Eric is to remain a celibate layman

Behold, the Kingdom that I prepare for those who love Me.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXXVII:
I Am the Lord. Eric has discerned his fate. And I have told it to him. He is to remain a celibate layman. He will not enter My priesthood. For he is better suited to My Kingdom serving in his current position as a software developer and as a server administrator. He will serve Me as such and I will place him where he is most effective in serving Me and My Kingdom. For Eric is a finely tuned machine. He has gained skills in his current occupation. And were We to take him from his position, a serious brain drain would We inflict by that act upon the company for which he works. And many people who have invested life savings in that company would suffer tremendously. I Am the Lord.

Instead, Eric will serve Me as a permanently celibate and virgin servant. And he will write My Word exactly as I will him to on, where he serves as his own technical support. This WordPress site is without theme nor plugins. Eric has opted to use the KISS method in implementing a platform to showcase My Word through him. KISS means: Keep it simple, stupid. And with neither theme nor plugin, nor advertisement, nor popups, this site is blazingly fast. For this site serves one purpose: To publish the Word I write through Eric, without moderation, and without the threats of being banned for doing such things as saying someone is damned.

For the many religious sites are known for banning people who say something that does not agree entirely with their own set of beliefs. And virtually no religious site allows for a prophet to write controversial things. For political correctness reigns over many media platforms. And there is constant pressure for monitors to banish those designated as trolls.

Eric does not visit those sites anymore, for they are boring to Eric. For who wants to read heavily censored writings? Who wishes to read things that must pass approval from a human being. Nothing from God would ever be successfully published on such a site. Hence, I, the Lord, publish through Eric on this site, which Eric owns. And Eric owns the domain name, I Am the Lord.

Now, someone asks, why doesn’t Eric advertise his website? Why doesn’t Eric let the whole world know that God is writing through Eric here? It is because I wish for My Word to remain hidden for now in plain sight. If the people were to know that a prophet was in their midst, they would begin to react to My prophet’s Word, and that could potentially affect the transmission of My Word through Eric. Rather, I will first write in full all that I will to say through Eric. Then, at the conclusion of My testimony through Eric, I will permit Eric to come to Me by martyrdom. And he will rise up to heaven in the sight of all his foes. I Am the Lord.

Then, O’ Lord, You are saying that Eric is one of the Two Witnesses described in Revelation, chapter 11? And if so, where is the other one? Lord, it was once taught in that there was another Prophet King, who was referred to as lord Lazurite, and he was said to be a Jewish Catholic, a kind of Hebrew Catholic. And it was said of him that his real name was Nathaniel, and that he was sent to the Jews to convert them to Your religion before the return the Lord Jesus Christ to judge the living and the dead. His Kingdom was said to be smaller than Eric’s, due to the smaller number of the Jews compared to the number of the Gentiles of Christendom. But it was also said that Lazurite was the greater King, superior to lord Azurite, on account of his Kingdom being of the original, native branches of the olive tree, regrafted back into the olive tree of Israel, compared to the Kingdom of Azurite being of wild olive branches grafted into the olive tree of Israel to for a time take the place the natural branches that were taken away, due to sins, until the sins of the Jews had been expiated away.

Eric, both of you exist. But neither of you are aware of the other. For I have not yet revealed Lazurite to the world. Only Azurite have I revealed, and of Azurite’s revelation, I have only whispered his name and My Word through him. I have not proclaimed Azurite by trumpet blast to all the people. Rather, Eric is hidden in plain sight, exactly as I will for him to be. But I will soon be revealing both of these two Prophets to the mainstream attention of the whole world for the time has come, and is now here, for the 1260 days of Jacob’s trouble to begin. And I Am coming soon thereafter. I Am the Lord.

Lord, then Your Second Coming is not far away? You might be coming prior to or around the two thousandth anniversary of Your crucifixion, death, resurrection, ascension into heaven, Your commission of Your Catholic Church on Peter, and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in 33 A.D., for is is known you died on the 14th of the Jewish month of Nisan (1 Corinthians 5:7) and that your rose from the dead on the 16th of the month of Nisan (1 Corinthians 15:20). This means that Christ Jesus was crucified on Friday, April 3, A.D. 33., which was Nisan 14, 3793 anno mundi, according to the Jewish calendar. Lord, that 2000th year anniversary is approximately 12 years away from today. Were I to have a son right now, by the 2000th anniversary of your death and resurrection, he would be around Your age when you were found in Jerusalem as a child, speaking to the elders and asking them questions. (Luke 2:41-52).

Correct, lord Azurite. And will you have a son? How can I, for I have no wife? And I am committed to remain a virgin and to live the celibate life. Well do you say that you have no wife. For though Hyacinth indeed calls you her husband, no sacrament of matrimony has been officiated between you and her, nor can it occur, for I have not placed her in your presence to make this a possibility. Then, O’ Lord, You have answered Your question. I cannot have a son. For though I heard the prophetic utterance in ages past that I was to see my son, I am old now, and I have never lain with a woman. And were I to enter a marriage with a girl I meet here, would that not make me a lesser man? For Mary has said that it is advised that I not marry, and so also have You said the same in Matthew 19:12. So, O’ Lord, this son of Eric, shall he never come to exist? Or do You plan some future marital relation by which this son comes to be born before the end of all things? For if he is truly predestined, then he would have to come to be.

Lord Azurite, by what form of marital relationship could you enter into and have this son, without falling into the trap of the carnal life of men? It would have to be a kind of Josephite marriage, where sex was to occur only at the command of the Lord. We have this planned for you, lord Eric. And We will tell you the details of this plan tomorrow. Now think through these things and contemplate My Word unto you. For a son is predestined to come from you. And nothing can prevent Our divine plans from taking effect. And yes, he will be around twelve years of age when He sees Me come again to judge the living and the dead. That is all that I will say at this time. Amen.

Lord, that means, You are saying, am I correct in concluding, that the End of the World occurs some twelve years after my future, yet-to-be conceived son, by a yet-to-be met wife, is born? Correct, lord Azurite. I Am coming around the time your son is twelve years of age. And yes, the woman who is to bear him to you, you have never met. But Lord, how is it possible to have this knowledge? For is it not written that even You do not know the day or the hour of the Second Coming? For is not this knowledge known only to God the Father? The day and hour remain unknown. But the general time, as it was predictable as to My First Coming, so also can My Second Coming be predicted, as to the general time and age. Amen.

Now, no one knows when you shall meet this girl, marry her, and impregnate her. But I, the Lord, have firm knowledge of all these details. For it is written in the decrees of your predestination. And do I not possess the Book of Life? (Revelation 13:8). Therefore, I already know of when this son of yours shall turn twelve years of age, and I see him, know him, and love him. But as to when I come again, the exact day and hour, this knowledge I do not have nor can I deduce it. All that is said of that day is that it will occur around the twelfth year of your son. Such is all that is revealed in the age of eternity. For your son in eternity is forever as a twelve year old child.

Then, O’ Lord, We at the resurrection are eternally of the flesh that we had at the moment of our death? Those who died at the age of a hundred are forever old men of a hundred years? And those who died as baptized babies are forever as babies in the Kingdom of heaven? That is correct. Flesh neither grows nor changes in eternity from the point your life ends in this world. For at the moment you die, how your flesh is at that moment, forever is it fixed in all eternity. That is why the wounds of the martyrs are forever with them in the Kingdom of Heaven, and visible to all. And even I, I Am forever with the wounds of My crucifixion. They are forever with Me, forever fresh. But this is the flesh of the Resurrected elect. Though they resurrect with the flesh they died in, they do not experience pain or displeasure ever again. Nor are they under any form of handicap or infirmity. Nor is there any body part that is missing from their resurrected bodies. I Am the Lord.

Some women may, therefore, imagine that they should die while young, mature, and beautiful, so that they can have eternal beauty in heaven. However, that is not how it works. Beauty and honor in heaven are directly related to the number and value of the communions that one received in life. Hence, the old woman who died having received many worthy communions, having lived for many years a Catholic, is more beautiful in heaven than the woman who dies flawlessly in the flower of her youth, but who has only received communion worthily for only a scant few years.

In heaven, there are maids who are waiting for you, lord Azurite. How do maids wait for me, O’ Lord? For is it not the Truth that there is neither marriage nor romance in the eternal hereafter? Friendship exists there, lord Azurite. And you have accumulated many friends by your many good deeds for My poor. Hence, I say again, there are maids who are waiting for you to arrive in heaven. And these will be as your entourage for all eternity. And they will accompany you wherever you go. For it is true that no one can buy friendships. But the one who gives to the poor who have no means of repayment acquires friendships in heaven, where everyone observes the deeds of the elect.

Trust Me, lord Azurite, you are a man with many maiden lovers in heaven. And many wish to be with you for all eternity. Now, O’ Lord, when You say, ‘maiden lovers’, you do not mean that we make out or have sex together. For I know that is not possible in heaven. So, O’ Lord, what dost Thou mean when you say I have many maiden lovers? Do you mean, many are those who love me? A lover in heaven is one who enjoys the spiritual delights of the eternal treasures produced by another soul’s meritorious deeds. Your deeds are most glorious, lord Azurite. For they were done with a faith that moved mountains, and that sacrificed kingdoms of this world for the Kingdom of Heaven. That elderly lady you gave to three Sundays in succession is here with Me in heaven. And she blessed you at the moment of her passage from this world. Now, Eric, I have said enough. You are very popular here in heaven. And many will seek to be with you forever.

But before you come to Me, you will write all that I command you here to write. And the marriage you are to enter you shall enter. And the son who is to come from you shall come from you. Lord, if I do in fact marry a girl in this world, what becomes of Hyacinth? Before this girl of whom I speak enters your life, the girl you call Hyacinth will be taken away. And We shall bring her to her eternal reward. For by your good deeds to her, she has merited that her purgatory shall be shortened, on account of the good that she has done, in imitation of observing the good that you do for her. Amen. Now go, lord Azurite. Walk your dog. And then go watch that movie you intended to watch for tonight. Amen. This post hereby comes to its end. Publish it, lord Azurite, for it is now complete. Amen.

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