The anointing of Eric

Eric is anointed Prophet of the Lord forever. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXXV:
Eric wishes to know his vocation. We shall now tell it to him. Amen. Eric is to marry and have children by a woman We shall give to him soon. The girl Hyacinth has been saved. She is coming to Us. And for forty years, the average stay in purgatory for Our saints, shall she be purified in that holy fire before entering into heaven to be with Mary and Jesus forever. Amen. Eric, this is your resolved vocation. And you know that the fork in the road is now past, and cannot be returned to. Hence, you are now permanently of the married vocation. Amen. And I Who Am Am not a man that I change my mind.

The girl you shall marry is an American like you. And she is a White non-Hispanic virgin. Most of her ancestry traces back to Europe. Her hair is light brown and her eyes are brownish. And she is of a height and build that would appear to be what your sister would look like if you to have had one. She is a girl in her thirties, around the age when women most desire sex. She will bear you one son and two daughters. Whether the son is to become a priest or remain a layman is for Me to decide, not you. For I have given you this vocation of marriage by My divine will. And you cannot retract from this decision. So also shall I decide the vocation of your son. Amen.

Concerning your position in My Kingdom, you are eternally ranked as anointed prophet and scribe. For it is your role to write everything I command you to write. And this shall now be called the final post of Book 15 of the Emerald Trove. It is the 135th post. (135 = 33 x 5). It is done and accomplished. You are now perfectly clean. And no more shall you be stained with uncleanliness.

Now, do you rule over any lands? Are there any lands given to be in your eternal possession? Let Us now consider the facts. You are a virgin now. But you shall lose your virginity with another virgin who is also of My elect. And this first act of sex will be done on your wedding night. I Am the Lord. Anytime your wife wishes to have sex, you are permitted to perform the conjugal act with her. And you shall only approach your wife for sex when We command it, or when she wishes it. This is a matter of discipline on you. For you are Our possession. And We will not have any perverse child born to your union.

Hence only on top of your wife shall you perform the conjugal act. Never from behind shall you enter into her. Nor shall you mate in the form observed commonly among animal kind. All your acts of intercourse shall be vaginal. You will not lust over one another’s bodies. Instead, you will have sex during the nocturnal hours, and the lights will be turned off or dimmed. Under the covers of the bed shall you engage in the conjugal act with your wife. You and her may be in the nude, but your nude forms will be hidden beneath the sheets. For holy do I require your acts of love with your wife to be. No immorality, no lust may enter into your marriage bed. For the sacrament of matrimony is not a license to sin. Amen.

When you meet your future wife, you shall enter into a romantic relationship with her. There will be no attempts to seduce her, nor to make out with her. For she is to be regarded as holy. As the Ark of the Covenant was revered by the Jews, so also shall you give reverence to your wife. And you shall not touch her until the marriage vow is sealed. Then you may kiss your bride. I Am the Lord.

Her skin color is similar to your skin color, for you are both White in race. Hence, your children will look like both you and your wife. When your son becomes a man, you will teach him all he is to know about sex and women, as you have mastered it. He is not to go to school without being prepared for the temptations of women, lest he fall to such a temptation, as your brothers fell, and become completely ruined. Hence, you are to train him on all things regarding the opposite sex. And you are not to teach your son, as your parents taught you, that masturbation is normal and permissible. It is to be instilled in your son that masturbation is destructive to the soul. And should he ever commit the act, he is to speak to a priest about it in confession. For confession is where your son must avail of to keep himself in good standing with the Church. For it is understood among priests that most males masturbate at least a few times as they pass through puberty. For such is the passage of the male to adulthood that he comes to understand his body and his passions.

Your son will learn to master himself by having you as a father to train him. And he will be taught not to fear to confess his sins to a priest, but to go to him whenever he has seriously transgressed, or when his conscience convicts him of any sin. For only by frequent usage of confession, and by frequently receiving communion — always while in a state of grace, will your son master his sexuality, and see clearly his vocation, whatever it shall be decided by Me to be. I Am the Lord.

Your daughters will learn to dress to cover themselves so that they do not expose themselves to men, and make themselves a temptation. Their vocations I, too, will decide, not you. For I Am the decider of all vocations. Parents are to prepare their children to properly discern for themselves as to what vocation they are called to follow. But the parents are not to try to decide themselves what exactly that vocation is to be for their children. For I, the God the Almighty, decide all the vocations of My servants. And We decide it together; it is a mutual decision between Me and My servants. For just as a parent who tries to get involved with the marriages of his or her offspring will be destroyed for his or her interference, any parent who seeks to decide himself or herself what vocation their child is to have I will destroy. Amen. For I Am the decider. And I Am the One Who knows to what vocation all are called to serve Me in. Amen.

Now, let us get to the question of where exactly Eric fits into My Kingdom. Is Eric some kind of ruler over the nations? Is Eric assigned to smash these nations like pottery? (Revelation 2:26-28). Is Eric an Azurite King? Does he have a dynasty? Does he even rule over a single nation state? You, lord Eric, are ruler over several lands, which We shall now specify. And your name, as ruler over these lands, is hereby decreed to be Chrysoprase. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Chrysoprase, ruled by Eric as his eternal dominion. And this dominion shall be also ruled over by his son, in a perpetual line of succession that shall endure unto the Second Coming of the Christ. Amen. And the eternal lands of this Kingdom consists of the following states:

  1. Alaska
  2. Yukon
  3. British Columbia
  4. Washington State
  5. Oregon
  6. California
  7. Baja California
  8. Hawaii

And your official languages of your Kingdom shall include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Nahuatl
  4. Hawaiian

Lord, this Kingdom and these lands given to me are much smaller than what I was given when I was the eternal virgin Azurite King. Such is because you shall lose your virginity, lord Chrysoprase. The way of virginity and celibacy is the higher and more glorious road than that of the marital embrace. But you can no longer switch paths, lord Chrysoprase, for your pathway is now forever set. And you are to marry the girl of Our choosing. Amen.

But realize this most important point. The vocation of marriage does not allow for fornication or adultery. For those who do such things are damned, unless they make a true repentance for their sins. For once a man defiles his flesh by unwed sex, his body becomes filthy in My sight. And I cast it out of the Garden of Eden, for it has become abominable. The sin of Adam and Eve was of eating from the forbidden tree. Do you wish to know what that forbidden tree was, lord Eric? Eve gave oral sex to Adam, and then ate of the semen that flowed from his penis, the forbidden tree. And then she gave some of this forbidden fruit to her husband, Adam, by kissing him in the mouth, whereby Adam also consumed some of his own semen by that kiss with his wife. For the forbidden tree is the penis. And the forbidden fruit that one may not eat of is the semen. As long as Adam had not been given Eve, he was free to roam the Garden of Eden, and he did not transgress God’s Law. But when he was given Eve, he and she fell to the temptation of unlawful sex. And for that they were banished from the Garden of Eden.

For just because the government permits certain sins, that does not mean that God permits them. No one may transgress My laws. And whosoever does so becomes defiled. And I banish all who are defiled from My Kingdom. For why do you think that of all your family, only you, lord Eric, have found the true faith of Catholicism and remained in it? It is because of all your family, you did not transgress My laws. You did masturbate, but that was a slight transgression, which you eventually overcame. Severe transgressions involve sex with the opposite sex. And that is where your brothers failed. Abominable transgressions involve sex with those of the same gender, and these are cast out of My Kingdom and destroyed. Though you masturbated, you never ever tasted the semen that flowed from you, for doing such is an abomination. And all who do such I immediately cast out of My Kingdom. I Am the Lord.

Hence, the bodies of your brothers are defiled. They are unsightly obscenities before Me. And I cast them both permanently from My presence. Neither of them can I save. Amen. Lord, who then rules the Azurite Kingdom, now that I am not its ruler? Who is ruler of the Arctic Triangle? Who shall be that one designated to rule the nations with and iron scepter, and to smash them like pottery? I have those whom I have elected and prepared. For many are called, but few are chosen. You were called, but in the end, I chose you for a lower vocation. And thus, you will serve Me as a lawfully married man. You will still go to heaven, but your glory there will be one grade lower than it would have been had you gone the route of eternal virginity. I Am the Lord.

Lord, will you make a great nation out of me, as you did Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? Will nations stem from my loins? Will my descendants be countless as the sands of the sea, O’ Lord and Master? Your lineage from your loins shall not die out before I come again. But as to whether you shall have nations descend from you, no, lord Chrysoprase. For the time to the end does not allow for that. For My Second Coming is soon, and after that, there follows judgement. And all the nations shall then be raised to be judged, each man, one by one, judged for all his sins and transgressions.

If a man’s most embarrassing sins are that he masturbated, but then he overcame that sin, he will not have much to answer for at the judgement, and he will not be put much to shame. But he who defiled himself with women, or worse, with other men, he will be severely put to shame. And the greatest shame will for those with mortal sins that were never forgiven while on earth by a repentance or a confession to a priest. For I will severely judge and demand answer for each and every sin ever committed by all Mankind, and I will do this with each human being who sinned, with all of humanity watching. That is why I said, if all your major sins consisted of masturbation, and you overcame it, then you will suffer only a relatively light judgement in comparison to most of humanity that reached the age where sex becomes possible. Amen.

Hence, your two brothers, Mark and David, will suffer extremely humiliating judgements before all of humanity, before being thrown into the pool of fire, which is the second death. I Am the Lord. For they took what I forbade them. They tasted the flesh of women who they were not lawfully married to. Even now, Mark, your younger brother, does not lawfully have sex with his wife. And his two daughters are in fact bastards. Such is why, though you attended his wedding, I did now allow you to dance there, for by the act of dancing, you would be making the statement that you approved of the invalid marriage. I, hence, permitted you to eat of the food there at the celebration, but I did not permit you to dance. And you obeyed Me, which is why I made your stay there in Hawaii successful. And the following morning, which was Divine Mercy Sunday, you and your dad attended mass at Saint Raphael’s Catholic Church, and you received communion in your state of grace. Amen. That wedding took place in the year 2006.

For the act of taking a woman for sex without first lawfully marrying her incurs My utter wrath. And I destroy that man who does such a deed. Let no man think that, because many do it, and it is commonly done, that I permit it, or that I tolerate it. Rather, all who do that sin die. And all who die such a death end up in hell, unless they come back to Me before their life ends and repent and follow Me. Hence, I Am destroying a great part of humanity. Virtually the entire human race will be going to hell. Only a tiny fragment, about 1% of the human population, shall I permit to enter into My Kingdom of Heaven. I Am the Lord. Amen. For I have only found a drop of good water in a sea of filth and garbage. That good drop I will spare. But that sea will be cast into the fiery chasm of hell. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, then the Age of Millennium that I was told about was wrongly interpreted from Revelation, chapter 20? There is to be no million year long age on the earth where people having children live as long as trees, and where the celibate saints never taste death? What then, O’ Lord, is the correct way to interpret those passages of scripture? When I come again, lord Eric, no life remains on this planet, but instead, it is wholly destroyed. And with it, the stars themselves decompose and the universe returns to the dust from which it was formed. My Second Coming is the end of this earth and all its lifeforms. There is no mortal age in this universe after that point.

Now, as to what is written in Revelation, concerning the thousand years, that is a an allusion to the manner of enlightenment that comes to souls who are freed from Satan by baptism. They enjoy a thousand year reign with Me. But all this is imagery that is not to be taken literally, as though John, who I wrote through, was speaking of earthly events. He was not. He was, rather, speaking in riddles and in stories that hid a higher concept and a higher truth. Consider the book of Revelation to be an ultimate parable, whose true meaning is completely hidden from the casual reader. And those who study the Book of Revelation, while not guided by the Catholic Church and by her Magisterium, will completely misinterpret whatever they read therein. For no one can understand Revelation unless he disciplines himself to obey and submit to all that the Catholic Church teaches. That was why I allow people, who are not careful to keep to what My Church has authoritatively taught, to be led astray when they read the Holy Scriptures. For how many different Protestant sects exist now? And what do they all have in common? They reject Catholicism. And how many different conflicting interpretations do they come up with about the end of the world? Is there any end to the number of their errors?

And why do so many Protestants read Revelation? They think by reading that book, that they can figure out when I Am coming again. And what do they keep doing? They keep on setting dates for My return. But they do not realize that they are not ready for Me. They do not realize that they are not fit for My Kingdom. And they do not realize that they are not on the path that leads to heaven. For Protestantism is the pathway to hell. I Am the Lord. There is no secret formula or confession that a person can say that will transform him into a saved person. Rather, the only Way to Me is to follow Me, and to take up your cross and come after Me. Such is the only Way into My Kingdom.

You, Eric, have been saved, for you follow Me. And I do not count your decision to marry as not following Me, but rather, as the direction of your soul, which is predestined to have a son. For it was prophesied of old that you would see your son. And this prophecy must now come to pass. And it will come to pass in a lawful marriage. Hence, you shall be saved, for you do what is required of you within My law. But those who do not follow Me, I abandon them to their own ways and their own laws. And their own laws will not save them. Just as the faithful Muslim still goes to hell. For Islam and all its laws saves no one. For why would bowing down five times a day facing Mecca save anyone’s soul? Of what value would that action be to Me? Mecca is just some rock in the desert. There is no God there. That Muhammed heard voices does not make him a prophet. For many hear voices and are led astray by them. Muhammed heard voices, but he did not hear God. Hence, the Koran is the recordings of what these voices told this gullible man, who believed them when they told him he was the seal to the prophets. For if Muhammed were the seal, how do I, the Lord, now speak though Eric?

Hence, Islam will be abandoned when it is seen that there are prophets who came after Muhammed. But I do not say that Muhammed was a prophet, but only that he thought he was. For all religions that stray from Catholicism are led by those who think they know the Way, but who do not. There is no Way but Catholicism. Any other way is not the Way to heaven. Jesus was a Prophet. And Jesus was greater than all other prophets. For Jesus was the One Who brought salvation to the whole world. No other prophet ever did that nor will ever do that. I, Jesus, did bring salvation to the whole world, but to receive it, you must enter into My fold by baptism, and then follow Me. Many are called, but few are chosen.

Eric is one I have chosen. And he is of My elect. And he will remain in My service for life. He will say whatever I give him to say. And whatever is commanded that he write, he will write. Now, Eric, I have this one last Word to say through you before We end this post. And it is this.

Eric has not failed Me in choosing the married route. And he will remain of My elect forever. But should anyone wish to harm a hair on Eric’s head, his blood will be on his own head. And the one who seeks to injure Eric will not recover from his own injuries. I Am the Lord. As for Alexei Navalny, he has now been made to disappear by the Russian thug, Vladimir Putin. But has Vladimir Putin truly triumphed? No, he has defeated himself. And his own burial he has prepared for himself. I will exact from Putin for each day Navalny is subject to brutal torture, a year of torture on earth for Putin, where he will be exiled to when his regime is overthrown. I Am the Lord.

And one word of warning to Putin. Should he choose to murder Navalny, the most he can do is harm the body. But from Putin for that deed, his soul shall be put to death and tortured in hell like Satan himself. I Am the Lord. Putin, there is no maximum limit that I can subject you to pain and suffering in hell. You cannot pass out there. You cannot lose consciousness there. All the pain I subject to souls there, they feel its full intensity, and from this pain there is no escape. I will torture you in hell, Putin. The only question is, how much? And should you make a move against My prophet, you will lose feeling to the arm that gave that order. Now contemplate this before your time comes to be crucified on the tree of woe. I Am the Lord. Amen.

As for Eric, lord Chrysoprase, realize that I have perfected you now. And you will serve Me in perfection. Learn the lesson regarding Navalny. He went back to Russia before I ordered him to return. That is why he was defeated. Never jump the gun. Never make the move before the Lord gives the command. This concludes this lesson for today. Tomorrow, you shall begin writing the first post of Book 16 of the Emerald Trove. For this age is now concluded and come to an end. The age that is now come, the Azurite Age, is upon Us. And you will reign in that Age as Azurite. I do not give you as large a Kingdom in that Age as was revealed earlier. But you will reign nevertheless. Amen. It shall be your son, who shall come after you, who shall inherit the Azurite Kingdom in all its former glory. Now go, Eric, and publish this post, for it is now complete. Amen.

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