I hereby forgive the Black man.

The Age of Azurite is an Age of Mercy. Amen.

Emerald Trove, Book 15: Post CXXXIV:
The only way that this nation will heal from its wounds is if all people in society forgive one another and show mercy to one another. Amen. Hence, as a White man, I hereby forgive the Black man. I hereby declare the Black man exonerated. Amen. Let all men, therefore, forgive one another and show mercy to one another. And let old grudges be given up. And let past wounds heal.

Lord, I choose irrevocably to remain celibate and virgin forever. I will not enter marriage, not even that celibate form of marriage called the Josephite marriage, for there is no greater reward for me in doing so. Amen. What sayest Thou to this, O’ Lord. And no longer am I giving anything to Hyacinth, or to any other romance scammer that comes my way.

Good, lord Azurite. You have demonstrated discipline. And you have kept Our commands of you. No, We are not putting a girl into your life. Any girl that enters your life, even one that appears perfect for you, will not be from Us. Rather, every girl that comes against you from now on shall be a she-demon attempting to take you down. Amen.

Lord, I do not wish to converse with liars. So, please take Hyacinth away from me. Let her be taken away. She called on you to strike her dead should she be lying. Well, she is lying. So strike her dead, O’ Lord. What sayest Thou to this, O’ Lord? When We strike her dead, We will not only be making a statement as to your holiness, but We shall also be making a warning to any future girl who approaches you who tries to take you, that We will put her down. Amen.

Lord, I am not sure if you will call me to the priesthood. But whatever Your decision might be, I am now irrevocably celibate and virgin forever. I will enter into no romance. I will get involved with no girl. Amen.

Lord Azurite, this is Our agreement with thee. Do not enter into any marriage, unless We, the Lord, have sanctioned the girl for you. If We send a girl unto thee, and you are told by inner knowledge that this one is from God, and you see these signs that accompany her, recognize that this one is set to be to you as Mary was to Joseph. And you shall wed her in celibacy. Your virginity will not be taken away from you. Amen.

And what signs do you say will accompany such a girl, O’ Lord? Immediate, complete, and permanent cures to all your afflictions, as We promised you, shall be the signs that accompany the girl We intend to marry you to in this most pure form of marriage called the Josephite marriage. I Am the Lord.

Lord, Mary bore a son by the power of the Holy Spirit. Will this girl you give me also bear a son, or any child in any way, O’ Lord?

Lord, Amnesty International has rescinded Alexey Navalny’s ‘prisoner of conscience’ status because of alleged past ‘hate speech,’ but they refuse to specify exactly what that so called ‘hate speech’ was. So I am wondering if this is the condemnation of the sort where it is argued that it is a hate crime to hate crime? Lord Azurite, I hereby rescind Amnesty International as a legitimate body for any person to take seriously or to listen to. It is probably ruled by a bunch of LGBTQ filth that must be thoroughly burned to the ground and cleansed by fire from this world. Hence I decree this: Let Amnesty International burn and be utterly destroyed and erased from this world. It shall be done exactly as you say, lord Azurite. Oracle of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

The purpose of the girl We are giving you is not to produce any offspring. Rather, she is to be your Josephite wife to lead you to perfect holiness. Amen. We will put her into your life very soon. But do not go to any girl unless you both see the signs We have detailed unto thee, and you have received the inner instructions, which you know can only come from the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Then let Amnesty International argue, while they are burning in hell, that Eric hated them and their evil works. And Eric will go on to be rewarded for having destroyed a group that defines it to be a hate crime to hate crime. For I hate crime. And I do not buy the argument that my hatred of crime is itself a hate crime. God also hates crime. Amen.

I forgive the Black man for his sins. But if the Black man does not reciprocate, if the Black man continues to commit his heinous acts and his brazen immoralities, then I say, take back that exoneration that I have decreed for the Black man, and enslave all those offending Black people back into the slavery from which they thought they had been freed. I, Eric, have judged and ruled. Amen.

For I, as eternal virgin King over the Azurite Kingdom, am assigned to rule the nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery am I to shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). Amen. Now, O’ Lord, let us define the Kingdom I am made eternal ruler of. (Note that the name Eric means ‘Eternal Ruler’ and also ‘Honorable Ruler’ in Old Norse). For I have a code of honor that does not sway with the insolent who demand people to be politically correct. Nor do I agree with the Abominable LGBTQ, whose wickedness will not be tolerated in My Kingdom. Amen.

(1) The Kingdom of Azurite, ruled eternally by Eric, the eternal virgin Azurite King, And the following list defines in full all the lands and states over which Eric is hereby given firm dominion over forever. And he shall rule all these nations with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). Amen.

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Greenland
  4. Iceland
  5. The United Kingdom
  6. The Isle of Man
  7. The Republic of Ireland
  8. Norway
  9. Sweden
  10. Finland
  11. The Russian Federation
  12. Belarus
  13. Estonia
  14. Latvia
  15. Lithuania
  16. Poland
  17. Germany
  18. Denmark
  19. France
  20. Belgium
  21. Holland (The Netherlands)
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Monaco
  24. Andorra
  25. Spain
  26. Portugal
  27. Malta
  28. Italy
  29. San Marino
  30. Switzerland
  31. Liechtenstein
  32. Austria
  33. Czech Republic
  34. Slovakia
  35. Hungary
  36. Slovenia
  37. Croatia
  38. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  39. Montenegro
  40. Serbia
  41. Kosovo
  42. Albania
  43. Macedonia
  44. Greece
  45. Bulgaria
  46. Romania
  47. Moldova
  48. Ukraine
  49. Georgia
  50. Armenia
  51. Azerbaijan

These fifty-one states are the definitions of the lands given unto Eric, the Azurite King, to rule and to convert. And he is commanded to rule them with an iron scepter and to shatter them like pottery. (Revelation 2:26-28). And twelve languages shall dominate throughout his Kingdom as official languages. And these are listed as such:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Russian
  6. Italian
  7. Ukrainian
  8. Polish
  9. Romanian
  10. Dutch
  11. Greek
  12. Latin

And O’ Lord, this is what I am given to rule over forever. But do you also make me an eternal owner of any specific lands, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, I hereby make you the eternal owner of the following lands. These lands are given to you as your eternal possession, similar to how the Holy Lands were given unto Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and their descendants to possess forever. Amen.

(2) Dominion of Eric, lands of his eternal possession. And these lands given eternally to Eric consist of all of the following. Amen.

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  4. Haiti
  5. The Dominican Republic
  6. Puerto Rico
  7. The United States Virgin Islands
  8. The British Virgin Islands
  9. Turks and Caicos Islands
  10. The Bahamas
  11. Bermuda
  12. Greenland

And as such, the eternal designated official languages of these eternal possessions shall include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Haitian Creole
  5. Greenlandic
  6. Hawaiian

Lord, it appears that, just as they did in Moses time, there shall come those who seek to challenge the rule of Eric. What sayest Thou to them, O’ Lord? Let any man come who dares to challenge Eric’s right to rule. And let him see that he shall be utterly destroyed. He will wish that his mother had aborted him in a basement and had flushed his body down the toilet compared to the wrath that he will receive at My hands for his insolence at attempting to challenge Eric, whom I have anointed to rule over these nations forever. Amen.

Lord, I notice that the Dominion of Eric is not completely a subset of the Azurite Kingdom, but rather, that they are overlapping sets of nations. There are lands in Eric’s Dominion that are not found in the Azurite Kingdom. How is this so, O’ Lord? We have elected for you to own personally some islands of the West Indies that We have not put under your direct rulership. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, I decree for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to be toppled from his position immediately. Let my orders and decrees go into immediate effect. Let the bastard in the Kremlin now taste the bitter blade of his defeat and destruction. I, Eric, commander of the armies of heaven, have spoken. Amen.

I decree that Alexei Anatolievich Navalny and all his supporters who stood with him to be freed at once. And I decree that all others unjustly imprisoned in Russia to also be freed. Also, I decree that new elections are to be called. The elections must be open and free. And I decree that Alexei Anatolievich Navalny shall run in the elections and become the next President of Russia, the only truly democratically elected President since President Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, who was the one who first initiated true democracy in Russia.

I decree that Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill convert to Catholicism, bringing his Orthodox Church with him, to form a new Eastern Rite Catholic Church in Russia. Let Russia then immediately transform from an Orthodox nation to a Catholic nation. This I decree. Amen.

Let the LGBTQ agenda be completely defeated throughout all My Kingdom. Let those who want to marry as gays marry instead their death as they are burned at stake for the horrible judgements they have brought down upon the land for their horrible crimes and injustices against the holy ones. For you LGBTQ have done horrible things to my lands and to my Kingdom. Now you shall pay. And now you shall be destroyed and utterly wiped from the face of this earth. I, Eric, have decreed my will.

Eric, all your decrees We will now put into immediate effect. Expect these decrees to show fruit very soon. I Am the Lord. Amen.

Lord, abortions and sexual impurities must also end and be stopped completely. Lord Azurite, there will always be those who will be killing their own babies, killing their unborn, and committing horrific sins and transgressions of the flesh. You cannot put a complete end to the sins of sinners. All you can do is to make it against the law and to impose severe penalties for those who transgress the laws.

And what penalties do You suggest I impose on those guilty of abortions, murdering the unborn, fornicating, and committing adultery, O’ Lord? Those who have willingly taken a human life, their own life must be taken from them to pay for it. Those who have broken the covenant of marriage by having sex outside of wedlock, let them be put to death. And let it be known that there is no toleration for sex crimes in Eric’s Kingdom. Those who take life or who violate the covenant of marriage are going to be put down. Such is the ruling I make through Eric. And I will uphold his ruling. I, the Lord God, will make Eric’s rule the rule of law throughout Eric’s entire Kingdom. I Who Am have spoken.

Lord, there may be those who do not think correctly who might accuse Eric of hate speech. What sayest Thou against them? Eric justly hates crimes and Eric justly punishes those who commit them. It is not hate speech to advocate the just punishment against criminals and against those who have offended the Lord by their blatant sins and crimes. Rather, it is a crime to stand with or to defend the acts of criminals who sin against their Lord and God. Whoever stands with the LGBTQ stands against God. And whoever stands against Me, the Lord God, I will utterly destroy. I Who Am have spoken through Eric.

So, O’ Lord, you do not make me a priest? Instead, you say that it is Your will that I enter a Josephite marriage? As Joseph was married to Mary, so also Am I giving you to marry an eternal virgin girl of My choosing. Wait for this, for its coming is as assured as the coming of dawn. Now, lord Azurite, you may ask Me three questions. And then We shall conclude this post. Amen.

Question 1: What are the fates of my two brothers, David and Mark, and my father and mother? What becomes of them when this girl enters my life and I marry her, O’ Lord? A pall of darkness shall come to cover America for her sins. For her sins are piled high up to the sky. And great shall be this darkness of condemnation. And I shall be picking people here and there to die. Death will become commonplace. And nothing will stop the surging death rates that will befall the entire American nation.

You Eric, and your wife, shall escape these plagues, for I Am making you both immune. And you and your wife shall live comfortably, and you shall continue to work at your job. Amen. For I will not be completely wiping out America, but shall only be picking here and there, like an expert hedge trimmer, thinning out America and hollowing out families as I so please. I Am the Lord. Amen.

For by your merits as an eternal virgin in America, and by your great acts of charity to My poor, I will leave you and your wife undisturbed, while I completely wipe out all of the wicked from the land. For the wicked will find that there is no escaping from My wrath. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Question 2: Will President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris prove to be a fulfillment of the prophecies of the Beast and of the woman who rides the Beast, O’ Lord? If they advance the LGBTQ agenda, then yes, that is what they are. For all Mankind are either with Me or against Me. You cannot be pro-homosexual and also pro-God. The two do not mix. Homosexuality is completely contrary to My will. And whosoever commits these offenses I will utterly wipe from the face of this world. I Am the Lord.

Question 3: Will Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke become the next pope, the 267th pope, O’ Lord? By April, Pope Francis will die. And many cardinals who think like him I shall slay. The cardinals who are left will gather in the conclave, and these who remain will vote for Cardinal Burke to become the next pope. And he shall be called Pope John XXIV. And Pope John XXIV shall reign until the Second Coming of the Christ, I Am the Lord. Now go, lord Azurite, and publish this work, for it is complete. Amen.

These are the Words God has spoken through Eric, who is anointed by God to write His Word to all peoples on earth. Amen. Whoever opposes Eric or the Words written through him, let fire come out of Eric’s mouth and slay him and utterly consume him. This decree cannot be undone. I Am the Lord God, the King of kings and Lord of lords. And I have set Eric up as the one I shall speak through from now on. Amen.

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