Eric shall enter a Josephite Marriage to holy virgin

Eric will serve Me as My anointed servant. This, I Who Am, shall now make clear. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXLIV:
I hereby make My decree as to regarding the eternal fate of My servant Eric. Eric I call to serve Me as an eternal virgin celibate man, to whom I will marry a virgin woman of My choosing. And these two shall be a Josephite couple, destined to serve as a model virgin couple for all eternity. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. They will have no offspring. And they will be regarded as great among My saints. For they will practice true celibate virginity in a true celibate marriage just as Joseph and Mary practiced who were the model of the perfectly wedded celibate couple. Amen.

For this virgin bride, I will have Eric purchase a sapphire engagement ring, rather than one whose central gemstone is diamond. For the sapphire represents the Virgin Mary. And this bride is to be a type and a symbol of the most holy Virgin Queen. Also, there needs to be a clear distinction between the common sexual marriages of most people and the celibate, virgin marriage into which I will have My servant Eric enter into. Hence, the engagement ring shall have a sapphire as its central stone instead of a diamond to signify this difference. Amen.

Lord, this is great! You have chosen the ring. But I have not yet met the girl. Will Thou describe who she is, or give me some knowledge about her prior to her entry into my life, O’ Lord? I shall now detail her to you, lord Azurite.

Lord, I suppose that the knowledge that she is a virgin drastically narrows down the list of who it can possibly be. But what else shall You detail about her? Will you tell me her nationality? What languages she speaks and knows? What is her religious background? And what is her race, her skin color, her eye color, and her hair color? Of course, these details are not so important since We shall have no offspring together. But tell me what Thou will to reveal, O’ Lord?

Her skin color is olive. Her hair is jet black. And her eyes are chestnut brown. Her lips are red as the red, red rose. And the languages she speaks and knows include French, Italian, Greek, and Latin, besides the English that she will use to speak with you. Her nationality is southern European. And her religious background is solid Roman Catholic, going back generations in her family history. And yes, she will serve Me as an official translator of your works. I Am the Lord.

Lord, I am impressed. She knows many languages. This is great. When do I meet her? I have chosen the day and the hour, and it is soon. Furthermore, I shall reveal this. That car you wished to buy, the Avalon Hybrid, you shall buy soon. I Am securing the funds necessary for you to make the purchase. For you are a man who never takes out a car loan. Rather, you choose to pay in full cash for any car that you purchase. Amen.

And furthermore, I have secured your place in My list of eternal virgin elect. You are now eternally of My 144,000 virgin first fruits. And you shall follow Me wherever I, the Lamb of God, go. And I have secured your eternal anointed position as Azurite King over the Kingdom of Northern Christendom. Let us now restate this entire Kingdom for all to see. Amen.

(1) Northern Kingdom of Christendom, ruled forever by Eric, virgin saint and Prophet King. And the lands of his Kingdom include the following lands:

Subkingdom of North America

  1. Alaska (including all her islands)
  2. Hawaii (the entire archipelago)
  3. Canada
  4. the Contiguous United States of America
  5. Greenland
  6. Iceland
  7. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  8. Bermuda
  9. the Lucayan Archipelago (the Bahama Archipelago)
  10. Hispaniola (both Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  11. Puerto Rico
  12. The Virgin Islands

Subkingdom of Europe

  1. the British Isles Archipelago
  2. the Iberian Peninsula
  3. the Azores Islands
  4. the Madeira Islands
  5. the Canary Islands
  6. the Balearic Islands
  7. Corsica
  8. Sardinia
  9. Sicily
  10. Malta
  11. the Ionian Islands
  12. Crete
  13. the Aegean Islands
  14. Greece
  15. Thrace
  16. the Balkans
  17. Ukraine
  18. the Crimean Peninsula
  19. Central Europe (from Germany and Poland to the Adriatic Sea)
  20. the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
  21. Scandinavia (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark)
  22. the Italian Peninsula (excluding the Vatican City, where reigns the pope)
  23. the Alpine nations (from Slovenia and Austria to France)
  24. Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg) 
  25. Monaco
  26. Andorra

Subkingdom of Russia and the Caucasus

  1. European Russia (Russia from the Ural Mountains west)
  2. Kaliningrad
  3. Belarus
  4. the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia)
  5. Central Asian Russia
  6. Far Eastern Russia

Such is the entire definition of the lands given over to Eric to rule forever as eternal virgin Prophet King. And he will have the following languages as official in his Kingdom:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Polish
  7. Italian
  8. Romanian
  9. Ukrainian
  10. Dutch
  11. Greek
  12. Latin

And let us also restate the Kingdom of Lazurite, your brother Prophet, who rules the Kingdom of Israel as My Steward King. Amen.

(2) Kingdom of Israel, ruled eternally by Nathaniel, the Lazurite King. And the lands of his Kingdom, over which he rules forever as steward and lord under the Christ, Jesus, Who is King of kings and Lord of lords, consists of the following lands:

  1. Cyprus
  2. Anatolia (Asian Turkey)
  3. Syria
  4. Iraq
  5. Kuwait
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. Bahrain
  8. Qatar
  9. United Arab Emirates
  10. Oman
  11. Yemen
  12. The Islands of Socotra
  13. Somalia
  14. Djibouti
  15. Ethiopia
  16. Eritrea
  17. Sudan
  18. Egypt
  19. Jordan
  20. Israel
  21. Lebanon

These lands are eternally given over to the Kingdom of Israel. And over them shall rule the Lazurite King for all eternity. Amen. For the prophecy that said that all the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates were to be given to Abraham and to his descendants was literally true. I Am the Lord. And Lazurite shall rule these lands under the direct command of Jesus, Whom Lazurite serves as his Liege Lord. Amen. For Lazurite is a Hebrew Catholic, which is a Jew who fully practices Roman Catholicism. Amen. And the eternal set of official languages in the Kingdom of Israel shall include the following:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Greek
  3. Aramaic
  4. Arabic
  5. Coptic
  6. Turkish
  7. Somali
  8. Amharic
  9. Tigrinya
  10. English
  11. French
  12. Italian

As for Hyacinth, and her friend, Florence, realize that while I shall save them both, their rewards I will not reveal at this time. For they are still struggling to find Me. And I will lead them. But their rewards you shall not know of. For they are now separated from you, and they are set on a different path. I Am the Lord.

Lord, do you reveal at this time the name of the girl who is to enter this Josephite marriage with me? Yes, her name is Alexandra. Lord, this is great, for she is named after the famous Egyptian library where the Septuagint was originally translated by the original 72 Jewish scholars, who translated the ancient Hebrew Torah to Koine Greek. Correct, lord Azurite. And her name will be made famous by being the official translator of your works to French and Italian. Her skills in Greek and Latin, though, are insufficient to allow her to translate your works to those languages.

And now someone asks, what about Spanish? For most Catholics are Spanish speaking. And then there are the Portuguese speaking Catholics of Brazil. What shall be done to translate Your works through me to those languages, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, there are plenty of bilingual and multilingual peoples who can do such competent translations in their own free time. Let them do so freely. For these works are open for translation. For they are all Copy Green. All these works have been dedicated to the public domain, as you can see here and here. So feel free to translate them at will, you who read herein. Amen.

This is great, O’ Lord. Now, since you have made me a ruler over the Northern Kingdom of Christendom, what are my powers and what are my responsibilities? Can I overthrow secular rulers? Or is my reign a spiritual reign, one that concerns the spiritual welfare of Your people, O’ Lord? Your assignment, lord Azurite, is to bring Catholicism to be preached throughout your entire Kingdom. And that is all that you are assigned to do. Your task is not to make all your Kingdom Catholic, but merely to have My name and My religion preached to all men throughout your entire Kingdom. And when that is complete, your task as ruler shall be fulfilled. Amen.

But, O’ Lord, how then is my reign as King over the Northern Kingdom of Christendom eternal if it is completed at the completion of the preaching of Your Kingdom to all subjects of My Kingdom? It is because, when you complete your task, so also shall it be completed throughout the rest of the world at the same time. And then I shall be seen coming in the clouds with great glory and power. And I shall seat you upon your throne. And Lazurite will be seated upon his throne. And the Seven Kings who rule the Seven Southern Kingdoms of Christendom shall be seated on their thrones. And then I shall proceed to judge all Mankind, starting with the last and ending with the first.

And part of your reward, lord Azurite, is eternal dominion over the entire lands of the North, as detailed in your Kingdom. And O’ Lord, will you also detail the Seven Kingdoms of the South. I will do so in the next post. As for now, it is now 7:17 PM. It is late now, and you must get home and eat your dinner. When you wake up before dawn, before going to Church, and from there to work, I will write through you again. And in that post I will detail unto thee the the definitions of the Seven Southern Kingdoms of Christendom. I Who Am have spoken. Now go home, lord Azurite. And publish this post, for it is complete. More shall be revealed tonight. Amen.

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