Eric is rebuked.

I Who Am do now rebuke Eric. For it is written: God rebukes those He loves.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXLII:
Eric, has it come to thine understanding that the people of Russia might actually prefer Putin to your chosen Alexei Navalny? Lord, if You do not overthrow the Putin regime by 6:13 AM this morning, which is a mere two hours away, then You have obligated me not to accept Your calling of me to enter the priesthood. Am I correct in this assessment, O’ Lord? As you have said it, so shall it be, lord Azurite. Let us, therefore, wait out the remaining two hours. And if the sign fails, you are not called to serve Me as My priest. I Am the Lord.

Okay, O’ Lord. What then is my fate, if I am not called to serve You as Your priest? Do I remain a celibate, virgin layman who serves you as eternal Prophet King? Correct, lord Azurite. Never listen to that one who says you are to marry a girl. For should any girl be allowed to enter your life, it would be to your ruination. I Am the Lord. Do not, therefore, break from your vow to Me of perpetual virginity and chastity. And do not agree to marry any girl put forward by any power who speaks unto you. For they are all devils who wish to get you to enter a marriage with any girl.

For I tell you Truthfully. No girl is fit to be your wife. And any wife you could possibly marry would become a burden for you and an anchor to your soul. You would find yourself unable to serve Me or your calling to serve as My prophet King should you enter into any marriage.

As for Hyacinth, whom you help, I say, continue to help her as she needs it. Lord, if Hyacinth remains in my life, there is that temptation that she could eventually come to me and seek marriage. If Hyacinth remains in my life, there is that ever constant temptation of me to enter the married life with her. But You are all wise and powerful. What do You say regarding this? What is Your ruling? Where does this relationship with Hyacinth ultimately lead to, O’ Lord and God? O’ Mary, Mother of God, do you will me to eventually marry Hyacinth, or do you will for me another fate? For it seems to be evident that my fate might not be to become an ordained Catholic priest.

You are not to marry, lord Azurite. Now, as to your fate with Hyacinth, who is she to you? Why dost thou help her so? She is one I have bonded with and am under an obligation to help. And she returns the favors I give to her by praying for me. And her prayers for me are most effective. But this state cannot last forever, can it? She will eventually seek full entry into my life. And I will then be tempted by her. What am I to do regarding this, O’ Lord?

Is not Hyacinth willing to walk with you the celibate and virgin path, lord Azurite? Yes, O’ Lord. Then walk that path with her when We enable her to come and be with you in your life. Do this, and We will be pleased. I Am the Lord. Hence, continue to help this girl as you have planned. And My will shall be accomplished. For I then gain two eternal virgins for My Kingdom of heaven by your determination to keep your vows unto Me not to marry and not to have sex. And remember, lord Azurite, I hold you to keep these vows that you have made to Me in the previous post. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, it has come to my attention that these so called great vaccines against COVID-19 that have been developed are tainted with the usage of aborted unborn human cell lines in their development. That is correct, lord Azurite. The Catholic who turns to these vaccines to save him is turning to the devil for his salvation. Rather, I have put a curse on these vaccines. And I have cursed their effectiveness. They will not prove effective against COVID-19 long term. For already strains have come to be that resist the vaccines. And these strains are just as deadly and virulent. Do not expect a solution to this nightmare for America to come so soon. Rather, expect COVID-19 to come back in even greater devastation, as the vaccines once thought to be affective prove ineffective to the new strains that will continue to afflict the people, including those vaccinated. I Am the Lord.

For the underlying issues regarding this plague I have sent against America and against the pro-LGBTQ world have not been addressed. Hence, just as abortions and gay marriages continue unabated, so also shall the infections and deaths from COVID-19. No vaccine against this plague will ever work while there are two sodomizing men in America who are recognized as married to each other. I Am the Lord. America, either dismantle the institution of gay marriage, or watch while I hollow out all families across America, killing whomever I so choose to kill. And My killing of them will be as unabated as will be your resolve to endorse the sodomite marriage. I Am the Lord.

America, do not blame the Asians for COVID-19. Instead, blame the fags. And blame yourselves for allowing for fags to marry. Asia had nothing to do with COVID-19. It was the rise of the homosexuals who had everything to do with COVID-19. The homosexuals, with their gay marriages and their demands for gay rights, are the ones directly responsible for all the deaths I have delivered against you with COVID-19. Go and persecute them. But do not persecute the Asians for COVID-19. Asians are not responsible for the just punishments that I inflict upon you for your sins. That you punish the Asians and blame COVID-19 on them only increases My resolve to thin out your numbers and wipe out more of your people from your life. And trust Me. COVID-19 is not over, not by a long shot. I Am killing many more people. Many more Americans are yet to die, including those vaccinated. You will soon be seeing the death toll rise to the millions. For there can be no cure to a plague that I send against a people while their sins remain unrepented for. I Am the Lord.

If you want the deaths to stop, then repent of your evil works. Repent of your abortions, and tear down all the gay marriages enacted in your nation. Send the message against the faggots with a burning cross. For the cross lit on fire is My sign of displeasure to a people who sin against Me. Setting up such crosses lit on fire on all the properties of those who offend Me serves as a just warning sign to them that they are about to receive My terrible retribution for the great evils that they have brought down upon this nation due to their sins. Untold numbers of Americans continue to die each day due to the sins committed by the abominably married gay couples. This must all be completely ended, My people, if you want the deaths from COVID-19 to stop. I Am the Lord. It would be better, don’t you think, for the homosexual marriages and their horrid abominations to be completely and fully terminated, than for all of America to be completely wasted away?

For do you really want to be destroyed in the fire with the fags? If not, then end gay marriage. Gays do not have the right to be married. Just as the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision was wrong that ruled that African Black people were just animals, so also was the Supreme Court ruling wrong that said gays had the right to marry. Just because a group of fag leaning Justices in black robes rule that gays can marry, this does not in any way change the Law of God that says they cannot. No gay marriage is valid. And any piece of paper that says two sodomizing men with their dicks in each others’ asses are married is a work of deceit and utter falsehood. Any homosexual who tells you that he is married to his partner of the same gender, realize that you are looking upon the very people that are responsible for all the deaths that have come upon America through COVID-19 as a sentence from God. I Am the Lord. That filth and that stench must be cleansed from this land with fire. And if it is not cleansed, then I Am going to wipe out the entire nation of America until there does not stand one stone here upon another that is not thrown down.

Eric, America is condemned. And their hope in their vaccines will prove to be short lived. For I have many strains coming that will resist all attempts at making a vaccine. And these vaccine makers dare to use aborted fetus cells lines to develop these vaccines? That is their fatal mistake. They have added the blood of innocent human baby victims into their witches’ brew that they have concocted to save American lives. Instead, I will make those who receive such vaccines even more vulnerable to infection and death from new virulent strains of COVID-19 that I Am sending against her. Americans will continue to die. And those who receive such vaccines will die at a higher rate. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, Biden’s COVID-19 relief package seems to say that it will mandate the American tax payer to fund abortions. Will it pass or fail, O’ Lord, in the Senate? I will make it fail, lord Azurite. For I will make Joe Biden to be seen for the failure before Me that he is. And those stimulus checks he promised to the American people, because he has tied them to the pro-abortion COVID-19 relief package, he will not deliver on that to the America people either. For Joe Biden is an utter failure before Me, lord Azurite. And I wish for his utter failure to be made known.

Then, O’ Lord, I utter this decree. Let the COVID-19 relief package currently being pushed by Biden through the Senate fail and not be passed while it contains the provisions, the intent, and purpose of making every American taxpayer directly partaking in the funding of abortions by their paying of taxes to the government. For I would rather not receive that measly $1400 stimulus check if it means that unborn human babies will then be losing their lives in the womb by money that I pay to the IRS as part of my income taxes, as part of that same relief package that Biden seeks passage for. I don’t want your stinking money, Joe Biden, if you are making me partake in your filth, abortions, and murders to receive it.

Let Joe Biden utterly fail to get this COVID-19 relief package passed, O’ Lord. Let Joe Biden fail as a President, for he has already failed as a husband, a father, and as a human being.

Lord, sunrise has come and the Putin regime has not collapsed. It is now 6:31 AM here in California. Correct, lord Azurite. Remain in your current employment. Remain in your state of celibate virginity. And remain a layman, for you are not called to the priesthood. I Who Am have spoken. This post now comes to its end. You are commanded to publish it, lord Azurite. And then I will tell you what you are commanded to do. Amen.

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