Lord, I accept my fate

If Thou wish that I become Thine priest, I will become Thine priest. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXXVIII:
Lord, I have come to Thee to tell Thee that I accept my fate. If you wish for me to be a priest, I will accept the priesthood. If, rather, it is Thine will that I marry and have a son, I will marry the girl you give me and have the prophesied son by her. And such a marriage will be Josephite in nature, where I would only know my wife at Thine command. And if, rather, Thine will is that I serve My life as Thine celibate, virgin servant in the world, where I remain a layman, I accept that fate too. And I repent the sins that I have committed. Forgive me, O’ Master, for I have sinned. Amen.

Speak, O’ Lord, for Thine servant is listening. Which path dost Thou decide shalt be Mine, O’ Lord? For I accept my fate, whatever it is that Thou decide it shall be. Our will, lord Azurite, will be made known to thee at the moment We cure thee of all thine afflictions. And these cures are coming soon. For We know that you are ready to be made what We will to make of thee. Amen.

Now, speak, lord Eric, and say your will regarding Alexei Anatolievich Navalny. For do you really wish to allow him to be broken in the notorious penal colonny that Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has sent him? No, my Lord. I wish for this nightmare for Navalny to come to an early end. And I wish for Putin to be forced to pay with one year of stiff, severe torture for each day he will have subjected Navalny to torture. And then when Putin’s years of torture are completed, let Putin crumple into the dust and reflect on his sins, and he is crucified on the tree of woe. As for Navalny, my will is that he is not broken but freed from his prison. But do Thou give me the power to break him out of his prison and to break the power that has put him there, O’ Lord? I do, lord Azurite. I hereby invest you with the full power to defeat and to destroy all world leaders who reign in this world from this point unto the end of time. You have My signet ring. You are the one I have made the decider of who is Mine and who is not Mine. Those you seal as Mine are Mine. And those who you do not seal as Mine I reject. Amen.

Lord, I am a man. And I do not know all the people of this world. Nor can I see into people to see their inner merits and demerits. How, then, can You give me Your signet ring, and make me the decider of all who are in your camp and all who are outside it? You, lord Azurite, are the Nexus of this world. You are the principle person through whom I now make Myself known to all Mankind. And all Mankind will receive My blessings or My curses through you. I Who Am have spoken.

Then, O’ Lord, let us make a test of this power that Thou have given unto me. Let it be that this is carried out to the letter, and if done to the letter, then I am all that Thou say I am. Speak, lord Azurite. and We shall carry out your decrees. Let the Putin regime in Russia suddenly and totally implode in on itself. Let the entire Russian people rise up in rebellion and storm the capital and take over the government. And let the military depart from their command and join the people. Let certain generals who are worthy side with the people and coordinate the total and complete overthrown of the Putin regime. And let Putin see his Kingdom collapse like a capsizing ship going down beneath the waves. And let Putin be captured and tried. And let Putin be judged and sentenced to serve the rest of his life on the same island in the Atlantic to where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to, and from which he never escaped, unto his death. Let him then reflect, on that island, all the errors of his ways, until he has died of whatever God has decreed that Putin is to die from.

Then let Alexei Navalny and all unjustly imprisoned people receive their unconditional freedom, with their citizenship and rights as Russian citizens fully restored. And let new elections be called and let them be run with outside observers to ensure that they will be fair and not rigged. And let Alexei Navalny run in them and win the elections to become the fifth Russian President since Russian democracy was started under Russian President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin. Such is my decree, as bearer of Your signet ring, O’ Lord. Let it come to pass exactly as I have specified here. And let this command be the first test of the power that You have invested in me. Amen.

Lord Azurite, thine wish I shall fulfill before thine very eyes, down to the last detail that thou hast made. Now speak, lord Azurite. Which of the girls in your past or present would you most want to marry, if that were possible? There was a very beautiful Hispanic girl called Elda, who I met at Church. But I cannot have her, for she is married. And I would not want her to be taken away from her husband. Rather, I wish for her marriage to be good and that she live happily ever after. But a girl like that girl I would be most interested in marriage to, O’ Lord. But she must be a virgin and capable of marrying me lawfully in the Catholic Church. Amen.

And what would you have Us do with Hyacinth, who loves you? Wait seventeen days to see what she will do with what I have given her, O’ Lord. If I come to trust her, and if she is proven worthy, I will accept her hand in marriage. But if not, then let her be taken to her fate in the hereafter, and then let me receive the girl or fate that You have decreed for me. For I do not know yet, do I, the fate you have decided shall be mine? Am I to marry? Am I to become a priest? Or am I to remain a celibate, virgin layman? For You have said I shall be told my fate when I am cured. And then Book 15 of the Emerald Trove will be concluded, and Book 16 of the Emerald Trove will begin. Amen.

Lord Azurite, your fate you already know in the depths of your soul. You only need to look deeply into your heart, and you shall see your fate. For it is staring right back at you. Amen. Look, lord Azurite, and tell Me what thou see.

Lord, I have looked into the depths of my heart, and I see Thee. I do not see a girl there, but only Thee, O’ Lord. And I see acceptance of the celibate life and, with it, eternal virginity. All that I do not know is whether this celibate, virgin life shall be spent as a layman, working in the world, or as your priest, working in Your vineyard.

Look again, lord Azurite, and the answer will be made clear unto thee, as well as when We shall cure thee. Go, lord Azurite, and look into your heart again, and then come back and tell Us what Thou hast seen. Amen.

I see that I am to be made a priest. And I see that I am to receive my cures tomorrow, O’ Lord and God, Jesus my Christ. What thou hast seen is to take place as thou hast seen it. And We, the elect in heaven, shall ensure that every step you make toward that goal is accomplished, and that a priest you shall become. Amen.

The one guilty of adultery in the office where you currently work is about to be let go. I Am the Lord. And a new person, a girl like Elda, shall take his place. She will be there just to tempt you to the married life. For We now know what touches you most deeply. And We shall send you this strong temptation to test your worthiness to be made Our priest. This is a decree that We, not you, have made. And We shall enforce Our decrees.

Now, what is Hyacinth’s eternal reward, you should ask? I will now tell thee. Because she remained with Me to the end, and because she put to practice the works she saw and learned from the years spent in your care, We give her, as you suggested, the Kingdom of Ireland as her eternal dominion. Hence, she is decreed, Queen of Ireland. And her Kingdom is defined as such:

(1) Kingdom of Hibernia, ruled by Queen Hyacinth for all eternity. And her dominion consists of the following lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And the official languages of her Kingdom consist of the following:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

Now, go back to your room, peer into your heart again, and tell Us when your heart says that We are about to take Hyacinth away from this world and bring her to her eternal reward. Amen.

My heart says it shall be after she has received communion again. And it shall be after next Sunday. And before Easter she will be with You, O’ Lord.

Lord Azurite, you have seen the Truth. Many are those who are about to rise and fall, and many shall be departing from this world.

Your death I shall also now tell you when it shall be, lord Azurite. From the moment I anoint you as Witness to the day you die from attack by Antichrist, there shall be a total of 1260 days. (Revelation 11:3). I anoint you as My Witness at the moment you receive all your cures. So then, O’ Lord, how do I become a priest?

Today this anointing shall occur, lord Azurite. And with the anointing, you shall be declared a priest in the order of Melchizedek. But you are right, there is not sufficient time left in your allotted days for you to go through the seminary to be ordained a priest. Instead, your priesthood is of a different sort. I Am the Lord. Amen.

In that case, O’ Lord, then I am to die 1260 days from now, which shall be on Monday, August 12, 2024. And thus, I will have died at the age of exactly 51 years and 7 weeks old. (51 = 17 x 3). That is, I will die at the age of 19,773 days old. (19773 = 133 x 32). For I was born on the feast day of the nativity of John the Baptist, on Wednesday, June 24, 1970, which was exactly 3 years and 17 days from the date that the Jews recaptured the City of Jerusalem, which they did so on June 7, 1967.

Lord, these numbers line up wonderfully. Not even an expert mathematician could calculate a date that so exquisitely matched these numbers so perfectly. Amen. Lord Azurite, if you are amazed by mere numbers matching up, wait until you see the signs that I Am about to work within your body and upon your flesh. Wait, lord Azurite, and you will see angels ascending and descending upon the Son of Man. Amen.

Lord, when I become this Witness, anointed to serve You as Prophet, King, and Priest, do I continue to work in my current job? Or do you have Me do otherwise, O’ Lord? Yes, you continue to serve your employer, for you shall not be seen for what you are until much later, when it comes time for you to exit from this world. Amen.

Lord, I am tired. Should I sleep, and then complete this post when I awaken, O’ Lord? Yes, sleep. And in your dream, I will instruct you on what you are to write here when you awaken. Amen. Now go and sleep, My beloved. Amen.

Lord, I am back. And I am ordered to write such as follows. Many will try to emulate me and to follow me or the Way I found. But only the son of Eric shall follow the Way of Eric to perfection. And yes, a son of Eric shall come to be. And Eric shall marry the girl God gives him, she whom God says to him is the one. This prophecy shall come to pass when Eric has attained a high rank at his place of work. And also, it shall come to pass after Eric has bought an Avalon Hybrid, to replace his Toyota Corolla, which he currently drives. These Words are from God. They are trustworthy and true. Amen.

Good, lord Azurite. And now I shall tell you plainly when this Avalon Hybrid you shall come to buy. This Easter Season, the money you require to purchase it, you shall obtain. I Am the Lord. So also this Easter Season will witness the death of Pope Francis and the ascension of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to sit on the Seat of Peter as the 267th pope, to be called Pope John XXIV. And Pope John XXIV shall force the Church back to conformance to all decided Church dogmas and doctrines. And no more shall the Bishop of Germany argue with the Bishop of Poland as to whether divorced and remarried Catholics may be admitted to communion. For Pope John XXIV shall make the answer very clear and force all Bishops to obey or be excommunicated.

Also, Pope John XXIV shall then call for new Catholic Council to decide all issues on modern themes, such as those concerning divorce, communion, remarriage, adultery, homosexuality, homosexual unions, and what is an acceptable position a Catholic politician may have in order to remain in good standing in the Catholic Church. This will be recognized as the 22nd Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church, and following this Council, there will be no further Councils called. For We are near the End of Time. This papacy of John XXIV shall be the papacy of the Great Restoration. And after Eric has passed away in his martyrdom, he shall be canonized as a saint in the Catholic Church as one of the final acts of the final pope. I Am the Lord. And note the connection. The saint name chosen by Eric as his confirmation saint name was Saint Ulric of Augsburg, who was in fact the first saint canonized by a pope. Amen. Shortly after Eric’s canonization has been announced, the return of the Lord shall take place. I Am the Lord.

And how many popes are yet to come to sit upon the Seat of Peter, you ask? Pope John XXIV shall come. And he shall be followed by Pope Benedict XVII. And after him, there shall come Pope Peter II. And to succeed Pope Peter II, there shall be no more than two popes, whose names will be unknown, and whose pontificates shall be overshadowed by the woe and the wracking of carnage and death throughout the whole world. No one will really be aware of the actions of these final popes to reign, for they will be as the last popes. And the breakdown of communication will render them inconsequential. I Am the Lord.

But in the final age of darkness, the last pope shall make the canonization of Saint Eric known. And then, the last moments of agony shall sweep throughout the whole world. And the End shall come. I Am the Lord. Now go, lord Azurite. Publish this post. And as a sign that you possess My signet ring, I shall now completely overthrown the Putin regime, have Alexei Navanly and his fellow innocent prisoners released, and carry out all that you have decreed as a test of the authority that I have invested in you. I shall carry out your decrees to the letter. And then you shall know that I Am the Lord and that I have given to you My signet ring. Who you seal as Mine is Mine, and who you do not seal as Mine is not Mine. I Am the Lord. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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