my Son’s elect will swiftly follow. This statement now brings this post to its conclusion. I, Mary, have spoken to Eric at length. And he knows he is coming to us soon. Prophesy here, lord Azurite, only when commanded to from now on. For the days in which you prophesy for the Lord are ended. I, Mary, have spoken. Prepare, therefore, to receive your Lord. For you are coming to us soon. Amen.

And I permit one question. Ask, lord Azurite, whatever you wish to know.

Mary, is this taking of me and the elect away the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Rapture? And is it pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation, or post-tribulation? Or how is this to be understood, O’ Mary, Mother of God Jesus?

You and your brethren are being taken away before the great tribulation, lord Azurite. And the tribulation has started, effective when Joe Biden signs the bill that Congress has passed that makes all who pay income taxes partakers in abortions. I will wait until my Son’s elect who are to enter the Church by this Easter Sunday have entered in. But after that point, expect the flood of devastation. Expect the doom of this world. And for those who are of my Son’s communion, expect Rapture and deliverance. I, Mary, have spoken. And this post now comes to its end. You will only prophesy here again, lord Azurite, if you are commanded to do so. Spend your remaining time reflecting on the Lord and contemplating His will. Now publish this post, for it is complete. And know that I love you and all my servants and all the elect of my Son. Amen.

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